Tour Packages by islandsbanca by umsymums37


Early Bird : Php 1,700
Regular Fee: Php 2,500


( Convention hotel) with breakfast buffet
Single : PHP 5,000 nett
Double: PHP 5,500 nett

Single: PHP 4500 nett
Double: PHP 5000 nett

Single: PHP 6750 nett
Double: PHP 7500 nett

Tour Packages by islandsbanca
Proposed Activites:
May 2 : Afternoon Trips (with gourmet sandwich
snacks and drinks)
•	 Snorkelling Trip – Talima Marine Sanctuary
•	 Discover Scuba – fun dive trip(classroom seminar,
   gear and certificate)                               FOR INQUIRIES/ BOOKING TRIP CONFIRMATION:

                                                                CENTRAL VISAYAS SOCIETY OF
May 3: Island-hopping Trips (with seafood and                    OPHTHALMOLOGY OFFICERS
lechon picnic lunch)                                   Dr. Benji Cimafranca    CVSO President
•	 Gilutungan Marine Sanctuary & Pandanon Island                               09173222358
•	 Gilitungan Marine sanctuary & Nalusuan Island
•	 Nalusuand and Pandanon Islands                      Dr. Oliver Yu           Immediate Past Pres &
                                                                               Convention Chairman
Inclusive of:                                                                  0917-304-0870
Towels, gear, entrance fees, cottage rentals, boat                   

rental, wi-fi connection and meals                     Dr. Jeff Lim            CVSO VP & Asst. Chairman
May 3: Bohol Adventure trip
                                                       Dr. Myra Ocubillo       CVSO Secretary
•	 Countryside Tour - Chocolate Hills, Blood Compact                           0917-835-0814
                                                                                                          Marco Polo Plaza Hotel
   Site, Baclayon Church and Museum, Man-made                                 Lahug, Cebu City
   Forest, Panglao Beach, Pasalubong shopping                                                             April 30 - May 2, 2009
                                                       Ms. Jacqueline Siwala   Event Coordinator
•	 Dolphin-Watching Tour (with snorkeling and                                  (Cool Dimensions Events)
PROGRAM FOR THE 2009 MIDYEAR MEETING                                                                                                                                    ADVANCE REGISTRATION FORM
 Opening and Awards Ceremony
    1. President’s Official Welcome                         REGISTRANT INFORMATION
    2. CVSO Tribute To Dr. Catalino Chan                    Prof/Dr./Mr./Mrs./                                                                                                                      PAO Member No.

                                                            Mailing Address:
 Multifocal/ Accomodative IOL’s:
    ¾ Roundtable Discussion with Phaco Experts              Tel. No.:                                            Mobile:                                         Fax:                               E-mail:
    ¾ Multifocal vs Accomodating IOL’s
    ¾ Pearls to improve outcome with multifocal /            REGISTRATION FEES
        accomodative IOL implantation                        Choose applicable rate by membership category. Tick only the boxes that apply
    ¾ Which IOL’s are available and which do you prefer                                                                                        ADVANCED                                      ON-SITE
        Patient selection                                                                                                                  Until March 31 2009                        April 1 2009 Onwards
                                                                          PAO Member                                                             PHP1700                                     PHP2500
    ¾ Communicating with patient’s and managing                           PAO Member in training                                                 PHP1000                                     PHP1500
        expectations                                                      Non Member                                                             PHP2000                                     PHP3000
                                                                          Accompanying Person*                                                   PHP1000                                     PHP1500
 Setting up a group practice in Ophthalmology
                                                           * Includes convention bag, access to exhibits only, fellowship dinner ticket and sports activities
     ¾ How to set up a group practice in a rural setting
                                                           Members who are not in Good Standing are not eligible for the PAO member rates and have to pay full Non Member Rates.
                By Rolio Milante
                                                           To process registration, please fill out Payment Details below. Use one form for registrant.
    ¾ How to build a successful group practice in a
      metropolitan area                                    PLEAS TICK ALL THAT APPLY:
                By Carlos Naval                                I will need assistance in Housing Reservation, please send me the Housing Reservation Form
                                                               I want to join the Sports Activities (Please pick one                                    Golf Tournament                  Air Soft Competition
 Pediatric Ophthalmology
    ¾ Updates in Retinoblastoma                                I want help in arranging the Optional Tours (Please Specify: _____________________________ )
                By David Granet
                                                           METHOD OF PAYMENT
 Orbit and Oculoplastics                                                                                                                                 DIRECT PAYMENT TO PAO SECRETARIAT
    ¾ New Technologies in Oculofacial Diagnosis and        BANK DEPOSIT TO PAO ACCOUNT
                                                                                                                                                           [ ] Cash Payment: PhP
        Treatment                                                Philippine Based delegate may deposit cash or cheque payments
                                                                                                                                                               Date Received:
    ¾ Asian Blepharoplasty: Basic Challenges and                 directly to the PAO account below:
        Solutions                                            [ ] PHILIPPINE ACADEMY OF OPHTHALMOLOGY                                                           By
    ¾ Ten Oculoplastic Diagnosis You Shouldn’t Miss              Banco De Oro
                By: Dr. Don Kikkawa, Dr. Bobby Korn              Medical Plaza Makati Branch                                                               [ ] Check Payment: PhP
                                                                 Account No. 362-0003-984
 Glaucoma                                                        Amount Deposited:
    ¾ Fixed Combination Treatment In Medical                     Date:                                                                                         Dated:

       Glaucoma Management                                       Bank/Branch
                                                                                                                                                           [ ] CREDIT CARD
                By Dr. Marco Cortes                        Note: A photocopy of the machine or letter validated deposit slip must accompany this form      NOTE: The presence of the CREDIT CARD and CARDHOLDER at the PAO Secretariat’s office is
                                                                                                                                                           a MUST (for card swiping and signature) in order to avail this method of payment.
     ¾ Emerging Retinal Therapies: What Can I Tell My      PLEASE SEND THIS FORM BY EMAIL OR FAX TO:
        Patients                                           MS. EMELYN MACNI
     ¾ Bevacizumab (Avastin): Applications and             PAO Secretariat-Unit 815 Medical Plaza Makati, Amorsolo St. corner Dela Rosa St., Makati City, Philippines
        Precautions                                        Tel. Nos. (632) 813-5324 / (632) 813-5318 Fax No. (632) 813-5331

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