Famous Women Entrepreneurs by Chadcat

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									We tend to hear the names Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet when we hear about
entrepreneurs, but in recent years, we are hearing more about women in the world of business. There
are several famous women entrepreneurs that should be given consideration when you are thinking
about the advancements of our country as well as were you wish to head. Jobs and careers are all
important to us for different reasons. The great thing about having role models such as Oprah Winfrey,
Mary Kay Ash, and Anita Roddick are the obstacles and progress each of these women have made for
history and the industries they belong to.

Oprah Winfrey is perhaps the most famous women entrepreneurs in today’s world with the benefits
she has provided in Africa as well as those here in America. Oprah began working for a network when
she was seventeen. In 1976, she managed to begin her talk show career. Oprah has her own production
facility called Harpo Studios. She is also co- founder of Oxygen Media, and she still has her talk
show. Not only has she made progress with her own career just on a talk show, but also she has starred
in two movies, launched a magazine, and website.

One of the key differences in Oprah being an entrepreneur and others is how she makes a difference in
the world. She did not just take her success and run with it, instead she is out there helping to improve
education as well as to inspire others. Often career advancement is considered selfishly with
individuals. It is all about how we can make the monthly expenses, gain income to have what we
desire, and help just our family. We make choices in how to get the most from a career just to get
through the day. Therefore, when we look at famous women entrepreneurs giving a helping hand and
helping women advance in careers, we cannot help but find some lessons within their actions.

The next famous women entrepreneurs we should look at is Mary Kay Ash. This woman has made the
lives of others advance. She began a cosmetic company with the idea of selling cosmetics at parties, to
teach women how to apply makeup and how to take care of their skin. What sparked her career in
cosmetics was being upset with the male- dominated business world she had to work in. She married
young and had three children when her husband served in WWII.

While she first began selling books with door-to- door sales she soon began to change her mind about
where things should head. She divorced her husband and began working for Stanley Home
Products. She continued to stay with the company until 1963 when she finally retired from a top sales
director position. Mary Kay had the help of her son to start the first beauty consultant business. In later
years, it advanced to the home sales and incentive programs that we see today. She recognizes the need
for incentives to help women progress in the positions and she recognizes the need to give back to the
community. Her charitable foundation helps cancer research, shelters, and educational programs.

Anita Roddick is also in the world of cosmetics with the idea of The Body Shop. The idea initially
began with her creating cosmetics in her garage with every ingredient she had while her husband was
away. Despite his being gone for 10 months and needing a way to support her family Anita managed
to have two shops open before her husbands return. Now she has managed to open several shops
around the world. Like other famous women entrepreneurs, she gives back to the community through
social and environmental causes.
Each women discussed above has managed to take something from themselves and create a business
as well as help other individual people. When you are considering your next career move or how you
will help those around you, you only need to look at the famous women entrepreneurs to see how they
became a success with the opportunities they found. Success is not about the easy route in most cases-
it is about working hard to make an idea take off.

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