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									Application Hosting Services
This document describes the model used to determine charges for services hosted
by MIS. The procedure also includes the finalised list of charges for 2006/7.

Guiding Principles
    •   MIS cannot subsidise customer business activity other that when this has
        been explicitly agreed by the Director of MIS.
    •   The charging model will be simple and transparent. MIS staff and customers
        will understand the model and how charges are being calculated.
    •   Shared infrastructure will be used whenever possible. This aims to provide a
        win/win scenario where MIS make a modest return on investment and the
        customer gets a cheaper, higher quality service.
    •   Prices will be reviewed annually and may go up or down depending on
        external and internal factors such as hardware replace costs, software
        maintenance charges and staffing costs – this latter factor will only be
        increased in line with general University salary inflation, i.e. about 5% per
        annum typically.
    •   Costs will be payable annually for the duration of the agreement. The
        minimum agreement length is 1 year.
    •   MIS staff activity in support of the hosted application will, as far as possible,
        be captured using the MIS Time Recording system. Whenever possible a
        code will be set up within Time Recording for each hosted application and the
        actual MIS staff time captured in Time Recording will be made available to the

Solely Owned Infrastructure
The customer pays all hardware and software purchase and maintenance charges at
cost and gets sole use of the infrastructure. MIS charges a fixed fee, the
Management Charge, for providing services which may include:

    •   Server specification and purchasing*
    •   Server set up and application configuration*
    •   Managing the server environment.
    •   Security services including firewall and patching.
    •   Backup and recovery.
    •   Performance and capacity management.
    •   Resilience management - this will typically require additional resilient
        hardware and software.
    •   Fault rectification on the hardware and system software.

This option will be attractive where the application is “right-sized” for the hardware or
the customer requires sole control over down time etc. Solely owned infrastructure
will also be used where the risk of dependencies between applications is
unacceptable or where a third-party supplier requires full administrator access to the
server as part of their support contract.

*For a larger implementation which requires >5 days MIS resource to complete
additional setup charges may apply. For these cases additional resource days will
be charged at the current MIS Resource Daily Rate (currently £230 per day).

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Shared Hosting Infrastructure
This option is the MIS preferred service offering as it offers customers a high quality
service at a lower cost than with solely owned infrastructure. Although there are
inevitably compromises when using a shared infrastructure, e.g. one application can
require a server re-start and consequently downtime for other applications, MIS staff
are experienced in managing these scenarios to provide the best possible service for
all our customers.

For MIS to cost effectively deploy shared infrastructure we need sufficient customers
to pay for the shared environment. This cost is reflected in the charge each customer
will pay.

For the Windows environment we assume that applications are typically small and
that we can run up to five such applications on a shared 2 CPU Windows server.
The customer pays a share of the hardware and software costs based on the MIS
fully utilising the shared environment, i.e. each customer pays approximate 1/5 of the
annual hardware and software costs.

A Management Charge, reflecting the MIS staff costs of supporting the application, is
charged for each server used to deliver the application. (N.B MIS will, wherever
possible, follow best practice by separating the software and database components
of the application on to distinct servers.)

In addition to these basic guidelines some additional rules will apply:

    •   The default application software environment is Macromedia Cold Fusion.
        Where a customer requires other application software MIS will purchase this
        on their behalf and install it on the shared infrastructure if this is technically
        appropriate. In these cases the customer will pay the full cost of the additional
        software components.
    •   The database server option for Windows is Microsoft SQL Server only.
    •   The service includes up to 10 Gb storage per application.
    •   Customers who wish to run the application and database on the same server
        will be directed towards a solely owned infrastructure solution as this option
        infringes the security of the shared infrastructure.
    •   Where possible the Windows Shared infrastructure will be made resilient and
        users of the shared infrastructure will pay a share of this additional cost.

Please note that client/server applications which run from the users desktop
environment utilising standard file based server access, e.g. Access or FoxPro
solutions, will continue to be provided to MIS Desktop Service customers at no
additional cost.

The UNIX environment offers a greater range of server and application options -
including the possibility of deploying larger services on mid-range and enterprise
UNIX servers. In the charging model for UNIX we classify applications, and their
separate database component, as large or small. This classification is used to
determine the type of servers required, the number of such applications which can be
hosted and hence the customer’s share of hardware and software charges.

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Typical components of the UNIX shared infrastructure include:

    •   Apache web server and Tomcat application server.
    •   Cold Fusion server and application code. Please note that Cold Fusion is only
        available on a 2 CPU UNIX server. Cold Fusion applications are always
        considered to be small in the charging model.
    •   Oracle Application Server and application code. Please not that Oracle
        Application Server is only available on a 4 CPU UNIX server. Oracle
        Application Server applications are always considered to be large in the
        charging model.
    •   Oracle Database Server. Please note that the Oracle database is only
        available on >4 CPU UNIX server.
    •   Load balanced and resilient application servers (the customer optionally pays
        an additional charge for the components used to provide this solution).
    •   Up to 10 Gb storage for small applications or up to 50 Gb storage for large

Hosting Charges for 2006/7
Solely Owned Infrastructure

Management          Windows server                               £2000 per server
                    UNIX server                                  £4000 per server

Shared Infrastructure

Management          Windows or UNIX server                         £2000 per server
                    2nd and subsequent UNIX or Windows             £1000 per server
                    servers used to provide application
Hardware            Windows Server                                 £250 per server
                    2 CPU UNIX Server - Small Application           £250 per server
                    2 CPU UNIX Server- Large Application                   n/a
                    4 CPU UNIX Server - Small Application           £500 per server
                    4 CPU Unix Server - Large Application          £1000 per server
                    >4 CPU UNIX Server - Small Application          £625 per server
                    >4 CPU UNIX Server - Large Application         £2500 per server
                    2nd and subsequent UNIX or Windows               Multiply Single
                    servers used to provide application             Server Cost by
                    resilience (active/active mode)               Number of Servers
                    2nd and subsequent UNIX or Windows               No Additional
                    servers used to provide application                 Charge
                    resilience (active/passive mode)
Software            Cold Fusion Enterprise Edition For             £175 per server
Charges             Windows or UNIX
                    Business Objects Web Intelligence 2.7 For     £1000 per universe
                    Oracle Application Server For UNIX             £640 per server
                    Oracle Database Enterprise Edition For         £640 per server

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                  UNIX - Small Application
                  Oracle Database Enterprise Edition For   £2560 per server
                  UNIX - Large Application
                  2nd and subsequent UNIX or Windows        Multiply Single
                  servers used to provide application       Server Cost by
                  resilience (active/active mode)          Number of Servers
                  2nd and subsequent UNIX or Windows         No Additional
                  servers used to provide application          Charge
                  resilience (active/passive mode)

Authors: Simon Marsden and Mark Ritchie
Last Update Date: November 2006

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