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									Shumway Neighbors
News & Information for Shumway Residents and Businesses within the boundaries of 39th St., Main St., 4th Plain Blvd. and I-5.

September 2009
Next Meeting: September 3, 2009

Location Change!
Knights of Pythias Retirement Center 3409 Main St 7:00 pm
Agenda: Columbia River Crossing: SR 500/Fourth Plain design, the removal/taking of homes/property along I Street and tolling. Thank you to the boy scouts for delivering the newsletters door to door this month!
Newsletters can be found each month from September to June at the following locations:
Dairy Queen – 2707 Main Street Safeway – customer service counter, 3707 Main Street th BR Capital, Inc – 411 E. 29 Street Residences at: 3804 H Street - 3413 H Street - 3501 F Street - 2708 I Street Look for the plastic flip top box secured to a fence or post.

Officer Elections in October!
At the October meeting we will be taking nominations and electing officers for the next year. The membership of the association is open to all residents, property owners, business licensees, and non profit organizations within the boundaries of this neighborhood. The boundaries are: Area th between I-5 to Main Street and Fourth Plain Blvd. to 39 Street. All persons listed above, 18 years or older, become members of the neighborhood association immediately upon attendance at a meeting. To be eligible for voting you must attend at least one meeting within the proceeding 24 months. Chairperson- Act as the primary executive officer and preside over all deliberations and activities of the Neighborhood Association. Vice-Chairperson - Assist the chairperson in all duties and perform the function of the chairperson in his/her absence, serve as a spokesperson for the association, and be responsible for notifying the membership of meetings and activities. (Notification automatically done through the neighborhood newsletter). Secretary- Act in conjunction with the officers, keep the minutes of all of the association’s public and executive meetings, serve as a spokesperson for the association, and maintain the financial records of the association. Treasurer - The financial records consist of the checkbook. There are no tax records to keep or financial statements to prepare. Newsletter Editor - Edit the newsletter, have it printed and distributed to the membership. Any office may be shared by two individuals and will be identified as Co-chairs More information about the offices can be found by contacting the current officers. Contact information is at the bottom of page 2 of this newsletter.

Shumway Neighborhood Association Minutes June 4, 2009
In Attendance: Anne McEnerny-Ogle (Chair); Michele Wollert (Secretary); Abby Brown (Newsletter Editor); Terry Ogle; Dave Brown; Lisa Brown; Manfred Plikat; John Caton; Linda Caton; Don Meyer; Laura Meyer; Judy Stewart (Vancouver Police Department); Terry Weiner (Liaison, City of Vancouver); Kelly Sweeney (PDX Airport Citizen Noise Advisory Committee); Jason Schwartz (Port of Portland); and Maryam Asgharian (Bonneville Power Administration). Call to Order: Anne called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and announced the agenda. PDX Noise Management: Kelly Sweeney and Jason Schwartz gave a PowerPoint presentation on noise management issues at Portland International Airport and discussed possible impacts to neighborhoods in Portland and Vancouver. Residents may visit to obtain more information about runway construction, filing noise complaints, and informative maps that chart traffic patterns. Bonneville Power Administration: Maryam Asgharian, Public Affairs Specialist for the BPA presented information about the future I-5 Corridor Reinforcement for power line enhancement, which will impact cities along the interstate corridor through WA and OR. She explained that the project is in the earliest stages of development and that neighbors are encouraged to visit the website to keep informed. There will be a period of information sharing and public comment once the specific route and affected cities have been determined. Ms. Asgharian collected email/mail addresses of interested neighbors so that she can send updates. Anne invited her back for the September meeting. Street Mural Update: Abby Brown has applied for a $300 city grant to pay for materials needed to paint the street st mural at the intersection of F and 31 Streets. Neighborhood volunteers and art students from the VSAA will be on hand sometime in August, with the specific date to be determined. It was suggested that this be combined with a neighborhood picnic. Since the street will need to be partially closed, Linda Caton moved that Shumway Neighborhood Association support the need for volunteers and street closure. Terry Ogle seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Newsletter Editor: Anne announced that Abby Brown is graduating at the top 5% of her Hudson’s Bay senior class and congratulated her. Since she is leaving for WSU at the end of August, we need to find a new editor for the newsletter. Anne thanked Abby for her hard work on both the newsletter and the street mural project. Traffic Control: The following issues were discussed: rd 1. 33 and F: Anne reported that she has talked with John Manix of the city’s Transportation Department recently and that improvements at this intersection will be proceeding in the summer as planned. th th 2. 39 Street: With the help of a large grant, safety improvement projects will begin on 39 Street between P and Kaufman. These include rumble strips and striping; improved lighting; and meandering lanes between Main and Kaufman similar to what has been developed on McLoughlin to slow traffic. However, street parking will be significantly diminished, as a result. 3. SR500 bridge at St. Johns: WSDOT will be closing St. Johns to the North and South of SR 500 for a short distance while an overpass is being constructed during an 18 month period. Burnt Bridge Creek Trail will also be redirected. This project is in the early stages of planning. 4. Columbia River Crossing: Open houses and booths at farmer’s markets and fairs will continue throughout the summer months. Charter Review Committee: John Caton reported on this committee’s progress with only 2 meetings left before the public hearings begin. Seven areas were identified as top priority for suggested charter revisions. A separate committee was recommended to be formed to study the specific issues surrounding the creation of separate wards or voting districts for city council elections. th Additional Information: June 6 is Shumway’s annual “Dumpster Day” clean up in the VSAA parking lot from 8 AM until 2:00 PM. Donations to the Association will be gladly accepted. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM. Next Shumway Neighborhood Association meeting is scheduled for September 3rd at 7:00 PM in the VSAA media center. There are no meetings in July or August. Respectfully submitted, Michele Wollert, Secretary

Neighborhood Officers:
Chairperson ~ Anne McEnerny-Ogle, 3501 F St., 695-5124, Vice chairperson~ Lisa Ghormley, 3705 H St., 993-2139, st Secretary ~ Michele Wollert, 602 E 31 Street, 993-0106, th Treasurer ~ Jim Martin, 604 E. 28 St., 696-9844, Newsletter Editor ~ Abby Brown, 3413 H St., 695-3323, City Liaison ~Terry Weiner, Assistant City Attorney, Civil Division 696-8251,

The City of Vancouver supports the Neighborhood Associations in their effort to share vital information with residents in order to create a more informed public. However, the information provided and the opinions and views expressed in Neighborhood Association newsletters or other documents do not necessarily represent the position of the City of Vancouver, nor does the City determine whether the information published is accurate or appropriate. Printed by the City of Vancouver Office of Neighborhoods.

Fridays at the Fort
Every Friday through September 18, the public is encouraged to join costumed staff and volunteers as they interpret life at Vancouver Barracks in the second half of the nineteenth century for the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site’s “Evening on the Row” free program series. Programs run from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and begin at the General O. O. Howard House, just south of the traffic circle on Fort Vancouver Way. All programs are free of charge. Themes vary weekly, please refer to the schedule below. August 7 – 1867 Evening of Croquet August 14 – Waltzing Through Time August 21 – TBA, call park guide Doug Halsey for details at 360.816.6242 August 28 – 1867 Evening of Croquet September 4 – Waltzing Through Time September 11 – Costumed park ranger will converse with guests at the Restaurant on the Reserve at the Grant House September 18 – TBA, call park guide Cassie Anderson for details at 360.816.6230 Visitors are encouraged to bring their own picnic dinners for on “1867 Evening of Croquet” and “Waltzing Through Time” evenings. The “1867 Evening of Croquet” program provides a quick history, demonstration, and lesson of croquet. Croquet was a new and exciting game in 1867, with its official rules freshly published! Learn how to play alongside costumed staff and volunteers—just as the families at Vancouver Barracks would have done nearly a century and a half ago. Bring a picnic and spend the evening on the shaded lawn of the General O.O. Howard House. Unlike the “1867 Evening of Croquet” program, the “Waltzing Through Time” event is not set in a specific year—it instead spans the 1850s to 1890s. Three couples--outfitted in costumes ranging from the mid to late nineteenth century—will dance to historic waltzes also ranging from the 1850s to 1890s. The waltzes will be played by costumed musicians on the porch of the General O.O. Howard House. For additional information about this and other special events offered by the National Park Service at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, please visit our website or call the Visitor Center at 360. 816.6230.

Alert Clark County Sign Up - Be Informed!
Clark County has implemented an emergency community warning system that is able to send emergency messages via telephone, cellular phone, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and email to residents and businesses within the county. This system may be used by emergency response personnel to notify specific homes and businesses at risk with specific information about the emergency event. You will only be called when the associated address will be impacted by an emergency. The system is already programmed with landline phone numbers (both listed and unlisted) from phone company records. HOWEVER, unless you take the actions described below, it cannot contact your cellular phone, VoIP phone or email address. To ensure that you receive these warnings you will need to register the telephone numbers for your cellular phone, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone, and email address. If the call is picked up by an answering machine it will leave a message and not retry the call. If the number is busy or does not answer, the system will make two additional attempts. Also, this system can contact TTY/TDD devices used by the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Common reasons to sign up:
Receive emergency information affecting your home Receive emergency information for locations other than your home (like your business or another family member that you care for)

Type of information you may receive:
Police needing your help to solve crimes or find missing persons Knowledge about a hazardous situation near your home (fire, hazardous materials release, or police response activities) Emergency protective measures during a disaster Receive current emergency and preparedness information by subscribing to CRESA’s blog and Twitter feed today. CRESA’s Blog: CRESA’s Twitter:

Dumpster Day Results!
According to the transfer station tickets Shumway had one truckload of bulky items weighing 1.52 tons and one drop box of yard debris weighing 3.51 tons. Because we collected metal to recycle, set aside items for reuse, and recycled block foam, we qualified for the Resource Conservation Challenge and earned $100! The scrap metal netted $50 and we also received $25 in donations. Thanks to Linda Caton and Frank Durovchic for organizing and running this event.

Fun and Free Events!
FunWagon Brings Free Summer Fun To You! Shumway Neighborhood Park corner of F and 31st Streets Mondays 1- 3 p.m
This program is 100% funded by donations - no City or County funds are being used. Your donation will help keep the wheels turning on the FunWagon this summer! Make your contribution today, to the Parks Foundation of Clark County, 360.693.7050.

Vancouver Farmers Market Now open Friday evenings 5 – 9!

First Fridays Artwalk!
September 4th from 4-8 p.m. Enjoy an evening of music art and fun while you visit Downtown Vancouver’s art galleries and the Uptown Village stores and restaurants.

Second Saturdays at the Water Resource Center!
The second Saturday of each month is special at the Water Resource Center. Join us and explore a water or nature theme and make a project to take home! September 13 will feature painting a small wood carving from 1-3 pm. Admission is free. Youth must be accompanied by an adult. For directions, visit or call 360-487-7111.

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