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Hospitality Career


									Why a career in hospitality?
If you choose hospitality, the rewards are great. You will discover new countries, new cultures, new
people, new ideas. You have plenty of scope for creativity and initiative - and you can go very high,
very fast.

A career that doesn't box you in: shift, branch out, grow!

Hospitality calls on a multitude of different talents, including both business savvy and artistic
creativity. It allows you to develop your own combination of skills and interests and to find a position
corresponding to your own unique profile.

Because of its wide range of business activities and specialisations, hospitality also allows you change
fields easily within the industry. You can shift direction as your interests change and grow, with plenty
of flexibility to follow new trends and opportunities and to keep up with rapid technological
developments. You can also use your expertise to launch your own company or original business

Discover new countries, new cultures, new people, new ideas

The industry is global and international. You may choose to have an international career in countries all
over the world. Wherever you choose to work, you will find yourself with people from many different
backgrounds, where your knowledge of different languages and cultures will be put to good use, and
your ability to work in a multicultural setting will make all the difference.

Climbing up rapidly

The hospitality industry is the largest and and one of the most dynamic in the world today. It offers
boundless possibilities in an exciting field in which new areas are opening up every day. If you have
energy, creativity, a true entrepreneurial spirit and hospitality at your fingertips, you will be able to
reach positions of responsibility very early on in your career. Hospitality allows rapid upward mobility.
It depends on you: if you want it, you can do it!

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