The FleeTSmarT Vehicle Tracking SySTem

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					key FeaTureS oF The FleeTSmarT SySTem include:                                                                                  Increase service efficiency and productivity with...

FleetSmart Operations Manager™                                  FleetSmart Route/Patrol Manager™
The FleetSmart Operations Manager™ actively monitors            The system is able to wirelessly alert managers to critical

                                                                                                                                The FleeTSmarT
the location of every vehicle 24/7. GSM/GPRS enabled GPS-       events, and automatically generates meter/route/city-wide
telemetry provides a constant flow of data in near real-time    reports for:
to your business or your city’s StreetSmart™ portal. Man-       Fire and Police Vehicles
agers have an “on the street” view through a web-based
Management Console that provides dashboard views of
the city’s entire vehicle fleet. . When events occur on the
                                                                Real-time vehicle monitoring and Geo-fence entry
                                                                and/or exit alerting.                                           Vehicle Tracking SySTem
                                                                 Manage and monitor patrol operations.
street, they trigger the system to notify drivers or managers
                                                                 Improve situational awareness and resource assignment
when operational thresholds are exceeded.
                                                                 Real-time speed, idle, light/siren activation alerts
 Everyone’s job is simplified and everyone’s performance
                                                                 Monitor pursuit activity and mitigate risk
 is improved: from driver to manager
                                                                 Improve community safety and officer back-up response
 Increase accountability, compliance and vehicle safety
 Optimize vehicle utilization
,	                                                              For Service and Waste Collection Vehicles
                                                                Real-time vehicle monitoring and Geo-fence entry exit
FleetSmart Policy Manager™                                      alerting
The FleetSmart Policy Manager actively monitors                  Confirm service delivery with vehicle arrival and
the status and operation of every vehicle driver 24/7.           departure times
Managers are “in the passenger’s seat” through a web-            Improve route design and scheduling
based Management Console that provides map based                 Easily access vehicle trip data to help adjudicate
views of an entire fleet. When a policy violation occurs,        service disputes
the system automatically alerts the designated personnel
                                                                Real-time speed and idle alerting
via SMS or email. Managers can then address problems
when and where they happen, in near real time.                   Improve driver safety and policy compliance
 Automatically track vehicle territory policies through
,	                                                               Improve operational efficiency and fuel consumption
 the use of Geo-fence monitors
 Automatically track vehicle speed, idle and operations
,	                                                              FleetSmart Service Manager™
 and travel time monitors                                       The system gives fleet managers a “mechanic in the pas-
 Improve enforcement, productivity, safety and driver
,	                                                              senger seat” view of the city’s entire vehicle fleet On board
 compliance                                                     diagnostic maintenance and operating status, including:

 Minimize record-keeping duties and associated
,	                                                               Speed, odometer, fuel and check engine light
 input errors                                                    notifications

 Easily access vehicle and driver log data to help
,	                                                               OBD-II diagnostic codes
 adjudicate disputes                                             Provides a daily/monthly/YTD accounting of operating
                                                                                                                                Reduce fleet operational costs, enhance productivity and improve customer service.
 Optimize vehicle utilization and control operating              time and mileage
,	                                                                                                                              Get FleetSmart from StreetSmart™ - the leader in municipal asset management.
 expenses                                                        Scheduled service maintenance alerts and notification

FleetSmart puts Operations Managers in Control.
Visit today.
                                                                                             municipal asset management

                                                                                                                                               municipal asset management
       Powered By Telemetry Labs™                                                                            p 678.881.0844
                                                                                                            Take conTrol oF your FleeT A Strategic
how To TranSForm your FleeT managemenT operaTionS                                                           Vehicle Tracking Solution from the Experts.
The FleetSmart Solution helps customers dramatically reduce fleet operational costs,                        FleetSmart
                                                                                                            Our comprehensive vehicle tracking solution not only answers the basic question of, “where are my vehicles?”,
enhance productivity and improve customer service. Read below to learn how the                              but provides the visibility and ability to answer a myriad of other questions such as:
FleetSmart Vehicle Tracking Solution can help you manage your business:                                       Are
                                                                                                            ,	 government vehicles being properly maintained for optimal
                                                                                                              performance and longevity?
                                                                                                            ,	 government vehicles being used safely?
                                                                                                            ,	 government vehicle operators creating unnecessary risk for the city?
1 Trip Activity Information                     4 Powerful Reporting                                          Are
                                                                                                            ,	 government goods and services being delivered properly?
At the click of a mouse managers can            An integrated powerful business
access current and historical vehicle or        intelligence platform for online reporting:                 The implementation of the FleetSmart Solution has led to the following
driver trip information such as:                 Custom and standard detail reports
                                                ,	                                                          results:
,	 location
 GPS                           ,	 / Stop
                                Start            Dashboards
                                                ,	                                                          ,	 Operational costs reduced by 10% or more
 Duration                       Speed                                                                       ,	 Maintenance costs reduced by 10.5% or more
,	                             ,	                Summary reports
                                                                                                            ,	 Operator compliance improved by 27% or more
,	                              Run-time
                               ,	                Drill-down reports
                                                                                                            ,	 Warranty recovery improved by 23% or more
,	                              Routes
                               ,	                Historical reports through selectable date ranges
                                                ,	                                                          ,	 Downtime reduced by15% or more
,	 consumption                                   Exportable PDF, XML, Excel, CSV
                                                ,	                                                          ,	 Travel time improved by 15% or more
                                                                                                            ,	 Vehicle utilization improved by13% or more

2 Geo-fencing
Managers can create, name and assign            5 Management Benefits
                                                A StreetSmart™ application provides more than technology,
geo-fences to one or more vehicles or                                                                       Improved Vehicle Utilization
                                                it provides managed service:                                                                                  +13%
drivers so that they may access reports
or alerts notifying them of the following:       Custom telemetry development
                                                ,	                                                                 Improved Travel Time                          +15%
 Radial or rectangular areas
,	                                                                                                                  Reduced Downtime                             +15%
                                                 Device installation services
 Entry and/or Exit
                                                 Training services
                                                ,	                                                                   Warranty Recovery                                        +23%

                                                 Business process change consulting
                                                ,	                                                                Operator Compliance                                                +27%
                                                ,	 based SaaS
3 SMS and Email Alerts                                                                                      Reduced Maintenance Costs                   +10.5%
Get instant notifications via a cell phone       24/7
                                                ,	 Technical support available 365 days a year
                                                                                                             Reduced Operational Costs                 +10%
or your email for Events such as:
 Excess speeding or idling
 Geo-fence violations
,	 or siren activation
 Other sensors equipment activation
                                                                                                            StreetSmart™ is recognized as an expert in municipal asset management.
                                                                                                               From parking meters to emergency vehicles StreetSmart™ is a
                                                                                                            	 ,	                                                                             leader in the field of
                                                                                                                   remote asset management.
                                                                                                               StreetSmart™ helps municipalities across the country monitor and maintain their
                                                                                                                   geographically distributed assets.