Newton's Laws of Physics by umsymums37


									Newton’s Laws of Physics

 Chapter 2, Section 1
I. Law of Gravitational Force
  A. Gravity depends on
      1) Mass (matter)
      2) Distance
  B. Weight the measure of the
     gravitational force (measured in
C. Acceleration Due to Gravity
  1) 10 m/s/s (10 m/s2)
  2) Free Fall- gravity is the ONLY force
     acting on an object.
  3) Air Resistance (fluid friction)- the
     force that slows falling objects ON
II. Newton’s First Law – Law of
    A. Inertia is the tendency of an
 object to resist change in motion.
        1) An object at rest wants to
 stay at rest
        2) An object in motion
 wants to stay in motion
        3) Unless acted upon by an
 unbalanced force
III. Newton’s Second Law
    A. force = mass x acceleration or
             (f=m x a) or
  1 newton of force =
  1 kg mass x 1m/s2

    B. Forces are measured in newtons.
V. Newton’s Third Law

  A. for every action force, there
   is an equal and opposite
   reaction force.
II.   Definition of Inertia

      A. the tendency of an object to resist
       changes in motion.
      B. the more mass, the more inertia an
       object has.

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