Newton's Laws Quiz by umsymums37


									                          Newton’s Laws Quiz

Match the correct law with the example given.
A = 1st Law of Motion
B = 2nd Law of Motion
C = 3rd Law of Motion

   1. __________ The acceleration of an object is in direct proportion of the mass of
       the object and the force applied to it. (F=MA)
   2. __________ An object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay
       in motion in a straight line at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an
       unbalanced force.
   3. __________ Whenever one object exerts a force on a second object, the
       second object exerts a force which is equal and opposite to the first object.
   4. __________ You can pull a piece of paper out from under a coin because the
       penny has a tendency to stay where it is.
   5. __________ When you let air out of a balloon attached to a straw, the air goes
       one way and the straw goes in the opposite direction.
   6. __________ When you step on the gas pedal really hard and your head hits the
       back of the seat.
   7. __________ Playing a game of pool.
   8. __________ Accelerating a car.
   9. __________ Car suddenly stops and you strain are pushed against the seat belt.
   10. __________ A marble rolling along a path until a piece of the path is removed
       and the marble takes a new path.
   11. __________ Hitting a baseball, the harder the hit, the faster the ball goes.
   12. __________ The difficulty of pushing a heavy box of books with your toes.
   13. __________ A magician pulling a tablecloth out from under a set of dishes.
   14. __________ A balloon flies forward as the air quickly escapes out the back of
       the balloon.
   15. __________ Hitting a volleyball with your arms compared to hitting a football
       the same way with your arms.
   16. __________ Soccer ball sits on the field.
   17. __________ Train needs more room to stop than a car.
   18. __________ A baseball hit with a wooden bat flies farther than a baseball hit
       with a plastic bat.

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