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									Vendor Management Consulting

There is a major trend to outsource IT Infrastructure to Vendors that perform Managed Services
offerings. Such a partnership has its own Pros and Cons. 
Vendors that know they have secured your business are better able to seize control of the
negotiations. Be wary of “partnerships”. They are Vendors way of making sure you are going to
use them
3C ipsolutions offers a unique Vendor Management Process by always being on your side of
the out-sourcing deal before, during or after the deal is complete. We create a competitive
environment by seeking credible alternatives and challenging bulky designs that will eventually
cost you more in the long-run. We can do this because most of our Consultants have previous
experience working with Vendor or Service Provider Companies and understand their terms and
offerings very intimately. 
This could be your best advantage in getting superior quality of service from the IT Service
To learn more about our unique Vendor Management Consultative offerings talk to us or contact
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