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					              Lesson Title:
           Factoring Trinomials
                    EDIT 603 – Foundations I –
              Philosophy of Instructional Technology

                       Jacqueline Drummond, Glenn Peterkin, Earle Reddie

                   Daniel Stein, NYIT Adjunct Professor

               This lesson addresses the
                 following standards:
                       7B, 5C, 4A
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               7B, 5C, 4A
   7B Represent and analyze functions using
    verbal descriptions, tables, equations and

   5C Use dimensional analysis techniques.

   4A Represent problem situations
    symbolically by using algebraic expressions,
    sequences, tree diagrams, geometric
    figures and graphs.
     Aim: How do we solve quadratic
    functions by factoring trinomials?
  Students will utilize examples found on
   Algebra Tiles to find the factors of
 Students make conjectures about how
  they could solve an equation by extracting
  the factors of a trinomial.
   Students will review examples, which test
    positive and negative factors of a
   When factoring ax2 + bx + c students will
    list all factors and use them to write
    binomial until the correct term is found.
  Below is an example of how tiles
      can represent x2 – x – 2.
• There are two dark
  shaded tiles
  negative (-2x) and
  one light shaded
  tiles are positive x.
  –x is derived by
  one dark shaded
  tile and the light
  tile canceling.
     These tiles must be placed as a
    rectangle with the following rules:

   Only equal length sides must touch

You  may not lay two equally sized
tiles of different color next to each
   The algebra tiles representing quadratic function
    x2 - x- 2 will be placed in the shape of a
    rectangle. Reading the top and the left from the
    factors are x + 1 and x – 2, shown below:
Below are algebra tiles representing 2x2 - 5x + 3.
      Positive tiles are of the light shaded.
         Negative tiles are dark shaded.
What are the factors of 2x2 - 5x + 3
on the algebra tiles shown below?
          The answer is (2x-3)(x-1)

Reflection: Students will reflect on how factoring techniques
compare to the graphing technique or the quadratic formula.

Learning should be hands on and experience based, rather than
abstract. - John Dewey: Educational Reform as Social Activism