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Woodland Youth Services by umsymums37


									                                    CITY OF DAVIS

Organization Name: Woodland Youth Services

Street Address:        9 Woodland Ave, Woodland, CA 95695
Mailing Address:       9 Woodland Ave, Woodland, CA 95695
E-mail Address:
Phone Number:          (530) 666-4622
Fax Number:            (530) 666-5067

                                        9 Woodland Ave,
Contact:     Brenda Pate   Address:                              Phone:       (530) 666-4622
                                        Woodland, CA 95695

Total Proposal Request:         $29,477

                                (Check One)         On-going Support      X     New Project

CDBG Eligibility Category:         Public Service

National Objective Compliance/Low and Mod Benefit:            Area Benefit

City Council Identified Critical Needs:

           1) Programs to Support Independent Living
           2) Homeless Prevention Services
           3) Hunger Prevention Services

   PUBLIC SERVICE           X                       NON-PUBLIC SERVICE

Beneficiary Information:

           16       Total Number of beneficiaries in program
           16       Total number of beneficiaries in program served with CDBG funds
           100      Percentage of the CDBG beneficiaries with low/moderate income
           $2,442   Cost per CDBG beneficiary (CDBG Request/CDBG Beneficiaries)

Woodland Youth Services                                                                        1
2003-2004 City of Davis CDBG Grant Application
                                        PROJECT NARRATIVE

a. Need
As of September 2000, there were 556,000 children in foster care with 47% of those twelve or older.
Woodland Youth Services provides the only program in Yolo County serving the twelve and up age
group. All of the children at our Shelter Home and Crossroads House are homeless. After providing food
and shelter, WYS gives intensive care to the children—from learning the basics such as reading and
proper hygiene to learning job skills and life skills so that when they emancipate, they can live
independently. Our new Transition Home will provide safe and supportive living accommodations for
adolescents who are transitioning to living independently. A six month transition period will allow these
youth to focus on finishing their education, become accustomed to the challenges of living on their own,
gain experience in the job world and save money to secure their own housing.
The Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System reports that youth in foster care often do
not get the help they need with high school completion, employment, accessing health care, continued
educational opportunities, housing and transitional living arrangements. These are the areas in which
youth need support to learn how to manage the activities of daily living and maintain connections to
siblings, other caring adults and peers. Studies of youth who have left foster care have shown they are
more likely than those in the general population to not finish high school, be unemployed, and be
dependent on public assistance. Many find themselves in prison, homeless, or parents at an early age.
b. Benefit
When a child emancipates from Woodland Youth Services—ages out of the system—we have brought
them from a vulnerable point to the highest position for the individual child, whether that’s stable, safe or
thriving. With few exceptions (since coming to WYS, some of the older children have secured after-
school jobs), none of the children have any income at all. We feed them, house them, educate them and
prepare them for emancipation. Last year, almost 70% of the youth we served were from Yolo County.
Our program stresses trust, independence, life skills training, good decision-making and the development
of acceptable behaviors and coping mechanisms. Through the WYS program of safety, protection, care,
compassion and growth, we have assisted adolescents in making positive choices and in opening doors to
a future of success and self-sufficiency.
c. Other Resources and Collaboration
WYS continues to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with several community agencies and
organizations. WYS works closely with Yolo County Department of Mental Health, which provides
psychological and psychiatric services, including EPSDT services, to qualifying residents (3632
placements—youth who cannot learn at school because of their home environment). These Yolo County
services are limited and some children are ineligible. WYS also collaborates with Molina Medical Clinic,
Peterson Clinic, Chappe-De Medical Clinic, Lincoln Dental, local public health clinics, Yolo Food Bank,
Families First and Yolo Family Service Agency, among others. We regularly obtain funding from the
City of Woodland, The City of Davis, Yolo County and the Woodland United Way.
Since this is a new project, we have talked with the Wayfarer Center in Woodland, the ILP Coordinator
for Yolo County, and Diogenes Youth Services in Sacramento to position ourselves within the youth
services community. We have determined that we are not duplicating services. In fact, there is a great
need for transitional housing in Yolo County; there are no other options for our youth transitioning into
independent living situations. Currently, many youth leaving the foster care system transition into

Woodland Youth Services                                                                                     2
2003-2004 City of Davis CDBG Grant Application
undesirable living arrangements. We believe that providing clean, safe and supportive housing will help
them recognize and value their independence, and lead the way to successful and self-sufficient lives.
Each resident of the Transition Home will have a mentor—an adult who volunteers their time and
expertise with helping the residents make the transition into independent living. This may mean teaching
them how to go grocery shopping, listening to issues they have at work, helping them sort out what
choices they have now and in the future, etc. WYS will also request the assistance of a public health
nurse to check on the residents and help them with proper hygiene and illness prevention and
d. Organizational Capacity
Since 1985, Woodland Youth Services has been caring for children in crisis. Currently, we can
accommodate sixteen children. Last year we provided 2,730 client service days to 91 children. WYS still
takes children on an emergency basis, but we have changed our focus to provide more intensive services
to a smaller group of youth who are largely under-served in Yolo County—troubled foster children in the
12 to 18 age group. Woodland Youth Services is the only agency in the County to help them address their
overwhelming physical, behavioral and emotional issues.
See Attachment 1 for a list of Board Members.

                                         SCOPE OF SERVICES
a. Project Description
The Emancipation Program at Crossroads House and the Shelter Home
The Emancipation Program at WYS assists foster care youth to set goals and plan for emancipation. Each
child will meet with the Emancipation Coordinator to discuss goals, and if the child is eligible (sixteen or
older) and a long-term placement (over 60 days), he or she will establish a plan for emancipation. Each
child will set realistic goals such as obtaining a high school diploma or GED, securing an ID card, living
on their own (or in some cases with assistance), securing a job, and finding appropriate housing. WYS
teaches emancipation classes at both the Shelter Home and Crossroads House once per week to all eligible
children. The curriculum will be as follows:
 •   Personal finance: Budgets and Bankers- This program will focus on balancing a checkbook, paying
     bills, managing checking and saving accounts, living on a budget and preparing income tax returns.
 •   Education: The Road to Success- The focus of this program will be on study skills, setting short and
     long-term goals, availability of community resources, completing student application forms and
     applying for financial aid.
 •   General Living Skills- Apartment seeking, cooking, using public transportation, vehicle education,
     furnishing an apartment, finding assistance, developing social skills, surviving hard times and
     community resources will be taught in this module.
 •   Job Skills = Good Jobs- Computer training, vocational training, job skills training, job seeking,
     compiling resumes and cover letters, dressing and grooming appropriately and work ethic will be
     covered in this section.
One of the most important aspects of this program is the development of appropriate social skills.
Everyday behaviors and positive habits can be demonstrated across all activities and in various social

Woodland Youth Services                                                                                   3
2003-2004 City of Davis CDBG Grant Application
interactions. During outings and seminars, social norms can be modeled and learned experientially
through various group situations. The teens can also be encouraged to participate in community projects
and learn the value of community service, teamwork, work ethic, self-assertion, initiative and critical
The next step will be to move on to the WYS Transition Home.
Transitional Living Program at the Transition Home
One of the biggest challenges for emancipating youth is, on their 18th birthday, they are expected to go out
into the world with little experience living on their own and few job skills. Transitional housing allows
the residents to live on their own, but at the same time, save money for their own housing, concentrate on
jobs or school, and have the support of a friendly network if they need it.
The WYS 2-bedroom apartment will be completely furnished and will include a private or semi-private
bedroom with a bed and dresser; each resident will have access to a standard kitchen, living area, a phone,
a computer and a fax machine. Residents of the Transition Home will be required to live by the house
rules: no drugs or alcohol (residents will be required to submit to drug testing); no overnight guests;
curfew of 10 p.m. weeknights and 12 a.m. weekends (without prior approval); be in school or have a job
(within 30 days of residency); and be required to attend independent living classes. Staff will visit the
home randomly each day, and will assist the residents with making the transition to independent living.
Each resident will spend approximately six months at the Transition Home, depending on the skills and
abilities of the youth. Each resident will be required to pay a small participation fee, part of which will be
returned upon graduation from the program. This money will help the youth to get started with their own
home and future.
The entire budget (except for the administrative costs) will support direct services to homeless youth – all
of our children are homeless. No other organization provides youth services to the 12 and up age group in
Yolo County.
b. Target Group
The target group for this project is older foster youth and youth aging from the system at age 18. All of
the children at the Shelter Home and Crossroads House are homeless and are low- and moderate-income.
Following the Emancipation Program at WYS, we will guide the youth to the Transition Home. The
Transition Home will be available to all emancipating youth in foster care in Yolo County, not only those
residing at the WYS Crossroads House or Shelter Home.
c. Outreach
Woodland Youth Services will send letters to all Yolo County Foster Care Association parents as well as
meet with Foster Care Licensing to discuss the benefits of the program.

Woodland Youth Services                                                                                     4
2003-2004 City of Davis CDBG Grant Application

a. Work Plan

List Activity                                                           Completion Date

Hire Transition House Staff (THS)                                       July
Identify Emancipation Program Staff (EPS)
Secure apartment and purchase furniture                                 July
Meet with Foster Care Licensing and send letters to Foster Parent       July
THS and EPS coordinate activities and prepare for youth emancipations   July/August
THS meets with each emancipating child to assess needs and set goals
First residents move into apartment                                     July/August
THS contacts local, regional and state programs for possible            July/August
collaboration and materials
EPS and THS begin scheduling events, ordering supplies and working      August
with administrative staff to prepare project calendar
Basic, day-to-day components of project calendar posted and             September
Meetings with administrative staff and Program Director to evaluate,    Ongoing
enrich and revise project
Meetings with each child to assess results and revise individual        Ongoing
components accordingly
Addition of new components to the project                               Ongoing
THS and EPS schedule and prepare for future youth emancipations         Ongoing

Woodland Youth Services                                                                   5
2003-2004 City of Davis CDBG Grant Application
                                  CITY OF DAVIS


          Budget Category                        Proposed Project                    Total
A.     Salaries and Wages                $8,736 (Transition staff)      $0         $8,736
                                         $12,480 (Emancipation staff)   $12,480    $24,960
                                         $1,861 (administration)        $5,583     $7,444

B.     Fringe Benefits                   $0                             $8,424     $8,424

C.     Consultant/Contract Services      $0                             $4,500     $4,500
TOTAL PERSONNEL BUDGET                   $23,077                        $30,987    $54,064
D.     Office Rent                       $0                             $100       $100

E.     Utilities                         $1,800                         $0         $1,800

F.     Telephone                         $0                             $600       $600

G.     Office Supplies                   $0                             $50        $50

H.     Equipment                         $0                             $220       $220

I.     Printing/Duplication              $0                             $100       $100

J.     Travel/Conferences                $0                             $934       $934

K      Other (Specify)                   $9,600 (apartment rental)      $0         $9,600
                                         $2,000 (furniture)                        $2,000
                                         $2,600 (food)                             $2,600
TOTAL NON-PERSONNEL BUDGET               $16,000                        $2,004     $18,004

TOTAL PROJECT BUDGET                     $39,077                        $32,991    $72,068

*Please revise this form and annotate budget items as needed

NEW REQUIREMENTS: All applicants are requested to submit a copy of their organizations 2002-2003
Year-End Operating Budget and a copy of their proposed 2003-2004 Operating Budget.
See Attachment 2 for a copy of Woodland Youth Services 2002-2003 Year-End Operating Budget and the
proposed budget for 2003-2004.

Woodland Youth Services                                                                         6
2003-2004 City of Davis CDBG Grant Application
                                 CITY OF DAVIS

                            CAPITAL PROJECT BUDGET SUMMARY*

          Budget Category                                      Other Sources   Total
Project Development
   Wages and Salaries
   Fringe Benefits
   Other Costs
Land Acquisition
   Consulting Fees
   Other Costs
Final Development
  Wages and Salaries
  Fringe Benefits
  Soft Costs
     Carrying Costs
  Other Costs
Renovation or Construction
   Interior Rehabilitation
   Exterior Rehabilitation
   Other Maintenance


*Please revise this form and annotate budget items as needed

Woodland Youth Services                                                                7
2003-2004 City of Davis CDBG Grant Application
                                          Attachment 1
                                        Board of Directors

                                  WOODLAND YOUTH SERVICES

                                       BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                           2003 – 2004

                                               Brenda Pate
                                    Chairman (non-voting member)
                                Administrator – Woodland Youth Services
                                            903 Gibson Road
                                         Woodland, CA 95695
                                             (530) 666-4622

                                            Christy Barton
                                       Vice Chairman/Secretary
                         Assistant General Manager, Yolo County Flood Control
                                    and Water Conservation District
                                           160 Park Avenue
                                         Woodland, CA 95695
                                            (530) 662-0387

                                               Ted Hoffman
                                   Psychiatrist, Med/Clinic Sacramento
                                         29851 County Road 95
                                            Davis, CA 95612
                                              (530) 759-9763

                                             Audrey Doehne
                                            Member at Large
                                             4 Linden Place
                                           Woodland, CA 95695
                                             (530) 662-0387

Woodland Youth Services                                                         1
2003-2004 City of Davis CDBG Grant Application, Attachment 1
                                          Attachment 2
                        2002-2003 Year-End Operating Budget
                            2003-2004 Proposed Budget

See following pages.

Woodland Youth Services                                        1
2003-2004 City of Davis CDBG Grant Application, Attachment 2

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