Coulomb, superposition, Newton's Laws, Induction

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					Date             Covered      Bold Items are Experimental
M      12-Mar    Ch 21        Charge, Coulomb, Charged tapes
W      14-Mar                 Coulomb, superposition, Newton's Laws, Induction
R      15-Mar    Ch 22        Electric Field, superposition
M      19-Mar                 Electric Field, integration
W      21-Mar                 Non-uniform charge distributions
R      22-Mar    Ch 23        Flux, Gauss's Law             F Mar 30      Exam 1
M      26-Mar                 More Gauss
W      28-Mar                 Gauss and non-uniform charge densities
R      29-Mar                 Review
M      2-Apr     Ch 24        Electric Potential, Field Mapping
W      4-Apr                  Potential and energy, potential from field
R      5-Apr                  Potential and superposition, integrals
M      9-Apr     Ch 25        Electric Field from potential, Capacitors
W      11-Apr                 Build a Capacitor, Series and Parallel, Breadboard, energy storage
R      12-Apr    Ch 26        Current, current density, Ohm's Law, Series and parallel, Kirchoff
M      16-Apr    Ch 27        resistivity, Nichrome wire, Ohmic and Non-ohmic devices, Kirchoff calculate
W      18-Apr                 Build Kirchoff, Temperature Coefficient, Properties of voltage sources
R      19-Apr                 RC, review                    F Apr 20      Exam 2
M      23-Apr                 RC Lab
W      25-Apr    Ch 28        Magnetic field, field mapping, Magnetic force on charge, Right hand rule
R      26-Apr                 Applications, velocity selector, circular motion, mass spec, Hall effect
M      30-Apr                 e/m demo, motor demo, torque and force on dipoles (electric and magnetic)
W      2-May     Ch 29        Biot-Savart, Superposition of magnetic fields
R      3-May                  Force on wires, force between wires
M      7-May                  Ampere's Law, wire, solenoid, toroid
W      9-May                  Ampere, Magnetic Induction
R      10-May    Ch 30        Faraday's Law, review         F May 11      Exam 3
M      14-May                 Lenz's Law, applications, Magnetic effects demo
W      16-May    Various      Finish Faraday, Inductors, LR, LC, transformers
R      18-May                 Maxwell's equations and light, review

Week of May 21   Final Exam