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					LinkShare Corporation has created a software solution to track leads that result in immediate or long-term sales. As well, it has established a network to help publishers of sites and online retailers. The software enables merchants and sites to share feedback information and customer analysis. It costs several thousand dollars to set up. LinkShare organizes things, does the tracking and handles payments. LinkShare offers consolidated affiliate payments, direct deposit for U.S. affiliates, and user defined minimum payment thresholds. LinkShare has attracted many big names, including Dell. You benefit from the publicity it generates.

Become an active member of the LinkShare Referral Program
Program Details • Earn $1.50 for every valid referral that registers as a LinkShare Publisher and generates a click-through within 30 days. • Place one of our banners or text links on your site and start earning today!

LinkShare is a network which handles revenue sharing arrangements. Earn online Commissions! 600 Leading Brands! Sign up now, it's easy—and free! ...

Description: As a publisher, you will have access to links and banners that you can place on your Web site, blog, or in Emails. These links will drive traffic to advertisers’ Web sites. Advertisers will pay a commission for each purchase or qualifying action you generate for them. LinkShare acts as the trusted third-party that brings together both advertisers and publishers.