Tel: 9323 9491 Fax: 9323 9473 Address: 480 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000 or PO Box P1174, Perth WA 6844


The VYSB has established a BGU mailing list to help facilitate communication between the Branch
and brigades, groups and units (BGUs). If you would like to be included on the mailing list, please
send your contact details to Telona McPherson via email to telona.mcpherson@fesa.wa.gov.au .

                                        VYSB WELCOMES OUR
                                         NEWEST MEMBERS

We welcome Telona McPherson and Linda French to the VYSB branch. Telona is the
A/Administration Assistant and Linda French is the A/Reward and Recognition Coordinator.

Telona’s contact details                                    Linda’s contact details:
Phone:        (08) 9323 9491                                Phone:         (08) 9323 9520
Email:        telona.mcpherson@fesa.wa.gov.au               Email:         linda.french@fesa.wa.gov.au or

Linda Harachi will commence maternity leave on the 31st May. Best wishes Linda from all the
VYSB team.

                            Telona                                     Linda

                           Volunteer Recruitment Enquiries
                                    1800 628 141
                       Number of enquiries received by the Volunteer
                       and Youth Services Branch for May 2007: 32
                                      YOUTH DEVELOPMENT

                                       YOUTH DEVELOPMENT UPDATE
The Volunteer and Youth Services Branch (VYSB) is pleased to announce the extension of the A/Volunteer & Youth
Project Officer position for an extra 6 months. Teresa Rayment, who has been in this position for the past 3 months, was
the successful applicant.

This now means that the VYSB has two people allocated to the youth development programs and non operational areas
of volunteering. The youth development responsibilities are as follows:

Teresa Rayment (A/Volunteer & Youth Project Officer) will be responsible for providing support and services to the
Emergency Services Cadets as part of the Cadets WA program and will take on the role of State Coordinator. Teresa
may be contacted by:
Phone:         (08) 9323 9716
Mobile:        0429 377 703
Email:         teresa.rayment@fesa.wa.gov.au

Nicole Badani (Volunteer & Youth Project Officer) will be responsible for providing support and services to volunteer
Brigades, Groups and Units (e.g. SES, VFRS, BFS, VES, VFS) operating a Junior/Cadet program . Nicole can be
contacted by:
Phone:         (08) 9323 9895
Mobile:        0427 195 689
Email:         nicole.badani@fesa.wa.gov.au

In addition to the youth development responsibilities, both Nicole and Teresa will continue their involvement in other non
operational areas and projects for volunteers.

This is a great outcome for the VYSB that will have a positive effective on the growing youth development programs.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss this or any other matter relating to youth and non
operational volunteering on (08) 9323 9567 or via email at wayne.fanderlinden@fesa.wa.gov.au .

Wayne Fanderlinden

                                                LEEUWIN OCEAN ADVENTURE VOYAGE

                           Each year Emergency Services Cadets and Junior/Cadet members of volunteer Brigades,
                           Groups and Units have the opportunity to participate in a five day voyage on the tall ship
                           Leeuwin II.

                           Since 2001, 400 young people have taken the challenge and participated in this unique sailing
                           and personal development experience. This year the voyage departed from Monkey Mia on
                           the 26th May with 36 Emergency Services and 4 Bush Fire Service Cadets. FESA will
                           continue to support this initiative and nomination details for the 2008 voyage will be available
                           later this year.

                                                                             LEEMING ESC

                                                  Recently the Leeming Emergency Service Cadets visited the
                                                  Communications Support Unit of the State Emergency Service.

                                                  There they learnt about the ionosphere and the effects that it has on
                                                  communications, and they worked out the frequencies that they would
                                                  require for the day. The cadets then went outside to set up a HF radio
                                                  and antenna and did some hands on radio work with it.

                                                  Thanks very much to the Communications Support Unit for their
                                                  assistance on the evening.

                                 FESA Working with Children Check Policy

The FESA Working with Children (WWC) Check Policy and related General Circular is now
available on the FESA Intranet and has also been sent as an attachment to this email.
                                     REW ARD & RECOGNITION

                                NATIONAL MEDAL PRESENTATIONS
 The National Medal is awarded to members who have served their organisation for
 15 years. Members are eligible to receive a Service Clasp to the National Medal
 for each additional 10 years of service.

 In May two presentations of medals and clasps were held, providing FESA with the
 ideal opportunity to recognise career firefighters, and emergency service volunteers
              & RECOGNITION
 for the contributions and commitment they make to the community of Western

 The Minister for Police and Emergency Services presented the Nationally recognised awards at
 each presentation, both held at the Novotel Langley Perth Hotel. The Career presentation was held
 on the 3rd May 2007, and the Volunteer presentation on 31st May 2007. Families of the recipients
 were also present and enjoyed afternoon tea after each presentation.

                                  RECRUITMENT & RETENTION

                                      VOLUNTEER RETENTION IDEAS

Energize, Inc. is an international training, consulting and publishing firm, based in the U.S. specialising in
volunteerism. Their latest newsletter includes some volunteer retention ideas which you may find worth
considering.          Visit: http://energizeinc.com/hot/2007/07may.html


The VYSB has once again included a volunteer
recruitment advertisement in the Streetsmart
Handbook which is a publication of the Blue Light
Association of WA (Inc).

The Streetsmart Handbook is distributed free of
charge to year 11 students in WA and has proven
to be a valuable resource for them.


In consultation with the Office for Multicultural
Interests, the Volunteer and Youth Services
Branch has developed a volunteer recruitment
document in the following languages:

   •   Vietnamese
   •   Croatian
   •   Mandarin/Cantonese
   •   Arabic

The project has also been supported by the
Emergency Management Australia’s National
Emergency Volunteer Support Fund. If you would
like to request copies or more information on the
grant fund, please contact Telona on 9323 9491 or
email telona.mcpherson@fesa.wa.gov.au .
                                                    English version of the new foreign language recruitment material
                      NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK 2007
                       ‘See the Change....Volunteering’
Volunteering WA officially launched National Volunteer Week with a breakfast event at The Sheraton
Hotel on Monday the 14th of May.

Guests were entertained with a fashion show, a multimedia presentation and a quiz. The Minister for
Volunteering, Sue Ellery MLC spoke about her plans to support volunteering in Western Australia over
the coming years. Tony Simpson MLA, Shadow Spokesperson for Volunteering acted as the MC for
the Launch with 6PR radio personality Graham Maybury stepping in to compare the fashion show.

With almost 350 people present from the various volunteer agencies including volunteers themselves,
the event was a celebration of the contribution that volunteers make to our society and promoted the
value of volunteering to the wider community.

Events throughout the week demonstrated how volunteer organisations and programs are creating
change for stakeholders.

                                                         * National Volunteer Week Breakfast Launch

SGIO are the proud sponsors of FESA’s 2007 Storm Safe Campaign and invited members of the
Volunteer and Youth Services Branch (plus 5 volunteers from the various emergency services), The
Salvation Army and Conservation Volunteers Australia to host a display in their main foyer of the
SGIO building in West Perth during National Volunteer Week.

The display proved to be a success during the lunch hour rush with people of all ages showing interest
in the different volunteer emergency services, with a few genuine recruitment enquiries.

Many thanks to the volunteers who took time out of their busy day to attend the event that enabled
those who had enquiries to receive first hand knowledge about volunteering. Also the VYSB would
like to thank Jaquie Colleran from SGIO who made the day possible.

                                        SGIO Display 2007

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