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Immigration Questions - Download as DOC


									                               “Immigration” Questions

                                     1945 - Present

                                  Dr. Erasmo Gamboa

    1. The Immigration Act of 1924 set up a quota system on immigration that favored
        immigrants from what part of the world?
    2. Explain how the quota system worked.
    3. Why was the quota system tweaked somewhat in the 1950s? It was to favor what
        group of people?
    4. A border patrol along the Mexican border was originally established in 1924; how
        many people originally patrolled the border?
    5. Up until 1924, what was the immigration policy with Mexico?
    6,7 For people to emigrate from one country and immigrate in another, there is
    always a factor “pushing” them to leave and a factor “pulling” them to a new land.
    What was the push and pull for Mexicans in the 1920s?
    8. What Hispanic community was actually established in the US before the
        Jamestown colony?
    9. What other industry was recruiting Mexican workers in the 1920s that increased
    10. In order to free up jobs during the Great Depression years, what did the US
        Government do with all immigrant nationalities?
    11. WWII created a huge labor demand for immigrants; especially on the railroads.
        What jobs did the Mexican workers fill on the railroads?
    12. The Chinese had a more difficult time getting into the US due to the quota
        system. What directions did the Chinese go to finally get into the US?
13 -14. What were two reasons for the increase in labor demand even after WWII?
    15. What word was used for the deportation of illegal immigrants in the US during
         the 1930s?
    16. In order to satisfy the complaints of trade unions against the post war contract
         labor program, what bond was required to pay for returned workers?
    17. When was the quota system established in 1924 next readjusted?
    18. Under the quota system of the 1924 Immigration Act, how was ethnicity

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