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issue 47 | December 2008

Croquet Calling!
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Argent Uniting Church celebrates 160 years!
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Overall Winner of the 2008 Mayor’s Christmas Card Competition! By Taya Stocks from East Adelaide Primary School.

FREE Family Pass for Pools!
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Mayor’s Message

Message | from the Mayor

Last September, I was invited to attend the Felixstow Neighbourhood Watch Meeting, to discuss how the Council uses its services, programs and events to enhance community life. Writing my speech made me think about the current level of community life and hence, community strength in our City. By community strength, I mean the key indicators which tell us about the interaction, involvement and engagement between citizens in their streets and neighbourhoods. These range from volunteering and participation in local sporting and community clubs, to feeling safe in your community or attending local fairs and festivals. The 2007 report ‘Indicators of Community Strength’ prepared by the South Australian Department of Families and Communities, provides advice about how we fair in this area. The report showed our City exceeded the State average in eight of the sixteen indicators, with some indicators falling well below the State average. Clearly, there is work to be done to increase the level of community life in our City. The question is, who is responsible for doing this and how can this be achieved? According to Adelaide Thinker in Residence, Dr Geoff Mulgan, ”Governments cannot of course make people happy. It is not in the nature of civil servants, programmes and laws to do this. But they can create some of the necessary conditions which on balance will tend to increase well-being. None of these will be sufficient for any one individual but they may be necessary conditions and across populations they can lead to dramatic differences.”* Mulgan is right. Where governments have influence to shape the “necessary conditions” that make for an inclusive society, their role is critical. This is especially true for local government, which is ‘closest to the people.’ As Mayor, I am aware of the need for the Council to do more to help increase the level of community life through active citizenship. A growing body of evidence suggests community and neighbourhood empowerment can improve the wellbeing of citizens. The feeling of being a part of a community and understanding the value of “local belonging” is fundamental to building sustainable neighbourhoods and the importance of regular contact between neighbours cannot be overstated. I believe, the key is in increasing opportunities for participation and involvement. The recent consultation process for the Council’s new Strategic Plan, CityPlan 2030 is an example. Through participation in the consultation process the community took ownership of the future direction of our City. Not surprisingly, citizens rated “more community life in public spaces”, as one of the key objectives of our Plan. With this in mind, the Council has introduced a range of initiatives to increase involvement in community life. Since June, I have met with representatives of the Combined Residents Associations on a monthly basis. The Council recently resolved to re-introduce Community Forums and in October, a morning tea was held as part of the 2008 National Carers Awareness Week. Other initiatives being developed include Civic Receptions to welcome new residents and an annual Community Survey. By the Council and Community working together, we can look forward to sharing the responsibility of providing more opportunities for all of our citizens, particularly the marginalised and socially excluded. There is no better time to start this commitment than the festive season and as we prepare to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the summer break with our families, I ask you to remember the disadvantaged in our community. It is important that we do all we can to ensure that those in need experience the true meaning of Christmas. By extending the hand of kindness and generosity, we can truly claim to be an inclusive, compassionate and caring community. In closing, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

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Robert Bria, Mayor


*Source: Dr Geoff Mulgan, ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ (2001)

What’s Inside

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On yer’ bike | to see Lance!
Come and cheer cycling superstar Lance Armstrong as he makes a return to road racing outside the Norwood Town Hall. The seven-time Tour de France winner has confirmed he will make his comeback at the 2009 Tour Down Under, in a bid to raise awareness about the global cancer plight. The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is honoured to host two events during the Tour Down Under, commencing with Stage Seven of the Rendition Homes Teams Series on Monday 19 January 2009 between 4pm-9pm. On Monday 19 January, spectators will be treated to speed racing as South Australian riders take on The Parade ‘Hot Dog’ circuit around the median strip between Portrush Road and Osmond Terrace. The perfectly timed twilight session enables local residents to come down after work and enjoy the race while they dine al-fresco on The Parade, just metres away from the action. The circuit is a perfect warm-up for Stage One of the Tour, which commences on Tuesday 20 January 2009, at 11.00am from directly outside the Norwood Town Hall. Hundreds of sports-lovers are expected to line The Parade to give an enthusiastic send-off to Lance Armstrong and the world’s best cyclists, who will embark on a 140km journey from Norwood to Elizabeth, around to Gawler and back to Mawson Lakes. Decorate your old bicycle and include it in a line up on The Parade. Businesses will be beautifying their shop-fronts with a cycling theme as Norwood vies for Best Dressed Town. Visit for more details. More than half a million people are expected to cheer on cyclists around South Australia during the 2009 Tour Down Under.


Community In Focus

Croquet | Calling

You may be surprised to learn that the Norwood Croquet Club, located at 259 Portrush Road, Norwood is thriving, with approximately 70 active members, including three who play at the elite level for South Australia. One of Norwood’s oldest sporting clubs, it continues to provide healthy competition and recreation for people of all ages. The Club was established in April 1939, after local furniture manufacturers, the Buttery family, donated a block of land for recreation. More than 20 local women soon commenced the tactical game on what is now known as Buttery Reserve, with the Norwood Croquet Club officially launched by the Mayor of Kensington & Norwood on 9 September 1939. Today, the Club features four full-sized lawns, lighting and comfortable clubrooms. Participants use the facilities most days of the week and undertake official competition on Wednesday and Saturday. New players are welcome to attend a come-and-try day and receive guidance from specialist coaches, normally on a one-to-one basis. It’s basically a game of billiards on grass which uses the mind of a chess player, Club Member, Don Carter According to the Club’s president, Phil Bateman, tactics are a major part of this unisex game, appealing most to those who have a maths or a scientific orientation. “We have many medico staff who like to come and play croquet. The elite players have games done in around 40 minutes but they play so precisely and accurately that it’s quite different from how we play. We have players aged 14 through to 90 playing with us. It takes about five years to really get your skills up, then its all about finessing your technique. Some games can take up to four hours, but most average around two and a half. It’s the perfect combination of gentle exercise and mental stimulation, with some participants walking up to five kilometres per game.” Croquet dates back to the middle ages, with the first known mallet and ball games played in England and Europe. The modern game is quite different from those played then however, and is reputed to have started in Ireland. It was later taken to England during the 1850s, where it became an instant success, mainly because it provided women with their first opportunity to participate in an outdoor sport on an equal basis with men. Over the next 30 years, uniform rules were established and national competitions commenced. The first national headquarters for Croquet was at the Wimbledon All England Croquet Club in what was later to become the Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. The game spread to Australia and New Zealand and many other British colonies. At the start of the 21st century, the major croquet playing countries are Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA. In Australia, there are nearly 7,000 registered

On the green: Don Carter, Betty Blackwood, Phil Wise and Aileen Mehaffey. players, similar to the number involved in the Olympic sports of boxing and rowing. Over 20 countries are members of the World Croquet Federation and versions of the game are played in Japan, Egypt, Russia and China. In Russia, Tolstoy reputedly had a croquet court built in his garden in Moscow, where the astronauts are reported to have played for relaxation on their return from space! It is America however, which boasts some of the most wellknown croquet fanatics such as Samuel Goldwyn, Tyrone Power, Averell Harriman and Harpo Marx. Interest in croquet has fluctuated throughout its history, however the last 20 years has seen a resurgence of interest in the sport, especially from younger people who now dominate at the international level. The earliest evidence of the game being played in Australia was advertisements in the Tasmanian ‘Walch’s Literal Intellegencer in 1861 and photos of play at Government House in Perth in about 1863. Apart from the group based at Perth’s Government House the first croquet club was formed in Kyneton, Victoria in 1866. A year later a club was formed at Kapunda, the then second largest town in South Australia. Australia actually won the equivalent of the world championship for croquet in 1933, but has unfortunately been unable to seize the title since, often falling short to the might of England’s players. In 1987 the Australian Croquet Association was established and in 1992 commenced operating under the trading name of “Croquet Australia”. 1. People wishing to hire facilities at the air-conditioned clubrooms are also welcome to make enquiries with the club. Residents seeking more information including new players who may wish to attend a come-and-try day should contact the Club on 8364 0943 or visit www.norwoodcroquet.
1. History extracted from the Croquet Australia website -


Community in Focus

Advantage... | Old Ignatius!
Saint Ignatius’ College has a fine sporting tradition, as demonstrated through the number of old scholar clubs that regularly compete in fields such as soccer, football, netball and cricket. This year, a group of recently graduated students formed the Old Ignatius’ Tennis Club to further broaden the array of sports on offer to past students. The Club has a founding membership base of about 25 people and in 2008-09, members will compete within the Eastern District Tennis Association in Men’s Division 1 and 2, as well as, for current college students, Junior Boy’s Division 1. The Club’s president, Tim Chia, said the Club hoped to build on the success that a number of college students have achieved in the world of tennis. “Saint Ignatius’ College has enjoyed a rich history of tennis over the years, producing numerous Pennant and Division 1 level players, and such standouts as Paul Baccanello, who reached a career high ATP singles ranking of 129, and Steven Baldas, a former Junior Wimbledon Doubles Champion,” he said. While the Club is currently supported by old scholars, teachers and current students, it would like to welcome new members from outside the school community. Its committee is keen to expand the organisation to include both male and female players, and would like to field teams in mixed divisions over the coming seasons.

All home matches are played at Saint Ignatius’ College Junior School, 62 Queen Street, Norwood, with juniors on the court from 6pm Fridays, and seniors from 12.45pm or 3.15pm Saturdays. For further information, or to enquire about a sponsorship package with the Club, please visit or call Tim Chia on 0400 138 011.

Tim Chia (President) and John-Paul Calabrese (Vice President) in front of the St. Ignatius Junior School where the Old Ignatius Tennis Club (OITC) plays all their home matches.

Get into your | local swimming pool
With a hot summer upon us again and school holidays around the corner, keeping cool on those scorching hot days is as easy as packing the bathers and towel and heading off to your local pool. The Council’s two Swimming Centres offer an affordable opportunity for the whole family to spend the day in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. Plus they’re great venues for children’s birthday parties and barbeques. The Royal Life Saving Society will be conducting classes during the first week of the school holidays this year too. Swimming lessons are also conducted by pool staff instructors and are held on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. (Ring the pool for details.) Both the Norwood and Payneham Swimming Centres, have the water temperature set at an inviting 27c, ensuring a comfortable temperature, no matter what the day’s forecast is. The Payneham Swimming Centre is also the home of the Payneham Swimming Club and is regularly used as a training venue for the Norwood Swimming Club, which includes Olympian swimmers Hayden Stockel and Young Australian of the Year and Para Olympian and multi Gold medal winner, Matthew Cowdrey. Vacation “Learn to Swim” 5 January – 13 January 2009 Enrolment Days (10.00am to 12noon): December 13th and January 3rd See page 19 for your FREE Family Swimming Pass to Norwood & Payneham Swim Centres!


Homegrown Heroes

Caring for | Carers

On Wednesday 22 October 2008, more than 40 Carers came together to share Morning Tea, hosted by Mayor Robert Bria at the Norwood Town Hall. The morning tea was an opportunity to meet and socialise with other Carers, in a relaxing atmosphere. Carers across our community do a tremendous job providing ongoing care and assistance to those living with a disability whether that be physical, intellectual, mental, chronic disease, terminal illness or frailty. National Carers Week is an awareness week which is held nationally during October each year. The theme for this year was...’because I care’ and was chosen to explore the impact of caring on individuals and society. The event was established to promote and raise awareness of the valuable role Carers play in our communities. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there is estimated to be 230,000 carers in South Australia (or one in six people). Just over half also work - both full-time and parttime - which makes balancing work, their caring roles and responsibilities and taking care of their own health and other needs, a real challenge. It is these and other challenges which is the subject of an Inquiry being undertaken by the Federal Government, looking into ways to provide better support for Carers. In addressing Carers at the morning tea, Mayor Bria commented on some of the submssions made to the Inquiry by everyday Australians; advocacy groups, health care professionals, government and agencies – more than 1300 submissions in total. “Many responses were hand written by husbands, wives, mothers, fathers and other family members, telling their very personal stories about their life as a Carer,” Mayor Bria said. ”Some Carers want better transport. Others are calling for more respite services to be made available. There are parents who want more special schools for their disabled children, while others want less red tape when dealing with other government agencies when seeking support for the person they are caring for.” ”But the common thread which brought all the submissions together, was that every Carer wants recognition, dignity and respect for themselves and the person they care for. Today’s Morning Tea is not only about the Council recognising the role that you as Carers perform in our community, but also to let you know that we care about you.” For many Carers, their responsibilities leave them with little time to socialise and interact with extended family, friends, neighbours and other members of the community. Carers are at risk of social isolation from their peers and employment opportunities. In many cases, the health and well-being (both physical and psychological) of Carers is vulnerable, with many known to be experiencing worse health outcomes and difficulty in accessing services and support. The primary reason for this Morning Tea is to give you the recognition and respect you deserve The Council also recognises the need to do more to assist community members who have Carers responsibilities, through improved support, advocacy services and referrals. Key to this is getting information from Carers about their needs on a regular basis. The Council’s Community Care Services, already carries out regular client surveys regarding select services. Information from the survey is channeled into the Consumer Advisory Committee and considered in the yearly planning cycle. The Council also has a significant proportion of Carers who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, which means that any consultation needs to take into consideration abilities to communicate in English or provision of translation /interpreting services. The Council aims to maintain and improve the existing consultative processes with Carers associated with the Council’s Community Care services by; > incorporating consultation with Carer and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse peak advisory bodies as part of the Council’s Community Care Services’ yearly planning cycle; and > including Carer related questions into current surveys regarding Community Care Services. If you are a Carer in our community who needs extra support or would like to provide feedback on what you need, please contact the Council’s Community Services staff on 8366 4611.


Homegrown Heroes

Christmas Cards | by Local Kids!
Presenting the winning entries in this year’s Mayor’s Christmas Card Competition! Congratulations to Taya Stocks from East Adelaide Primary School (Year 5), on her overall winning entry, featured on the front cover of this edition of Look East. Second and Third place winners are listed on the Council’s website at These fantastic images will feature on the front of the Council’s Christmas Cards, distributed to government agencies, schools, community groups and individuals with whom the Council has a professional relationship. Thank you to all who entered!

Taya Stocks – Overall Winner Elise Swann – Reception, East Adelaide Marryatville Primary School Primary School

Alexandra Hannant – Year 1 Marryatville Primary School

Brodie Henderson – Year 2 Prince Alfred College

Claudia Floreani – Year 3 St Ignatius College

Jake Cullen – Year 4 Marden Open Access College

Students get switched on | to safety
Children enrolled at the Council’s St Peters Childcare Centre, joined around 170,000 students who switched on to safety during Energy Safety Week 2008. Energy Safety Week is an initiative of Origin Energy and provides an opportunity to help prevent energy related injuries to children at home and outdoors. Throughout the week, children learned about energy and how to keep safe with gas and electricity. Then they were asked to come up with creative ways to share their safety messages with the community. “We entered the Switch Awards to further develop the knowledge of our children and parents, and to expand our commitment for a safer and sustainable environment,” said Michelle McShane – Centre Director. The Centre won a $100 Origin assistance grant to help with their safety projects, just by registering early. “We will use the grant to provide certificates for each child to reward them for their achievements, and to assist in the development of the display posters,” said Laura Millard – Qualified Kindy staff member. Top energy safety tips from St Peters Childcare Centre: > Unplug cords by pulling out the plug – never pull on the cord. > Water and electricity don’t mix. > Switch off the switch before unplugging the plug.


Looking Back

Inspiring History | Belmont House
Mrs Mary Ann Padman, financially independent of her husband, felt that Hamilton House was too big to serve as a family home, so she purchased a block of land on Kent Terrace, Norwood (now number 44 Fullarton Road). Here she built a magnificent two storey bluestone residence of 12 rooms, which was ready for occupation by Christmas 1878. Situated directly opposite the Kent Town Wesleyan Church, where Thomas and Mary Ann were devoted worshippers, she named the home Belmont. In July 1893, Thomas Padman died suddenly while on a horsedrawn tram travelling into the city. Grief stricken, Mary Ann left Belmont and went to live near her daughter at Henley Beach. In 1920 at the age of 95 Mary Ann Padman passed away and the link with Belmont passed into history. In October 2008, Mark Sanderson of Smallacombe Sanderson Real Estate, celebrated two decades of owning and lovingly restoring historic Belmont at 44 Fullarton Road, Norwood. This and other wonderful insights into the City’s rich cultural heritage, are available in the Council’s tour guide publications, which are available from the Norwood Town Hall and Norwood, St Peters and Payneham Libraries. For further information contact the Council’s Cultural Heritage Adviser, Denise Schumann, on 8366 4536 or via email to

An ironmonger and Methodist preacher, Thomas Padman left England in 1842, to work in the penal colony of Tasmania. It was in Tasmania where he met and married the daughter of the influential Reverend John Waterhouse, Miss Mary Anne Waterhouse. In 1848, the family moved to the new province of Adelaide, South Australia where Thomas established his own ironmongery and hardware business. He was not terribly successful and by the 1860s was forced to sell. Thomas then began a career as an agent working for the AMP Society. Interestingly, it was from this time on that Mary Ann Waterhouse purchased each of the family homes in what can only be described as a deviation from the established norms of the day. She could only do this because in 1861, her brother George Marsden Waterhouse, a prominent Parliamentarian in the Legislative Council, had become Premier and was her official sponsor. For a time, the Padman family lived at the beautiful “Wattle Grove” in Burnside. In 1874, Mary Anne purchased Hamilton House, a large residence on Kent Terrace, Kent Town, which had previously been used as a school. Dating from the 1850s, it was also known as Frenchman’s Folly and Kent Manor. The property, which was situated at 35 Fullarton Road adjacent the imposing Kent Town Wesley Church, was the centre of Methodist power and wealth in South Australia.

of the domestic arrangements while Mother went on a visit to Hobart… Mother decided to build a new home and let Hamilton House, now too big for the depleted family. She bought land opposite Kent Town Church and persuaded us to buy a small property nearby.

“For several months we shared accommodation ... later at Hamilton House I took charge

(Diary of Emily Padman, 1874.)



Image courtesy of Mark Sanderson , Smallacombe Sanderson Real Eastate

Looking Back

The Power of | Divine History

Argent Uniting Church, 1907 Over the next decade, the Primitive Methodist Congregation increased and by 1859, a new larger chapel was built by Messrs Stephens and Johnston, with a solid buttress at each corner of the north end. The Payneham Primitive Methodist Church was extended and added to in subsequent years and by 1899, two classroom wings were added to the side of the main building. The Anglo-Dutch curvilinear gable and rendered façade, surmounted by cast-iron finials, were added later - possibly in the 1900s, at the time of the unification of the Methodist Church when the Primitive Methodists joined with the Wesleyan Methodists and the church was renamed the Argent Street Methodist Church. The Argent Methodist Church was an important element in the life of the Payneham community and the wider community of South Australia. The Payneham Cemetery was identified as the most significant Methodist cemetery in Adelaide. This early church yard burial ground, contained the graves of some of South Australia’s leading Methodist ministers, parliamentarians and business leaders. It was associated with a number of important individuals and families who were integral to the settlement and foundation of the districts of Payneham, Norwood and St Peters, including the graves of a number of German speaking settlers. The Chapel and the cemetery served a wide range of religious denominations and ethnic groups. In August this year, the Argent Uniting Church celebrated its 160th anniversary, a landmark event in the history of the district, with a celebratory service attended by current and former members of the Congregation, civic leaders, representatives from the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and other members of the Payneham community. For further information contact the Council’s Cultural Heritage Advisor, Denise Schumann on 8366 4536 or email

In 1840, Henry Ellis purchased allotment 107 in Section 285, known as the Village of Payneham from Samuel Payne. A few years later, this land was transferred to a group (of whom Henry Ellis was one) known as the Primitive Methodist Trustees. Ellis and the other trustees wished to establish a chapel in Payneham and a church yard burial ground on the allotted land. By the 1840’s, Primitive Methodism had grown in popularity in South Australia, due mainly to its origins in the lay evangelical movement in England. It characterised itself as a democratic form of Christianity, driven by a sense of egalitarianism and empowerment of the local community through its understanding and interpretation of God’s word – the Bible. It had an aversion to the ceremonial and hierarchal nature of the established church and to any form of government funding or regulation of religion. In 1848, the Payneham Primitive Methodist community had raised enough funds to erect a modest chapel without ornamentation on the land that Henry Ellis had purchased from Payne: “On the right is the Primitive Methodist Chapel, with Bobby Blood’s two-roomed house nearby. He is a good man and a local preacher. The chapel is about 18 feet by 35 feet, the walls, floor and pulpit are of brick, the bricks and lime having been made at Payneham. The materials have come from Abbott the lime burner and Barnett the brick-maker, both of Henry Street.” Letter, Charles Pitt Jnr, 31 January, 1848.


Council Updates

A new ERA in partnerships | for eastern councils
partnership on common issues, such as the planning reforms recently proposed by the state government.” The ERA councils intend to advocate as an Alliance in their relations with State and Federal Governments, providing greater clout than would normally be possible by one council acting alone. The Alliance will also investigate ways to purchase resources jointly so councils can maximise their buying power and achieve better value-for-money for their respective communities. The Eastern Region Alliance will be administered by a secretariat, which will rotate on a 12 months basis. The secretariat for 2008-2009, is the City of Burnside and the spokesperson for the Alliance is Mayor Wendy Greiner, who will speak on behalf of the Alliance only in cases where there is a common position among all seven member councils. An endorsed Business Plan for 2008-09 commits the Alliance to a number of other co-operative initiatives. Mayor Bria said the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters intends to work closely with its Alliance partners to achieve progress in specific areas such as developing an aged care strategy, economic development and planning. It will also assist in the implementation of a Regional Environmental Plan, develop employment and training for young people and lobby for better public transport services across the eastern suburbs. Through the Alliance, the Council has already endorsed an Environmental and Climate Change Strategy for the eastern Region. The Plan focuses on the fact that many large-scale environmental and climate change initiatives, must be undertaken at a regional level if they are to be successful. The alliance builds on a number of other successful initiatives which have been undertaken jointly between our Councils, said Mayor Bria “We’ve already seen the benefits of co-operation in areas like waste management (East Waste), regional health programs (Eastern Health Authority), the SWAP library network and most recently with the purchase of telecommunications infrastructure. “In fact, working as a region and on a co-operative basis, has been a feature of the councils in the eastern region for many decades. The Alliance continues this strong tradition. “These arrangements have resulted in cost savings and efficiencies through resource sharing and I am confident we will see similar results spread across other areas of the Council’s operations.”

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, has joined forces with the Cities of Burnside, Campbelltown, Prospect, Tea Tree Gully and Unley, and the Town of Walkerville in a new era of regional co-operation between councils in the eastern region.

The Eastern Region Alliance, from left to right - Mayor David O’Loughlin (City of Prospect), Mayor David Whiting (Town of Walkerville), Mayor Robert Bria (City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters), Mayor Wendy Greiner (City of Burnside), Mayor Simon Brewer (Campbelltown City Council), Mayor Miriam Smith (City of Tea Tree Gully) and Mayor Richard Thorne (City of Unley). The Mayors of the seven councils signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) at the official launch of the Alliance, on 5 November. The MoA brings the councils together to cooperate on a significant array of local programs and services to help reduce costs and duplication of resources and increase advocacy and buying power for the benefit of their respective communities. The Alliance places the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, at the centre of a local government body, which collectively represents 290,000 people - more than onequarter of Adelaide’s population. Mayor Robert Bria said residents and businesses could expect significant benefits through the Council’s involvement with the Alliance. “Councils across the region provide a number of similar services and programs for their residents, so it makes sense to look at initiatives where there is scope to achieve efficiencies and improve the overall level of service across the eastern region,” he said. “The Alliance recognises that there are significant benefits for our communities through close co-operation and


Greening Our City

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters has achieved re-certification under the International Standard ISO 14001:2004, for its Environmental Management System (EMS). This follows initial certification of the Council’s EMS three years ago.

An EMS provides a structured framework for the Council to identify and address environmental impacts associated with all of its activities, products and services and to continually improve its environmental performance. The achievement is significant given the Council’s target of becoming a leader in environmental best practice, with a commitment to minimising the environmental impact of its operations across a wide range of activities. This includes managing risks associated with stormwater management, minimising waste going to landfill and reducing water and energy use. While EMS certification is attained by many private organisations, the achievement makes the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters only the second South Australian local council to gain international certification ISO 14001: 2004. TQCS International Pty Ltd undertook the independent audit of the Council’s operations from 30 September – 3 October 2008. The audit involved reviewing all of the documentation associated with the EMS, interviewing key staff identified in the Management Plan and visiting all Council operated sites, including the Glynde Depot, Norwood & Payneham Swimming Centres, Payneham Community Centre, St Peters Child Care Centre, the Norwood Concert Hall and the Council’s three libraries. The Auditor noted the high level of commitment demonstrated by Council staff to improving environmental performance, as well as the enthusiasm and willingness shown to implementing best practice initiatives. The certification will apply to all Council operated sites and ensures that the EMS is working optimally and continues to conform to the Standard. It also provides independent verification and recognition for the system and reinforces the Council’s commitment to the environment. The Council will continue to have its operations externally audited on a regular basis, to ensure ongoing compliance and continual improvement in environmental performance.

Rainwater tanks can be a breeding ground for mosquitos. There are a number of simple preventative measures you can take however, to reduce the risk of creating a breeding habitat in your garden: > protect all tank inlets, overflows and other openings with mosquito-proof mesh to prevent access to the water for breeding;

> stop water ponding in gutters through regular cleaning to prevent potential breeding grounds; and > clean gutter screens regularly. If mosquitoes or other insects are detected in rainwater tanks, the point of entry should be located, repaired and sealed. For more information see the Department of Health’s Use of Rainwater Tanks Fact Sheet: publications/rainwater-tanks.pdf


Greening Your City

Don’t waste food... | turn it into compost!
material breaks down without oxygen to produce methane – a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. The trial aims to remove and collect this huge volume of waste and turn it into nutrient rich garden compost. As part of the 12-month trial, households will receive a free ventilated container and roll of compostable liner bags to put their food waste in. Once the bag is full (or every 2 – 3 days), the bag is removed and placed in the green organics wheelie bin. Garden waste combined with the household food waste is then transported to a commercial composting facility, where it will decompose in about 30 days and then bagged for use as garden compost. The Council wants to maximise participation in the trial. By removing food and other compostable items from the domestic household waste stream, the remaining material is significantly reduced and can therefore be collected on a fortnightly basis. In both trial areas (St Peters and Kensington), the red-lid waste bin will therefore be collected fortnightly – on the same week as the green organics bin in Kensington and on the same week as the yellow-lid recycling bin in St Peters. By doing this, the Council hopes to reduce the impacts of landfill, cut greenhouse gas emissions as well as reduce waste collection costs. All households selected to participate in the trial, which will run for 12 months from 16 February 2009, will be sent more detailed information. The Council will provide updates on the trial via the Council’s website and through the Messenger Newspaper for the benefit of the whole community. For more information please contact the Council’s Sustainability Planner, Sarah Wigley on 8366 4512 or via email to

One thousand (1,000) households in the suburbs of St Peters and Kensington have been selected by the Council to participate in an exciting trial to divert food waste from landfill. The trial involves placing kitchen organic waste in their kerbside green organics bin, where it is processed into nutrient rich compost. The households have been selected to provide a range of demographics, house sizes and house types, to help determine whether this bold plan to reduce waste to landfill could be introduced across the whole City in the future. Up to 40% of an average household waste bin contains organic material destined for landfill. When in landfill, the

It’s that time of the year again when European Wasps start to go in search of potential breeding grounds. Much like mosquitos, they like the warmer conditions summer offers. Wasps like SWEET food and MEAT and are commonly a nuisance at outdoor eating venues and barbeques. The Council is committed to the controlled destruction of European Wasp NESTS found within our City and has engaged ProPest to provide this service. For more information or to report the location of a European Wasp nest, please contact the European Wasp Hotline on 1300 307 773. Tips to discourage European wasps: > Cover bird baths and fish ponds with fine mesh or shade cloth; > Cover exposed food at picnics and barbeques; > Avoid leaving uneaten pet food outside; > DON’T drink out of cans or bottles, use a clear glass or straw; and > DO NOT aggravate a European Wasp – just move away. If left undisturbed, European Wasps are NOT AGGRESSIVE to humans or animals.


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Free radio broadcasting workshops are being held in the January school holidays for local people aged 15 – 25 years who are interested in becoming radio presenters on YouthFM. The YouthFM radio show is aired on Three D Radio, 93.7fm Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4pm and 5pm. YouthFM presenters develop radio skills while producing the show. Learn how to panel, present, interview, and record live performances while having your say and exploring important issues on air. Register now for your spot in this highly sought after opportunity!

The Council’s now traditional Christmas digital artwork will be shown nightly throughout December on the Norwood Town Hall windows fronting onto The Parade. There’ll be weird and wonderful festive images created by local young people working under the guidance of Carclew Youth Arts.

Young people from three eastern Council areas are joining forces to run a great event for youth week next March! Join the team now to start planning and help run this massive youth festival. You will gain invaluable experience, skills, create new networks and have fun doing it!

October saw an influx of sculptural works in shopfronts along The Parade with the 2008 Sculpturing Norwood event. Over 60 artworks by 32 South Australian artists were displayed in 44 shops and in the foyer of the Norwood Town Hall. This was the third Sculpturing Norwood event. The mastermind and organiser behind the previous two was Colin Burgin of Art Images Gallery located on The Parade. This year the Council, supported by its Norwood Parade Precinct Committee, agreed to take over organisation of this unique bi-annual event, incorporating it into the Council’s new Outdoor Gallery Program. Through this Program, the Council actively seeks opportunities to display artworks outside the traditional gallery setting. In launching the event, Mayor Bria said “Sculpturing Norwood is a superb example of arts and business combining their energies to create a truly unique experience along one of Adelaide’s most popular shopping and dining precincts.” At the launch, guest speaker Assoc. Prof. Rod Taylor, retiring Head of the Adelaide Central School of Art, commended the Council for its support of the arts and for encouraging appreciation of creative expression throughout the City. Thanks to all the business owners and traders who embraced Sculpturing Norwood again this year and worked with artists to ensure their artworks were presented in their shopfront window displays.

WRITERS AND ARTISTS WANTED! is a Council supported website run by young people for young people. The i-Site team are looking for articles, artwork, photography and other content to showcase and celebrate the voices and creativity of local young people. Send in your stuff this holidays – it might get published on the website!

If you’re aged between 12 and 25 and live, work or study in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters then you can join the Youth i-Network! Have a say about things going on in your community and get involved in planning and running youth events and projects. By joining you can gain valuable hands on experience and free training opportunities which will look great on your resume, as well as provide you with an opportunity to have a say about those things that matter to you! Don’t forget, you can subscribe on to receive regular updates on events, grants, and other great opportunities. For more information on any of the above, please contact the Council’s Youth Development Officer, Bec Waters on 8366 4603 or via email to


In Business

In | Business
Business and Economic Development Strategy adopted. The Council has adopted its new Business & Economic Development Strategy 2008-2013, which was developed under the direction of the Council’s Business & Economic Development Committee in consultation with local leading business, education and community identities. The Strategy is built around five key themes that address the objectives of the Council’s CityPlan 2030 – Shaping Our Future. They are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Village precincts that service locals and attract visitors. Capitalising on Adelaide’s growth in educational services. Building a national creative industries hub. Environmentally and socially sustainable growth. Improving visitor and residential transport access to key precincts. The Strategy is available on the For Business section on the Council website at For more information about what’s happening in your local business community, please contact the Council’s Precinct Co-ordinator Johanna Campbell on 8366 4616 or email or the Council’s Manager, Business & Economic Development Skana Gallery on 8366 4564 or email

Glynde Corner community enjoys information display AND free sausage sizzle!

The Council’s Manager, Business & Economic Develpoment, Skana Gallery discussing plans with a local resident. The GCPC held a Community Event in the Woolworth’s car park on Saturday 18 October, to tell the local community about what’s being planned for the Glynde Corner over the coming months and to seek feedback and ideas. Over 200 interested locals dropped by to look at the Council’s plans for undergrounding the power lines at Glynde Corner, as well as the associated plan for upgrading the amenity of one of Adelaide’s busiest intersections. As an added bonus, visitors got to enjoy a George’s Quality Meats sausage sizzle cooked up by Mayor Robert Bria, Council CEO Mario Barone, and Councillors Kevin Duke and Carlo Dottore, all wrapped in bread courtesy of Panini Brothers Bakery. Work to underground the power lines in the Glynde Corner commercial precinct will begin early in 2009 and will be completed by June 2009, followed by the streetscape upgrade scheduled to commence around September 2009.

The Magill Road Streetscaping Framework sets direction for beautifying Magill Road. The MRPC endorsed a Streetscaping Framework for Magill Road which provides direction for the future upgrade of this iconic major retailing strip in our City. The Framework proposes the development of five key precincts to reflect the changing character of this long street which, in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, runs between Fullarton and Glynburn Roads (northern side only between Portrush and Glynburn Roads). The next step in the rejuvenation of Magill Road, is to develop detailed plans for each of these precincts. The Council has been successful in obtaining grant funding from the State Government’s Places for People Program to develop detailed Concept Plans for the first two of these Precincts! The Magill Road Streetscape Framework can be viewed in the ‘For Business’ section of the Council website at Cr Carlo Dottore cooking the BBq at the Glyde Corner information display.

Don’t forget, to keep up-to-date with what’s happening on The Parade all year round, check out the official Parade website at





Elected Members

Elected Members | Comments
Cr John Frogley East Adelaide / Kent Town Ward
As the storm clouds of the worldwide financial crisis threaten to cast a shadow on the Festive Season and the New Year it is even more important than usual that we celebrate the joys of family, the benefits of our cohesive community and the pleasures that come from living and working in our great City. As New Year approaches it is also a time to reflect on the achievements of the past year and the challenges ahead. 2008 has been a year of solid progress by your Council and the City. It is particularly pleasing that there was a marked increase in the involvement of residents and business in planning and decision making.

Phone 8362 9869

2009 will present many challenges and require renewed efforts if we are to realise the CityPlan 2030 vision for our City with its emphasis on prosperity, livability, community, heritage and the environment. In particular, we must ensure that the recently announced State Government planning regime changes protect, rather than threaten, the heritage and existing local character values that help make our City such a wonderful place to live and do business. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Cr Isaac Pasalidis East Adelaide / Kent Town Ward
This year proved rewarding as for the first time since the amalgamation we achieved a balanced budget. Given the recent economic situation we must remain vigilant with our finances and continue to do the best we can with what we have available to us. One of the most difficult issues we faced this year, was trying to balance refurbishment of Linde Reserve/Dunstone Grove with maintenance costs associated with keeping the community centres operating from their current location. By working together, including some rigourous debate, the result we achieved proved a good outcome for all concerned.

Phone 8362 8475

The other major achievement for the year was finalisation of CityPlan 2030 - Shaping Our Future, which so many members of our community contributed to in so many ways. Your contributions ensured that what we have is a plan that reflects our community’s ideas and aspirations for our preferred future. This included Residents’ Associations, individuals and community groups, to whom we say thanks for the input you provided in various ways through attendance at workshops, forums, the Summit or comments on various drafts. All the best for the Festive Season and wishing everyone a safe and happy new year. See you in 2009.

Cr Barbara Erichsdotter Kensington Ward
This year has been punctuated by many initiatives, which have seen the Council develop or endorse a number of policies and strategies that pave the way for a sustainable future for our City. It has been challenging and exciting, nothing more so than developing our CityPlan 2030 - Shaping our Future. This strategic plan is underpinned by four key principles, namely ‘Social Equity’, ‘Cultural Diversity’, ‘Environmental Sustainability’ and ‘Economic Prosperity’. I believe that if we constantly reflect on how our decisions might impact on each one of these principles, we will have considered the impact of our decisions on community well-being.

Phone 0419 348 222

We have taken the first step and I believe that this will help us to achieve our Vision of being “a City, which values its heritage, cultural diversity, sense of place and natural environment. A progressive city which is prosperous, sustainable and socially cohesive, with a strong community spirit”. Working with the other Elected Members and the Community has been very rewarding, and I’d like to thank everybody for their support. I look forward to building on these relationships in the New Year and wish everyone a happy, safe and peaceful Christmas.

Cr Mike Stock Kensington Ward
The adoption of CityPlan 2030 is arguably the Council’s major achievement for 2008. Preparing such a document, with a 22 year lifespan, is ambitious at the best of times, but the severe deterioration in world financial markets and economies, which has recently occurred, could necessitate a radical review of the Plan very early in its life. The Council’s 2009-2010 Budget will be framed early next year under substantially different economic conditions than have prevailed in recent years, with the strong possibility of both higher unemployment and a Federal budget moving into deficit. My first reaction is to encourage the Council to reduce its expenditure in order to minimise

Phone 8361 2042
the effect of its rates on residents and businesses, who may already be struggling financially by mid-2009. Yet the Federal Government’s theory suggests that maintaining expenditure levels will be crucial to the survival and eventual recovery of our economy. Hopefully Australia’s financial condition will be much clearer by the time we commence our deliberations. Despite the coming Festive Season taking place under a threatening canopy of world financial uncertainty, we should nevertheless still savour the opportunities of being with family and friends over this period. Rita and I wish you the very best for Christmas and for the New Year.


Elected Members

Elected Members | Comments
Cr Carlo Dottore Payneham Ward
Phone 0418 816 222
The current and worsening Global Financial crisis will further add to the challenges ahead for us all. Nevertheless, the Council’s ongoing commitment to the preparation and completion of Redevelopment Plans for Richards Park, Coke Park, Linde Reserve/Dunstone Grove, the Glynde Corner and Magill Road Precincts and completion of CityPlan 2030, ongoing Community Arts Program, Events and Festivals, coupled with our solid infrastructure maintenance and community service programs, are all positive directions for the future wellbeing of our Community and development of our City. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the compliments of the Festive Season and for a safe, healthy and happy New Year.

As we near the end of the year and the Christmas Festive Season, I am sure we will all look forward to a well earned break from what has been another challenging and eventful year, involving Elected Members, Staff and our Community. Ongoing issues of maintaining our Reserves and Streetscape infrastructure, with the continuing impact of the drought conditions, water restrictions and draconian pruning by ETSA Utilities, have been and remain challenging. New and innovative initiatives and strategies for the current and ongoing environmentally sustainable future must be a focus for us all, both locally and globally.

Cr Kevin Duke Payneham Ward
The Look East Christmas edition gives me, my wife Carmel and our family the opportunity to wish you all a happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. The Council is entrusted by you to look after many material concerns with roads, footpaths, buildings, parks, gardens, streets and trees etc. Additionally, Council also strives to develop and support members of the community by assisting in the creation of a peaceful and harmonious community consistent with the message of Christmas. This year we have completed our CityPlan 2030, with input from the community, which depicts the type of community we would like to see

Phone 8365 2764
developed in the future. Presently, we are going through a mandatory review of the Ward boundaries for the Council and the number of Elected Members to represent the community. You will also be consulted about this important matter. Another important development which could profoundly effect our community are changes to the Councils’ Development Plans (determining what and the way houses, etc are built in your street) currently being considered by the State Government to be imposed on councils throughout the State. Be sure to let your State Member of Parliament know your views. Finally, wishing you all the best and Season’s Greetings.

Cr Evonne Moore Stepney / Maylands Ward
The past year has been a busy one. For me, the highlight of the year was saving the much-loved 19th century cottages on Nelson Street from demolition. I was also pleased to serve on the newly-established Magill Road Precinct Committee to work towards improving Magill Road. The Council’s CityPlan 2030 was a major achievement this year. This Plan seeks to fairly balance development and change with those things we hold dear. It was disappointing when the former St Peters Council area residents lost their representation on the Council’s Development Assessment Panel. Hopefully this can be rectified in future.

Phone 8362 1152

The State Government’s proposed new SA Residential Development Code threatens the improvements we have recently been working towards in trying to better protect the historic high-quality character of residential areas. This Code is meant to fast-track development applications and leaves little room for neighbours or the Council to comment on new housing proposals. Faster development approvals do not equate to good quality development. Our citizens have made it plain that they value the historic quality of our streetscapes and the benefits trees and gardens confer on our residential neighbourhoods. May you enjoy the coming holiday break. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Cr Lucy Marcuccitti Stepney / Maylands Ward
This has been a busy year for your Council. Perhaps the most significant achievement has been the adoption of the Council’s Strategic Plan, CityPlan 2030. CityPlan 2030 sets a clearer direction for the City’s preferred future. The Strategic Plan for Magill Road was also adopted and we can look forward to working with the Traders and residents to make Magill Road a destination as a diversified shopping and tourist precinct. The upgrade of Richards Park will also contribute to making Magill Road a desired destination. The successful launch of the BMW Adelaide Fashion Festival was another Council initiative which will further add to the attraction for

Phone 8332 5483

visitors and residents. The St Peters Child Care Centre has also had a wonderful year and is one of the most sought after child care centres. The Council has continued with the upgrade of infrastructure in the Stepney/Maylands area. I am pleased with the significant improvements made to footpaths, kerbs and roads over the last year. In closing, I wish to thank Council Staff for their assistance and dedication throughout the year and wish everyone a Merry and Safe Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Elected Members

Elected Members | Comments
Cr Connie Granozio Trinity Ward
Achieving approval for the installation of the Gage Street Roundabout was a big effort on everyone’s part. It is pleasing to see that we have finally come to a decision that will hopefully sort out many of the issues which resident’s raised. Credit must go again go the Council’s Field staff for the effort they put in to ensure infrastructure for Trinity Gardens (and indeed the whole City for that matter) continues to be maintained to a very high standard. Our footpaths and roads, parks and reserves are all looking wonderful despite the long drought!

Phone 8331 9436
As a member of the Magill Road Precinct Committee, I am personally very pleased with the progress made on improving the streetscape of this vital retailing hub. The new logo recently approved, will prove invaluable in rebranding Magill Road for both existing businesses and those who will no doubt be attracted to it as it undergoes further renewal. Thanks must also go to all of the Council’s Volunteers who do such a wonderful job supporting those in our community who are most in need. I take the opportunity to wish every one in the community a great Christmas and Happy New Year and please feel free to phone me if you have any concerns.

Cr Lance Manser Trinity Ward
After much investigation and consultation, it is pleasing to see the Gage Street roundabout and associated landscaping being undertaken during this financial year. Finalisation of CityPlan 2030 has been quite a milestone. We now have a long-term view of our City’s preferred future enabling us to proceed with confidence. It is expected that the Development Plan Review currently being undertaken will be submitted for public consultation early in the new year. The Natuzzi The Parade, Food, Wine & Music Festival held in March, was again an outstanding success. It is estimated in excess of 100,000 people enjoyed the day.

Phone 8331 7992
The Magill Road Streetscape Framework promises to deliver an integrated branding for Magill Road which will cover the full extent of this important commercial precinct from the City to Glynburn Road. It will be exciting to see this unfold. The recently established Eastern Region Alliance between the seven eastern region councils again shows our preparedness to cooperate with our near neighbours and will create greater efficiencies and economies of scale. A big thank you to all our Volunteers for their dedication and support, which is saving us thousands of dollars annually. My wife Peg and I wish you a very merry Christmas and a safe and enjoyable New Year.

Cr Sue Whitington West Norwood Ward
The lowest spring rainfall on record, dry parks and gardens and parched trees are a reminder that water restrictions could be permanent. In response to SA Water demands, the Council has demonstrated a 23% saving in irrigation watering for public open spaces over the last year. The Council is now required to work within Enhanced Level 3 restrictions and a water allocation, both of which must be strictly adhered to. Our Council’s use, along with that of all councils, will be monitored and audited on a monthly basis by SA Water.

Phone 8362 4962

Our long term strategy is to introduce environmentally sustainable infrastructure where possible. For example, underground water tanks have been installed at Norwood Oval and are part of the concept plan for the Richards Park upgrade. Water-wise landscaping is also a feature of this policy. I would like to urge all residents to give a bucket of water per week to the tree outside your property. All schools could assist by commencing a project with the children to water the trees around their schools. The social and psychological benefits of green spaces and healthy trees are immeasurable and the Council will do its utmost in difficult circumstances to nurture these precious assets.

Cr Paul Wormald West Norwood Ward
As we approach the end of this year the most exciting achievement over the past year has been the conclusion of the long process of developing the new “CityPlan 2030” for our City. Few councils are willing in both a general and specific way to commit themselves to a 20year vision for where they want their community to go over a generation. It focuses on a core commitment to long term projects in four key areas: “Cultural Vitality”; “Social Equity”; “Economic Prosperity” and Environmental Sustainability”.

Phone 0414 628 776

All four are goals which have been very close to my heart and work on this Council for over 20 years and it is very satisfying to see them gradually move from the ‘wings’ of Council business to its ‘centre-stage’. Twenty years ago the old Kensignton & Norwood Council wrestled long and hard with issues of Social Equity and fifteen years ago adopted local “Culture” in various guises. Then 10 years ago the new City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council strongly supported environmental action and five years ago made local business and economic support a new priority. Council’s do change because we demand they do so. Yours is now at the forefront of community government in this State. This Christmas that’s worth celebrating!


Elected Members

Elected Members | Comments
Cr Garry Knoblauch Torrens Ward
With the end of 2008 approaching and the completion of two years as an Elected Member of the Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council, privileged with representing the residents of Torrens Ward, I look forwards to the challenges ahead.

Phone 8365 1294

As a member of the Glynde Corner Precinct Committee, I look forward to developments in this area with the undergrounding of power lines and subsequent landscaping etc commencing in early 2009. Of the many requests received from residents, I trust that I have dealt with concerns satisfactorily and will continue to do so. The staff must be thanked for their assistance, their competence and professionalism as we all strive to achieve the best results and outcomes for the community. Finally, it is an important time for families to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2009.

I find it rewarding to be involved with an organisation which is progressive and confident enough to provide leadership in many areas – not the least of which is the adoption of “CityPlan 2030 – Shaping Our Future”, providing opportunities for the community and the Council to work together for the long term benefit of future generations.

Cr John Minney Torrens Ward
This year we have seen much turmoil throughout the world, with economic circumstances causing the failure of some well established institutions. Governments have struggled with economic affairs, and with an increasing drive towards growth based on expanding populations creating a need for increased development investment leading to possible economic growth. This is coming at a cost to our Community with a loss of voice in the assessment and kind of built environment in which we can live and bring up our families.

Phone 8363 1101
You and your local representatives must remain vigilant in watching the legislative changes that are occurring that remove your voices in the community. Your Council has prepared CityPlan 2030 to guide the future direction of our City and for the type of development we want to obtain to ensure we all enjoy a pleasant and lively City. You are urged to take an interest in these documents. On behalf of my wife and myself, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and hopefully prosperous New Year.

Cr Scott Sims Torrens Ward

Phone 7120 6057
been an exciting development. The Council has continued to play an important role in developing, promoting and supporting economic activity through the continued work and support of The Parade, Glynde Corner and Magill Road Precinct Committees. I would like to thank all Council staff for their dedication this year. They have gone above and beyond what is required with their helpful advice and assistance, providing invaluable support to me and my colleagues. Finally, I would like to wish all members of our Community, my fellow Councillors and Council staff, a safe and peaceful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

As Christmas approaches, it’s a great time to reflect on my second year as an Elected Member for Torrens Ward. It has been an enjoyable and challenging time as I learned how the Council operates, understands and responds to the Community’s needs and expectations. We have achieved much this year, not least of which was finalisation of CityPlan 2030 and our first balanced budget. The year has been full of successful events too, including Natuzzi The Parade Food, Wine & Music Festival, Sculpturing Norwood, Mullet Festival and the inaugural BMW Adelaide Fashion Festival. Completion of the Streetscape Framework for Magill Road has also

The BMW Adelaide Fashion Festival (BAFF) has been hailed a success in its inaugural year following excellent audience numbers at each of the Festival’s three events. The Norwood Parade Precinct Committee and its Adelaide Fashion Festival Sub-Committee launched the Festival with an Industry Networking Breakfast at the Adelaide Pavilion on Wednesday 5 November, hosted by Channel 10’s Jane Reilly and attended by more than 120 guests. The Parades on The Parade event on Thursday 6 November, attracted over 3,000

spectators who witnessed glamourous models displaying ranges from some of The Parade’s best boutiques. The Festival culminated in a glittering Gala Fashion Showcase event on Saturday 8 November in the Norwood Concert Hall. Over 400 “fashionistas” and “A-listers” were wowed by some of Adelaide’s best emerging designers who were vying for the inaugural Best Emerging Designer Award, which this year was awarded to Sequoia. The BAFF was instigated by the NPPC to consolidate The Parade’s branding as a significant fashion shopping destination. To find out more, visit


Diary Header ChapterDates

Diary | Dates
1 Thursday New Years Day 19 Monday Stage Seven Rendition Homes Teams Cycling Series on The Parade, 4pm-9pm 20 Tuesday Tour Down Under Starts on the Parade! Visit www.tourdownunder. for the full Tour details. 20 Tuesday Council Meeting 7pm in the Council Chambers, Norwood Town Hall. 21 Wednesday Development Assessment Panel 7pm Council Chambers, Norwood Town Hall. (TBC) 26 Monday Australia Day Public Holiday + Australia Day Awards presented at the Norwood Concert Hall from 9am 29 Thursday Term 1 begins

Magic Mike Christmas Show Great for the whole family! Thursday 18 December 2008 3-3.45pm at Payneham Library. Bookings phone: 8336 0333 Ready, Steady, Go! Stories and Crafts for ages 2-5 years Tuesday 6 January 2009 10.30-11.30am at St Peters Library. Bookings phone: 8334 0200 Multicultural Games Special Library Lock-in for ages 7+. Wednesday 7 January 2009 10.30-12noon at St Peters Library Bookings phone: 8334 0200 On the Go! Stories and Craft for ages 2-5 years, Special Library Lock-in Wednesday January 14 10-11am at Norwood Library Bookings phone: 8366 4546 Obstacles, Tumbling & a Parachute = Fun For ages 5-10 years Thursday 15 January 2009 2-3.30pm at Payneham Library Bookings phone: 8336 0333 Kensington & Norwood Historical Society meets at 7.30 pm on the first Wednesday of each month in the Don Pyatt Room, Norwood Town Hall, corner of The Parade and George St, Norwood The Kensington and Norwood Writers’ Group meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 7pm 10pm. Don Pyatt Room, Norwood Town Hall, corner of The Parade and George St, Norwood.

City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Facilities Christmas & New Year Closure Arrangements
All Council offices (including the Council’s three Libraries) will close at 3.30pm on Wednesday 24 December 2008 and re-open on Monday 29 December. Council Offices will only be closed on Public Holidays. The St Peters Child Care Centre will close at 1pm on Wednesday 24 December 2008 and will re-open on Monday 5 January 2009. The Council Swimming Centres at Norwood & Payneham will close at 6pm on Wednesday 24 December 2008 and will reopen on Monday 29 December. The Council Depot will close at 1pm on Wednesday 24 December 2008 and will reopen on Monday 29 December. All Council facilities will be closed on New Years Day - Thursday 1 January.


2 Monday Council Meeting 7pm in the Council Chambers, Norwood Town Hall. 16 Monday Development Assessment Panel 7pm Council Chambers, Norwood Town Hall. (TBC) 22 Sunday 2009 Natuzzi The Parade Food Wine & Music Festival from 12noon to 8pm, see back page for further details. 27 Feb - 22 March Adelaide Fringe ( for more information)

2 Monday Council Meeting 7pm in the Council Chambers, Norwood Town Hall. 9 Monday Adelaide Cup Public Holiday 16 Wednesday Development Assessment Panel 7pm Council Chambers, Norwood Town Hall. (TBC) 19 - 22 Clipsal 500 (www.clipsal500. for more information) Norwood Art & Design Markets First Saturday of the month till March! Norwood Primary School 10am-4pm

FREE Swimming Pass!
1 Family Pass valid to Sunday 11 January
At Norwood & Payneham Swimming Centres 2 Adults + 2 Children or 1 Adult + 3 Children
Norwood Swimming Centre Phillips Street, Kensington - ph. 8366 4553 Payneham Swimming Centre OG Road, Felixstow - ph. 8336 1978 Monday - Friday > 6am to 7.30pm

The Summer Reading Club for 2009 is entitled ”Get in the Game, READ!” and offers readers the chance to earn prizes as they fill their holidays with reading adventures. All eager participants can register from December 1 at Norwood, Payneham or St Peters Libraries. See page 2 for Library locations.

Invitation to submit items for Diary Dates. Please forward details to Sharon Cleary, Communications Officer, City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, P.O. Box 204, Kent Town SA 5071 or contact Sharon by phone on 8336 4528 or via email to


South Australia’s favourite food and wine festival is on again! Natuzzi The Parade Food, Wine & Music Festival has been delighting locals and visitors to Adelaide for the past 16 years, and the 2009 Festival, to be held on Sunday 22 February, will be no different. The Festival is the State’s leading food and wine event attracting in excess of 90,000 people to Adelaide’s popular tree-lined cosmopolitan boulevard - The Parade, Norwood - for one long indulgent afternoon in the sun. Visit and go to ’What’s On’ for more information on this favourite annual event!

WHAT: 2009 Natuzzi The Parade Food, Wine & Music Festival WHERE: The Parade, Norwood WHEN: Sunday 22 February 2009 TIME: 12noon – 8pm

Contact Details: City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters 175 The Parade Norwood SA 5067 p 8366 4555 f 8332 6338 w
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