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									NORTH WEST FEDERATION OF CROQUET CLUBS Minutes of A.G.M. Held on Saturday 10th November 2007 at Culcheth Sports and Social Club By kind invitation of Culcheth Sports and Social Club Committee: Chairman: Secretary: Treasurer: Development Officer League Manager Coaching Officer: CA Representative: NW Club Champ. Pennine Cup Captain Barry Keen 01565 632 420 Ian Lines 0161 929 5443 Geoff Young 0161 766 6048 Keith Roberts 01704 875529 John Wilkinson 01928 724 367 David Barrett 01706 368214 Barry Keen 01565 632 420 Keith Roberts 01704 875529 Paul Rigge 01706 212 280 20 Grove Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8QA 8 Oakwood Lane, Bowdon, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 3DL 12 Millom Drive, Unsworth, Bury, Lancs., BL9 8NJ 17 Beechwood Drive, Formby, L37 2DG 33 Ardern Lea, Alvanley, Warrington, Cheshire, WA6 9EQ 61 Heywood Hall Road, Heywood, Lancs., OL10 4UZ 20 Grove Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8QA 17, Beechwood Drive, Formby, L37 2DG 4 Lyndale Close, Crawshawbooth, Rossendale, BB4 8LT 20 Grove Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8QA

Child Protection Officer. Barry Keen 01565 632 420

Present: Ken and Ros Pimlott, John Saxby, John Wilkinson (Bowdon) David Barrett, Jean Hargreaves, Paul Rigge, Geoff and Barbara Young (Bury) David Gaylor, Janet Davies, Alan and Pat Clare (Chester) Pat Bowler, Alison and Eric Charters, Anne and Bob Connop, Janet McKenzie, Margaret Williams (Culcheth) Liz Wilson (Fylde) Georgina Llewellyn, Val Kenyon, Helen and Jack Pattenden (Llanfairfechan) Kathlyn and Roger Schofield (Pendle and Craven) Bob Burnett, John Haslam, Melanie and Terry Foster (Southport and Birkdale) 1. Welcome by the Chairman Bob Burnett welcomed everybody to the meeting and explained that subject to the approval of members he had been asked to act as chairman in Barry Keen’s absence and John Saxby to act as secretary in Ian Lines’ absence. John Saxby was asked to send a suitable card to Barry Keen with the meeting’s good wishes. 2. Apologies for Absence Apologies had been received from: Barry Keen, Ian Lines (Bowdon) Margaret Anderton (Bury) Dave Nick (Crake) Peter Wilson (Fylde) Alan Pidcock, Keith Roberts (Southport) Minutes of the Previous Meeting The minutes of the meeting held on 10th March 2007 were approved. Matters Arising from Minutes of the Previous Meeting None.



2007 NW Federation AGM (Draft)

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Reports on the Year from Officers A Chairman - Barry Keen No report. B. Secretary - Ian Lines No report. C. Teasurer - Geoff Young Geoff submitted his report. A copy of the accounts are attached to these minutes. He recommended that the Affiliation Fee should remain at £20 and requested clubs to pay him after the meeting. The report was approved. D. Development Officer - Keith Roberts No report. E. C.A. Representative - Barry Keen No report. F. Coaching Officer - John Haslam John Haslam reported that Ray Lowe and Liz Wilson became Grade 1 Coaches; Don Williamson a Golf Croquet Coach; and Janet Davies a Club Coach. John Haslam had run a one afternoon coaching course at Fylde. Barry Keen had run a Referees/Laws Course. Janet Davies stated that: a) She had wanted a Club Coaches Course, but James didn’t run it. b) She had wanted to do Barry’s Laws Course but it was full. Barry has indicated that he will only run it every other year. James Hawkins is running a Golf Coaches Coaching Course on 12-13 April 2008 at Culcheth (reported by Culcheth members). G. Championship Manager - Keith Roberts John Haslam gave the Southport Committee a warning - “Use it or lose it”. Bowdon won in 2007 – the weather was dreadful. The 2008 event will be held at Southport on 28-29 June. Liz Wilson will be Secretary/organise again next year. H. League Manager - John Wilkinson John had nothing to add to his report which had been circulated. The AGM endorsed the changes to the League Rules for Golf proposed by the League Manager in his report, i.e. time limit of 45 minutes plus 5 minutes for double-banked games. The Chairman pleaded with clubs: a) to ensure that League team captains knew the rules; b) to get all players to join the CA. A long debate then took place on the points system for the Advanced League. The following views were all aired: • • • • Not enough games for clubs with many advanced players Not enough players (teams of three) Too many fixtures to fit in where advanced players were in handicap teams Bias against low handicappers, etc.

No conclusions were reached. A sub-committee of interested parties would be assembled by John Wilkinson to report to the Spring Meeting. The Report of the sub-committee is attached to these minutes. I. Pennine Cup Captain - Paul Rigge Pendle and Craven were happy to host all future matches. It was decided that costs should be split each year. The Cup was regained by the North-West in 2007. Robin Delves was this year’s hero. Paul provided the following report. PENNINE CUP RETAINED BY WEST 5 - 4 OVER EAST This year’s cross-Pennine challenge, contested by a team drawn from the North West against the combined Croquet North & Yorkshire Federations, took place at Pendle & Craven on Sun 23rd Sept.
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The match format is a contest between two teams of six, balanced on handicap to ideally produce an interesting contest of advanced doubles in the morning, with stronger players partnering & coaching class B or C players round. The afternoon comprises of six single games, three advanced and three handicap, again balanced on ability. We usually wait for the East’s to declare their side and then try to recruit to that index. This they did on 2nd September and by raiding Bowdon, Liverpool, Pendle & Craven, Bury and Southport clubs, I had no difficulty this year in matching (on paper) to that team. My thanks to all who took part, and to how receptive to my call to arms they were individually. Many thanks are also owed to Pendle & Craven (in particular Abdul Ahmed) for hosting the event and laying on excellent food, play was allowed this year between courses! And the courts continue to improve. I arrived in time to witness Robin taking the team score to 5 – 3, thus retaining the Cup! The results (NW names first) were: Ken Cooper & Robin Delves James Hawkins & Tony Thomas Roger Schofield & Tony Phillips Advanced Singles: Ken Cooper (-1) James Hawkins (0) Roger Schofield (3) Handicap Singles: Tony Phillips (7) Tony Thomas (8) Robin Delves (11) beat lost to beat Andy Davies & Alice Fleck Charles Waterfield & Roger Staples Phil Errington & Derek Knight +3t -24 +13

lost to lost to lost to

Andy Davies Charles Waterfield Phil Errington

(-1) (1/2) (3)

-26tp -17 -12

beat beat beat

Derek Knight Roger Staples Alice Fleck

(7) (8) (9)

+20 +8 +15 * mismatch due to Charles declaring an 11

Would Pendle & Craven be hosts again in 2008? Since again, no dates at Heaton Park are available. The suggestion for next year is that both Federations pay 50% of cost annually rather than at present, 100% on alternate years. J. Child Protection Officer - Barry Keen No report. 6. Millennium Competitions - Geoff Young In 2007 the Advanced had 17 entries, 9 in the A class and 8 in the B class. The Handicap event at Chester had only 13 entries. In 2008, the Advanced (Neil Williams Trophy) will be at Heaton Park on 5-6 April 2008. The Handicap will be at Pendle & Craven on 21-22 June 2008, and will be managed by Abdul Ahmad. Jean Hargreaves’ proposal for a N.W Fed. Golf Croquet Tournament was approved. This will be organised, run and hosted by Bury (arranged for 6 July at Heaton Park). 7. Heaton Park - David Barrett Key dates in 2008 at Heaton Park are 5-6 April 12-13 April 21-22 June 2-5 July 6 July 20-21 September NW Fed Millennium Advanced Tournament (Neil Williams Trophy) Lancashire International Open Golf Tournament Heaton Park Advanced Great Britain versus USA (Solomon Trophy Test) NWFCC Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament Heaton Park Handicap

2007 NW Federation AGM (Draft)

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Club Reports and Announcements Bowdon - John Saxby John Saxby reported that the success of the new B Level weekend and the high quality of entries at the Northern Championships (5 of the world top ten players taking part). Bowdon has been awarded the President’s Cup for 2008. The new equipment hut has been completed, so thanks were recorded to the N.W Fed., the CA and Manchester Airport for their grants. Bury - Jean Hargreaves We have now had electricity for a year and what a bonus! Work is ongoing with improvements in the clubhouse and grounds though playing croquet took precedence during the season. We have had several successes this year. Once again we fielded seven teams, two of which came first in their respective leagues and two others came second and third in the Handicap League. Well done everybody. At the N.W. Federation Championships the club came third overall. It was unfortunate that the second day was cancelled due to the weather. One member won the Millennium Handicap Tournament and though he couldn't match the success in the All England Handicap did manage to gain his Croquet Association Bronze Medal; another member, new this year, lost in the National Final of the Grass Roots – a superb achievement; we had a winner in the club of Bury's first Heaton Park Advanced Tournament. We have hosted several competitions at Heaton Park. Members have enjoyed all internal individual competitions in Golf, Short Lawn, Full Lawn Handicap and Advanced, and in the Golf Doubles and the Association Doubles. We held our first Finals Day, another successful venture for the club. Apart from our normal club sessions Thursday mornings were dedicated to coaching for Short Lawn play and any other coaching as requested. Once again we welcomed members from other clubs for our Fun (Association) Day and, for the first time this year, our Fun (Golf) Day. Although not as many this year we have still had several visiting groups, most of them having been before so obviously enjoy it! The club also enjoyed another first with our weekend away in March at Cober Hill, near Scarborough, where we enjoyed a mini croquet tournament as well as other activities Our membership numbers are down slightly this year but the enthusiasm is still very great. We again held a successful Open Day in support of Bury Hospice early in the season. Thanks to Paul Rigge we now have our own dedicated Website so please take time to visit it. I would like to finish by thanking everyone who has helped me during my time as secretary and hope the same support and encouragement will be given to Maureen Whittle as she succeeds me. I hope we can all look forward to the 2008 season and all the pleasures and challenges it brings. Key dates in 2008 at Bury (Coronation Park) are 29 February 27 July 9 August 12 August Club Annual Dinner (at Bury Golf Club) Association Fun Day (open to other clubs) Grass Roots Regional Heat (Finals possibly 13 September) Golf Fun Day (open to other clubs)

If any club wants more information about Grass Roots or Centre Stage you can ring Jean Hargreaves (0161 792 4694). Please encourage your High and Middle Handicap Golf players to enter these competitions. Chester Once again the club has had a very satisfactory year. Membership has remained at 60. Though we lost a number of members we gained new ones and several recent joiners are proving very keen. There was no problem in filling the places on the beginners’ course. We also have several candidates for nest year’s beginners’ course. Despite miserably wet weather we only had to rearrange one fixture because of unplayable lawns – they may not be horizontal, but at least they don’t flood – and our new parks manager seems keen to improve the quality of the turf and has obtained extra budget provision from the Council for works this winter.
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We played all our league matches, coming first in the handicap league, second in the mid week handicap and golf leagues and halfway down the table in the short league. Once again we won our annual match against Shrewsbury for the Northern Marches Cup. For the second time we took our turn with Pendle at staging the Millennium handicap tournament which was a successful & enjoyable event with 13 entrants from 5 Clubs. The winner was Justin Brightmore from Bury with David Guyton of Chester as runner up. We have again been in demand by local organisations to put on golf croquet events (3 this year) and have also provided golf croquet for a ‘corporate entertainment’ at a local hotel, for the Chester clients (Bank of Scotland) of a large firm of Birmingham solicitors. This earned us a fee of £500 and the interest of the hotel so we are hoping for repeat business. Training is an important issue and in addition to the annual beginners’ course we ran two in house improvers’ evenings and have instituted a fairly light hearted alternate shot doubles competition whose main purpose is the improvement of the high bisquers’ play. Our attempts to get club members onto referees and club coaches courses failed due to a local lack of courses or of places on courses. Negotiations with the council about a new pavilion have restarted. We are now taking a phased approach. Phase I will be to put in an adequate electricity supply to the location of the new pavilion with a short spur off to the existing portacabin. Quotes are being obtained. Crake Valley No report. Culcheth - Margaret Williams I think this has been one of the wettest seasons on record as far as the croquet players in this club can remember. We now have 17 members 4 new member this year. Davis Barrett came down to the Club twice in the summer to coach us in golf croquet and association - this helped us to bring on our new members. In turn we entered them in the competitions in the league to give them experience for the future. We had a few fun days in the summer one with the Lions via the Rotary and another was the Royal Bank of Scotland. We teamed up with the Petanque section of Culcheth Sports Club. Both events were enjoyed to the limit. Warrington Ladies circle also booked a date with us but it rained so hard they had to cancel. We were asked to put on a show at Walton Hall in Warrington in support of the Red Cross fun day. That also turned out to be a disaster - the only people who came along to play were the Ambulance driver and her side kick. I don’t think there were a dozen people in the park. It was a shame as the Red Cross had gone to a lot of trouble. The heavens also opened at Southport hence another weekend down the pan. Still it cannot be all doom and gloom we have had fun times even in the rain. Ellesmere Occasional games are still played. Fylde - Liz Wilson The highlight of the year for Fylde this year was playing underwater polo using sticks of rock for mallets, beach balls and Blackpool donkeys. The audience of seagulls really enjoyed the day. We managed to fulfil all our fixtures including a full commitment to the Longman Cup - which Fylde won! It was a pleasure to be at Wrest Park and hear the word bandit muttered around as Terry (handicap 18!) used his last bisque to do a rover peel. The lawns are improving slowly despite all the flooding which is always going to be a problem due to the water table in the area. We have approached the tennis club and they have agreed to let us use two of the “unused” grass courts as short lawns next year providing we don’t remove the net posts. This shouldn’t be a problem as there is room for one short lawn each side. This area of grass is 5 inches higher than our lawns and doesn’t appear to collect water in the same way. 18 of us spent a day lifting turf and in-filling some of the larger lakes - we will have to wait and see if this has helped. We plan to do the same thing again over the winter on other areas. We had another successful beginner’s course and retained 8 of the original 12 starters. Three are already playing in the teams. Three bronze medals and one silver were gained by our established members and we now have a grade one coach - not bad for a little club of 13 full croquet playing members. For further information we have a wonderful website ( with some very amusing photos and reports - the web-meister has a very strange sense of humour. I suggest, for instance, you check out the winner of our one day golf tournament.

2007 NW Federation AGM (Draft)

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Isle of Man No report. Keswick No report. Liverpool No report. Llanfairfechan We have enjoyed a successful season. Membership increased to 81. Increased interest has been generated in both existing and new members in Short croquet and I believe we will soon start converting some of this talent into positive results in the league games. In Golf we had our most successful year with a league finish in third place and again it has been pleasing to have seen new players coming forward to claim a place in the team. We continue to provide facilities for the disabled to play croquet and this season we included a third group from Llandrillo College Special Needs dept. so that in total 177 children and adults with learning, behavioural or disability problems visited the lawns. Great credit goes to the small group of our members who guide them around the lawns. Aside from the croquet our main preoccupation during the last twelve months has been the raising of funds for our new clubhouse project. I am pleased to say that we have had a fair degree of success. After early disappointments we received a tremendous boost in August with a grant of £84,000 from the Welsh Assembly. With contributions already promised from the CA, our local council, Conwy Voluntary Services group and the generosity of our own members and the local community the target has been reduced from an initial £141,000 down to £l2,200. Whilst the last yards are always the hardest we are determined to succeed. During this season we appointed a qualified green keeper to look after our lawns. By the end of the season we could appreciate an improvement in the playing surface and hope that visiting teams will notice improved playing conditions when you visit next year. Pendle and Craven We have bad some success this year. We won the Mary Rose for the first time in the club’s history. We won the NW Golf Croquet League and we enter a team in the East Pennine League that consists of Belsay Hall, Tyneside, Middleshorough, Beverley and us. We came top of this league also. We have had various successful tournaments and hope to have next season, starting with the John Beech Easter Memorial Tournament to which you are all invited. The lawns are now closed for winter ground works to take place, but various social events have been arranged. Our membership remains steady so we could do with a new influx of players. Two of our new members who joined the club this season and had coaching courses have represented the club in league matches and have had a small measure of success. Penrith and North Lakes U3A No report. Southport and Birkdale Big plea to support the NW Championships. The lawns are improving using their own money to supplement Council efforts. Westmorland - John Burrows No report.


NW Federation Equipment Assets No change.

10. County Captains Lancashire – David Openshaw will be Captain and Alan Pidcock will be Organiser. Cheshire – Colin Irwin will be Captain and Organiser. 11. Presentation of Trophies The Chairman presented trophies to the following:Advanced Bowdon Canons Handicap Chester Short Croquet Bury Golf Croquet Pendle Midweek Bury Noted that Crake did not return the Advanced Trophy, and Pendle did not return the Handicap Trophy.
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12. Election of Officers The following officers were elected:Chairman Secretary Treasurer Development Officer CA Representative Coaching Officer League Manager Championship Manager

Barry Keen Ian Lines Geoff Young Keith Roberts Barry Keen (3 year appointment) David Barrett John Wilkinson Keith Roberts

13. Any Other Business Croquet North Leaflet The secretary asked all club secretaries to send information required for the Croquet North pamphlet to Ian Lines by the end of December. Secretary’s Records Club secretaries were asked to report to Ian Lines changes to their officers and/or their contact details be sent to him as they arise. 14. Date of Next Meeting The next Spring Meeting will be held on Saturday 8th March 2008 at 10.00 am in the Ariel Room at the Culcheth Sports and Social Club. The next AGM will be held on Saturday 8th November 2008 at 10.00am in the Ariel Room at the Culcheth Sports and Social Club. 15. Close of Meeting The Chairman thanked the Culcheth Sports and Social Club for their hospitality and closed the meeting. Ian Lines NW Federation Secretary 20 December 2007

2007 NW Federation AGM (Draft)

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BOWDON Names of Club Secretaries listed first in bold, followed by any other NW Federation representatives/contacts. Sec: John Saxby 2 Southfield, Richmond Road, Bowdon, WA14 2TY 0161 928 4692 NW Fed. Rep. Ian Lines 8 Oakwood Lane, Bowdon, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 3DL 0161 929 5443 Sec: Maureen Whittle 01204 885850 NW Fed. Rep. David Barrett 01706 368 214 Paul Rigge Janet Davies 01244 350 370 Joan Clinch 01229 861 343 Chairman David Nicholson 01229 861040 112 Moorside Road, Tottington,Bury, BL8 3HR 61 Heywood Hall Road, Heywood, Lancashire, OL10 4UZ 10 Dee Hills Park, Chester, CH3 5AR No e-mail address Brow Head, Spark Bridge, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 8BT No e-mail address 6, Bankside, Penny Bridge, nr. Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7RH 12, Burnham Close, Culcheth, Warrington, WA3 4LJ “Isis”, 167B, Wigan Road, Leigh, WN7 5DF 10 Woodlea, Walkden Road, Worsley, Manchester, M28 2BJ No e-mail address No address No e-mail address No address Pear Tree Cottage, 40 Roe Green, Worsley, Manchester, M28 2RF No e-mail address 11 Parkside Road, Lytham St Annes, FY8 3SZ 9 West Beach, Lytham, Lancs., FY8 5QJ 4 Ballasteen Drive, Kirk Andreas, Isle of Man, IM7 4HQ 7 Auckland Terrace, Ramsey, Isle of Man, IM8 1AF c/o French, Jawarra, Lezayre Mount Windsor Mount, Ramsey, Isle of Man, IM8 3HB or The Archway, 17 St John Street, Keswick, CA12 5AE 1 Croft Avenue, Slyne-with-Hest, Lancaster, LA2 6JJ 17 Heysham Ave., Morecambe & Heysham, Lancs., LA3 2DH No e-mail address 17 Dudlow Drive, Liverpool, L18 2HB 111 Gorwell, Llanfairfechan, Gwynedd, LL3 0DR No address 35 Church Street, Barrowford, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 6EB 46 Willow Bank, Manchester Rd, Barnoldswick, Colne, Lancs., BB18 5AR 43, Alma Avenue, Foulridge, Colne No e-mail address Castle Park, Boroughgate, Appleby-in-Westmorland, CA16 6XH The Beeches, Brougham, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 2DF No e-mail address 17 Beechwood Drive, Formby, L37 2DG 20 Talbot Street, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 1HP 12 Merepark Drive, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 9FB The Manor House, 1 Barn Croft, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0SX Gynn Cottage, New Hutton, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 0AR (fails) 20 Talbot Street, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 1HP




Sec Bob Connop 01925 765194 Chairman/NW Fed. Rep. Margaret Williams 01942 516 904 John Leach 0161 799 6463 Eileen Cowsill No telephone Dorothy Oldclough No telephone Pat Hague 0161 790 3514 Betty Bates 01273 722742 Liz Wilson 01253 735 266



Kevin Wells 01624 880551 NW Fed. Rep. Richard Bellwood 01624 813 128 Vice Chairman Kevin Garrad 01624 815 340 Tim Pickles 01768 774135 Tony Saville 01524 822 661 Hugh McKinney 01524 852 293 James Hawkins 0151 722 4207 Georgina Llewellyn 01248 680 861 Anwen Lloyd Williams 01248 680 738



Abdul Ahmad 01282 601770 Roger Schofield 01282 814571 Chairman Geoff Whittaker 01282 865565 PENRITH & N. LAKES U3A Mrs E. M. Hare 017683 51473 Chairman/Treasurer Mrs C. Slater 01768 8675811 SOUTHPORT Keith Roberts 01704 875529 NW Fed. Rep Tony Thomas 01704 538 885 Anne Belcher 01704 214 261 Alan Pidcock 01772 743859 Austin Brown 01539 720 009 Graham Whitehouse Tony Thomas 01704 538 885



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2007 NW Federation AGM (Draft)

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Members of the sub-committee The sub-committee comprised David Barrett, Bob Burnett, Liz Wilson and John Wilkinson. Terms of Reference The sub-committee was charged by the AGM to consider alternative formats and scoring systems to accommodate the wide range of handicaps involved and the restricted number of players available at some clubs without distorting the League Table. It was asked to take into account the desire of many players for more games and the reluctance of some scratch and minus players to play in doubles matches. It was required to submit recommendations to the Federation’s Spring Meeting for implementation in 2009. Conclusion and Recommendations The sub-committee concluded that it was not possible to devise a scoring system which recognised disparate handicaps and did not significantly distort the League Table from the traditional 2 points for a win and one for a draw. It recommends that the Federation forms two advanced leagues namely:1. Open League The teams to comprise 3 players with the format being all play all with no handicap restriction. 2. B Class League The teams could comprise 3 or 4 players as the Federation decides but it is recommended that the format is the same as for the Secretary’s Shield, i.e. one doubles game and four or six singles games according to the number of players in the teams. The doubles game could be used to introduce new players to advanced tactics. It is suggested that the B Class League should be restricted to handicaps of 2 and above. Subject to the handicap restriction in the B Class League players may play in both leagues. It is hoped that 3-player teams in the B Class League would encourage the larger clubs to enter two teams. If this is considered to be unlikely then teams of 4 are recommended to enable more players to participate. It is suggested that a league comprising five or fewer teams should play on a home and away basis and one comprising six or more should play just single matches between the teams. It is requested that clubs inform the League Secretary before the Spring Meeting whether they prefer 3 or 4-player teams in the B Class League, the number of teams they would expect to enter in this League under each of the two possibilities and whether they would expect to enter a team in the Open League. This would enable the discussion at the Federation Meeting to be better informed.

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