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					                AUGUST 2004

                                                     BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004


CONTENTS                                                                            Page No.

Chapter 1    The Setting                                                            4 - 10

Chapter 2    Context and Current Service Provision                                  11 – 20

Chapter 3    Glasgow’s Demographic Profile                                          21 – 22

Chapter 4    Profile of Youth Services                                              23 – 30

Chapter 5    Strategic Planning and Development
             and Partnerships                                                       31 – 40

Chapter 6    Communication and Consultation
             with Young People                                                      41 – 51

Chapter 7    Staffing, Training and Development                                     52 – 57

Chapter 8    Options Appraisal for the Future Delivery
             of Youth Services In Glasgow                                           58 – 68

Tables                                                                              69 – 84

Appendices                                                                          85 - 95


    Chapter 1

    1.1 The Setting                          • To develop the contribution      AIM OF THE REVIEW
                                               of Cultural and Leisure
    As part of its commitment to Best          Services in achieving            1.2 Scope Of The Review
    Value, in 1998 Glasgow City                the key priorities of social
    Council established Cultural and           inclusion, education and         The Review has considered the
    Leisure Services, which brought            lifelong learning, improved      performance of the service in
    together the former services for           health, increased access         relation to the needs of current
    Performing Arts and Venues,                and economic development         users, the wider community,
    Museums and Art Galleries,                 and regeneration.                the voluntary youth work
    Libraries and Archives, Sport and                                           sector and input to other
    Recreation and Play. Glasgow City        • To enrich the quality of life    services such as Education
    Council also gave a commitment             of Glasgow’s citizens            and Social Work Services. The
    to review all council activities on        by providing accessible,         Review has been inclusive in
    a regular basis.                           attractive and exciting          terms of seeking the views of
                                               cultural and leisure services.   a wide range of stakeholders
    It was agreed to carry out a                                                and also appraised whether
    Best Value Service Review                • To provide services which        best value is being achieved
    of Youth Services as part of               reflect our multi-cultural       from the current deployment
    Cultural and Leisure Services              society and promote racial       of human and financial
    2003/2004 Service Review                   equality.                        resources. In doing so it
    Programme. The aim of this                                                  considered the options for
    strategic Review was to                  • To enable as many people         the future delivery and
    develop the future direction               as possible (especially          management of the service.
    and key priorities for Youth               young people) to participate
    Services and, in so doing,                 and develop their full           The Review process identified
    maximise its contribution to               potential in the arts, play      and examined issues around:
    Cultural and Leisure Services’             and sport.
    commitment to social                                                        • Target age groups and target
    inclusion, health and well               • To enhance and promote             groups of young people.
    being, education and lifelong              the city’s national and
    learning and economic                      international image as a         • Ways of working with young
    regeneration.                              creative, cosmopolitan city –      people, exploring options
                                               a centre for arts, sporting        such as detached work
    The review was set within the              and cultural excellence.           and peer education.
    context of the City Council’s
    key objectives 2003 – 2006,              • To ensure that our services      • Developing new and
    and the strategic objectives for           are of high quality and offer      existing partnerships
    Cultural and Leisure Services,             best value.                        to deliver a relevant
    which include:                                                                Youth Service.

                                                           BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

• Consultation and               • Options appraisal for the        co-ordinated by
  communication with               future management and            a Review Core Group.
  young people.                    delivery of Youth Services.
                                                                    The Council established
• Increasing the involvement                                        this Core Group whose
  of and participation           1.3 The Review Process             members were:
  by young people who
  are deemed to be               A common process has been          • Bailie Gordon Matheson,
  excluded, both in              established by the City Council      Glasgow City Council,
  democratic processes and       for carrying out all Best Value      Convener of Core Group
  in the range of activities     Reviews, which contains a
                                                                    • Councillor John Lynch,
  provided by Cultural and       number of key themes.
                                                                      Glasgow City Council
  Leisure Services, other        These include: -
  council services and                                              • Councillor Archie Graham,
  partner agencies.              • The requirement for the            Glasgow City Council
                                   Council to be clear about        • Councillor Stephen Purcell,
• The role of and relationship     what it wants each service         Glasgow City Council
  with other key Council           to achieve.
                                                                    • Councillor Kirsteen Mosson,
  Services, in particular,
                                 • The need to assess                 Glasgow City Council
  Education and Social Work
                                   thoroughly the effectiveness
  Services, the voluntary                                           • Councillor Alex Glass,
                                   of the service.
  sector and other key                                                Glasgow City Council
  stakeholders.                  • The search for
                                                                    • Councillor Deirdre Gaughan,
                                   improvements, and where
                                                                      Glasgow City Council
• Marketing, programming           necessary, better methods
  and community involvement        of delivery.                     • Bailie Robert Winter,
  in the planning and delivery                                        Glasgow City Council
                                 • The integration of the
  of a comprehensive Youth         principles of Best Value into    • Councillor Mary Paris,
  Service, and events and          the Council’s management           Glasgow City Council
  activities across the city.      processes.                       • Councillor Euan McLeod,
                                                                      Glasgow City Council
• Identifying priorities in
                                 1.3.1 Core Group                   • Bailie Iris Gibson,
  terms of the effective
  deployment of budgetary                                             Glasgow City Council
                                 The Review of Youth Services
  and staffing resources.                                           • Phil White,
                                 involved a process which
                                 included research and                Greater Glasgow
• Staff management,                                                   NHS Board
                                 consultation with a range of
  organisation, development
                                 stakeholders and which was
  and training.


    • Inspector Tom Halbert,                 • Patricia Mullen, Cultural     1.3.3 Parallel Youth
      Strathclyde Police                       and Leisure Services          Core Group
    • Ian McDonald,                          • Jaime Bridle, Cultural
                                                                             A young persons Core Group
      Glasgow Young Scot Card                  and Leisure Services
                                                                             was established to run in
    • Marlene McGlynn,                       • Beatrice Ullah, Cultural      parallel to the Core Group. It
      Careers Scotland                         and Leisure Services          was deemed important that at
    • Richard Barron,                        • Alan Howard,                  every stage of the review a
      Education Services                       Glasgow Presbytery            young persons perspective
                                                                             was given.
    • Joan Elliot,                           • Alan Murray,
      Social Work Services                     Church of Scotland
                                                                             The Parallel Young Persons
    • Euan Davidson,                         • Paul Zealey, for Glasgow      Core Group membership
      Prince’s Trust Scotland                  Council for the Voluntary     consisted of:
                                               Sector Youth Network
    • Simon Jaquet,
      YouthLink Scotland                     • Kieran McQuaid, for           • Andy McMillan, the big step
                                               Glasgow Council for the       • Khurrum Bhatti, Glasgow
    • Helen Scammel,
                                               Voluntary Sector Youth          Anti-Racism Alliance
      Glasgow Council for
      Voluntary Services                                                     • Michael McCarron,
    • Daniel Donaldson, STUC                                                   Glasgow Schools Council
                                             1.3.2 The remit of the Core
    • Bridget McConnell,                                                     • Leah Ross, Glasgow
                                             Group was to:
      Director, Cultural and                                                   Schools Council
      Leisure Services                       • Lead, develop and co-         • Stuart Devlin, Former Pupil
    • Michael Donnelly,                        ordinate the strategic          Ashcraig School
      Chief Executive’s Office,                direction of the review.      • Chris Sangster, Support
      Glasgow City Council                   • Agree the process and           Worker, Enable Scotland
    • Jill Miller, Cultural and                timescales for the review.    • Louise Montague, Voluntary
      Leisure Services                       • Agree the key issues to be      Sector (Stan’s Den)
    • Susan Deighan, Cultural                  addressed by the review.      • Natalie Henderson,
      and Leisure Services                   • Consider the policy             Voluntary Sector
    • Robert McHarg, Cultural                  objectives and key actions      (Stan’s Den)
      and Leisure Services                     proposed to address the       • Stephanie Brannan,
                                               key issues.                     Youth Services
    • Joe Larkin, Cultural
      and Leisure Services                   • Report to the Cultural and
                                               Leisure Services Committee.

                                                             BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

1.3.4 Other partners invited      Communication                       • A PSE session could be
to contribute representatives                                           developed to give
included:                         • Reduce jargon when                  information on what youth
                                    communicating with young            services are available and
•   Vivid Youth                     people.                             to introduce young people
•   Prince’s Trust                                                      to the Youth Portal.
                                  • Communication needs
•   STUC Youth
                                    to be two-way.                    • A proposal should be
•   Townhead Youth Group
                                                                        made to provide information
•   Young Carers                  • A variety of methods of
                                                                        on youth services at
                                    communicating with young
                                                                        Fuel Zones.
1.3.5 The process of                people need to be used.
consultation utilised by the                                          • Set up mentoring and
                                  • There is a need to listen to
Parallel Young Persons Core                                             guidance systems using
                                    young people and provide
Group involved presentations                                            young people.
                                    them with feedback.
from Key Issue Working Group                                          • Young people should
                                  • There is a need to look at
representatives, video diaries,                                         be involved in the training
                                    the ways in which schools
discussion groups, workshops                                            and development of
                                    communicate with young
and graffiti walls. The                                                 youth workers.
                                    people (students).
information from this range
of sessions contributed to the    • There is a need to look at
content of the draft Key Issue      the ways of involving young
Working Group reports. These        people from target groups.
                                                                      • It is important to network,
reports were then considered      • There is a need to                  both formally and informally
by the Parallel Young Persons       encourage the role of               to provide mutual support
Group prior to being presented      young people in consulting          and better understanding.
to the full Core Group.             with peers.
                                                                      • All partners should be aware
1.3.6 Outcomes of process         • A Youth Alliance should be          of similar collaborations with
A CD Rom presentation report        formed to help to develop           the same interest.
raised the following points,        youth services.
                                                                      • Communication between
which have been reflected         • There needs to be an                partners needs to
in the Key Actions later on         (up to date) database               be two-way.
in this report:                     of youth services.
                                  • City and local events and
                                    amenities could be used
                                    to better effect.


    • Partnerships are important             • A solution to overcome           required a range of
      because Youth Services                   a shortage of resources          consultation approaches
      cannot provide everything,               and still widen the age          including self completion
      and partners need to speak               range could be to use            questionnaires, focus groups
      the same language to                     resources specifically for       (involving existing and potential
      ensure better understanding              target groups.                   partners, other Council
      and communication.                                                        Services and Young People
                                             • Long term planning is the
                                                                                from across the range of target
    • They (the partners)                      key, as well as a network
                                                                                groups identified in ‘A
      need to reduce jargon.                   of trust and an alliance
                                                                                Framework for the
                                               to develop services.
    • Working with partners                                                     Development of Glasgow’s
      can involve young people               • Where is the information         Youth Services’), presentations,
      from target groups, offering             on what is available and         in-depth structured interviews,
      them equal opportunities                 how do young people              the establishment of five Key
      to participate.                          access this?                     Issue Working Groups, as well
    • There is a need to consider            • It is proposed that Youth        as benchmarking with other
      ways to get feedback                     Information form part            local authorities and the
      and widen views from                     of the PSE curriculum.           voluntary sector. All of this was
      young people.                                                             co-ordinated by the Best Value
                                             • Aim High type events could
                                                                                Review Core Group.
                                               be better used to
    Strategic Planning                         disseminate information
                                                                                1.4.1 Consultation with staff
    and Development                            to the whole school.
                                             • The Youth Portal web             A programme of four staff
    • Should Youth Services work
                                               address could be used            seminars were held between
      with young people as young
                                               as a screensaver on              February 2003 and May 2004
      as 8 and should 25 still be
                                               school computers.                at which all Youth Services
      considered young?
                                             • Information could be             staff had the opportunity to
    • There is a need to develop                                                contribute to discussions and
                                               distributed via Fuel Zones.
      transitional support for                                                  make proposals on the Best
      students from primary                                                     Value Review of Youth
      to secondary and from                  1.4 Research And                   Services. The purpose
      secondary to post                      Consultation                       of the staff seminars was:
      school opportunities.
                                             The Best Value Review of           • To inform staff of the
    • Youth Services should use
                                             Youth Services required a            Best Value Review
      the demographic statistics
                                             radical examination of current       of Youth Services.
      for each area to distribute
                                             approaches and methods of
      resources and budgets.
                                             service delivery. Achieving this

                                                                BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

• To gain feedback from staff       Core Group. Agencies and             Development in Greater
  on what they viewed as the        services present at these            Easterhouse (June 2003), also
  main issues to be                 presentations and focus              informed the establishment of
  addressed as part of the          groups included:                     the Key Issue Working Groups.
  review process and the
  actions required to address       • Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance       Membership of the Key Issue
  these issues.                                                          Working Groups comprised
                                    • The big step
                                                                         of officers from Cultural and
These seminars gave staff           • Castlemilk Youth Services          Leisure Services and other
the opportunity to identify           Group                              Council Services, and key
and discuss the main issues         • Fairbridge                         partner organisations at a local
for consideration in developing                                          and national level, as well as
                                    • Ashcraig School
Youth Services. The key issues                                           other key stakeholders and
and actions that were identified    • Eastpark School                    experts. Youth Services staff
were then discussed further         • Disability Forum                   were also involved in the
as part of the deliberations                                             development of the Best Value
of the relevant Key Issue           • Phace Scotland                     Review, including
Working Groups and Review           • West of Scotland Lesbian           representation on the Key
Core Group.                           and Gay Forum                      Issue Working Groups. A full
                                                                         list is available in Appendix 1.
                                    • LGBT Youth Scotland
1.4.2 Focus Groups
                                    • Social Inclusion Partnership       The Working Groups
A programme of presentations          Managers                           considered and addressed
and focus groups took place                                              the following key issues:
as part of the consultation         1.4.3 Programme of Key
process for the review. These       Issue Working Groups                 • Strategic Planning
were designed to assist partner                                            and Development
agencies, youth service             Five Key Issue Working Groups        • Partnerships
providers within the voluntary      were established to reflect the
sector at local and national                                             • Communication and
                                    key issues outlined through the
level and other Council                                                    Consultation with
                                    First Stage Research process,
services to identify the key                                               Young People
                                    staff seminars and
issues to be addressed as part      presentations to partners.           • Staffing and Training
of the review. Feedback             In addition the key areas            • Options Appraisal
reports from each of these          for service development,
presentations and focus             as outlined within the Her
groups were prepared, which         Majesty’s Inspectorate of
fed into the deliberations of the   Education (HMIE) report on
Key Issue Working Groups and        Community Learning and


     The purpose of these Key
     Issue Working Groups
     was to broadly:

     • Identify and discuss areas
       of concern in relation
       to each key issue.
     • Identify strategic policy
       objectives for addressing
       areas of concern.
     • Identify examples of good
       practice and benchmark
       where appropriate.
     • Develop recommendations
       and key actions to address
       each area of concern
       and support the strategic
     • Identify partnerships and
       opportunities in support
       of the strategic objectives.

                                                                 BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

Chapter 2

2.1 Introduction                    to offer young people                 some cases rejected by other
                                    opportunities for social,             adults and public services.
The Best Value Review of            intellectual, cultural, physical      It has to ‘start where they are’,
Youth Services was set within       (and in some cases,                   not with unreasonable
the context of current service      spiritual) development.               expectations of conformity
provision in terms of local and                                           to structures and unrealistic
national policy, staffing and       Youth work today is carried out       demands for results.
resources, usage trends,            within a culture in which young
benchmarking, research              people are more independent,          Local communities also reflect
findings and feedback from          discriminating, have more             the particular requirements of
the consultation exercises.         discretionary spending power          responsive youth work, where
This chapter focuses on the         and are socially more                 rural and urban demands differ,
context for delivering services     adventurous than previous             or where special issues affect
to young people.                    generations. Youth work               young people such as
                                    approaches have consequently          homelessness, drug cultures,
2.2 What Is Youth Work? -           to be sufficiently varied and         community safety or racism.
Delivering A Modern                 interesting to reflect the wide       Youth work opportunities have
Youth Agenda                        range of perceptions which            to be available when young
                                    young people have of their            people are free to participate –
As outlined in the Step It Up:      needs and interests. Young            during evenings, weekends,
Charting Young People's             people will otherwise reject          and holiday periods – and on
Progress - Report (2003), youth     that which is available as out of     terms which young people find
work from the middle of the         touch, uninteresting or lacking       acceptable. Outreach and
19th century to the present day     in relevance to their lives.          detached youth work is carried
has been inspired by a variety      At the same time, youth work          out on the streets with
of motives. Early pioneers and      responses have to offer a             vulnerable young people –
youth workers were concerned        range of opportunities and            meeting young people where
with religious, philanthropic or    programmes which reflect the          they prefer to congregate.
social welfare concerns and         special requirements of age
the ‘salvation’ of young people.    difference, special needs,            The creation of varied youth
The aims of youth work in the       gender, and race. Most of all         work opportunities is an
early to mid 20th century           they have to be fun and               enormous challenge, made
developed into concerns with        attractive to young people.           more demanding yet
character development, leisure                                            supremely unique by the fact
opportunities, training and         In addition, the report also          that young people come
purposeful activity. Those          highlights that youth work is         forward voluntarily to
involved in providing youth         required to be responsive to          participate. Youth work is
work to this day include, as        those young people who are            not compulsory.
part of their aims, the intention   alienated, excluded, and in


     This is a challenge, given the           The key purpose of work             endorsement. It was ratified by
     limited resources which have             carried out by Youth Services       the UK Government in 1991.
     traditionally been allocated to          in Glasgow is best defined by
     youth work. The national                 Paulo, the youth work think-        Contribution of the European
     pattern of contemporary youth            tank, who clearly state that        Youth Forum to the European
     work in Scotland is,                     youth work is:                      Commission's - White Paper:
     nevertheless, the result of this                                             Youth Policy
     challenging mix of                       “… work with young people to
     organisational aims: concerns            facilitate their personal, social   The European White Paper on
     about meeting the needs and              and educational development,        Youth Policy states that: “The
     interests of young people; the           and to enable them to gain a        full and active participation of
     demands and requirements of              voice, influence, and place in      young people in society is
     young people themselves;                 society in a period of their        fundamental to both the
     political issues; the constraints        transition from dependence          renewal and functioning of
     of finance, buildings and                to independence.”                   democracy.”
     equipment; and shortages of              (PAULO 2002)
     the key resource – youth                                                     At all levels, youth policy
     workers. It is carried out or            2.3 Policy Context                  should co-ordinate measures
     sponsored by a variety of                                                    to serve the interests of young
     national and local voluntary             The current strategy for            people and involve them in
     organisations: local authority           delivering and developing Youth     shaping social, economic,
     services; social inclusion               Services is, and will continue to   political and cultural life. It is
     partnerships; community                  be, informed by key policy          vital that young people are at
     groups and new community                 documents at an international,      the heart of youth policy.
     schools. In special                      national, and local level.
     circumstances it can also                                                    The Youth Forum proposes
     feature within such settings as          2.3.1 International                 a ten-year plan for the
     young offenders’ institutions.           Policy Context                      development of a youth policy.

                                              The United Nations                  2.3.2 National Policy Context
                                              Convention on the Rights
                                              of the Child (UNCRC)                The Children (Scotland)
                                                                                  Act 1995
                                              The United Nations Convention
                                              on the Rights of the Child
                                                                                  The Children (Scotland) Act
                                              provides a set of principles and
                                              standards, spanning civil and       1995 is underpinned by the
                                              political as well as social,        following principles:
                                              economic and cultural rights
                                              that have international

                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

• Views of children and their      • Community Planning -                 level of skills and
  parents are important              giving local authorities             qualifications possible
  and should be taken                a pivotal role to facilitate
                                                                       • every 19 year old is
  into account.                      the process and committing
                                                                         engaged in education,
                                     other key agencies through
                                                                         training or work.
• There should be the                a duty to participate.
  minimum necessary
  intervention in a child          • Power to Advance Well-            Implementing Inclusiveness -
  and family's life.                 being - giving local              Realising Potential: Beattie
                                     authorities a broad 'can do'      Committee Report
• The importance of working          power to promote and
  in partnership to support          improve the well being of         The Beattie Committee
  and protect children.              their area but based on           produced the report
                                     a Best Value approach.            ‘Implementing Inclusiveness -
• The importance of taking                                             Realising Potential’ which
  into account a child's           Social Justice … A Scotland         addresses the specific issue
  religious persuasion, racial     Where Everyone Matters              of inclusiveness in learning for
  origins and cultural and         (1999) - Scottish Executive         young people. The report
  linguistic background in                                             concludes that:
  assessing their needs and        The report ‘Social Justice …
  providing services.              A Scotland where everyone           “All the agencies and
                                   matters’ sets out a range of        organisations which provide
2.3.3 Local Policy Context         policy targets and milestones       learning opportunities and
                                   for promoting social justice and    support for young people
Local Government in                inclusion. The vision, policy       should encourage and promote
Scotland Act 2003                  targets and milestones relating     a culture of inclusiveness
                                   to young people are: -              which ensures that the needs,
The Local Government                                                   abilities and aspirations of
in Scotland Act 2003 is an         Young People - a Scotland in        young people are recognised,
important step in the Scottish     which every young person has        understood and met within a
Executive's drive to modernise     the opportunities, skills and       supportive environment; and
local government and improve       support to make a successful        that they are encouraged to
the delivery of public services.   transition to working life and      achieve their goal and to make
It provides the statutory          active citizenship. The targets     real, measurable progress.”
basis for:                         being that:

• Best Value local authorities     • every young person leaves
  are now bound by a duty            school with the maximum
  of Best Value.


     Policy Action Team 12                    such as disaffected young         • Empowering vulnerable
     (PAT 12) : Young People                  people from minority ethnic         Young People
                                              communities. The report also
                                                                                • Creating Better structures
     The report looked at how                 identified how to maximise
                                                                                  and Better services
     effectively the Policy Action            the impact on poor neigh-
     Team (PAT) considered existing           bourhoods of Government           • Getting Policy (in relation
     policies and how services                spending and policies on arts,      to young people) right
     worked for young people at               sport and leisure.
     risk. The PAT recognised that a                                            2.4.2 YouthLink Scotland
     range of new initiatives had             The report emphasised a need
     been put in place to tackle              for local control, to enable      YouthLink Scotland have been
     shortcomings, suggesting that            projects to be tailored to        appointed by the Scottish
     more needed to be done in                community needs. It               Executive as the lead agency
     terms of placing more                    recommended that local            for youth work in Scotland,
     emphasis on prevention,                  authorities adopt a               with a main remit of creating
     particularly through work with           geographical approach to the      synergy between voluntary and
     families. The report also                provision of services using       statutory providers of youth
     suggested that services should           neighbourhood based ‘cross-       work services, and at the same
     be delivered in ways that                disciplinary team’ working. A     time providing an advocacy
     recognised the specific needs,           key finding was the need to       role for young people in
     circumstances and aspirations            monitor projects in order to      Scotland. Glasgow has already
     of disadvantaged young                   increase the evidence of social   contributed to building this
     people and that services are             inclusion outcomes.               relationship with YouthLink by
     provided whenever they were                                                hosting Scotland’s First
     needed and to all who need               2.4 National Developments         National Youth Work
     them, not haphazardly or on                                                Conference in November 2002.
     a restricted basis.                      2.4.1 Excluded Young People
                                              – Report by a Strategy Action     2.4.3 Step It Up: Charting
     Policy Action Team 10                    Team to the Scottish Social       Young People's Progress -
     (PAT 10) Report to the                   Inclusion Network                 Report (2003)
     Social Exclusion Unit                    (September 1999)
                                                                                In 2003, a consortium of
     The Policy Action Team 10                This report highlighted three     agencies including Strathclyde
     Report to the Government’s               key themes for improving          University and the Prince’s
     Social Exclusion Unit,                   services for young people         Trust – Scotland launched the
     highlighted best practice in             deemed to be excluded or in       results of the National
     using arts, sport and leisure to         danger of exclusion from the      Development Project,
     engage people in poor                    mainstream. These themes are;     a commission by the
     neighbourhoods, particularly                                               Scottish Executive
     those who feel most excluded,                                              Education Department.

                                                            BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

‘Step it Up’ is a tool designed   2.4.4 Working and Learning         2.4.5 Her Majesty’s
to assist youth workers, and      Together to Build Stronger         Inspectorate of Education -
youth work generally, to define   Communities - Full Guidance        ‘How Good is Our
the purpose of youth work and     published February 2004            Community Learning
to create a nationally accepted                                      and Development?’
framework of social and           In February 2004 the Scottish
emotional competences that        Executive issued new guidance      Following the 1998 report
young people can develop          on community learning and          ‘Communities: Change
through involvement in youth      development to replace             Through Learning’, community
work settings, as well as the     Circular 4/99.                     learning was recognised as
devising of a system that looks                                      an approach to working with
at young people’s development     The guidance contains              communities. Increasingly this
and progression.                  important challenges for           is planned and delivered
                                  Community Planning                 through partnership working
The purpose of effective          Partnerships and those public      based upon community
youth work is to: -               and voluntary sector               learning strategies and plans.
                                  organisations which support        There is widespread
• Build self esteem and           community learning and             recognition of the major
  self confidence.                development. A central theme       contribution that community
                                  is a concern to see partners       learning and development
• Develop the ability to
                                  targeting their support more       can make to social inclusion,
  manage personal and
                                  upon disadvantaged                 active citizenship and
  social relationships.
                                  individuals, groups and            lifelong learning.
• Create learning opportunities   communities, and those who
  and develop new skills.         are at risk of becoming            As a result of this recognition,
• Encourage positive              disadvantaged. To achieve this     Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of
  group atmospheres.              the Scottish Executive have        Education introduced revised
                                  identified three national          inspection arrangements
• Build the capacity of young
                                  priorities for community           through the publication of
  people to consider risk,
                                  learning and development           ‘How Good is Our Community
  make reasoned decisions
                                  which includes the following       Learning and Development’,
  and take control.
                                  action relating to youth work:     (HGIOCLD). The document is
• Develop a 'world view'                                             designed to assist practitioners
  which widens horizons and       • To support the personal,         and managers in their self-
  invites social commitment.        social and educational           evaluation of community
                                    development of young             learning and development
                                    people through increasing        activities and in exercising their
                                    levels of personal, social       responsibilities for quality
                                    and educational ability.         assurance. HGIOCLD includes


     a set of quality indicators              The Standards:                    2.4.7 Mapping Exclusion of
     suitable for use by providers as                                           Young People in Scotland -
     well as for external evaluation          • Provide an agreed set of        The Prince's Trust 2001
     by HM Inspectors.                          aspects, units and elements
                                                that can be used to inform      In 2001 The Prince's Trust
     The 1980 Education Act gives               the design of qualifications    carried out a mapping exercise
     Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of              and awards for youth work       to inform the Trust's
     Education the authority to                 practitioners within the        development of work which
     inspect Glasgow City Council’s             national qualifications         could make the biggest impact
     Community Learning, Youth                  framework, by Higher            on young people's lives
     Services and Community                     Education institutions and      in Scotland.
     Action Teams, as major                     other awarding bodies.
     contributors to the community                                              The exercise highlighted that
     learning and development                 • Are a baseline for              Glasgow has:
     agenda. The inspection of a                recruitment processes
     local authority community                  and drawing up job              • The highest claimant rate
     learning planning area takes               specifications.                   and the highest percentage
     place on a two-yearly cycle.                                                 of housing benefit claimants
                                              • Are a basis for development       in Scotland.
     2.4.6 National Occupational                within youth work, for
                                                                                • The highest level of school
     Standards in Youth Work –                  individuals and
                                                                                  exclusions and the highest
     National Youth Agency                      organisations.
                                                                                  percentage of pupils entitled
                                                                                  to free school meals.
     The National Occupational                • Offer criteria for use in
     Standards aim to represent                 benchmarking and                • A high crime rate with the
     youth work in its entirety and             organisational review of          highest rate of drug related
     not the specific contribution              practice and criteria for the     offences.
     of individual youth workers.               specification of contracts      • The highest numbers
     The National Occupational                  for new work or work              of homeless people
     Standards identify the key                 in partnership.                   in Scotland.
     aspects of youth work and
     seek to focus on it’s specific           • Are a means of developing
     and unique aspects, in                     and evaluating training.
     particular work with young
     people in ways which are
     inclusive and empowering.

                                                                 BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

2.4.8 Hear by Right: Setting          2.5 Legislation                     number of important aspects
Standards for the Active                                                  relating to access to and use
Involvement of Young People           Recent legislation on               of Cultural and Leisure
in Democracy                          employment includes:                Services facilities and services.
                                                                          The Act requires that service
Better Government with Young          Working Time and Part-time          providers change any policies,
People is a joint initiative of the   Workers Regulations 2000            practices or procedures to
Local Government Association                                              enable people with disabilities
(LGA) and the National Youth          These ensure that part-time,        to make use of facilities or
Agency (NYA). The key aim is          sessional and atypical workers      services. Youth Services will
to increase children and young        in Britain are not treated less     engage with young people with
people's active involvement           favourably than comparable          disabilities and work with them
with local authorities and            full-timers in their contractual    to highlight other services
their participation in local          terms and conditions. The           issues relating to access to
democracy.                            regulations are helping to          schemes, projects and facilities
                                      stamp out discrimination for        which will ultimately lead to
The first phase of the initiative     part-time, sessional and            improved services and equality
is the publication of Standards       atypical workers regarding pay,     of access for young people
for local authorities. The report     pensions, training and              with disabilities.
concludes that the active             holidays. As well as giving
involvement of young people           part-timers the same rewards        2.6 Other National Policies,
in local democracy will work          as full-timers, on a pro-rata       Strategies and Initiatives
best when: -                          basis, the regulations are
                                      designed to promote flexible        • Race Relations
• The diversity of young              working as well as encouraging        (Amendment) Act 2000.
  people is recognised and            people to achieve a better
                                                                          • Drug Treatment Services for
  young people are valued.            work/life balance. This will
                                                                            Young People - A Research
                                      have implications for Cultural
• Involvement is underpinned                                                Review - Effectiveness
                                      and Leisure Services, and
  by adequate resources of                                                  Interventions Unit, Scottish
                                      Youth Services in particular.
  expertise, time, money and                                                Executive.
                                      Around 500 part-time,
  organisational systems
                                      sessional and atypical workers      • Sport 21, the national
  and processes.
                                      are employed by Youth                 strategy for Scottish Sport
• There are systems and               Services currently.                   identifies policies which aim
  processes for reviewing,                                                  to increase access to sport
  evaluating and continuously         The Disability Discrimination         and physical activity,
  improving young people's            Act (1995)                            recognise and nurture talent
  involvement.                        This came into force in               and achieve and sustain
                                      October 1999 and has a                world class performance.


        Eleven target areas have              it aims to ensure that those         young people 0-18 years).
        been developed for the                children, young people and           A priority is to provide
        period 2003 - 07. The role of         families who most need               effective assessment and
        youth work providers in               support will get the support         care planning for children
        achieving these targets has           they need, when they need it.        and young people who need
        been widely recognised and                                                 to be looked after. This
        detailed in the development of        In terms of Cultural and Leisure     includes a good quality
        implementation sub groups.            Services, the key areas for          carer support service and
                                              action include:                      adoption service.
     2.7 Local Policy Context
                                              • Keeping children and
                                                                                 2.7.3 Tackling Vandalism in
     2.7.1 Cultural and Leisure                 young people safe, in
                                                                                 Glasgow: a Framework for
     Services Budget and Service                particular reducing the
                                                                                 Action (2003)
     Plan 2003/04                               incidence of vandalism
                                              • Supporting children and          The report highlights the extent
     The specific priorities for
                                                young people affected by         of the vandalism problem in
     2003/04 in relation to the
                                                drugs and alcohol by             Glasgow, the current
     implementation of accessible
                                                addressing prevention, early     arrangements in place, present
     services to Young People are
                                                intervention and treatment       reporting mechanisms, and
     contained within Cultural and
                                                and care services for young      proposed new arrangements to
     Leisure Services’ Budget and
                                                people at risk because of        prevent and control vandalism
     Service Plan. The specific
                                                their own misuse, or             as part of the city’s Community
     priorities include a review
                                                potential misuse of drugs or     Safety Strategy. In 2000/2001 it
     of Youth Services.
                                                alcohol, and children            was estimated that the direct
                                                affected by the drug or          cost of vandalism for Glasgow
     2.7.2 Glasgow City Council’s
                                                alcohol misuse of their          was £10 million.
     Children’s Services Plan 2002
                                                parents. Cultural and
     - 2004
                                                Leisure Services also            Young people are perceived
                                                support this by developing a     to be responsible for most
     Glasgow Children's Services
                                                range of services for young      incidences of vandalism. There
     Plan for 2002-04 sets out a
                                                people across the city.          are strong indicators that
     series of actions aimed at
                                                                                 support the rationale that the
     making a real and positive               • Supporting children and
                                                                                 majority of vandalism incidents
     difference to children and                 young people who are
                                                                                 are attributable to young
     young people's lives - to their            looked after by focusing
                                                                                 people, for example:
     health, educational attainment,            services for children and
     safety, personal and social care           young people who are
                                                                                 • Higher levels of
     and ultimately to their future             looked after (including
                                                                                   vandalism reported
     life opportunities. In particular          looked after children and
                                                                                   during school holidays.

                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

• Higher levels of vandalism      This will require a range of         Co-ordinators established
  after school hours.             measures which will increase         three sub groups to focus on:
                                  opportunities for young people
• Truancy/unauthorised
                                  to participate in activities         • Product Development
  absence leads to children
                                  across the city. Opportunities       • Partnership Development
  becoming more involved in
                                  can be designed around sport,        • Framework Development
  greater levels of crime/anti
                                  recreation and the arts.
  social behaviour.
                                                                       2.7.5 Active Schools – Health,
• Targeting of vandalism          2.7.4 A Framework for the            Sport and Physical Activity
  e.g. fire raising in schools.   Development of Glasgow’s
                                  Youth Service                        This is a key element of the
Current measures for tackling                                          National Physical Activity
vandalism in Glasgow include:     This draft framework report          Strategy (2003). The focus
                                  was prepared to assist staff         of delivering this agenda is
• Education programmes.           in developing and delivering         via the formal education sector
                                  what is considered to be the         and the implementation of
• Local initiatives e.g. youth    best model for delivering            Active Schools and Physical
  diversionary programmes         quality services to young            Activity Co-ordinators.
  such as the East End            people within a world-class          It has been acknowledged
  Urban Fox.                      youth service.                       that the informal learning
                                                                       sector can play an important
• Efforts have also been made     The Framework was designed           role in contributing to
  to communicate the anti-        to assist staff in clarifying the    maintaining active lifestyles
  vandalism message through       links between national, city and     in young people.
  the arts.                       local agendas and highlight the
                                  importance of working with
• Social programmes,              partners in the delivery of
  including projects to           services to young people.
  encourage social
  responsibility e.g.             It is important to stress that the
  diversionary projects.          framework document was
                                  developed as an interim
The report sets out a             arrangement to inform practice
framework for action              in the short-term, whilst the
which includes establishing       BVR process was undertaken.
measures that engage the
city’s young people with the      To develop the framework
anti-vandalism strategy.          document, the project team
                                  of Community Learning


     2.7.6 Young People and                      health topics and targets.        • Physical Activity
     Health Policy
                                              • ‘Our National Health’ (2000),      • Nutrition
                                                whilst being a more NHS
     Youth Work in Scotland has an                                                 • Oral Health
                                                focused paper, has some
     ambiguous association with
                                                prominence attached to
     health policy. This is perhaps
                                                young people, including
     because many health
                                                their involvement in
     improvement interventions are
     targeted upon universal
     services such as schools, but            • ‘Partners in Care’ (2003).
     also because youth service               • ‘Improving Scotland’s Health
     providers have been uncertain               - The Challenge’ (2003)
     of their place in delivering                features ‘teenage
     health related outcomes.                    transitions’ as one of four
     Currently much of the effort                key thematic areas that
     of health promotion and                     Health Boards will have to
     improvement services are                    devote attention to. Whilst it
     targeted at addressing wider                is not sufficiently defined, it
     determinants of ill-health                  includes transitions such as
     through broader social                      primary/secondary and
     inclusion, education and                    secondary/post-school
     activity. This has been                     transitions.
     highlighted as an area for
     substantial contribution by
                                              2.7.8 Specific Health Policy
     youth work providers.

                                              There are a range of other,
     2.7.7 General Health Policy
                                              more specific health related
                                              policies and strategies, both
     The following documents
                                              nationally and locally targeting
     discuss the implications
                                              specific issues relating directly
     of general health policy:
                                              to young people, including:

     • ‘Towards a Healthier
                                              • Mental and Emotional Health
        Scotland’ (1999) outlines the
        broad public health and               • Sexual Health and
        health improvement agenda               Relationships
        ‘arenas’ for action (including        • Addictions – Smoking,
        local authorities and the               Drinking and Drugs
        voluntary sector) and priority

                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004


3.1 Introduction                  • The Scottish indices of            • Within the city’s most
                                    deprivation reveal that the          deprived areas, around 15%
Scotland has some of the            city has 16 out of the top 20        of men and 10% of women
highest rates of relative child     most deprived wards in               are recorded as permanently
poverty in the developed world      Scotland.                            sick, compared with 8%
and one third of Scotland's                                              and 5% respectively for the
                                  • 1 in 3 people in Glasgow
households are in or on the                                              city’s more affluent areas.
                                    live in poverty compared
margins of poverty. The links
                                    to 1 in 8 in Scotland.
between poverty and social
                                                                       3.3 Children and Young
and health disadvantages are      • The Scottish Area
                                                                       People in Glasgow
well documented. Research           Deprivation Index shows that
has shown that the                  52 of the 90 most deprived
                                                                       • Within Glasgow there are
consequences of child poverty       postcode areas in Scotland
                                                                         118,694 children and young
may include poor reading            are in Glasgow.
                                                                         people aged 0-15 years and
skills, unmanageable and          • A recent study of health and         133,083 aged 0-17 years
aggressive behaviour at             wealth indicators found that         (1999 Mid Year Estimates of
school, drug misuse,                six of Glasgow's                     Population GRO).
unemployment, teenage               parliamentary constituencies
pregnancy, homelessness                                                • It is estimated that there will
                                    were in the worst fifteen
and suicide.                                                             be a decline in the following
                                    across the UK.
                                                                         age groups: 0-4 years, 5-11
                                  • A significant percentage             years and 12-15 years.
3.2 The Glasgow Context
                                    of Glasgow's population              Those aged 16-25 years are
                                    are living in areas of multiple      set to increase, particularly
Urban deprivation, poor health
                                    deprivation.                         those aged 16-18 years and
and poverty are particularly
concentrated in Glasgow, as       • Glasgow has a death rate             19-21 years.
with most large urban areas in      higher than the Scottish           • Across the city 28% of
Scotland, and remain a              average, and significantly           children live in lone parent
significant barrier to full and     higher for deaths below the          households (30,906) and
active participation in council     age of 65 years.                     around 10% live in families
provided services. The            • Glasgow has the 2nd fastest          with three or more children.
following indicators highlight      growing retail economy in          • Around 42% of Glasgow's
the city’s socio-economic and       the UK but also has twice            children under 16 are living in
health profile:                     the National average Youth           families dependent on Income
                                    Unemployment.                        Support (this rises to 60% in
                                  • Over 50% of black and                some areas), compared to
                                    ethnic minority women                a Scottish average of
                                    live in poverty.                     approximately 25%.


     • Glasgow has the highest
       percentage (42.3%) of
       pupils recorded as being
       entitled to free school
       meals. The Scottish average
       is 20.3%.

     • In the year ended March
       2000 the number of children
       looked after by the Council
       was 2,523. This equates to
       19 per 1,000 of Glasgow's
       population aged 0-17 years.
       The Scottish average for the
       same period was 10 per
       1,000 population.

     • The Report of the Glasgow
       Street Homelessness
       Review Team (Scottish
       Executive 2000), estimated
       that 1 in every 100
       Glaswegians - 6,000 people
       - have lived in a hostel
       or experienced 'rough
       sleeping'. The report
       estimated that one third
       of these are young people
       aged 16-24 years.
     • The proportion of minority
       ethnic population will rise by
       4.5% to 8% between 1991
       and 2008 and children from
       ethnic minorities are
       expected to make up
       9% of the City’s total
       child population.

                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

Chapter 4

4.1 Introduction                  community development                as part of the Best Value
                                  function within Social Work          Review process.
This chapter highlights the       Services and a reduction in the
background to Youth Services      contribution to services for         4.3 Glasgow’s Youth Services
and the transfer from             under 12’s. A major decrease
Education Services to Cultural    in staffing and resourcing           In Glasgow, Youth Services has
and Leisure Services (CLS).       (around 60%) contributed             historically been set within a
It also discusses the current     towards these changes.               Community Learning context
service establishment, service                                         providing a wide range of
priorities and recent service     As part of the 2000/2001 -           informal learning opportunities
developments as well as the       budget process, Glasgow City         for young people aged 12 – 25
key strengths of the service      Council approved the transfer        years. Services provided
and areas of concern.             of the Community Education           include developing core and
                                  Service from Education               life skills through the delivery
4.2 Background                    Services to Cultural and             of negotiated learning
                                  Leisure Services. Following the      programmes within a
Originally established in         transfer, the youth work             geographical or common
response to the Alexander         element of the Community             interest context.
Report (1974) the Community       Education Service has been
Education Service was             fully integrated within the Arts,    In a youth work context, this
historically responsible for      Play and Community Services          generally was delivered by
three distinct elements:          section of Cultural and Leisure      means of traditional youth
                                  Services under the new title         clubs offering activities such
• Adult Education                 of Youth Services.                   as pool and table tennis, some
                                                                       limited issue based work and
• Youth Work (including work
                                  Since transfering to CLS and in      citizenship training in the form
  with under 12’s)
                                  response to national and local       of fundraising for trips, visits
• Community                       agendas, Youth Services has          and exchanges.
  Work/Development.               worked closely with a range
                                  of other providers within            Clubs were delivered within
From 1974 until the early         Cultural and Leisure Services,       (often poor quality) community
1980’s, a period of significant   other Council Departments and        facilities or primary school gym
development brought about an      relevant local and national          halls – inappropriate to the
extremely well resourced          youth agencies. This has             needs of most teenagers.
Community Education Service       resulted in many examples of         Clubs closed at 9.00 p.m., the
serving the City of Glasgow.      good practice being developed        expectation being that young
During the 1980’s and 1990’s,     across the city, in addition to      people would make their way
a number of changes took          highlighting a number of issues      home immediately at the
place including focusing the      that required to be addressed        conclusion of club activities.


     Current statistical evidence             4.4 Budget and Staffing
     indicates that between April             Resources 2003/2004
     2002 and March 2003 there
     were over 100,000 attendances            Glasgow City Council’s total
     at local clubs and activity              expenditure budget for Youth
     groups. However, given the               Services within Cultural and
     lack of monitoring systems it            Leisure Services is £4,457,200
     is unclear how accurate these            (£4.45 million) for 2003/04.
     figures are.                             Table 1 provides a breakdown
                                              of the spending allocation in
     Glasgow City Council Youth               relation to Youth Services. (See
     Services is responsible for              Appendix 2 for Breakdown of
     providing a wide variety of              Budgets Per Area and Per
     services to some 119,618                 Specialist Team).
     (20.7% of a population of
     577,869*) young people aged                 Expenditure 2003/2004
     10 – 24 across the city. These
     services range from traditional             Employee costs                      £ 2,459,500
     youth drop-in facilities, through           Sessional Workers                   £ 669,000
     restorative justice programmes,             Property costs                      £    31,300
     to simply providing a first point           Supplies and Services               £ 110,500
     of contact for young people                 Transport                           £    37,600
     wishing to engage with other                Administration                      £    59,000
     Council services.                           Grants to Voluntary Organisations   £ 1,090,000
                                                 Miscellaneous Costs                 £       300

                                                 TOTAL                               £4,457,200

     *The population information              4.4.1 Grants to Voluntary
     is based on the 2001 Census.             Organisations (GTVO)
     However, it should be noted
     that the City Council is                 The Service is responsible
     currently using an overall               for administering a Grants to
     population figure of 600,000             Voluntary Organisations budget
     until the technical dialogue             of £1,090,000 (£1.09 million)
     between the City Council and              to voluntary organisations
     the Registrar General’s Office           at a number of levels.
     can be resolved.                         In 2003/2004, the budget

                                                               BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

supported the work of thirty-      Regional Council) had taken          funded are heavily reliant
nine organisations in delivering   on some responsibility for           on the Grants to Voluntary
community based services.          supporting them through the          Organisations budget to
                                   Community Education                  sustain services. With some
This budget provides funding       (previously Category C) grants       organisations there has been
for organisations to deliver       budget. This budget, like the        little or no evidence of
services designed to build         Community Education Service,         attempts to create
community capacity and the         has been subject to major            sustainability through the
social and emotional               cuts, which has had an impact        development of long term
competence of people within        on the level of grant awards         proposals or business planning
local communities.                 made to the majority of              as well as funding applications
                                   projects and limited the             to other sources. This issue is
However, monitoring                consideration of new initiatives.    explored in more detail in the
arrangements in relation to the                                         section on Strategic Planning
use of this budget by voluntary    Given the historic nature of         and Development and
organisations have been            many of the grant awards and         Partnerships.
limited. In terms of the           taking into account the major
Council’s obligations under        changes to service functions         4.4.2 Youth Services Staffing
‘Following the Public Pound’       and structures within Cultural       Resources
it is clear that these             and Leisure Services, it is
arrangements require to be         evident that support for some        In terms of staffing resources,
more robust in ensuring best       organisations is better placed       Youth Services has a total
value in terms of grant            within other areas of Cultural       complement of 146 Full Time
disbursement and use.              and Leisure Services. To             Equivalents. The staff
Cultural and Leisure Services      address this, arrangements           organisational chart for Youth
has established a corporate        have been made to transfer           Services is outlined in figure 2
grants group to progress this      responsibility and associated        on page 27. The structure was
matter across all Cultural and     2003/2004 budgets for certain        created to address the
Leisure Services.                  organisations to other services      identified needs of the City’s
                                   including Arts Development           youth population, but as is
Many of the                        and Community Facilities, (see       illustrated by the inclusion of
projects/organisations funded      Appendix 3 for a breakdown).         two issue-based teams, can
via the Grants to Voluntary        It is proposed that this transfer    be re-modelled to respond
Organisation budget are ex-        will take place in August 2004       to any newly identified issues
Urban Aid/Programme                at the beginning of the next         affecting young people.
projects. As part of the           grant award process.
mainstreaming of these
projects, the local authority      It is also evident that many
(previously Strathclyde            of the organisations currently


     4.4.3 Future Youth Services              and ‘Step it Up National             The eight area based
                                              Development Project’.                Community Learning
     Future services to young                                                      Co-ordinators are responsible
     people will be delivered within          4.4.4 Youth Services                 for the strategic management
     the context of wider priorities          Staffing Structure                   of the service at a city as well
     such as Community Planning,                                                   as a local level, whilst
     and will include the                     The Youth Issues Manager is          Community Learning Officers
     development of a Strategic               responsible for the strategic        are responsible for operational
     Planning Framework for work              development and direction of         management at a local level.
     with young people. A key                 Youth Services. The Service is       The eight area based teams
     priority for Youth Services will         currently structured into 3 main     cover the following
     be national developments such            areas of responsibility:             geographical areas of the city:
     as Dialogue Youth, which will
     offer a wider range of young             • Eight area based teams
     people the opportunity to
                                              • The Duke of Edinburgh
     contribute views and opinions
                                                Award team.
     in settings and styles
     comfortable to them.                     • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual
     Comprehensive and relevant                 and Transgender
     training for youth workers from            (LGBT) Services.
     all sectors which will offer
     accreditation and career                    Teams    Geographical areas covered
     pathways will be developed                  Area 1   Partick, Drumchapel, Summerhill, Drumry, Knightswood,
     and delivered.                                       Yoker, Anniesland, Jordanhill, Scotstoun and Whiteinch
                                                 Area 2   Kelvindale, Hyndland, Hillhead, Kelvin, Anderston,
     Creative youth work, focused                         Woodlands, Summerston, Maryhill and Queens Cross
     on wider agendas will be                    Area 3   Govan, Gorbals, Penilee, Cardonald, Pollokshields
     delivered in welcoming,                              and Hutchesontown
     accessible venues across the
                                                 Area 4   Pollok, Mosspark, Crookston, Nitshill, Darnley,
     city. This work will continue to                     Carnwadric, Strathbungo, Langside and Pollokshaws
     offer informal learning
                                                 Area 5   Milton, Possilpark, Merchant City, Royston, Springburn,
     opportunities, but will be
                                                          Dennistoun and Robroyston
     structured around planning,
                                                 Area 6   Carntyne, Queenslie, Greenfield, Barlanark, Garthamlock,
     monitoring and evaluation
                                                          Ruchazie, Cranhill and Easterhouse
     tools, including ‘Learning
     Evaluation and Planning’                    Area 7   Bridgeton, Calton, Dalmarnock, Parkhead, Shettleston,
                                                          Tollcross, Mount Vernon, Garrowhill and Baillieston
     (LEAP), ‘How Good is Our
     Community Learning and                      Area 8   Castlemilk, Govanhill, Cathcart, Mount Florida, Toryglen,
     Development’ (HGIOCLD)                               Kings Park, Carmunnock and Battlefield

     Figure 2
     Youth Services Staffing Structure 2003/2004

                                                          Director of Cultural
                                                          and Leisure Services

      Head of Support               Head of Museums           Head of Arts Play and       Head of Libraries,            Head of Sport
      Services                                                Community Services          Information and

                                                               Youth Issues

       Area 1            Area 2                Area 3       Area 4            Area 5       Area 6              Area 7           Area 8

     Community       Community            Community       Community       Community       Community        Community          Community
     Learning Co-    Learning Co-         Learning Co-    Learning Co-    Learning Co-    Learning Co-     Learning Co-       Learning Co-
     ordinator x 1   ordinator x 1        ordinator x 1   ordinator x 1   ordinator x 1   ordinator x 1    ordinator x 1      ordinator x 1
     Community       Community            Community       Community       Community       Community        Community          Community
     Learning        Learning             Learning        Learning        Learning        Learning         Learning           Learning
     Officer x 1     Officer x 1          Officer x 1     Officer x 1     Officer x 1     Officer x 1      Officer x 1        Officer x 1
     Community       Community            Community       Community       Community       Community        Community          Community
     Learning        Learning             Learning        Learning        Learning        Learning         Learning           Learning
     Workers x 6     Workers x 6          Workers x 6     Workers x 6     Workers x 6     Workers x 6      Workers x 6        Workers x 6
     Clerical        Clerical             Clerical        Clerical        Clerical        Clerical         Clerical           Clerical
     Assistants/     Assistants           Assistants      Assistants      Assistants      Assistants       Assistants         Assistants/
     WPOs x 3        /WPOs x 3            /WPOs x 3       /WPOs x 3       /WPOs x 3       /WPOs x 3        /WPOs x 3          WPOs x 3
                     Resource             Resource                                                                            Resource
                     Workers x 2          Worker x 1                                                                          Worker x 1

                        Duke of Edinburgh           LGBT
                        Award Community             Developments
                        Learning Officer x 1
                                                                                                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004


     The Duke of Edinburgh                    LGBT young people. This post        4.5.1 Key Strengths
     Award team                               concluded in March 2004
     Glasgow City Council’s                   although the resources to
                                                                                  The key strengths of Glasgow
     Youth Services is the Licensed           support ongoing                     City Council’s Youth Services
     operating authority for the              developments, including             are outlined as follows:
     Duke of Edinburgh Award                  2 sessional workers,
     Scheme. In September 2002,               are still in place.                 • 8 area based Youth Services
     a small team was created to                                                    teams comprising of 6
     focus on Duke of Edinburgh               Sessional workers                     frontline, full-time
     Award developments. The                  Much of Glasgow’s youth work          professionals, a Community
     team is currently supporting             is delivered in traditional youth     Learning Officer
     over 20 groups based in                  club settings, utilising around       (Operational Manager) and
     schools, churches, universities          500 sessional youth workers           a Community Learning
     and community centres                    who work between 3 and 30             Co-ordinator (Strategic
     across Glasgow. This team is             hours per week. Sessional             Manager) in each team.
     temporary until the conclusion           workers are mostly recruited
                                                                                  • Specialist teams - Duke
     of the Best Value                        locally and training, in the form
                                                                                    of Edinburgh Award and
     Review process.                          of a basic youth work course
                                                                                    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual
                                              and an advanced course,
                                                                                    and Transgender (LGBT)
     Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and               allows sessional workers to
                                                                                    Youth Work.
     Transgender (LGBT) services              progress from youth work
     A temporary post was created             assistant to youth worker,          • A pool of 500 sessional
     in response to work that was             senior youth worker and senior        workers employed, working
     ongoing within Youth Services            youth worker in charge.               a range of hours, in a variety
     and the findings of the recent                                                 of settings.
     report ‘Something to Tell You’           4.5 Summary of Key                  • High level of staff skills
     produced by Greater Glasgow              Strengths and Areas                   which enable the service to
     NHS Board (2002) which                   of Concern                            deliver one to one; group
     outlined the findings from                                                     work; issue based activities
     research into issues for young                                                 in schools, on the street, in
                                              This section highlights the
     people who identify as LGBT.                                                   clubs, leisure facilities and
                                              key strengths and areas of
     Both highlighted the need for                                                  libraries and information on
                                              concern, in relation to Youth
     the service, in partnership with                                               Glasgow Young Scot Card,
                                              Services in Glasgow, as
     other Council Services and                                                     events and activities.
                                              identified through research
     partner agencies in the
                                              and consultation.                   • A track record of working
     voluntary sector, to dedicate
     a full-time community learning                                                 with some of the most
     worker to develop a                                                            vulnerable and disengaged
     programme of services for                                                      young people in Glasgow.

                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

• Excellent examples of good         enabling them to be               • The lack of consistent and
  partnership working e.g.           engaged where they are,             meaningful strategic
  the service co-ordinates           often on the streets.               relationships with partners
  the Score Goals                                                        to ensure the delivery of
                                   • A framework for Youth
  (Not Drugs) initiative.                                                a modern youth agenda.
                                     Services providing clarity of
• A service ethos based on           purpose for staff and which       • Few opportunities for career
  participation to address the       identifies priorities in terms      progression for sessional
  social inclusion and active        of targeted groups with             workers, allied to
  citizenship agenda in a            whom the service will work          comparatively low pay rates,
  proactive and meaningful           intensively during the period       has resulted in an inability to
  manner which also assists          of Best Value Review. This          compete with other services
  in building the capacity of        is an interim strategic             and the voluntary sector in
  communities.                       development document for            sustaining sessional staff.
                                     the Service which will be
• An established reputation                                            • The need for staff training
                                     superseded by the
  for providing informal                                                 and development to reflect
                                     recommendations of the
  education opportunities and                                            the modern youth work
                                     Best Value Review.
  opportunities for                                                      agenda and changes to
  achievement for young            • A ‘Grants to Voluntary              current working practice.
  people who are identified as       Organisations’ budget of
                                                                       • A number of Youth Services
  non or under achievers.            £1,090,000 for the financial
                                                                         area based teams are (and
                                     year 2003-04.
• Involvement with Youth                                                 have for a number of years)
   Services by young people,                                             experiencing problems with
   has always been on a            4.5.2 Key Areas Of Concern            suitable accommodation,
   voluntary basis, which has                                            both as administrative
   assisted in building positive   The key areas of concern are          bases and facilities in which
   relationships between adults    outlined as follows:                  to deliver good quality
   and young people.                                                     services to young people
                                                                         e.g. Area 1 Team, based in
• Being part of a large,           • Lack of a consistent
                                                                         Partick, located far from the
  integrated service allowing        approach to service delivery
                                                                         key area of service delivery
  access to a wide range of          with no clear links between
                                                                         – Drumchapel.
  services and opportunities         policy, strategic planning
  for young people in a              and practice within the           • Difficulty in recruiting
  co-ordinated and supportive        service. This has led to            suitably qualified staff.
  environment.                       ad hoc and piecemeal
                                                                       • Low staff morale as
                                     service delivery.
• A comprehensive                                                        reflected in the relatively
  programme of detached                                                  high sickness
  work with young people                                                 absence levels.


     • The need to realise the full           • The need to shift the
       potential of staff capacity              emphasis of Grants to
       in terms of utilising all                Voluntary Organisations
       available skills to                      away from awarding on
       the maximum.                             a historical basis towards
                                                awarding on a modern
     • A poor and often non-
                                                social inclusion basis.
       existent promotion of Youth
       Services and activities has            • The need to improve
       generally led to a poor                  communication and
       image and lack of                        consultation with
       awareness across the City.               young people.
     • Activities are often
       provided in unsuitable, poor
       quality facilities making
       them unattractive to
       young people.
     • The lack of monitoring and
       evaluation tools to evidence
       the value of Youth Services’
       intervention with young
       people which also makes
       it impossible to track young
       people through their
     • The service has been
       inflexible in its failure to
       work with pre-12’s or over
       25’s, thus leaving gaps in
       provision of services to
       vulnerable young people.
     • The service has failed to
       realise potential income
       generation opportunities
       through training and service
       delivery to partner agencies.

                                                            BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

Chapter 5

5.1 Introduction                  EFFECTIVE YOUTH WORK                 consistent practise across
                                  - POLMONT TRANSITION                 the city and to identify
This chapter considers the        PROJECT                              training needs for full-time
development of well planned,                                           staff. Practice guidelines
consistent and comprehensive      Youth Services responded             have been produced to
services for young people in      to a request from the                assist staff and
Glasgow that contribute to the    Scottish Adult Learners              participants involved in
priorities of social inclusion,   Partnership (SALP) to                transitional support. Four
health and well-being,            provide transitional                 induction training
economic development,             support to young men                 programmes have run at
lifelong learning and             leaving Polmont Young                Polmont YOI in partnership
continuous improvement.           Offenders Institution (YOI)          with youth workers based
                                  and returning to                     at the institution. To date
In particular it considers the    communities in Glasgow.              twenty full-time staff have
priorities for developing         The overall desired                  completed the training
formalised, quality partnership   outcome of the                       programme.
arrangements, linked to           programme is to reduce
strategic planning, which will    re-offending by the young
assist in tackling the barriers   men involved. During the           5.2 Strategic Planning
faced by specific target          first year only one                and Development
groups. These include black       re-offended i.e. 12%
and minority ethnic young         recidivism in comparison           It has been recognised that the
people; young people with         to a national statistic of         strategic management,
disabilities; young parents;      62% for that age group.            planning and delivery of Youth
lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and       The success of the                 Services is limited, with work
transgender young people;         programme has been                 with priority groups not
young people looked after         achieved by the                    systematically planned,
and accommodated by the           participants sustained             delivered or managed.
Council and young people          willingness to put                 A recommendation of the
who are carers.                   considerable effort into           Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of
                                  taking control of their            Education (HMIE) Inspection
This chapter also considers       future, and the support            carried out in Greater
the deliberations of both the     given through mentoring            Easterhouse (March 2003)
Strategic Planning and            by a member of youth               recognised the need to
Development and the               services full time staff.          implement a Youth Services
Partnership Key Issue Working                                        Strategy and, in particular,
Groups, given that the issues     A practitioners support            demonstrate more fully young
raised and the Policy             group has been                     people’s achievements through
Objectives and key actions        established to ensure              youth work.
identified are closely linked.


     Systematic monitoring                    work within the community           Community Learning and
     or evaluation carried out                planning framework, youth           Development service. This
     consistently across the city,            work is seen as a crucial           would be done in line with Her
     to demonstrate the impact                element in this contribution.       Majesty’s Inspectorate of
     of youth services in relation                                                Education (HMIE) ‘How Good
     to each of the key areas the             With these demands comes            is Our Community Learning
     service is involved in, has only         scrutiny and a requirement to       and Development’ Quality
     recently been introduced.                highlight effectiveness via         Indicators. The aim of this is to
                                              partnership arrangements,           enhance service provision by
     To be able to deliver a world            planning, service delivery and      Youth Services in line with the
     class Youth Service and to               a need to monitor service           Council’s priorities and set
     ensure that Youth Services is            developments and evaluate           within the context of the
     a responsive and consistent              delivery. There is also a need      modern youth agenda.
     service that meets the needs             to clearly identify the impact of
     and aspirations of young                 youth work on young people’s        The remit of the Partnership
     people and the changing youth            lives.                              Key Issue Working Group was
     work agenda, there is an                                                     to strengthen and develop
     identified need to enhance               At a time when the youth            innovative, new and existing
     strategic and operational                agenda is changing, it is even      partnerships with the statutory,
     planning and delivery                    more imperative that Glasgow        voluntary and community
     standards. Additionally,                 City Council Youth Services         sectors. The aim was to
     partnerships with young                  works with a wider range            enhance partnership
     people, staff, statutory,                of partners.                        arrangements in relation to
     voluntary and community                                                      the provision of services to
     sectors are fundamental to the                                               young people. It is
     provision and development of             5.3 Remits                          recommended that these aims
     a modern youth service. Youth                                                could be achieved by the
     work now has a higher profile            The remit of the Strategic          following policy objectives:
     than ever before, with more              Planning and Development Key
     demands being placed on it               Issue Working Group was to
     to respond to the priorities             develop the strategic and
     of social inclusion, criminal            operational service delivery
     justice, anti-social behaviour,          framework. In addition the
     education and informal                   Group was to identify standard
     learning. And with local                 which meet the Council’s key
     authorities increasingly under           objectives and enables Cultural
     pressure to demonstrate how              and Leisure Services (CLS) to
     they contribute to wider                 meet its obligations for Youth
     national priorities and how they         Services as an inspected

                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

5.4 Policy Objective 1              ‘Ethics in Youth Work’ and         strategic co-ordination and
Strategic Youth Partnership         ‘National Occupational             co-operation between
                                    Standards for Youth Work’,         voluntary and statutory sectors
 Policy Objective                   both of the latter produced by     which, if addressed, would
 To strengthen and develop          the National Youth Agency. In      enable the provision of more
 the strategic and                  addition, as an inspected          comprehensive services for
 operational delivery               Community Learning and             young people.
 standards of services to           Development service, Cultural
 young people and develop           and Leisure Services has an        The Review recognised that
 partnerships with the              obligation to respond to Her       an important element of
 statutory and voluntary            Majesty’s Inspectorate of          effective partnership working
 sectors which will assist in       Education (HMIE) Quality           involves being able to network
 the ongoing planning and           Indicators set out in ‘How         with other individuals, agencies
 delivery of consistent,            Good is Our Community              and organisations. However,
 relevant, responsive and           Learning and Development’.         at present there are no
 modern Youth Services.                                                co-ordinated, accessible
                                    The HMIE Inspection at             support structures in place to
                                    Greater Easterhouse                facilitate this type of support
5.4.1 Current Position              highlighted the need for a more    i.e. the networking of youth
                                    co-ordinated approach to           services across the city to
The review process highlighted      service delivery amongst youth     share common issues,
a range of resources for the        work providers to ensure that      information, advice and best
effective planning, delivery, and   the range of services operating    practice. Many youth work
monitoring and evaluation of        within the area fully benefit      projects tend to operate in
service impact, not only on the     young people and deal with         isolation, often resulting in a
lives of young people, but also     the many issues affecting          duplication of effort and
on partner agencies and             young people’s lives.              resources and creating areas
ultimately communities. A                                              where there are clear gaps
number of examples of               The consultation exercise          in provision.
strategic planning within           carried out as part of the
organisations were discussed        background research stage          Another key aim of the Best
and highlighted by the review,      of the Best Value Review           Value Review was to give a
the most common of these            highlighted the need for           clarity of role and purpose to
being ‘LEAP – Learning              integrated work in terms of        Youth Services, both as a
Evaluating and Planning’,           service delivery, and the need     service provider, and also as a
produced by the Scottish            for more long term partnership     support and facilitation service
Community Development               arrangements rather than pilot     for a range of smaller youth
Centre, ‘Step It Up’, the           initiatives. The consultation      work providers operating within
National Development Project,       also highlighted a lack of         the city. The historical, ad hoc


     approach to planning and                 responsibility for building         effective, there needs to be
     partnership arrangements has             a strong Youth Services             a sense of trust and shared
     been identified as a barrier to          infrastructure, that will support   understanding of objectives
     positive strategic                       the delivery of a modern youth      based on a strong foundation.
     developments and effective               agenda. This modern youth           This foundation should take the
     operational service delivery.            agenda will aim to reflect the      form of a Partnership Toolkit
     The Review recognised that               needs of young people and           which will include a clear
     a more formal strategic                  address the wider cross-            definition and a common set
     approach to future planning              cutting issues relating to          of principles/standards to
     and partnership working                  health, education, social justice   partnership working in the
     was required.                            and equality.                       future. The identified benefit
                                                                                  of the Toolkit is that it will
     5.4.2 The Way Forward                    Glasgow City Council Youth          enable partners to see what it
                                              Services, as the Council’s          is they are buying into and the
     The Review agreed that the               youth work resource and the         benefits of being involved.
     emphasis should be on                    City’s largest youth work
     developing a Strategy for Youth          provider, is best placed to         Equalities
     Work providers working at all            offer the role of co-ordinating,
     levels. This Strategy would              supporting and facilitating         The Review recognised the
     encompass a range of                      the work of the Strategic          need to promote equalities as
     initiatives and approaches               Youth Partnership and, at           a core value, with a clear
     designed to ensure the                   an operational level, the co-       commitment to mainstreaming
     comprehensive and consistent             ordination and development          equality issues into all aspects
     planning and delivery of                 of local responses to               of youth work. A clear
     services to young people                 youth issues.                       responsibility of the Strategic
     across the city. In order to                                                 Youth Partnership will be to
     achieve this, it is                      Partnership Toolkit                 develop a pro-active,
     recommended that a                                                           responsive service, which
     multi-agency Strategic Youth             The success of the Strategic        understands the needs and
     Partnership be established,              Youth Partnership will be           issues of different groups of
     which will have responsibility           dependent on understanding          young people such as black
     for the ongoing strategic                each partner’s aims and             young people, disabled young
     planning and development of              objectives, an awareness of         people and young Lesbian,
     youth services in Glasgow. It is         the role and responsibilities of    Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
     recognised that the Strategic            each partner, and also securing     people. A key role of the
     Youth Partnership will offer             longer-term commitment from         Strategic Youth Partnership will
     youth work providers in the              partners to achieve shared and      be to provide a clear direction
     City the opportunity to develop          agreed outcomes. Ultimately         and commitment to equality
     a shared vision and                      for the Partnership to be           issues in the ongoing planning

                                                                   BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

and development of services           organisations, community              recommended that Youth
for young people in Glasgow.          groups and the voluntary              Services take a lead role in
                                      sector to assist in the delivery      building upon existing
Strategy for Young People             of the Strategic Youth                partnerships and joint working
                                      Framework. Similarly, it is           arrangements that already exist
The effectiveness of the              equally important to establish        locally. Success in achieving
Strategic Youth Partnership will      and/or strengthen links with          this will require an
be very much dependant on             other Council Service providers       understanding and awareness
commitment from partners to           at a local level. It is expected      of what partnership
achieve shared and agreed             that those involved in the            arrangements are currently in
priorities and outcomes. It is        Strategic Youth Partnership will      place at an area level in terms
recommended that the                  assist in identifying key staff       of delivering youth provision.
Strategic Youth Partnership           and existing structures at a          A city-wide audit of current
develop a Glasgow Strategy            local level responsible for the       youth provision, part of which
for Young People. Core                delivery of modern youth              was carried out as part of the
elements of this Strategy             services. Additionally, the links     remit of the Strategic Planning
should include developing             between the Strategic Youth           and Development Key Issue
standards for planning, service       Partnership and local area            Working Group, will form the
delivery and monitoring and           committees is a potentially           basis of local databases, both
evaluation, which use existing        crucial relationship. As such,        geographical and thematic.
proven models and which are           details of all discussions and        This will also assist in
utilised across all sectors. The      actions should be remitted            identifying where new
development of standards in           to area committees                    partnerships need to be forged
relation to child protection          for consideration.                    in terms of providing services
procedures, outdoor activities                                              to a wider range of young
and trips and visits would be         At a local level, the Strategic       people, particularly those
included within this.                 Youth Partnership will have an        young people not traditionally
                                      influence on the development          involved in the take up of
Local Partnerships                    of local youth strategies, and        mainstream provision.
                                      will monitor and support these
The Review also recognised            to ensure that there is               The Review recommends
that local partnership                consistency of approach,              developing Youth Services
arrangements will be pivotal to       whilst recognising the need           networks at a local level that
ensuring the delivery of              for local flexibility to respond      would provide the necessary
modern youth services across          to specific issues.                   support mechanisms
the city. At a local level there is                                         appropriate to the particular
a need to enhance and                 Rather than establishing new          needs of partners. The network
develop innovative                    local infrastructures to facilitate   would provide the opportunity
partnerships with local               partnership working, it is            to forge partnerships with


     other projects and assist in             Communities. Youth Services           In addition, the Review
     developing a more                        will, in the future, be flexible in   recommends that Cultural and
     co-ordinated approach to the             adapting to emerging                  Leisure Services should review
     delivery of local youth services.        geographical boundaries.              aspects of the delivery of
     The network would be                                                           Youth Services to determine its
     responsible for organising               Whilst it is recognised that          role in the various ages and
     networking events with a broad           Partnership working can be            stages of young peoples
     ranging agenda that would                complex, challenging and time-        development, with an
     support capacity building, the           consuming, it is also                 emphasis on the transitional
     sharing of effective practice            acknowledged that the wider           stages in young peoples lives,
     and sharing relevant                     benefits in terms of delivering       particularly primary to
     information relating to local            services that meet the needs          secondary school, secondary
     experiences, professional                and aspirations of all young          school to employment/further
     support and training.                    people in Glasgow, will make          or higher education, from care
                                              this investment of time and           to independent living and from
     Existing Planning Structures             effort worthwhile. In addition to     incarceration to liberation.
                                              this, the National Youth Work         This in turn will determine
     Ultimately for the Strategic             Strategy will be available for        future service delivery priorities
     Youth Partnership to be                  consultation for a period to be       for Glasgow City Council
     effective, there needs to be             specified. A co-ordinated             Youth Services.
     clear alignment to existing              multi-agency response to this
     planning and delivery                    on behalf of Glasgow would            5.5 Policy Objective 2
     structures and, where relevant,          enable the city’s youth work          Grants to Voluntary
     service delivery boundaries.             providers to play a lead role         Organisations
     The Strategic Youth                      in influencing the future
     Partnership should be a key              development and                        Policy Objective
     action developed through the             implementation of the National         To establish and implement
     Community Planning                       Strategy. To ensure that the           a clear planning, monitoring
     Partnership and should be                Strategic Youth Partnership is         and evaluation framework
     aligned to the Children’s                fully accountable to the               that links the Grants to
     Service Planning structure. The          partners and to young people,          Voluntary Organisations
     Partnership should link clearly          it is recommended that an              budget to the delivery of
     (and geographically) with other          Annual Report be produced,             a modern youth agenda.
     citywide and locality based              detailing developments against
     planning structures that impact          set outcomes detailed within
     on young people, including               the Glasgow Strategy for
     Community Learning Planning,             Young People.
     Community Health
     Partnerships and New Learning

                                                           BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

5.5.1 Current Position            EFFECTIVE YOUTH WORK                young people to consider
                                  - RESTORATIVE JUSTICE               and reflect on their
The Review process                                                    offending behaviour and
highlighted that the allocation   Glasgow’s Restorative               on the consequences it
of awards via the Cultural        Justice Service has been            can have for themselves,
and Leisure Services Grants       established to reduce re-           their victims and the
to Voluntary Organisations        offending among young               community.
budget, has been                  people aged 12 – 16. It
predominantly awarded on          aims to provide early               Organisational
a grants-based dependency         intervention and                    arrangements and
approach and in an ad-hoc         preventative approaches             materials have been
manner. This is mainly as a       targeted at a section of the        completed for the
result of historical conditions   youth population involved           programme, which
which Cultural and Leisure        in low level crime.                 consists of a minimum
Services inherited at the time                                        of 12 hours of groupwork
of the Community Education        Key to the success of the           activities operating over
transfer from Education           Social Justice agenda is            a four-week period.
Services. Currently there is      the development of new
no consistent monitoring and      and innovative approaches
evaluation framework involved     to partnership working,           5.5.2 The Way Forward
in the funding of grants to       one example of which is
voluntary organisations.          the Restorative Justice           As a means of developing a
                                  Service. Full time staff and      more strategic approach to the
Equally important is the need     sessional youth workers           allocation, monitoring and
to introduce clear funding        have undertaken extensive         evaluation of the impact of
criteria to ensure best value     training on Restorative           grant awards, the Review
is being achieved and that        Justice and how to use            recommended that a
resources are being allocated     their youth work expertise        comprehensive review of
effectively. At present, no       to offer a unique element         funding to the voluntary sector
consistent funding criterion      to the programme.                 via the Grants to Voluntary
are used. This has resulted                                         Organisations budget take
in those making applications      An integral part of the           place. This review would
experiencing confusion in         process is the Restorative        determine the future criteria
terms of their roles and          Justice Programme, which          for funding to voluntary
responsibilities in delivering    Glasgow City Council              organisations who align
Council objectives.               Youth Services has                themselves to the Strategic
                                  developed in partnership          Youth Partnership and the
                                  with other services. It is        principles of a Strategy for
                                  designed to encourage             Young People. It would also


     identify the cost benefits of            what they are achieving against   5.6 Policy Objective 3
     core funding to voluntary                set targets. These targets will   Training and Development
     organisations, and the                   be relevant to a modern youth     Programme
     economic impact of core                  agenda. Organisations will
     funding, both in terms of direct         make use, wherever possible,       Policy Objective
     service delivery and in levering         of monitoring systems already      In partnership with key
     additional resources.                    in place.                          agencies, to support and
                                                                                 strengthen the capacity of
     The review of grants would               It is also recommended that        individuals, projects and
     ensure that voluntary                    the responsibility for making      organisations through the
     organisations tackle the issue           recommendations on the             establishment and
     of mainstreaming equalities              allocation of awards from the      implementation of a
     as part of their future funding          Grants to Voluntary                framework which will offer a
     criteria. It is recommended              Organisations budget be            consistent approach to the
     that Youth Services play a               devolved to a sub group of the     recruitment, training and
     role in assisting voluntary              Strategic Youth Partnership.       continuous development
     organisations in receipt of              This will ensure that awards       of part-time and sessional
     funding to develop                       are clearly linked to policy       youth workers across
     equalities policies.                     contained within the Glasgow       all sectors.
                                              Strategy for Young People.
     It is recognised that there is           However, the decisions on
     a need to take account of the             the allocation of funding will   5.6.1 The Current Position
     size of an organisation and the          continue to be the
     level of funding being awarded,          responsibility of elected         It is clear that a significant
     whilst still recognising the             members, therefore it is          amount of youth work
     need to account for City                 recognised that there requires    provision relies upon the
     Council funding.                         to be clear parameters drawn      voluntary sector. The audit
                                              up by Youth Services on behalf    of youth provision in the city
     Therefore it is recommended              of Glasgow City Council under     highlighted the significant
     that Youth Services assist such          which this sub group              contribution of the voluntary
     organisations, as well as any            would operate.                    sector and the need for better
     new voluntary sector youth                                                 co-ordination of support to the
     initiatives, to develop systems                                            voluntary sector within the city.
     of performance management                                                  It is recognised that there is
     which are linked to the                                                    a need for Youth Services
     Strategy for Young People                                                  to provide direction and
     and the allocation of grants.                                              support in conjunction with
     This will enable voluntary                                                 key partners.
     organisations to demonstrate

                                                                 BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

Currently the recruitment,         authority. To ensure that these        workers, the training available
training and rates of pay for      developments are ongoing and           to youth workers and youth
sessional workers, available       consistent throughout the City,        work providers across the city
across the youth work sector,      it is recommended that posts           and the rates of pay for youth
vary greatly from service to       from within the existing               workers, which is linked to the
project to organisation. A major   resources of Youth Services            type of post being undertaken
issue is the shortage of willing   are established to support the         and the training which has
and skilled local people           voluntary sector to deliver            been undertaken. Additionally,
interested in working with         on this key action.                    the framework should identify
young people. This has                                                    opportunities for progression
historically led to a situation    If a modern youth service is           pathways to qualifications for
where agencies are                 to realise its full potential, then    sessional youth workers, thus
in competition for staff,          there is a need to ensure that         responding to the continuous
pay varying rates, and offer       confident, competent and               improvement and lifelong
a variety of training and          skilled staff are employed and         learning agendas of key
development opportunities.         that all partners have sufficient      organisations including
This has often been to the         capacity to deliver on the key         Glasgow City Council.
detriment of some services,        objectives of both the Strategy
but most importantly to the        for Young People and Glasgow           This would assist in
provision for young people.        City Council. Capacity building        encouraging the involvement
                                   is about ensuring that                 of skilled people in delivering
5.6.2 The Way Forward              individuals, projects and              services to young people at a
                                   organisations have the relevant        local level. This would create
A key aspect of future service     skills, knowledge, structures          opportunities for skilled youth
delivery will be the need for      and resources in place to              workers to contribute to
Youth Services to work with        participate in delivering on the       developments across a range
the voluntary sector at a local    modern youth work agenda.              of services and agencies, with
level to facilitate training and                                          the ultimate beneficiaries being
development and offer support      There is a need to ensure              young people. This investment
that will build capacity within    consistency of approach for            in individual and organisational
local communities. This should     engaging local people, the             development will also develop
go some way to ensuring the        training available to youth            the capacity throughout
sustainability of traditional      workers and the rates of pay           statutory, voluntary and
youth work and informal            for the job. It is recommended         community organisations, to
learning opportunities, by         that the Strategic Youth               contribute fully to creating a
enabling local groups to           Partnership produce and                consistent, comprehensive,
access a range of external         implement a framework that             responsive and appropriate
funding opportunities not          will standardise the approach          service for Glasgow’s young
readily available to the local     to recruiting sessional youth          people. It will also enable youth


     work providers in Glasgow
     to combat the deficit in
     professional youth workers
     currently being experienced
     across all youth work sectors
     throughout the country.

     The progression of an ongoing
     training and development
     programme will help build and
     strengthen the core capacity
     of individuals, projects and
     organisations. This will not
     only assist in supporting the
     delivery of services and
     projects, but will also help
     support involvement in
     partnership working in order
     for partners to understand
     each other and work more
     effectively together.

     An agreed common training
     standard would include
     pathways to professional
     qualifications, support and
     supervision, continuous
     professional development,
     equality proofing and
     evaluation, monitoring
     and review.

                                                             BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

Chapter 6

6.1 Introduction                   EFFECTIVE YOUTH WORK                 • An action research
                                   - LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL               project was developed
This chapter sets out the          AND TRANSGENDER                        in partnership with
strategic Policy Objectives and    WORK (LGBT)                            Social Work Services to
key actions which will ensure                                             engage with young
that Youth Services and partner    A Community Learning                   people who identify as
agencies engage, communicate       Worker was seconded to                 LGBT, to ascertain the
and consult with young             develop youth work with                value and perceptions
people effectively.                this vulnerable target group           they have of services.
                                   of young people who identify
At a time when the youth           as lesbian, gay, bisexual or         • Youth Services are
agenda is changing, it is          transgender (LGBT), and                active participants in the
imperative that Glasgow City       young people who are                   LGBT Youth Scotland
Council Youth Services and key     questioning their sexuality.           network.
partner agencies develop           This included the
effective and meaningful           establishment of a drop-in           • Around 20 - 30 young
methods of communicating and       support group who meet in              people attend the
consulting with young people,      the city centre on a weekly            group provision weekly.
to ensure that services are        basis.
relevant and responsive                                                 • Intensive 1:1 support
to their needs.                    Young people travel from               was undertaken around a
                                   a wide geographic area to              range of complex issues
6.2 Remit                          participate. Progression in            including drug issues
                                   the development of LGBT                and male prostitution.
The remit of the Communication     work has included:
and Consultation Key Issue
Working Group was to develop       • A training programme             6.3 Context for Consultation
proposals for a comprehensive        for sessional workers            with Young People
communication strategy for           delivered in
young people that meets the          partnership with LGBT            In recent years young people
Council’s key objectives and         Youth Scotland.                  have become a high priority for
supports its Social Inclusion                                         local and national government.
agenda. The aim of this is to      • 20 young people and              In 1991 the Government’s
enhance service provision by         staff participated in 2          adoption of the UN Convention
Glasgow City Council Youth           residential programmes           on the Rights of the Child
Services (and other youth            covering team building           showed a commitment to
service providers) in line with      and identifying priorities.      ensuring that children and
the Council’s priorities and set                                      young people have the right to
within the context of the                                             express their views on matters
modern youth agenda.                                                  that affect them. This, in time,


     has affected policy at all levels.          informally with young             step in leadership
                                                 people, and in particular         development, providing
     The Scottish Executive recently             those that have proven to         opportunities for young
     commissioned Save the                       be the most difficult to          people in planning, decision
     Children to produce a ‘Youth                reach and engage – young          making, conducting and
     Consultation Toolkit’, and the              people who do not utilise         evaluating projects,
     Dialogue Youth initiative has               existing services or are          programmes, activities and
     been identified as the                      disaffected or disillusioned      events. Through
     cornerstone for future                      by the services currently         participation, young people
     communication with and                      being offered.                    find the opportunity to fill
     involvement of young people in                                                significant roles in a safe,
                                              • The establishment of
     decision making processes.                                                    supportive environment
                                                structures set within
     This will be the basis through                                                where they can experiment
                                                geographic or thematic
     which all future communication                                                with roles, tasks and
                                                responsibilities, which will
     and consultation with young                                                   responsibilities. Adults can
                                                provide mechanisms at
     people in Glasgow will                                                        provide this environment by
                                                project, school, area,
     take place.                                                                   understanding young
                                                community (of interest) or
                                                                                   people, their developmental
                                                city level for the range
     For youth work providers to                                                   stages, and their needs and
                                                of youth work providers to
     consult with service users on                                                 interests. It is crucial that
                                                communicate with young
     an ongoing basis, it is                                                       adults be willing to let young
                                                people and enable young
     important to develop                                                          people take the lead.
                                                people to fully and
     sustainable networks that                                                     A youth participation
                                                confidently participate in the
     involve young people in an                                                    programme should allow
                                                decision making process.
     appropriate and transparent                                                   for increasing leadership
     fashion and which use                    • Mechanisms that enable             by young people and
     resources effectively.                     services/agencies to               decreasing direction
                                                consult with young people          from adults.
     Five key themes have been                  on service delivery, strategic
                                                                                 • Establishment of the
     identified as crucial elements             developments and policies,
                                                                                   Strategic Youth
     of developing effective                    and which enable young
                                                                                   Partnership has been
     communication and                          people to clearly identify the
                                                                                   identified as a crucial
     consultation with                          impact of their contribution.
                                                                                   element in creating modern,
     young people:                            • Youth participation                consistent, holistic and
                                                recognises the abilities of        responsive services to
                                                young people to serve as           young people within the city.
     • A clear Framework which                  resources and partners             As a core function it is
       determines a range of                    within their communities.          recommended that the
       methods for engaging                     It is an extension or next         Strategic Youth Partnership

                                                                BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

   have an overview of the            highlighted some examples          consultation, as the majority
   development and                    of consultation and                see very few changes as a
   implementation of an               communication with young           result of their input. There is,
   effective communications           people in Glasgow and further      indeed, a general concern
   strategy.                          afield, including:                 amongst a range of Youth
                                                                         Work providers that some
                                      • The recent Glasgow Youth         young people have
6.4 Policy Objective 4                  Survey (2003).                   ‘consultation fatigue’.
A Communication
                                      • The creation of a Schools
Framework for Engaging                                                   The findings of the HMIE
                                        Council chaired by Glasgow
with Young People                                                        Inspection in Greater
                                        City Council’s Young
                                                                         Easterhouse also highlighted
                                        Person’s Spokesperson.
 Policy Objective                                                        the need to improve
 To develop and implement             • Detached youth work.             communication and
 an effective Communication                                              consultation with young people
                                      • Glasgow Young Scot Card
 Framework that will                                                     if the range of services being
                                        Christmas Card campaign.
 facilitate the engagement                                               delivered within the area were
 of all young people living           • Primary and S1
                                                                         to fully benefit young people
 in Glasgow in a                        school roadshows.
                                                                         and deal constructively with
 meaningful way.                      • Option Finder event hosted       the many issues affecting their
                                        by Glasgow City Council          lives. These findings are
                                        Youth Services and Greater       relevant across the city.
6.4.1 Current Position                  Glasgow NHS Board Health
                                        Promotion team (2003).           In order to deal with this
Feedback from the consultation                                           cynicism and concern and to
exercise carried out as part of                                          ensure that future involvement
                                      Despite the range of
the background research stage                                            of young people can effectively
                                      consultation methods
of the Review highlighted the                                            make a difference, it is crucial
                                      employed, it is recognised that
need to involve young people                                             to ensure that a range of
                                      consultation with young people
in youth issues, decision                                                systems and standards are put
                                      is not planned or delivered
making structures, and in                                                in place which should be
                                      strategically or in a co-
planning and developing                                                  adopted by all partners at a
                                      ordinated way across the city.
activities. In addition, one of the                                      local and city wide level as part
                                      While these processes have
key findings of the Glasgow’s                                            of a city wide Strategic
                                      had success in gauging views
Citizens’ Panel carried out in                                            Youth Partnership.
                                      and opinions and passing on
July 2002 was that there was a
                                      information, it has long been
need for proactive measures to
                                      acknowledged by youth work
engage young people.
                                      providers that young people
The Review process has
                                      are often sceptical of


     6.4.2 The Way Forward                    Glasgow’s young people. In         long term benefits and will
                                              partnership with key equality      have a genuine impact on how
     A key aim of the Review is to            groups, Youth Services (on         services are developed and
     strengthen and develop new               behalf of the Strategic Youth      delivered.
     and existing methods of                  Partnership) will develop
     communication and                        effective mechanisms to            Whilst it was recognised that
     consultation with young                  mainstream equalities issues       communicating and consulting
     people, and to ensure that all           as part of a communications        with young people can be
     consultation has:                        framework.                         complex, the wider benefits in
                                                                                 terms of delivering services
     • An impact on the provision             The framework will include a       that meet the needs and
       and delivery of relevant               clear definition and a common      aspirations of all young people
       services to young people.              set of standards for               in Glasgow, will make the effort
                                              communicating, consulting and      worthwhile, ultimately offering
     • An impact on joint planning            engaging young people in           Best Value in delivering
       and delivery arrangements              democratic processes in the        services to young people.
       with local and national                future. The advantage of a
       agencies and between                   framework is that it will enable   It is recommended that, rather
       statutory, voluntary and               young people to see the            than establishing completely
       community sectors.                     benefits of being involved and     new methods for engagement
                                              will make services more            of young people and for
     This will require a more                 accountable to young people.       communicating and consulting
     formalised approach to future                                               with them, that Youth Services
     joint working, including a local         The Strategic Youth                firstly build upon existing
     vision for Youth Services in             Partnership will ensure that as    successful engagement
     Glasgow.                                 part of the future criteria for    methods and use these to
                                              funding via the Grants to          build comprehensive local
     The recommended Strategic                Voluntary Organisations, the       standards for engagement,
     Youth Partnership (Policy                organisations will adhere to the   communication and
     Objective 1, Key Action 1.1,             framework for engaging,            consultation. These standards
     p70) will be charged with                communicating and consulting       should ensure that all young
     developing a comprehensive               with young people.                 people have access to
     communications framework                                                    comprehensive information and
     which will create standards of           Ultimately, for communication      advice, and that this
     engagement, communication                and consultation to be             information would take
     and consultation and ensure              effective, there needs to be       account of the range of needs
     that future methods utilised             a sense of trust from young        of all young people.
     within the city take account of          people that their contribution
     the range of needs of all of             will have short, medium and

                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

Success in achieving this will     services and identify likes and       provide information,
require an understanding and       dislikes, as well as interests.       advice and support to
awareness of what                  This will enable services to          young people, in a local,
arrangements are currently in      target more specific                  friendly and supportive
place at an area level in terms    information to young people.          environment. Underlying
of engaging, communicating         To ensure maximum                     key principles have been
and consulting with young          engagement of young people,           developed and agreed
people, and how this impacts       this research should use a            to include:
on the delivery of youth           variety of methods. It should
provision. This will also assist   also consult with young people        • Health in its broadest
in identifying where new           in a range of settings including        sense, underpinning the
methods need to be developed       residential care, equality              services as they develop.
in terms of providing Youth        groups, prison, Further and
                                                                         • Partner agencies
Services to a wider range of       Higher Education institutions
                                                                           agreeing to engage with
young people, particularly         as well as educational
                                                                           young people, building
those young people not             establishments. This exercise
                                                                           trust and promoting
traditionally involved with the    should involve online surveys,
                                                                           confidentiality by the
take up of mainstream              self-completion questionnaires
                                                                           provision of a discreet
provision.                         and face-to-face interviews.
                                                                           youth health service.

Young people are a key and                                               • The active participation
skilled resource and should be      EFFECTIVE YOUTH WORK                   of young people in the
utilised in the design and          - YOUTH HEALTH                         development of these
development of new                                                         services.
communication systems,              An operational framework             • The development of a
particularly online systems.        document has been                      code of conduct to
                                    produced in partnership                which all of the partners
As part of this process it is       with colleagues from the               will sign up to.
recommended that Youth              Health Service, Social
Services and the Glasgow            Work Service, Caledonia
                                                                         All of the participating
Young Scot Card (Dialogue           Youth and the Sandyford
                                                                         services have a key role
Youth Initiative), on behalf of     Initiative.
                                                                         to play in delivering
the Strategic Youth
                                                                         complementary elements
Partnership, undertake a            This will provide youth
                                                                         of the programme, which
comprehensive research              health services based in a
                                                                         will result in a quality
exercise with young people in       number of Health Centres
                                                                         health service being
Glasgow aged 12 – 25. This          within the city.
                                                                         provided to some of the
exercise would gauge views
                                                                         most vulnerable and
and knowledge of existing           The main purpose is to


       isolated young people                                                     Authorities (COSLA), Young
       within the city. Central to                                               Scot and The Scottish
       its success is a shared                6.5.1 Current Position             Executive (Funding MGF1&2).
       vision, set of values and                                                 Dialogue Youth aims to:
       approach by the services               The review highlighted that
       as well as the coordination            a number of agencies, both         • Stimulate learning, youth
       and marketing of activities            individually and collectively,       mobility, community safety,
       and programmes. The                    have attempted to consult            healthy lifestyles and
       proposals are being tabled             directly with young people,          enterprise education among
       at each of the New                     with varying degrees of              young people using a range
       Learning Community                     success. A key conclusion of         of approaches including
       meetings, as the work will             the MORI Youth Survey carried        new innovative technology.
       form some of the business              out in 2003 on behalf of
                                                                                 • Promote active citizenship
       of those meetings.                     Glasgow City Council,
                                                                                   by stimulating and
                                              Strathclyde Police and the
                                                                                   supporting greater
                                              Glasgow Alliance, to gauge the
                                                                                   involvement by young
     6.5 Policy Objective 5                   views, feelings and
                                                                                   people in the life of their
     Methods of Engaging                      experiences of young people
     Young People                             aged 11 - 18 years living within
                                              the city boundary, highlighted     • Increase social inclusion by
       Policy Objective                       the role of youth outreach           engaging with young people
       To review communication                workers in promoting services        and involving them as full
       priorities, including                  as ‘critical’. The survey also       partners in developing
       methods of how, where,                 suggested that there was a           relevant services.
       when and with whom to                  crucial role for youth outreach    • Develop localised
       communicate, and to clarify            workers in engaging with those       adaptation of the National
       the purpose of                         young people who were most           Youth Portal and encourage
       communicating with                     disengaged from services.            greater awareness and use
       young people.                                                               of local facilities and
                                              At a national level, Dialogue        services by young people.
                                              Youth will be the cornerstone
                                              of future communication with
                                                                                 As part of the development of
                                              and involvement of young
                                                                                 comprehensive structures for
                                              people in decision
                                                                                 engaging, communicating and
                                              making processes.
                                                                                 consulting with young people,
                                                                                 Cultural and Leisure Services
                                              Dialogue Youth is a national
                                                                                 should undertake a
                                              initiative set up as a
                                                                                 comprehensive review of the
                                              partnership between Local

                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

Glasgow Young Scot Card            • Develop stronger                  Framework should tackle the
initiative to ensure that it has     communities by                    democratic deficit amongst
the capacity to take a lead role     redirecting resources.            young people. The Framework
in these processes as part of                                          should provide a mechanism
                                   • Implement quality standards
the Dialogue Youth Initiative                                          for service providers to engage
                                     throughout the networks.
and to ensure Youth Services’                                          and consult with young people
role in the delivery of the        Create Better Services              on a range of issues,
Dialogue Youth agenda is clear     • Develop needs-led                 strategies, policy
both internally and to partners.     quality services.                 developments and potential
                                                                       service developments.
                                   • Encourage partnership
6.5.2 The Way Forward
                                                                       Whilst many young people are
As a means of developing           • Affect policy and challenge       easily accessible, based on
a strategic approach to              top down management               information held on school age
engaging, communicating and          structures.                       young people by Glasgow
consulting young people, three     • Ensure the effective use          Young Scot Card, there is still a
key objectives should be             of resources and promote          significant minority of young
adhered to when developing a         transparency.                     people who are ‘difficult to
Communication Framework.                                               reach’. Methods of engaging
                                                                       with these young people need
Engage with young people           The principles behind the           to be creative and will require a
                                   consultation element of the         high level of staff time and
• Develop innovative and
                                   Framework include the need          input to build up trust and
  flexible ways of consulting
                                   for the methods to be as            relationships, even to enable
  young people.
                                   inclusive as possible. This         informal relationships to be
• Support and implement new        should include access to online     built. Importantly, these
  and existing policy through      and offline resources and           processes must be monitored
  the meaningful involvement       information. Methods should         and evaluated for effectiveness
  of young people.                 be innovative and involve           on an ongoing basis. The
Build Stronger Communities         incentives for young people to      Communication Framework
                                   take part, include a wide range     needs to clearly identify
• Develop networks
                                   of partner agencies, be             indicators of success, with
  throughout Glasgow
                                   embedded into citizenship           each element – engagement,
  (geographical and thematic).
                                   education programmes in             communication and
• Support and facilitate local     schools and youth service           consultation – having clearly
  networks and organisations.      organisations and be                identified outcomes.
• Develop training                 accessible in a range of            Youth Services will have a lead
  programmes for networks.         venues, languages and styles.       role in ensuring that the
                                   Ultimately, the Communication       Framework and monitoring and


     evaluation procedures adhere             developed through training,       A number of youth service
     to equality requirements, and            support from dedicated staff      providers are recognising the
     will ensure that the procedures          and redirected resources.         benefits of mobile facilities
     go some way to reducing the                                                which can, in both rural and
     inequalities that exist in terms         Detached Streetwork               urban areas, enable a range of
     of engagement,                                                             partners to target services to
     communication and                        Historically, detached            particular groups or particular
     consultation procedures.                 streetwork has shown the          areas at particular times of the
     Youth Services, as the largest           potential for youth work          year. These mobile units can
     youth work resource for the              providers to engage with the      provide space for group work,
     city, has a key role to play in          most disaffected young people     a base for signing in and out
     supporting voluntary sector              ‘where they are’ and on their     for detached workers, internet
     youth work providers to deliver          terms. Much constructive work     access, project work and a
     on the commitment to                     has been undertaken               focal point for information
     establish representative forums          on the streets.                   services, for example health
     for young people within clubs,                                             roadshows, information on
     groups and organisations, and            Detached work offers a real       Glasgow Young Scot Card and
     communities. This support will           opportunity for young people      holiday activities.
     take many formats, including,            to be engaged with and            Consideration should be given
     advice, training and resources.          consulted on a wide range         by partner agencies to the
                                              of matters, including service     provision of mobile units for
     Set within a consistent                  delivery, service developments    the city.
     framework, with agreed                   and community initiatives,
     standards for consultation,              without the need to access        Pupil Forum
     a structure for consulting with          the facilities.
     young people on an ongoing                                                 It is recognised that within
     basis has the potential to               A number of cities across the     Education Services, great
     influence service development.           UK have developed Street          efforts have been made to
     This will also enable young              Forums, at which young            engage more fully with pupils
     people to genuinely feel part of         people contribute views,          in relation to the citizenship
     the decision making process              opinions and recommendations      agenda. A number of schools
     that can change how services             on a range of matters, and can    have established a pupil forum
     work with and for them. The              contribute directly to            whose remit is to debate and
     role of the Strategic Youth              developments within their local   make recommendations on
     Partnership in supporting the            community. It is recommended      wide ranging issues such as
     development of a series of               that at least one streetwork      education, community use of
     representative networks for              forum is established for each     schools, youth activities,
     young people from all sectors            Cultural and Leisure Services     Glasgow Young Scot Card and
     is considered to be vital. These         geographical area.                anti-social behaviour. These
     networks require to be                                                     school based forums feed into

                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

a city wide student forum.         Scottish Youth Parliament           Representation
It is recommended that Youth
Services works with Education      It is also recommended that         Representatives on each forum
Services to establish a pupil      from a Glasgow-wide Forum           should be a different young
forum in every secondary           and directly from the specific      person, thus spreading the
and SEN school.                    forums (thematic, project or        skills development and
                                   street), Glasgow                    empowerment opportunities
Local Youth Forum                  representatives to the Scottish     within the particular forums
                                   Youth Parliament would be           in order to develop capacity.
Each of these forums has           elected / nominated and
the potential to channel           ultimately supported.               This process will enable a
representatives, discussion                                            wider representation of the
papers, proposals, ideas and       The Scottish Youth Parliament       views and opinions of young
recommendations into a Local       has been in existence for           people (particularly the most
Youth Forum. Meetings of such      almost four years but               disengaged) and ensure that
a forum could take place every     continues to have difficulty        tokenism is avoided. This will
quarter (3 monthly) and could      in being truly representative       ensure that certain young
take a variety of formats such     of the views and opinions           people are not overloaded
as open space events, web          of young people across the          in the quest for a youth
conferencing (virtual meetings),   country. There are currently        perspective on policies,
street meetings or option          twenty nine young people from       strategies and services for
finder events.                     Glasgow who are members of          young people provided or
                                   the Scottish Youth Parliament,      planned within the city or
The local forums could elect       however very few of these           at a national level.
or nominate a number of            young people are
representatives to a Glasgow       democratically elected or
Forum. Additional                  nominated, and even fewer
representation should come         are known within their local
directly from the thematic,        communities as Members of
school, street or project forums   the Scottish Youth Parliament
to ensure the participation of a   (MSYP’s).
number of young people, and
to avoid overloading one or        The effectiveness of the
two young people and               Scottish Youth Parliament
prevent tokenism.                  could be improved by linking
                                   to school pupil forums, local
                                   youth forums and a Glasgow-
                                   wide Youth Forum.


       EFFECTIVE YOUTH WORK                     Following a pilot in St       people. The Core Group
       - PRINCE’S TRUST                         Paul’s High School, which     agreed that if communication
       XL PROGRAMME                             recognised improvements       and consultation are to be
                                                in attendances and            relevant and responsive then
       The XL project aims to                   behaviour, the programme      there is a need to ensure that
       offer an alternative to the              was replicated in three       all partners have the capacity
       traditional formal                       areas of the city.            to become involved in
       curriculum for young                                                   delivering to an agreed
       people in S3 and S4 who                                                standard.
       are at risk of educational             6.6 Policy Objective 6
       underachievement or                    Training and Development
       exclusion. Outcomes from               Programme                       6.6.2 The Way Forward
       the programme include
       raising attendance levels                Policy Objective              It is recommended that
       and improving figures for                In partnership with key       agencies, services and young
       positive destinations for                agencies, to support and      people should work together to
       the young people when                    strengthen the capacity of    achieve collectively agreed
       they leave school.                       individuals, projects and     goals within a setting that is
       To achieve this, the                     organisations through the     transparent and accountable.
       programme covers the                     delivery of an ongoing and    The ethos of positive
       following six areas                      relevant cross sector         involvement of young people
       of work:                                 training and development      should be based around the
                                                programme. This would         principle that participating
         •   Personal and                       ensure that standards of      voices are confident, that they
             interpersonal skills               engagement,                   will be heard and the views
                                                communication and             they share will be considered
         •   Citizenship and                    consultation are developed    in a fair and open environment.
             community                          and delivered.                However, equally important is
             awareness                                                        the recognition that not all
         •   Preparation for the                                              partners currently have the
             world of work                    6.6.1 The Current Position      capacity or will have the
                                                                              confidence to do this and will
         •   Residential
                                              A key element of developing     require support in terms of
                                              responsive services for young   building and strengthening
         •   Community-based                  people is empowering local      either individual or
             projects                         people, organisations and       organisational capacity.
         •   Entrepreneurship                 communities to become
                                              involved in ongoing and         The development of an
                                              relevant dialogue with young    ongoing training and

                                                             BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

development programme               the City’s four senior              boundaries include the
around methods of                   football teams. Up to               stadia of the city’s football
engagement, communication           fifteen S2 pupils who show          teams. By the end of this
and consultation, to help build     signs of developing a               financial year these teams
and strengthen the core             pattern of disruptive               will have completed two
capacity of individuals, projects   behaviour or absenteeism,           courses each, catering
and organisations, will assist in   are interviewed with their          for between 80 - 120
this process. This will not only    parent(s) to assess their           ‘challenging’ young
assist in supporting the            interest and commitment             people.
development and delivery of         to completing the course.
services and projects but will      Once accepted, the young            Following the success
also help support involvement       people are exempted from            of ‘Score Goals’ a New
of young people in democratic       school for one period a             Opportunities Fund (NOF)
structures under the framework      week during which they              bid was submitted to
of the national Dialogue Youth      are offered high quality            develop a parallel
Initiative. This investment in      coaching by staff of the            programme aimed at
individual and organisational       football club, supported by         young women, themed on
development will also develop       Youth Services staff and            the performing arts. With
capacity throughout statutory,      an officer from Strathclyde         this funding now in place,
voluntary and community             Police. Following the               all eight teams will run a
organisations, in order to          session out of school, the          ‘Score’ programme
contribute fully to creating a      young people must return            starting in January. Like
representative voice for            in their own time to a              Score Goals, up to 120
Glasgow’s Young People.             session with Youth                  young people will benefit
                                    Services staff, again               from this programme in
                                    supported by Strathclyde            this financial year.
 EFFECTIVE YOUTH WORK               Police, during which they
 - SCORE GOALS/SCORE                participate in groupwork
                                    and problem solving
 Score Goals is a project           activities to reduce their
 aimed at young people              challenging behaviour.
 who are displaying
 challenging behaviour in           The programme was
 schools and involves               developed through a
 Glasgow City Council               series of pilots in the North
 Youth Services working in          of the City with Partick
 partnership with                   Thistle and has now been
 Strathclyde Police,                rolled out to another
 Education Services and             three Area Teams whose


     Chapter 7

     7.1 Policy Objective 7                   Partnerships, Strategic          7.1.1. Summary of Current
     Youth Services                           Planning and Development and     Staff Organisation
     Establishment                            Communication and
                                              Consultation with Young          Youth Services has a full-time
       Policy Objective                       People. External factors such    staffing complement of 95 staff
       To develop a Youth                     as the HMIE Inspection of        spread across eight area teams
       Services staffing structure            Greater Easterhouse, national    and two specialist teams.
       which meets the                        and international influences
       requirements of the modern             such as the Scottish Executive   The breakdown of staff is
       youth work agenda, and is              document ‘Empowered To           as follows:
       responsive to local needs,             Practice’, related strategies
       national developments,                 and initiatives such as the      1 x Youth Issues Manager
       international legislation              European Working Time            8 x Community Learning
       and reflects the                       Directive and Fixed Term         Co-ordinators
       recommendations and key                Directive, Children’s Services   9 x Community Learning
       actions of the Best                    Planning, Community Learning     Officers (1 per area team and
       Value Review.                          Planning and Community           an additional establishment
                                              Planning have also been taken    post for the, now defunct,
                                                                               City Centre Services)
     A quality youth service,                 into consideration.
     delivering a pro-active                                                   49 x Community Learning
     response to meet the needs of            This chapter sets out the        Workers (6 per area team and
                                                                               an additional post dedicated to
     Glasgow’s young people, can              principles and basis for the
                                                                               the Duke of Edinburgh Award)
     assist in addressing the causes          future organisation of Youth
     of the cycle of poverty, street          Services staff resources.        4 x Resource Workers
     crime and disorder, disaffection                                          24 x Clerical Assistants/WPOs
     and exclusion amongst young              The remit of the Staffing and    500+ Sessional Workers
     people. A quality youth service          Training Key Issues Working      working a range of hours from
     can make a real difference to            Group was to develop a           3 to 30 per week (51 FTEs).
     the lives of Glasgow’s young             staffing structure in response
     people, but requires a highly            to the recommendations and
     skilled and professional                 priorities of the Best Value
     workforce.                               Review.

     This chapter examines the
     issues raised through the first
     stage research report and the
     implications of the
     recommendations from the Key
     Issue Working Groups on

                                                               BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

7.1.2 Skills Audit                  1. The context of the National      • Youth Justice, Restorative
                                       Occupational Standards for         Justice Initiatives
The transfer from Education            Youth Work.
                                                                        • Economic development
Services to Cultural and            2. Other areas of knowledge
Leisure Services has seen              that could be required by        • Community Learning
major developments within              staff (set in the context of       planning, development and
Youth Services. This has had           current and possible future        implementation
consequent changes to staff            developments within              • Equalities
roles. These changes have              the service).
                                                                        • International work
taken place within the confines     3. Core Training opportunities
of existing contractual                on offer by CLS Training         • Continuous Improvement
arrangements and job                   section.                           and Best Value
descriptions. As a result of                                            • Knowledge of other CLS
these changes, gaps in skills       Over 60% of staff responding          services.
and knowledge have been             to the audit on the National
identified, as well as a need for   Occupational Standards noted
a more flexible approach to the     a training need in:                 Whilst much effort has been
provision of services to young                                          put into addressing these skills
people in the city.                 • Active Citizenship and            and knowledge gaps by
                                      young people                      utilising in house and external
Cultural and Leisure Services’                                          training and seminar
                                    • Dealing with anger and            opportunities, some gaps
management recognises that
                                      negative feelings in young        remain in skills, knowledge and
the availability of appropriate
                                      people                            subsequently confidence,
training and continuous
professional development            • Negotiating and securing          amongst the wider staff team.
opportunities are an important        resources for youth work          However there is a great
element of maintaining the                                              demand for Youth Services
                                    • Providing information to aid
‘reflective practitioner’ and                                           to release staff to a range of
                                      policy formation and the
developing roles and                                                    partners, on placement or on
                                      improvement of
responsibilities of full-time                                           a secondment basis, due to
staff. A staff skills audit was                                         the unique skills they posess.
                                    • Implementing an
carried out during December
                                      organisational policy for the
2002 to ascertain the current
                                      protection of young people.
needs of staff. The audit was
set in three sections:
                                    Over 50% of staff responding
                                    to the audit of other areas of
                                    knowledge noted a training
                                    need in the following:


     7.1.3 Staff Seminars                     profession has resulted in          • Progression pathways for
                                              fierce competition for                skilled and interested
     A crucial element of service             individuals who possess               sessional workers should be
     development has been the                 appropriate skills, experience        considered, as a method of
     creation of an open and                  and qualifications.                   filling the gaps created by
     transparent service culture,                                                   the wide range of
     with subsequent opportunities            Attempts should be made               professional opportunities,
     for staff to contribute to service       to address this issue in the          within the community
     development. A key aspect of             following ways:                       learning and development
     this has been the                                                              profession at this time.
     establishment of a series of             • Provide clarity on the level
     regular staff seminars that offer          and extent of training for
                                                                                  Staff Development
     staff the opportunity to be                full-time staff in terms of
                                                                                  and Training
     updated and to comment on                  ‘pre’ and ‘post’ qualifying
     particular developments.                   requirements. Given the
                                                                                  Another key priority is ensuring
     Recent seminars have been                  wide range of services
                                                                                  clarity on the roles and
     generally focused on the Best              currently being delivered
                                                                                  responsibilities of sessional
     Value Review. The issues                   to young people and the
                                                                                  workers. The service relies
     raised by staff at seminars                diversity of situations in
                                                                                  heavily upon sessional youth
     have been considered by the                which work with young
                                                                                  workers in the delivery of youth
     Key Issue Working Groups.                  people is delivered, the
                                                                                  work programmes throughout
                                                possession of a qualification
                                                                                  the city. During 2002/03 a total
                                                in community learning and
                                                                                  of £747,500 was allocated for
     7.4 Staffing and Training                  development was no longer
                                                                                  87,311 youth work staff hours,
                                                deemed to be a pre-
                                                                                  the full-time equivalent (FTE)
     The principle issues relating              requisite to employment.
                                                                                  of 51 posts. A comprehensive
     to staffing and training                   The working group
                                                                                  review of sessional worker pay,
     which have emerged are:                    recommends that other
                                                                                  skills, training requirements
                                                professional qualifications in
                                                                                  and support mechanisms was
     Recruitment and staff                      areas such as Social Work
                                                                                  carried out in 2003, using
     retention                                  and Teaching, should have
                                                                                  internal and external partners
                                                equal status.
                                                                                  to benchmark current
     The ability to recruit suitably
                                              • Individuals who have              employment status/remits
     qualified and skilled staff into
                                                completed an HNC/HND              and remuneration, and also
     Youth Services was identified
                                                in a relevant community           to consider European
     as essential. The range of
                                                work/education/learning           legislative requirements for the
     opportunities which currently
                                                discipline should be              appointment of fixed-term
     exist within the Community
                                                considered, with a                workers.
     Learning and Development
                                                professional qualification bar.

                                                                  BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

This review identified               7.5 Policy Objective 8                As Youth Services has become
a number of issues, including        Skills Development                    more integrated within Cultural
inconsistency across the                                                   and Leisure Services, and
service in the methods                Policy Objective                     more focused in service
adopted for the appointment           To create a standard for             delivery, there has been a
and management of sessional           training and skills                  gradual move away from the
workers, a lack of clarity of role    development which                    traditional method of delivering
and responsibility, a perception      responds to existing                 services on an area basis.
of poor communication                 legislation, policy priorities       Developments at a National
between full-time staff and           and the modern youth                 level have highlighted the need
sessional workers, and the            work agenda.                         for staff to take on more
need to develop and adopt                                                  specialist roles such as
appropriate recruitment,             7.5.1 Frontline Service               detached work co-ordinator or
training and support                 Delivery                              training provider. These roles
mechanisms for part-time                                                   tend to cover areas wider than
workers.                             All of those involved in the          the existing area team
                                     Best Value Review process             boundaries. Specialist roles,
It is recommended that Youth         have recognised the need for          combined with the need to
Services establish additional        a more flexible approach to the       continue to respond to
part-time posts with a remit         delivery of services for young        developments and issues at a
to undertake work currently          people, an approach which             local level, highlights the need
carried out by sessional             requires staff to be available at     for an appropriate long term
workers. The development             times when young people want          method of structuring the
and delivery of appropriate          and need services. This often         service. Particular emphasis
training opportunities and the       requires staff to deliver             should be placed on delivering
establishment of robust and          services late in the evening or       services when and to whom
consistent support and               at weekends. Subsequently,            they are required most.
supervision systems are a key        the establishment of a staffing
element of the                       and salary structure which            Within a new service structure,
recommendation. This will            recognises the importance of          a balance of city wide thematic
assist in the development            evening and weekend working           and area based staff should be
of appropriate two way               and the changing roles and            created, to ensure targeted
communication and                    responsibilities of individual        services to those most in need
information systems. By              staff is recommended. The             of the specific skills of youth
addressing these matters,            development of the staffing           workers. This structure should
this would allow continuity of       and salary structures should          ensure that priorities relating to
service delivery, give clarity of    be in line with developments          equalities are embedded in
role and responsibility and a        within other areas of Cultural        service planning and delivery.
more responsive, skilled and         and Leisure Services to ensure
confident workforce.                 consistency.


     7.5.2 Service Management                 The scale of ages (0 – 25           put in place to ensure that
                                              years) dealt with by Cultural       Youth Services staff are not
     In terms of the management               and Leisure Services via both       over-committed in this area,
     capacity within the service,             Play and Youth Services,            but continue to carry out an
     Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of            highlights the importance of        integral part of their job
     Education (HMIE) highlighted             the relationship between these      responsibility.
     the need for Cultural and                services, which should be fully
     Leisure Services to enhance              developed to ensure a               A Training Framework,
     it’s strategic management                seamless transition for children    developed and implemented
     capacity in order that Youth             and young people across the         by the Strategic Youth
     Services could respond                   range of services and activities    Partnership, will be a vital
     appropriately to the range of            on offer. Changes in service        component in addressing
     demands being placed upon it.            delivery are driven, not            future training, skills
     This should be addressed as              internally, but by developments     development and professional
     part of the development of the           at a strategic and national         development issues for those
     new staff structure.                     level, which enforces the need      delivering frontline services
                                              for service delivery to be cross    to young people.
     7.5.3 Job Titles                         service. Therefore, there is a
                                              need to ensure that staff within
     The existing job titles used             Youth Services engage with
     in Youth Services have given             other services and
     cause for concern and                    departments, as well as other
     confusion. Staff have                    agencies on an ongoing basis,
     consistently highlighted the             to deliver comprehensive,
     fact that many partner                   responsive and relevant
     agencies have difficulty in              services to young people.
     grasping the rationale behind
     the title of ‘Community                  The demands from other
     Learning Worker/Officer/Co-              service providers interested in
     ordinator’. Staff have often had         building the skills and abilities
     to take time explaining to               of staff who have contact with
     partners, in some detail, what           young people needs a greater
     their job entails and what the           level of co-ordination. Cultural
     job title means. Consideration           and Leisure Services’ Training
     should be given to job titles            section are keen to ensure that
     which more appropriately                 all training and skills
     reflect new remits, and the key          development is recorded within
     role that they play in working           staff personnel records, and
     with young people in the city.           that appropriate structures are

                                                           BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

EFFECTIVE YOUTH WORK              through a series of training
- YOUNG QUALITY SCOT              sessions with Youth
                                  Services staff to develop
This year saw the                 a ten minute presentation.
continued success of the          This culminates in a
Young Quality Scot                National Celebration and
Programme, involving              Awards Event for
fifteen young people from         nominees, which this year
Glasgow nominated by              was hosted by Inverclyde
schools, youth groups and         Council. During the event
council services. The             each group makes their
programme recognises              presentation to an
young people’s individual         audience of over 200
contribution to their             people. Award winners
community in terms of             frequently cite the award
volunteering in a variety         as contributing to their
of settings, in clubs or          developing sense
groups, at school or in the       of confidence.
wider community in which
they live. Award winners          Glasgow is a partner in
have included students            the national planning
providing support to other        group and it is intended
younger students, young           to bring the National
sports coaches, young             Celebration and Awards
people involved in                Event to Glasgow in 2006.
community action and
young volunteers in city
centre soup kitchens for
the homeless. Following
selection, participants are
offered an opportunity to
further develop their
personal and presentation
skills through a series of
training activities, first with
commercial and business
partners who are members
of Quality Scotland, then


     Chapter 8

     8.1 Introduction                         • Mixed Economy                    Prospects Services is one
                                                                                 company working in the local
                                              Outlined below is a description
     A key part of the Best Value                                                authority sector in education
                                              of each of the models.
     Review process, as set out by                                               and youth work and delivering
     the Scottish Executive, Audit                                               services on behalf of
                                              8.2.1. In-house Provision by
     Scotland and Glasgow City                                                   an authority.
                                              Cultural and Leisure Services
     Council, is option appraisal for
     the future delivery of public                                               8.2.3 Private Sector
                                              The current method of service
     services. This chapter sets out
                                              delivery in Glasgow is in the
     proposals for discussion of the                                             Two publicly listed companies
                                              form of direct provision by
     future delivery of Glasgow City                                             (Nord Anglia and Vosper
                                              Cultural and Leisure Services
     Council’s Youth Services. There                                             Thornycrot) are contractors or
                                              via Youth Services. Community
     are also evaluation criteria                                                sub contractors to Connexions
                                              Education Services moved to
     against which the proposed                                                  Partnerships (England), but
                                              Cultural and Leisure Services
     options can be tested and                                                   none at this time directly
                                              in 2001, and in 2002, Youth
     scored. The Key Issue Working                                               deliver youth services.
                                              Services was created as a
     Group (Options Appraisal)                                                   However, one of the
                                              separate section within Arts,
     included a diverse range of                                                 companies has indicated that
                                              Play and Community Services.
     participants from across the                                                they are seeking to widen
                                              In-house provision would
     statutory and voluntary sectors,                                            involvement in youth service
                                              involve Cultural and Leisure
     to ensure a balanced and                                                    provision.
                                              Services taking responsibility
     objective approach to
                                              for the delivery of all services
     considering the most appropriate
                                              for young people, utilising
     way of delivering services                                                   EFFECTIVE YOUTH WORK
                                              resources internally in order
     to young people in the future.                                               - INTERNATIONAL WORK
                                              to achieve this.

     8.2 Model Proposals                                                          In 2002 Youth Services
                                              8.2.2 Not For Profit
     for Service Delivery                                                         secured a budget of
                                              Distributing Organisation
                                                                                  £43,000 through the Better
     Local authorities may deliver                                                Neighbourhood Fund to
     youth services in a variety                                                  establish International Work
                                              In an attempt, at least in part,
     of ways:                                                                     over a 3 year period.
                                              to save revenue, three local
                                                                                  Through a programme of
                                              authorities (Bromley in Kent,
     • In-house Provision                                                         international education, the
                                              the London Borough of
                                                                                  service is striving to raise
     • Non-profit Distributing                Redbridge and the London
                                                                                  young people’s awareness
       Organisations (NPDO’s)                 Borough of Tower Hamlets)
                                                                                  of their own situation, in
                                              have contracted youth services
     • Private Sector                                                             relation to that of others.
                                              to a Not for Profit Distribution
     • Social Enterprise Models               Organisation.
     • Voluntary Sector

                                                                BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

 Participants will be enabled        care. A Social Enterprise           8.2.6 Mixed Economy
 to play an active role              operates a commercial service
 politically, socially, culturally   where profit is not its primary     Discussions at various Key
 and vocationally, in an             goal, but it is a means to an       Issue Working Groups and the
 increasingly multi cultural         end. This model is being            Core Group suggest that it
 and international society.          considered by the voluntary         may be appropriate to develop
                                     sector in Scotland to strengthen    proposals for a customised
 A Contact Group has been            its capacity by moving from         model for service delivery,
 established to support              annual grants to selling            combining key elements of
 developing partnerships             services. Heriot Watt University    several of the models
 within the Council, voluntary       has an Institute of Social          described above, to address
 sector and young people, to         Enterprise and is working with      the specific needs of young
 provide information, support        the voluntary sector to develop     people in Glasgow. Under this
 and training to groups and          viable business ideas.              model, Glasgow City Council
 organisations interested in                                             would, where appropriate,
 international activity. In May,     8.2.5 Voluntary Sector              develop Service Level
 over 100 delegates attended                                             Agreements, and develop
 a national event in the             In one authority (Cumbria),         methods of building the
 Glasgow Royal Concert Hall          a significant part of its youth     capacity of voluntary
 to raise awareness of               services is contracted out to       organisations to become Social
 International Work and the          voluntary organisations and         Enterprise companies.
 opportunities available             local Connexions partnership.       The Grants to Voluntary
 in this field.                      A constraint on this model is       Organisations budget will be
                                     the timescale involved to           further developed to assist in
                                     support the voluntary sector in     resourcing local delivery of
                                     building its capacity to bid for    youth activities.
8.2.4 Social Enterprise Model        tenders and contracts.
                                                                         8.3 Evaluation Criteria
This model is increasingly           This model would involve a
popular, particularly in England,    Service Level Agreement for         The criteria used in the option
and is often referred to as the      providing a service (contracted     appraisal of the delivery of
third sector. Social Enterprises     for agreed resources and an         Youth Services were:
are trading organisations that       agreed time period). Another
satisfy a market need mainly         aspect of this model is that        8.3.1 Social Objectives
within a community and have          the organisation may receive
two aspects: business and            grant support to provide the        This concerns the ability of the
social justice. The main             agreed service.                     service delivery option to
developments are in childcare,                                           achieve a close alignment,
recycling, and health and social                                         between the Council’s and the


     providers aspirations, which             8.3.4 Effectiveness                  8.3.6 Service Quality
     will most effectively satisfy the        and Efficiency
     Council’s objectives. Issues for                                              A key objective for the Council
     consideration would include              For a service that needs to          is to provide quality services
     ability to target priority groups,       keep abreast of contemporary         that meet changing community,
     engage in effective community            demands and developments,            and young people’s needs and
     programmes, and achieve                  the ability of the service           expectations, focusing on
     a close alignment with the               delivery option to secure            market research, consultation
     Children’s Services                      revenue for ongoing                  and communication. It is
     Planning framework.                      investment is crucial. It is         important to ensure that the
                                              widely acknowledged that the         delivery option is responsive
     8.3.2 Service Integration                voluntary sector has significant     and flexible in order to meet
                                              capacity, and opportunity,           changing needs and priorities.
     It is important that the service         to generate a wide range
     delivery is able to integrate            of resources to assist in            8.3.7 Weighting of
     effectively across all Council           delivering comprehensive             Evaluation Criteria
     Services. For example, the               services to young people.
     Cultural and Leisure Services                                                 Five of the six evaluation
     Holiday Programme,                       8.3.5 Staff Issues                   criteria were equally weighted
     Community Action Team                                                         in respect of scoring ranging
     initiatives, and co-location of          This concerns the ability of the     from 1 to 10 against the
     facilities and services across           service options in effectively       respective service delivery
     the City, have clearly                   meeting staff development,           options. The exception to this
     demonstrated the service                 training and welfare interests,      was the criterion relating to
     benefits for the citizen and             whilst maintaining staff             Social Objectives where a
     the community. This integrated           representation and negotiation       higher weighting of a factor
     approach is increasingly                 rights and, as a consequence,        of 2 was agreed.
     forming an important part                impacting positively on staff
                                                                                   The detailed assessment of
     of future service planning.              morale, motivation and skill
                                                                                   the six criteria in respect of
                                                                                   advantages and opportunities,
     8.3.3. Partnership Working
                                                                                   and disadvantages and risks,
                                              The ability of the voluntary
                                                                                   are set out in the templates
     This concerns the ability of the         sector Not For Profit Distributing
                                                                                   in the following pages of
     service delivery option to work          Organisations and Social
                                                                                   the report.
     in close partnership with other          Enterprises to attract, develop
     Council Services, key agencies           and retain volunteers was
     and partners. This is seen as            recognised as significant in the
     integral to effective service            deliberations which took place.

                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

8.4 Conclusion and                In order to deliver a mixed
Recommendation                    economy youth service,
                                  existing CLS Youth Services
Following an assessment of        resources would be utilised
the six evaluation criteria in    to build capacity within local
respect of advantages and         groups and organisations.
opportunities, against            In addition, services will be
disadvantages and risks, it is    purchased where other
recommended that a mixed          agencies and sectors are
economy model is developed        better placed to deliver or set
and adopted. This option          outcomes, eg they are more
achieved the highest overall      skilled or experienced.
score as can be evidenced
from the attached templates.

In developing a mixed
economy for the development
and delivery of modern Youth
Services, Cultural and Leisure
Services should explore,
in detail, the balance of the
variable elements of this model
required to deliver a modern
youth work agenda. The major
components of this model
should be fully operational
by 2006/07.

Whilst it is acknowledged that
the mixed economy model has
the obvious advantage of
combining the best elements
of all models, the complexity
of the model is noted as a
potential risk, and should
be considered as significant.
Accordingly, the Strategic
Management of this model
will require a clear focus on
social objectives.


     Criteria 1

                                 ADVANTAGES/OPPORTUNITIES                        DISADVANTAGES/RISKS

       In-house Provision        •   Complete control of strategic               •   Risk of the ‘big picture’ missing
                                     management and development.                     specific local needs.

       Score : 7 x 2 = 14        •   Strong, direct links with Council’s         •   Less capacity/impetus to innovate,
                                     political, budget and performance               to respond quickly to new needs.
                                 •   Building on solid base of existing skill,
                                     knowledge and expertise.
                                 •   Direct accountability to delivery
                                     of Key Objectives.
                                 •   Good knowledge/awareness of other
                                     services and partners.

       Not For Profit            •   Long term contracts are a feature of        •   Financial pressures may influence
                                     current examples of this model. This            commitment to social objectives.
                                     leads to security of service provision      •   This model carries an element of
       Organisation                  over the contract’s duration.                   uncertainty for Youth Services, as it is
                                 •   Opportunity to access additional                untested in a service similar to Glasgow.
       Score: 3 x 2 = 6              external resources.

       Private Sector                                                            •   Limited track record or evidence of track
                                                                                     record in delivering social objectives.
                                                                                 •   Inflexibility of management contract
       Score: 0 x 2 = 0
                                                                                     in responding to social objectives.

       Social Enterprise         •   Social justice is a primary goal.           •   Few current examples, and it will take
       Models                    •   Encourages capacity building within             time and resources to build capacity
                                     local communities.                              of existing local groups and
                                                                                     organisations to adopt this model.
       Score: 5 x 2 = 10         •   This model promotes an empowering
                                     and inclusive approach through its
                                     ability to work at both a city, local,
                                     and even neighbourhood level.
                                 •   Opportunity to access additional
                                     external resources.

       Voluntary Sector         •    Social objectives are at the heart          •   Sector has varied capacity
                                     of voluntary organisations.                     to understand national agenda
                                •    Local knowledge improves the                    and Council’s key objectives.
       Score: 6 x 2 =12
                                      responsiveness of local services.          •   Sector is fragmented and one
                                                                                     organisation could not provide service
                                                                                     for the city as a whole.

       Mixed Economy            •    All the advantages of the above             •   Complexity of model could dilute focus
                                     models are combined.                            and increase emphasis on processes
       Score: 8 x 2 = 16
                                •    Flexibility to respond to need.                 at expense of outcomes.

                                                                   BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

Criteria 2

                     ADVANTAGES/OPPORTUNITIES                       DISADVANTAGES/RISKS

In-house Provision   •   Planning and service delivery well         •   Historically, Services have struggled
                         placed to integrate across the Service.        to embrace corporate objectives.
                     •   Existing corporate links and examples      •   Historical conflict between service
Score : 7
                         of successful partnerships.                    and corporate priorities.
                     •   Good knowledge of current
                     •   Close fit with political priority.

Not For Profit                                                      •   Separation of management structure
Distributing                                                            from Cultural and Leisure Services
Organisation                                                            management structure does not facilitate
                                                                        service integrated approach.
Score: 0                                                            •   Financial parameters may lead to a more
                                                                        narrowly defined service focus.

Private Sector                                                      •   Limited track record in delivering
                                                                        integrated approach.
Score: 0                                                            •   Financially driven management contract
                                                                        does not lend itself to a flexible and
                                                                        integrated approach to development.

Social Enterprise                                                   •   Separation of management structure
Models                                                                  from Cultural and Leisure Services
                                                                        management structure does not facilitate
Score: 0                                                                service integrated approach.
                                                                    •   Financial parameters may lead to a more
                                                                        narrowly defined service focus.

Voluntary Sector     •   Some experience working across             •   Separation of management structure
                         Cultural and Leisure Services.                 from Cultural and Leisure Services
Score: 3                                                                management structure does not facilitate
                                                                        service integrated approach.
                                                                    •   Financial parameters may lead to a more
                                                                        narrowly defined service focus.

Mixed Economy        •   Retention of strategic management          •   Time required to ensure robust
                         ensures service integration.                   monitoring of contractual arrangements.
Score: 5


     Criteria 3

                                ADVANTAGES/OPPORTUNITIES                            DISADVANTAGES/RISKS

        In-house Provision      •   Well-established partnerships with key          •   Current structure does not maximise
                                    agencies at local/city/national levels exist.       potential for partnership working.
                                •   Increasing focus and expectation                •   Council may be viewed as
                                    on this approach.                                   unequal partner.
        Score : 8
                                •   Statutory basis for Community Planning.         •   There may be unwillingness to engage
                                •   Experience as ‘funder’ of community                 with the Council at a local level through
                                    schemes plus management                             a lack of understanding of the Council’s
                                    support network.                                    contribution to partnerships.

                                •   Service is able to enter into partnerships      •   Inconsistent approach to partnership
                                    in a range of ways.                                 working at a local level.

        Not For Profit          •   Should have well-established network            •   Less well placed for
        Distributing                of partnerships at local, city and                  developing new partnerships.
        Organisation                national level.
        Score: 2

        Private Sector          •   May be better placed to access private          •   Less well placed for
                                    sector investment.                                  developing partnerships.
        Score: 1                                                                    •   Lack of credibility with social partners.

        Social Enterprise       •   Increased emphasis on partnership               •   Limited track record in Glasgow.
        Models                      working with other youth work
                                                                                    •   Lacks the capacity for responsive
        Score: 5                •   Improved opportunities for links with
                                •   Should have well-established network
                                    of partnerships at local, city
                                    and national level.

        Voluntary Sector        •   Council is seen to be proactively engaging •        Some local voluntary organisations provide
                                    with community organisations.                       services in isolation.
        Score: 6                •   Has well-established network                    •   Not often well placed to deliver at city
                                    of partnerships at local level.                     and national level.

        Mixed Economy           •   Council is seen to be recognising the           •   Current structure does not maximise
                                    value of/and engaging with community                potential for partnership working.
        Score: 8                    organisations.                                  •   Council may be viewed as
                                •   Partnership working viewed as integral              unequal partner.
                                    to effective service delivery.                  •   There may be unwillingness to engage with
                                •   Maximises benefits of                               the Council at a local level through
                                    established partnerships.                           a lack of understanding of the Council’s
                                                                                        contribution to partnerships.
                                                                                    •   Inconsistent approach to partnership
                                                                                        working at a local level.

                                                                   BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

Criteria 4

                     ADVANTAGES/OPPORTUNITIES                       DISADVANTAGES/RISKS

In-house Provision   •   Glasgow City Council has significant       •   Service continues as the main focus
                         scope to make budgets available                for youth work provision, therefore not
                         for new priority initiatives                   acknowledging the crucial role played by
                         e.g. free swimming if they are aligned         the voluntary sector. This limits the ability
Score : 5                to Council Key Objectives.                     of Cultural and Leisure Services to plan
                                                                        services equally in partnerships.
                                                                    •   Utilising resources in-house offers little
                                                                        opportunity to access the range of
                                                                        resources available externally to deliver
                                                                        youth services.

Not For Profit       •   Most decisions can be taken                •   Local authority might need to make
Distributing             without delay.                                 staff redundant.
Organisation         •   Less restrictive financial rules.          •   Potential staff transfer problems.
Score: 5             •   Glasgow City Council does not have
                         to provide accommodation resulting
                         in savings in infrastructure.
                     •   Efficiency savings could arise from new
                         ways of working as a consequence of
                         a more flexible working environment.
                     •   Staff have vested interest
                         in savings expenditure.

Private Sector       •   Operating efficiencies will arise          •   Once contract is agreed, scope to amend
                         especially from being able to use non          could be subject to protracted
Score: 4                 -central services.                             negotiations, usually with a financial
                     •   Being able to work in a commercial way         cost attached.
                         outside of the normal rules applicable     •   Local authority would have to make
                         to local authorities.                          staff redundant.
                     •   Greater potential to access                •   Savings are not necessarily given back
                         external resources.                            to service and can become profits
                     •   Glasgow City Council does not have             for company.
                         to provide accommodation resulting         •   Potential staff transfer problems.
                         in savings in infrastructure.
                                                                    •   Limited external funding opportunities
                     •   Most decisions can be taken                    open to private sector.
                         without delay.

Social Enterprise    •   Greater potential to access                •   Lack of clear examples of how effective
Models                   external resources.                            and efficient this model can be.
                     •   Decisions can be taken at a local level    •   Limited external funding opportunities
Score: 4                                                                open to private sector.


     Criteria 4 cont.

                                ADVANTAGES/OPPORTUNITIES                     DISADVANTAGES/RISKS

        Voluntary Sector        •   Council retains control over efficient   •   Variable ability to adhere to Service
                                    delivery of services through Service         Level Agreements and monitoring
        Score: 5                    Level Agreements and a robust                arrangements.
                                    monitoring arrangement.                  •   Council may be viewed as an
                                •   The capacity of the voluntary sector         unequal partner.
                                    to generate income.

        Mixed Economy           •   Ability to maximise resources through
                                    partnership/cooperation with other
        Score: 7                    council service providers.
                                •   Council retains control over efficient
                                    delivery of services through Service
                                    Level Agreements and a robust
                                    monitoring arrangement.
                                 • Enables longer timescales for
                                   organisations to build capacity.

                                                                          BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

Criteria 5

                       ADVANTAGES/OPPORTUNITIES                            DISADVANTAGES/RISKS

 In-house Provision    •   Local Authority perceived as a more             •   Limited flexibility to reward good staff
                           secure employer.                                    for motivational and retention purposes.
                       •   Opportunity for professional                    •   Within current staff structure limited
                           development from area teams                         career development opportunities,
 Score : 6                 to specific posts.                                  potentially leading to de-motivation.

 Not For Profit        •   Staff focus more clearly defined.               •   Potentially less security if NPDO runs
 Distributing          •   Greater flexibility for staff to be involved        into financial trouble.
 Organisation (NPDO)       in decision-making.                             •   Local authority pension scheme could
                       •   Scope to move around the UK                         become too expensive to maintain.
 Score: 5
                           with the company.                               •   Lack of staff retention/continuity.

 Private Sector        •   Staff with potential have an opportunity        •   Front line staff may be required to change
                           to progress at a fast rate.                         to less favourable conditions of service.
 Score: 4              •   Training regarded as essential                  •   Employment potentially less secure
                           and not optional.                                   due to market forces.
                       •   Scope to move around the UK                     •   Potentially lower paid/inexperienced staff.
                           with the company.

 Social Enterprise     •   Staff focus more clearly defined.               •   Potentially less security if organisation
 Models                                                                        runs into financial trouble.
                       •   Greater flexibility for staff to be involved
                           in decision-making.                             •   Local authority pension scheme could
 Score: 4
                       •   Staff with potential have an opportunity            become too expensive to maintain.
                           to progress at a fast rate.                     •   Employment potentially less secure
                                                                               due to market forces.

 Voluntary Sector      •   Job interest: many staff are committed          •   Potentially less security if organisation
                           to organisation’s aims and interests.               runs into financial trouble.
 Score: 5
                       •   Organisations have ability to recruit local     •   Local authority pension scheme could
                           workers, leading to an immediate impact             become too expensive to maintain.
                           in local community.

 Mixed Economy         •   Staff focus more clearly defined.               •   Local authority pension scheme could
                       •   Greater flexibility for staff to be involved        become too expensive to maintain.
 Score: 5                  in decision-making.                             •   Employment potentially less secure
                       `• Staff with potential have an opportunity             for those not employed directly by council
                          to progress at a fast rate.                          due to market forces.

                       •   More variety and career opportunities           •   Tensions could arise, related to staff
                           for staff.                                          working to different conditions.


     Criteria 5

                                ADVANTAGES/OPPORTUNITIES                       DISADVANTAGES/RISKS

       In-house Provision       •   Cultural and Leisure Services is           •   Lack of flexibility and ability to respond
                                    developing a local system in response          to national and local issues.
                                    to the national quality system which is    •   Potentially a slower decision making
                                    easier to manage within current                process due to the committee cycle.
       Score : 6                    in-house delivery.
                                                                               •   Difficulty in providing consistent quality
                                •   Increased capacity/infrastructure              of service and improving service quality
                                    to monitor and develop service                 across a large organisation.
                                    quality standards.

       Not For Profit           •   More focused approach on service           •   Lack of flexibility where a long term
       Distributing                 quality/delivery.                              contract is in operation.
       Organisation             •   Good track record in having accredited     •   Fixed costs may impact upon
                                    quality systems in place.                      service quality.
       Score: 5

                                •   More flexibility in relation to delivery   •   Focus on profits may compromise
       Private Sector               of support/ancillary services.                 standards of service quality.
       Score: 3                 •   More focused approach on service           •   Costing arrangements may limit flexibility
                                    quality/delivery.                              in range of service provision.
                                •   Good track record in having accredited
                                    quality systems in place.

       Social Enterprise        •   More focused approach                      •   No proven record of the effectiveness
       Models                       on service quality.                            of this model.
                                •   Likelihood of clear targets and
       Score: 5                     measurable outcomes as model develops.

       Voluntary Sector         •   Knowledge and ability to respond           •   Lower capacity to deliver
                                    to local needs.                                a comprehensive service.
       Score: 6                 •   Voluntary sector develops best practice    •   Limited opportunity to invest
                                    out of necessity.                              in staff training.
                                •   Increasing requirement to be
                                    accountable to funders is leading
                                    to higher quality service.

       Mixed Economy            •   Enables capacity building.                 •   Under-developed strategic management
                                •   Ability to monitor against set criteria.       would undermine the advantages
       Score: 8                                                                    of this model.
                                •   Highly flexible approach allowing the
                                    adoption of best practice.

     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy                Key Actions to Address           Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners              Budget
     Objective(s)                    Strategic Objective(s)           Timescales             Responsible for                 Implications
                                                                                             Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 1              1.1 To establish a Strategic     By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
     Strategic Youth Partnership     Youth Partnership with                                  Youth Services in partnership
                                     identified key agencies and                             with Greater Glasgow NHS
     1. To strengthen and develop    organisations with both a                               Board, Strathclyde Police,
     the strategic and operational   national and local perspective                          West of Scotland Lesbian
     delivery standards of           and with an active role in                              and Gay Forum, Barnardo’s,
                                                                                                                                                         BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     services to young people        developing responses to a                               Prince’s Trust, Glasgow
     and develop partnerships        modern youth agenda.                                    Disability Alliance, Glasgow
     with the statutory and                                                                  Women’s Voluntary Sector
     voluntary sectors which will    1.2 To align the Strategic       By March 2005          Network, Glasgow Council        Within existing resources
     assist in the ongoing           Youth Partnership to existing                           for the Voluntary Sector
     planning and delivery of        planning structures including                           Youth Network, Glasgow
     consistent, relevant,           the Children’s Services Plan,                           Black Voluntary Sector
     responsive and modern           Community Learning                                      Network, Dialogue Youth,
     Youth Services.                 Partnership, Community                                  Faith Organisations and
                                     Health Partnerships and                                 Glasgow City Council Social
                                     Community Planning                                      Work, Education, Building,
                                     Partnership.                                            and Development and
                                                                                             Regeneration Services.
                                                                                             Strategic Youth Partnership     Within existing resources
                                     1.3 To produce a city wide       By September 2005
                                     Strategy for young people
                                     and ensure that all aspects
                                     of planning and service
                                     delivery, mainstream
                                                                                             Strategic Youth Partnership     Within existing resources
                                     1.4 To take a lead role in       By March 2005
                                     influencing the development
                                     and implementation of a
                                     National Youth Work Strategy.
     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy                 Key Actions to Address             Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners            Budget
     Objective(s)                     Strategic Objective(s)             Timescales             Responsible for               Implications
                                                                                                Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 1               1.5 To assist, support and         From March 2005        Strategic Youth Partnership   Within existing resources
     (Continued)                      monitor existing local forums
                                      to develop local strategies for
                                      young people that are aligned
     1. To strengthen and develop     to the city wide strategy,
     the strategic and operational    Children’s Services Plan and
     delivery standards of services   Community Learning Strategy,
     to young people and develop      but which reflect local need.
     partnerships with the
     statutory and voluntary          1.6 To develop and implement       From March 2005        Strategic Youth Partnership   Within existing resources
     sectors which will assist in     standards for planning, service
     the ongoing planning and         delivery and monitoring/
     delivery of consistent,          evaluation, utilising existing
     relevant, responsive and         models including LEAP and
     modern Youth Services.           How Good Is Our Community
                                      Learning and Development,
                                      Quality Indicators and Step It
                                      Up (Charting Young People’s

                                      1.7 To produce an Annual           By April 2006          Strategic Youth Partnership   Within existing resources
                                      Report detailing developments
                                      against desired outcomes of
                                      the Strategy for Young People.

                                      1.8 To contribute to the           By December 2004       Strategic Youth Partnership   Within existing resources
                                      development of standards
                                      for child protection procedures;
                                      outdoor activities, trips and
                                      visits; training and personal
                                                                                                                                                          BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy               Key Actions to Address           Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners              Budget
     Objective(s)                   Strategic Objective(s)           Timescales             Responsible for                 Implications
                                                                                            Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 1             1.9 To offer ongoing support     By March 2005          Strategic Youth Partnership     Within existing resources
     (Continued)                    to the developing Youth Work
                                    Providers Network across all
                                    sectors at a city and a local
     1. To strengthen and           level.
     develop the strategic and
                                                                                                                                                        BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     operational delivery           1.10 To develop effective        By March 2005          Strategic Youth Partnership-    Within existing resources
     standards of services to       mechanisms to mainstream                                GCC Youth Services to lead
     young people and develop       equalities throughout the
     partnerships with the          partnership developments and
     statutory and voluntary        to ensure that equality
     sectors which will assist in   features as a core element of
     the ongoing planning and       all future strategic planning.
     delivery of consistent,
     relevant, responsive and       1.11 To review Youth             By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
     modern Youth Services.         Services intervention at key
                                    transitional stages. To
                                    determine future roles
                                    and approaches and to
                                    review the relationship
                                    with Play Services.

                                    1.12 To develop and              By June 2005           Strategic Youth Partnership     Within existing resources
                                    implement a Partnership                                 via Youth Services
                                    Toolkit for youth service
     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy              Key Actions to Address           Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners              Budget
     Objective(s)                  Strategic Objective(s)           Timescales             Responsible for                 Implications
                                                                                           Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 2            2.1 To undertake a               By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
                                   comprehensive review of the
     Grants to Voluntary           Grants to Voluntary
     Organisations                 Organisations budget.

                                   2.2 To develop a framework       By March 2005          GCC Youth Services              Within existing resources
     2. To establish and           for the monitoring and
     implement a clear planning,   evaluation of Grants to
     monitoring and evaluation     Voluntary Organisations and
     framework that links the      develop a clear mechanism
     Grants to Voluntary           for the implementation of this
     Organisations budget to the   process.
     delivery of a modern
     youth agenda.                 2.3 To ensure the                By March 2005          GCC Youth Services              Within existing resources
                                   mainstreaming of equality in
                                   the development of future
                                   funding criteria for the
                                   voluntary sector and to ensure
                                   that the monitoring and
                                   evaluation framework is
                                   equality checked.

                                   2.4 To ensure that voluntary     By March 2006          GCC Youth Services              Within existing resources
                                   organisations in receipt of
                                   grant funding are assisted to
                                   develop equality policies.
                                                                                                                                                       BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy              Key Actions to Address           Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners              Budget
     Objective(s)                  Strategic Objective(s)           Timescales             Responsible for                 Implications
                                                                                           Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 2            2.5 To assist voluntary sector   By March 2006          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
     (Continued)                   organisations in receipt of                             Youth Services
                                   grant funding to develop
     2. To establish and           systems of performance
     implement a clear planning,   management linked to a
     monitoring and evaluation     Strategy for Young People
                                                                                                                                                       BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     framework that links the      and grant allocation.
     Grants to Voluntary
     Organisations budget to the   2.6 To transfer responsibility   By March 2006          Cultural and Leisure            Within existing resources
     delivery of a modern          for making recommendations                              Services/Glasgow City
     youth agenda.                 for Grants to Voluntary                                 Council
                                   Organisations to the Strategic
                                   Youth Partnership.
     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy                Key Actions to Address         Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners        Budget
     Objective(s)                    Strategic Objective(s)         Timescales             Responsible for           Implications
                                                                                           Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 3              3.1 To work with the           By April 2006          GCC Youth Services        Within existing resources
                                     voluntary sector by offering
     Training and Development        training, support and
     Programme                       resources to build capacity
                                     within communities ensuring
                                     long term provision of
     3. In partnership with key      responsive and sustainable
     agencies, to support and        traditional youth club and
     strengthen the capacity of      informal learning
     individuals, projects and       opportunities within the
     organisations through the       voluntary sector.
     establishment and
     implementation of a             3.2 To create an accessible    By April 2006          GCC Youth Services and    Within existing resources
     framework which will offer a    database of youth service                             Glasgow Young Scot Card
     consistent approach to the      providers, activities and
     recruitment, training and       partnership arrangements -
     continuous development of       providing an information
     part-time and sessional youth   resource which will broaden
     workers across all sectors.     the knowledge and
                                     understanding of youth work
                                     providers at a local level.
                                                                                                                                                 BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy              Key Actions to Address            Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners            Budget
     Objective(s)                  Strategic Objective(s)            Timescales             Responsible for               Implications
                                                                                            Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 3            3.3 To create dedicated posts     By April 2005          GCC Youth Services            Within existing resources
     (Continued)                   within Youth Services to
                                   ensure that support to the
                                   voluntary sector is consistent
     3. In partnership with key    and comprehensive.
     agencies, to support and
                                                                                                                                                      BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     strengthen the capacity of    3.4 To develop a framework        By September 2005      Strategic Youth Partnership   Within existing resources
     individuals, projects and     to ensure a consistent and                               via GCC Youth Services
                                   comprehensive approach to
     organisations through the
                                   recruitment, training and
     establishment and             progression pathways to
     implementation of a           professional qualifications for
     framework which will offer    part-time and sessional
     a consistent approach to      workers across all sectors.
     the recruitment, training
     and continuous
     development of part-time
     and sessional youth
     workers across all sectors.
     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy                 Key Actions to Address           Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners            Budget
     Objective(s)                     Strategic Objective(s)           Timescales             Responsible for               Implications
                                                                                              Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 4               4.1 To undertake a               By December 2005       Cultural and Leisure          Within existing resources
                                      comprehensive research                                  Services and Glasgow
     A Communication                  exercise with young people                              Young Scot Card
     Framework for engaging           aged 12 – 25 to gauge views
     with young people                on existing services, to
                                      identify likes and interests
                                      with a view to targeting
     4.To develop and implement       service information
     an effective Communication       more specifically.
     Framework that will facilitate
     the engagement of all young      4.2 To develop a framework       By March 2005          Strategic Youth Partnership   Within existing resources
     people living in Glasgow in      for engaging, communicating
     a meaningful way.                and consulting with young
                                      people, with particular
                                      emphasis on the most
                                      difficult to reach young

                                      4.3 To ensure that as core       By March 2005          GCC Youth Services            Within existing resources
                                      criteria of future funding via
                                      Grants to Voluntary
                                      Organisations, voluntary
                                      organisations should
                                      evidence their approach to
                                      engaging, communicating
                                      and consulting with young
                                                                                                                                                        BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy                 Key Actions to Address            Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners              Budget
     Objective(s)                     Strategic Objective(s)            Timescales             Responsible for                 Implications
                                                                                               Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 4               4.4 To engage with other          By March 2006          Strategic Youth Partnership     Within existing resources
     (Continued)                      relevant strategic bodies to
                                      examine usage of services by
     4.To develop and implement       young people with the aim of
     an effective Communication       developing proposals for
     Framework that will facilitate   increasing uptake of
                                                                                                                                                           BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     the engagement of all young      particular services.
     people living in Glasgow in
     a meaningful way.

     Policy Objective 5

     Methods of Engaging              5.1 To undertake a                By December 2004       Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
     Young People                     comprehensive review of the
                                      Glasgow Young Scot Card to
                                      ensure that the project has the
     5. To review communication       capacity to take a lead role in
     priorities, including methods    the process relating to the
     of how, where, when, and         Dialogue Youth Initiative.
     with whom to communicate,
     and to clarify the purpose of    5.2 To develop and implement      By March 2005          Glasgow City Council Youth      Within existing resources
     communicating with               a framework for the monitoring                           Services, Glasgow Council
     young people.                    and evaluation of engagement                             for the Voluntary Sector
                                      processes, communication                                 (GCVS), Youth Network and
                                      and consultation structures                              Greater Glasgow NHS Board
                                      and techniques.                                          (GGNHSB)
     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy                Key Actions to Address            Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners            Budget
     Objective(s)                    Strategic Objective(s)            Timescales             Responsible for               Implications
                                                                                              Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 5              5.3 To ensure the                 By March 2005          Strategic Youth Partnership   Within existing resources
     (Continued)                     mainstreaming of equality in
                                     the engagement,
                                     communication and
     5. To review communication      consultation structures that
     priorities, including methods   will be developed.
     of how, where, when, and
     with whom to communicate,       5.4 To support voluntary sector   By July 2005           GCC Youth Services            Within existing resources
     and to clarify the purpose of   organisations to establish
     communicating with young        representative consultation
     people.                         structures with clubs, groups
                                     and communities.

                                     5.5 To give priority to           From March 2005        GCC Youth Services            Within existing resources
                                     supporting newly established
                                     organisations to develop
                                     representative structures.

                                     5.6 To establish at least one     By December 2005       GCC Youth Services            Within existing resources
                                     streetwork forum in each
                                     Cultural and Leisure Services
                                     geographical area and make
                                     resources available to
                                     support forums.

                                     5.7 To consider the provision     By March 2005          GCC Youth Services, GCC       Within existing resources
                                     of mobile units to deliver                               Development and
                                     quick and responsive                                     Regeneration Services,
                                     services to the most                                     GCC Social Work Services
                                     disengaged young people                                  and Greater Glasgow
                                     in the City.                                             National Health Service
                                                                                                                                                        BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

                                                                                              Board (GGNHSB)

     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy                Key Actions to Address          Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners              Budget
     Objective(s)                    Strategic Objective(s)          Timescales             Responsible for                 Implications
                                                                                            Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 5              5.8 To support the continuing   By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
     (Continued)                     development of a                                       and Education Services
                                     representative pupil forum
                                     linked to citizenship
     5. To review communication      education in each secondary
     priorities, including methods   and SEN school in the city.
                                                                                                                                                        BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     of how, where, when, and
     with whom to communicate,       5.9 To support young people     By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
     and to clarify the purpose of   elected or nominated to the
     communicating with young        Scottish Youth Parliament,
     people.                         including the provision of
                                     staff time, training and
                                     resources to ensure that
                                     young people can fully
                                     participate in Youth
                                     Parliament activities.

                                     5.10 To develop a               By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
                                     mechanism which ensures
                                     that young people attending
                                     the Youth Parliament are
                                     known to the majority of
                                     young people and represent
                                     the views of the majority.
     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy                 Key Actions to Address          Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners            Budget
     Objective(s)                     Strategic Objective(s)          Timescales             Responsible for               Implications
                                                                                             Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 6               6.1 To identify and implement   By March 2005          Strategic Youth Partnership   Within existing resources
                                      appropriate cross sector                               via Cultural and Leisure
     Training and Development         training relating to                                   Services and GGHNSB
     Programme                        engagement, communication
                                      and consultation methods
                                      with young people.
     6. In partnership with key
     agencies, to support and
     strengthen the capacity of
     individuals, projects and
     organisations through the
     delivery of an ongoing and
     relevant cross sector training
     and development
     programme. This would
     ensure that standards of
     engagement, communication
     and consultation are
     developed and delivered.
                                                                                                                                                       BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy                Key Actions to Address            Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners              Budget
     Objective(s)                    Strategic Objective(s)            Timescales             Responsible for                 Implications
                                                                                              Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 7              7.1 To create a staffing          By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
                                     structure that reflects the key
     Youth Services                  actions and priorities of the
     Establishment                   Best Value Review and which
                                     recognises the need to target
                                     services and respond to
                                                                                                                                                          BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     7. To develop a Youth           specialist requirements whilst
     Services staffing structure     balancing this with the
     which meets the                 requirements of area based
     requirements of the modern      delivery.
     youth work agenda, and is
     responsive to local needs,      7.2 To create an inclusive        By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
     national developments,          salary structure which
     international legislation and   recognises the need for a
     reflects the recommendations    flexible and responsive
     and key actions of the Best     delivery of services to young
     Value Review.                   people when and where
     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy                Key Actions to Address           Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners              Budget
     Objective(s)                    Strategic Objective(s)           Timescales             Responsible for                 Implications
                                                                                             Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 7              7.3 To create a staffing         By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
     (Continued)                     structure which enhances the
                                     strategic management
     7. To develop a Youth           capacity of Youth Services in
     Services staffing structure     response to developments at
     which meets the                 local, city, national and
     requirements of the modern      international level.
     youth work agenda, and is
     responsive to local needs,      7.4 To recognise the need for    By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
     national developments,          a range of skills in working
     international legislation and   with young people by
     reflects the recommendations    opening Youth Services entry
     and key actions of the Best     to a range of professional
     Value Review.                   qualifications in areas such
                                     as Social Work, Teaching,
                                     Sports and Arts in the

                                     7.5 To develop and               By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services   Within existing resources
                                     implement appropriate and
                                     consistent two-way
                                     communication and
                                     information systems for staff.
                                                                                                                                                         BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     Glasgow City Council: Cultural and Leisure Services
     Strategic Policy                  Key Actions to Address          Performance Targets/   Agency(s)/Partners               Budget
     Objective(s)                      Strategic Objective(s)          Timescales             Responsible for                  Implications
                                                                                              Implementing Action(s)

     Policy Objective 8                8.1 To develop and              By March 2005          Cultural and Leisure Services,   Within existing resources
                                       implement a framework for                              GCVS Youth Network and
     Skills Development                future cross sector training,                          GGNHSB
                                       skills development and
     8. To create a standard for       continuous professional
     training and skills               development for all staff
                                                                                                                                                           BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     development which responds        involved in the delivery of
     to existing legislation, policy   frontline services to young
     priorities and the modern         people.
     youth work agenda.

1 Membership of Key Issue Working Groups

2 Budget Breakdown Per Team

3 Grants to Voluntary Organisations – Organisations Transferring

4 Parallel Core Group - Outcomes



     Membership of Key Issue Working Groups

     Communication and Consultation Key Issue Working Group

     Chair:                    Ian McDonald, Card Services Manager, Glasgow Kidz Card and Glasgow
                               Young Scot Card, GCC

     Contributors:             Robert McHarg, Youth Issues Manager, GCC
                               John Brown, Head of Public Relations, GCC
                               Shona Bruce, LIPS for GCVS Youth Network
                               Doreen Montgomery, Chief Executive’s Office
                               Phil White, Senior Health Promotion Officer, GGNHSB
                               Audrey Cuthbertson, Libraries Information and Learning, GCC
                               Yvonne Kinnaird, Marketing Officer, GCC
                               Jim Gray, Drumchapel SIP
                               Daljeet Dagon, Barnado’s Streetwork Team
                               Marlene McGlynn, Careers Scotland

     CLS Support:              Jaime Bridle, Assistant Policy Development Officer
                               Fiona Miller, Community Learning Coordinator
                               Youth Services Administrative Support

     Options Appraisal Key Issue Working Group

     Chair:                    Jill Miller, Head of Arts, Play and Community Services, GCC

     Contributors:             Robert McHarg, Youth Issues Manager, GCC
                               Gerry Wilson, Community Learning Co-ordinator, GCC
                               David Wallace, Department of Community Education, Strathclyde University
                               Joe Larkin, Strategic Planning Manager, GCC
                               Michael Docherty, Corporate Policy, GCC
                               George Mackie, Education Services, GCC
                               Allan Smith, Social Work Services, GCC
                               Kieran McQuade, Dumbarton Rd Youth Project, for GCVS Youth Network

     CLS Support:              Jaime Bridle, Asst Policy Development Officer
                               Avril Thorburn, Community Learning Co-ordinator
                               Youth Services Administrative Support

Partnership Key Issue Working Group

Chair:        Jill Miller, Head of Arts, Play and Community Services, GCC

Contributors: Robert McHarg, Youth Issues Manager, GCC
              Mark Drummond, Castlemilk Detached Youth Project, for GCVS Youth Network
              Charlie McMillan, Scottish Executive
              Simon Jaquet, Chief Executive, YouthLink Scotland
              Phil White, Senior Health Promotion Officer, GGNHSB
              Jac Beveridge, Social Work Services, GCC
              Eleanor Lee, Youth Issues Officer, Community Safety Partnership, GCC
              Leoni Cruikshanks, Positive Futures, Careers Scotland
              Inspector Tom Halbert, Strathclyde Police
              Richard Barron, Depute Director of Education, GCC
              Susan Deighan, Community Facilities and Events Manager
              Frank Clement, Sports Development Manager
              Denise Symington, Greater Easterhouse SIP
              Kalim Uddin, Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance
              David Fletcher, Glasgow Housing Association

CLS Support: Tricia Mullen, Quality Improvement Officer
             Andrew Barrie, Community Learning Co-ordinator
             Youth Services Administrative Support

Staffing, Training and Development Key Issue Working Group

Chair:        Jill Miller, Head of Arts, Play and Community Services, GCC

Contributors: Robert McHarg, Youth Issues Manager, GCC
              Jean McCormack, Personnel and Administration Services, GCC
              Jan Winter, Community Action Team and Play Services Manager, GCC
              Sandy Marshall, Training Manager, GCC
              Beatrice Ullah, Community Learning Co-ordinator, GCC

CLS Support: Jaime Bridle, Assistant Policy Development Officer
             Ken Gibson, Community Learning Co-ordinator
             Youth Services Administrative Support


     Strategic Planning and Development Key Issue Working Group

     Chair:           Robert McHarg, Youth Issues Manager, GCC

     Contributors: Clive Rowland, University of Strathclyde, Jordanhill Campus
                   Wilma Moore, Libraries, Information and Learning, GCC
                   Jan Winter, Community Action Team and Play Services Manager, GCC
                   Graham Hyslop, Community Learning Partnership
                   Jac Beveridge, Social Work Services
                   Eleanor Lee, Youth Issues Officer, Community Safety Partnership, GCC
                   Richard Barron, Depute Director of Education, GCC
                   Archie Waters, Drum Adventure
                   Helen Scammell, GCVS
                   Emily Ballard, TAG Theatre Company
                   Marion Keogh, Glasgow Alliance
                   Harry Bisset, Quality Improvement Officer, GCC
                   Jatin Haria, Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance
                   Julie Fox, Temple Shafton Youth Project for GCVS Youth Network
                   Marlene McGlynn, Careers Scotland
                   Jo Harrison, Changing Children’s Services Fund Manager

     CLS Support: Joe Larkin, Strategic Planning Manager
                  Matt Henderson, Community Learning Co-ordinator
                  Youth Services Administration Support

     Youth Services BUDGET ALLOCATION 2003/04

     Description                      AREA 1        2        3        4        5        6        7        8    CITYWIDE    CORE TOTAL   HOL PROG       TOTAL
     Establishment                                                                                                          2,459,500               2,459,500
     Sessional                        68,180    68,180   68,180   68,180   68,180   68,180   68,180   68,180     68,500       613,940     55,000     668,940
     Employee Costs                                                                                                        3,128,500               3,128,440
     Building Cleaning -DSO
     Janitors Sla Recharges
     Janitor Overtime Charge
     Property Costs                                                                                                            31,300          0      31,300
     Equipment - Purchase              4,750     4,750    4,750    4,750    4,750    4,750    4,750    4,750     12,000        50,000
     Catering - Services                450       450      450      450      450      450      450      450         400         4,000
     Purchase of Services              5,200     5,200    5,200    5,200    5,200    5,200    5,200    5,200     14,900        56,500
     Supplies & Services              10,400    10,400   10,400   10,400   10,400   10,400   10,400   10,400     27,300       110,500          0     110,500
     External Plant Hires               300       300      300      300      300      300      300      300         950         3,350
     Car Allowance Summary             4,000     4,000    4,000    4,000    4,000    4,000    4,000    4,000      2,200        34,200
     Transport                         4,300     4,300    4,300    4,300    4,300    4,300    4,300    4,300      3,200        37,600          0      37,600
     Printing                           850       850      850      850      850      850      850      850       1,000         7,800
     Telephones                        3,000     3,000    3,000    3,000    3,000    3,000    3,000    3,000      1,600        25,600
     Printing - Printworks              375       375      375      375      375      375      375      375            -        3,000
     Stationery                         275       275      275      275      275      275      275      275            -        2,200
     Advertising                           -         -        -        -        -        -        -        -      5,000         5,000
     Postages General                   250       250      250      250      250      250      250      250         500         2,500
     Subsistence - Officials UK            -         -        -        -        -        -        -        -           -            -
     Travel - Officials UK              450       450      450      450      450      450      450      450       1,800         5,400
     Conferences - Officials UK         200       200      200      200      200      200      200      200         400         2,000
     Training - Course Fees                -         -        -        -        -        -        -        -        300          300
     Other Admin. Costs Summary            -         -        -        -        -        -        -        -      2,400         2,400
     Scottish Criminal Record Check        -         -        -        -        -        -        -        -           -            -
     Administration                    5,400     5,400    5,400    5,400    5,400    5,400    5,400    5,400     13,000        56,200                 56,200
     Grants                                                                                                    1,090,000    1,090,000               1,090,000
     Total Pay's to Agencies
     Contribs. - Joint Fin. Arrange
     Other Grants, Reimbursements
     Fees & Charges
                                                                                                                                                                BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

     Customer & Client Receipts


     GVTO SUMMARY FOR 2004/05

      Location          Organisation Name                            2004/05 Awards   CLS Contact

      Area 1            Drumchapel Adventure Group                   £64,000.00       Fiona Millar
      Area 1            G15 Youth Project                            £66,500.00       Fiona Millar
      Area 1            Temple Shafton Youth Project                 £79,000.00       Fiona Millar
      Area 2            Community Central Hall                       £94,000.00       Matt Henderson
      Area 2            Shakespeare Street Youth Club                £25,000.00       Matt Henderson
      Area 2            Spirit Aid                                   £10,000.00       Matt Henderson
      Area 3            Crossroads Youth and Community Association   £79,000.00       Ken Gibson
      Area 3            Govan Initiative Training Shop               £25,000.00       Ken Gibson
      City Wide         Community Language Teaching Organisation     £1,000.00        Ken Gibson
      Area 5            Brunswick Centre                             £13,500.00       Andrew Barrie
      Area 5            Reidvale Adventure Play Association          £35,000.00       Andrew Barrie
      Area 5            Sighthill Youth Centre                       £25,000.00       Andrew Barrie
      Area 5            Wanderers Youth Club                         £23,000.00       Andrew Barrie
      Area 6            Easterhouse Project                          £22,000.00       Avril Thorburn
      Area 6            Pavillion WWW                                £21,095.00       Avril Thorburn
      City Wide         Scottish Marriage Care                       £5,000.00        Avril Thorburn
      Area 7            South Camlachie Youth Project                £33,000.00       Ian Robertson
      City Wide         Glasgow Women's Library                      £10,000.00       Derek Bell
      City Wide         Rape Crisis Centre                           £4,000.00        Derek Bell

      Area 3            Nan McKay Memorial Community Hall            £9,000.00        Ken Gibson
      Area 3            Pollokshields Development Association        £38,850.00       Ken Gibson
      Area 4            Arden Community Hall                         £20,000.00       Gerry Wilson
      Area 4            Cabins Association                           £5,300.00        Gerry Wilson
      Area 4            Priesthill Youth and Community Association   £54,400.00       Gerry Wilson
      Area 5            Germiston Community Association              £10,000.00       Andrew Barrie
      Area 6            Cranhill Arts Project                        £16,000.00       Avril Thorburn
      Area 6            Visual Statement                             £33,000.00       Avril Thorburn
      Area 7            Bridgeton Community Centre                   £23,000.00       Ian Robertson
      Area 7            Carmyle Community Centre                     £8,000.00        Ian Robertson
      Area 7            Dalmarnock Community Centre                  £45,800.00       Ian Robertson
      Area 7            East End Community Arts Project              £23,000.00       Ian Robertson
      Area 7            South Dennistoun Neighbourhood Centre        £13,000.00       Ian Robertson
      Area 8            Castlemilk Community Hall                    £1,000.00        Beatrice Ullah

      Area 7            Dalmarnock Youth Project                     £28,980.00       Ian Robertson

                                                            BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004


It was thought from the outset that the involvement of young people was critical to the Best Value
Review of Glasgow City Council Youth Services as the key stakeholders of the service. It was
agreed to form a short term working group made up of young people from Glasgow, representative
of the range and diversity of the city’s youth.

• Actively involve young people in the Best Value Review of Glasgow City Council
  Youth Services in Glasgow
• Made up of no more than 12 young people
• Running parallel to the Best Value Review Core Group meetings required to take place
  prior to Core Group Meetings
• Meeting monthly over a six-month period to receive feedback and contribute to the
  work being undertaken by 3 Key Issue Working Groups (KIWG):
       • Strategic Planning and Delivery
       • Partnerships
       • Communications and Consultation with Young People

Meetings took place at the Gallery of Modern Art and the City Chambers, with attendance
averaging around 10 young people. The group are supported by three members of Youth Services,
who are responsible for all aspects of the group’s development, and for devising a range of
methods, by which to engage parallel youth core group members in the BVR debate. The following
diagram illustrates the links between the parallel core groups.



     1. KIWG: Communication & Consultation with Young People - Youth Core Group Feedback Sessions 1 & 2

     Communication and Consultion Key Themes:
     1 - Engagement 2 - Communication 3 - Consultation 4 - Young peoples participation 5 - Strategic youth partnership

     Youth Core Group: Identified Communication Barriers/Issues

        No       Descriptor                                                                 Linkage to Themes

        1        Need to reduce jargon, particularly when communicating                     1      Engagement
                 with young people.                                                         2      Communication
                                                                                            4      Participation

        2        Communication needs to be two way.                                         2      Communication
                                                                                            4      Participation

        3        Need to look at different methods of communicating                         1      Engagement
                 with young people.                                                         2      Communication
                                                                                            3      Consultation
                                                                                            4      Participation
                                                                                            5      Partnership

        4        Listen to young people and provide them with feedback.                     1      Engagement
                                                                                            2      Communication
                                                                                            3      Consultation
                                                                                            4      Participation
                                                                                            5      Partnership

        5        All Partners should be aware of each other’s work                          1      Engagement
                 and interests, this would help avoid duplication                           2      Communication
                 and identify gaps.                                                         3      Consultation
                                                                                            4      Participation
                                                                                            5      Partnership

        6        Need to look at ways in which schools communicate with                     1      Engagement
                 students, particularly on PSE.                                             2      Communication
                 Should be calling in other partners to deliver on areas of sex             3      Consultation
                 education & relationships.                                                 4      Participation
                 Some schools won’t look at the subjects in any depth                       5      Partnership
                 Teachers are not always the best people to talk about specialist
                 topics like Sex Education.

        7        Need to network- formally & informally, to give each other                 1      Engagement
                 support and also to find out about what each partner is doing.             2      Communication
                                                                                            3      Consultation
                                                                                            4      Participation
                                                                                            5      Partnership

        8        Need to look at ways of involving other young people                       1      Engagement
                 from target groups.                                                        2      Communication
                                                                                            3      Consultation
                                                                                            4      Participation

        9        Use young people more to encourage and consult                             1      Engagement
                 with their peers.                                                          2      Communication
                                                                                            3      Consultation
                                                                                            4      Participation

        10       Consider other ways to feedback and get wider views                        1      Engagement
                 of young people.                                                           2      Communication
                                                                                            3      Consultation
        11       Need for long-term planning.                                               4      Participation
                                                                                            5      Partnership

        12       Need for trust between partner agencies.                                   3      Consultation
                                                                                            4      Participation
                                                                                            5      Partnership
                                                                         BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

   No       Descriptor                                                                   Linkage to Themes

   13       Need for the formation of a Youth Alliance which would help                  5    Partnership
            develop youth services.                                                      4    Participation
                                                                                         3    Consultation
                                                                                         2    Communication
                                                                                         1    Engagement

   14       Need to have a database of available youth services.                         4    Participation
                                                                                         5    Partnership

   15       City & local events could be used to better effect.                          5    Partnership
                                                                                         1    Engagement
                                                                                         4    Participation

   16       PSE session could be developed to give information on                        3    Consultation
            what’s available locally and also as an introduction to the                  2    Communication
            developing Youth Portal.                                                     4    Participation

   17       The Youth Portal website address could be used as a screen                   2    Communication
            saver on school computers.

   18       Proposal for the development of information points via                       3    Consultation
            Fuel Zones - issue over the lack of appropriate/good                         4    Participation
            accommodation in schools to engage with students.

   19       Set up mentoring/guidance systems using young people.                        1    Engagement
                                                                                         2    Communication
                                                                                         3    Consultation
                                                                                         4    Participation
                                                                                         5    Partnership

   20       Use current icons to market youth services and communicate                   1    Engagement
            with young people.                                                           2    Communication
                                                                                         3    Consultation
                                                                                         4    Participation

   21       Involve young people in staff development and training                       5    Partnership
            of youth workers.                                                            4    Participation
                                                                                         3    Consultation
                                                                                         2    Communication
                                                                                         1    Engagement

2. KIWG: Partnerships- Youth Core Group Feedback Sessions 1 & 2

Partnership Key Themes:
A- Strengthen & Develop Partnerships
1. Strategic youth partnerships. identified key agencies
2. Partnership toolkit
3. Database of partnership arrangements
4. City and local networks - Youth Services to lead

B- Monitoring & Evaluation Framework Grants to Voluntary Organisations
1. Framework & Mechanism
2. Develop mechanisms to involve the strategic youth partnership in the grants process
3. Assist voluntary organisations to develop system of performance management

C- Strengthen Capacity of Individuals and Organisations
1. Identifying and implement cross-sector training & development programmes


        Youth Core Group:                                     Links to Partnership Themes
        comments on partnership working

        Networking- formal & informal is important to         A1    Strategic youth partnerships.
        Partnerships, giving each other support and get       A2    Identified key agencies
        a better understanding of each other’s work.          A3    Partnership Toolkit
                                                              A4    Database of partnership arrangements
                                                                    City and local networks – Youth Services
                                                                    to lead

        All partners should be aware of similar               A2    Partnership Toolkit
        collaborations with the same interest.                A3    Database of partnership arrangements
                                                              A4    City and local networks – Youth Services
                                                                    to lead

        Communication needs to be two-way.                    A1    Strategic youth partnerships.
                                                              A2    Identified key agencies
                                                              A3    Partnership Toolkit
                                                              A4    Database of partnership arrangements
                                                              C1    City and local networks – Youth Services to
                                                                    lead identifying and implementing cross-
                                                                    sectoral training and development

        Partnerships are really important as Youth Services   A3    Database of partnership arrangements
        can’t supply everything and need to rely on

        Listen to young people’s views and provide them       A2    Partnership Toolkit
        with feedback.                                        A4    City and local networks – Youth Services
                                                                    to lead
                                                              B1    Framework & mechanism

        Reduce jargon- need to talk the same language to      A2B Partnership Toolkit
        ensure better understanding and communication.        1   Frame work & mechanism

        Need to look at ways of involving other young         A4    City and local networks – Youth Services
        people from target groups, offering them equal              to lead
        opportunities to participate.                         C1    Identifying and Implement Cross-Sector
                                                                    training & development programmes

        Consider ways to feedback and get wider range of      A2    Partnership Toolkit
        views from young people.

     Also discussed during Partnership Sessions:

        Using young people to encourage and inform            Linked to Communication and Consultation
        their peers.                                          Key Issue Working Group

        Look at Transition from Schools to Work               Linked to Strategic Planning and Delivery
        or Further Education.                                 Key Issue Working Group

        Wider Target Groups from 12+ with wider               Linked to Strategic Planning and Delivery
        age range.                                            Key Issue Working Group

        Need to listen to young people.                       Linked to Communication and Consultation
                                                              Key Issue Working Group

        Marketing:                                            Linked to Communication and Consultation
        - shouldn’t be leaflet based.                         Key Issue Working Group
        - use young people.
        - look at different methods of communicating
          with young people.

                                                              BEST VALUE REVIEW OF YOUTH SERVICES AUGUST 2004

3. KIWG: strategic development & delivery - Youth Core Group Feedback Sessions

1 Age Range
• The age of criminal responsibility in Scotland is 8 years old; therefore 8 year-olds should be
  classified as young people. Unable to agree on this, as the needs of 8 year-olds are completely
  different from 14/15 year-olds.
• Concern expressed about reducing upper age limits to 20; young homeless people of 20+ would
  have one less support service. Others agreed that they would still consider themselves as young
  people at the age of 25.
• Need to develop transitional support for primary to secondary students, their needs are a lot
  different from 24 year olds who have more experience in dealing with issues.

2 Theme v Area Provision
• Youth Services should use the demographic statistics for each area to distribute
• One solution to overcome shortage of resources and still widen age range could be to ask each
  team to use their resources for specific target groups.
• Long-term planning is key to the whole debate as well as the need for a network of trust and an
  alliance to develop services.
• Where is the information on what’s available locally and how do young people access this?

3 Accessing Information via Schools
• Proposal that youth information could form part of the PSE curriculum.
• Consistency of approach and a minimum standard should be set for all Glasgow Schools.
  A number of examples were discussed regarding PSE inputs on Sex Education – the style and
  delivery vary greatly. It was suggested that partners should be invited to deliver specific elements
  of the school curriculum.

General Comments
• Aim High type events could be better used to disseminate information to the whole school.
• Youth Portal website address could be used as the screen saver on school computers.
• Information could be distributed via Fuel Zones in schools, although there are concerns about
  the availability of suitable space within new build schools.




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Glasgow City Council
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Tel: 0141 287 8960
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