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Free Rental Lease Agreement Form

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									Vacation Rental Lease Agreement
By entering your payment and submitting this reservation you hereby agree to the following Terms and Conditions:
This lease is entered into by and between Scott and/or Denise Smith (hereinafter "Manager"),
and_______________________ "Guest", on the date the reservation form is submitted. Manager hereby leases to
Guest, and Guest leases from Manager, those premises commonly referred at Av del Mar #2028 Torre Las Gavias
condo #1206, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. (Hereinafter "Premises") under the following terms and conditions.


This lease shall commence on_________________ (Arrival Date), and shall continue until _________________
(Departure Date), (hereinafter "Term"), unless terminated at an earlier date in accordance with the provisions of this
lease dealing with default.


Guest agrees to pay Manager Rent for the use and occupancy of the Premises in the amount of _______________ .

Cancellation Policy

This agreement is cancelable by either party with a written notice 60 days prior to arrival. Full payment is due within
60 days of arrival. Payment is nonrefundable unless Manager is able to re-rent the unit at the same price. A deposit of
20% may be placed to reserve a unit. The deposit is refundable less any credit card transaction fee if applicable,
provided that written cancellation notice is made within 60 days prior to arrival date. A cancellation fee in the amount
of 20% of the deposit may be applied if guest cancels reservation.

Check In

Check in is after 3:00pm on the day of arrival. The key to the condo will be left at the security gate under guest’s name.

Check Out

Check out is before 11:00am. One week prior to arrival date an information pack will be mailed with the key to the
condo. After check out please place key and garage opener in envelope and leave on kitchen counter. There’s a $50
charge for lost key and a lost garage door opener. No late check out is available because the cleaners come at 11:00am
to get ready for the next guest.

No Smoking or Pets

The condo is a smoke free condo, smoking is not allowed inside . If you are a smoker we would ask you kindly to
please smoke outside and dispose of all of your litter. Sorry, but No pets are allowed.


We ask that you keep the music and excess noise down to a minimum after 10p.m. No parties are allowed. Only those
staying at the unit are allowed on the property.


Local calls are free, there is a block on all long distance calls. Guest should use a pre-paid calling card.

Loss and Damage

The rental of our condo will require a refundable damage deposit in the amount of $250.00. The purpose of this deposit
is to allow the owner to recover some of the expenses incurred from obvious or malicious neglect or from additional
cleaning required due to the tenant leaving the unit in abnormally dirty condition; also all breakage and rental damage
during your occupancy must be reported to the owner. Tenants are responsible for and are expected to assume liability
for any damage to the rental and its contents, other than normal wear and tear, during their occupancy. The unit will be
inspected after your check-out, and your deposit may be adjusted if any damage is found. The deposit will be remitted
within 21 days from date of departure.

Default by Guest

Manager and Guest agree that every condition, covenant, and provision of this lease is material. A breach of any
condition, covenant, or provision of this lease by Guest will constitute a material breach. For any material breach by
Guest, Manager may provide Guest with a written three-day notice that describes the breach and demands that Guest
cure the default. If Guest does not cure the default within the three days, or if a cure is not possible, this Lease will be

In the event of breach by Guest, Manager reserves all rights and remedies

, including the right to terminate the lease, the right to immediate possession of the premises, and the right to all
damages. Additionally, the parties agree that the following provisions apply to a breach of this lease by Guest:

If Guest breaches this lease and abandons the property before the end of the term, or if Manager terminates Guest's
right to possession because of Guest's breach of this lease, Manager may recover from Guest:

(1) The worth at the time of award of the unpaid rent that had been earned at the time of termination;

(2) The worth at the time of the award of the amount by which the unpaid rent that would have been earned after
termination until the time of award exceeds the amount of the rental loss that Guest proves could have been reasonably

(3) The worth at the time of award of the amount by which the unpaid rent for the balance of the term after the time of
award exceeds the amount of the rental loss for the period that Guest proves could be reasonably avoided; and

(4) Any other amount necessary to compensate Manager for all the detriment proximately caused by Guest's failure to
perform Guest's obligations under this lease, or that in the ordinary course of things would be likely to result from that

Sole Agreement

This document, including any attachments incorporated by reference herein, constitutes the entire and sole agreement
between Manager and Guest respecting the leased Premises, the leasing of the leased Premises to Guest, and the lease
term created under this Lease, and correctly sets forth the obligations of Manager and Guest to each other as of its date.
Any agreements or representations respecting the leased premises or their leasing by Manager to Guest not expressly
set forth in this lease agreement are null and void.

Executed on this date:

By: Scott and Denise Smith

By: __________________________

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