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					Bags & Tool cases catering for every occasion & price Scissor Pouches:
bags & toolcases

> bags

Combination nylon/leather. Holds 10+ shears, can be rolled out flat 1352

Scissor case, holds 2 shears, clip-on 1337

Ideal for brushes, scissors & razors 2222

Waist wrap, holds 11 tools 2759

Tool Box, polyester 3134

Pouch with removable holster. Holster holds 2 shears 2223 Waist tool bags: these bags can be worn around your waist Leather, holds 4 tools 1356 Vinyl, holds 4+ tools 1355 Leather, holds 6+ shears 1353

Insulated Pouch for storing iron, pink 3990 Elektra black pouch, 4556 Tool case, roll-up (tools not included) 3131 Flat iron pouch, insulated material ideal to store your flat iron & tongs 1176

Elektra pink pouch, 4554

Jaguar Tool cases:
(Tools not included)
Small, holds 4 tools 2876 Scissor case, Holds 5+ scissors 1624 Waist tool pouch 3041

Small, holds 10 tools 1628

Scissor Case, 2 scissors 3807 Scissor holster, leather 2896

Roll-up bag, holds 11+ tools 3042

2-in-1 Multi functional bag with removable Black Denim holster & removable scissor pouch, great for all tools 4096 scissor pouch for 4 scissors 4363

Embossed snake skin, 4 tools 4732


Salon kit bags:

To store all your salon gear
Carry all, polyester, medium 2760

Carry all, nylon, medium 1149

Carry all, nylon, large - ideal for all stylists 1354

Carry all, polyester, large 2762

Aluminium cases: Don’t loose any of your tools. Store & carry them in these trendy cases.
Beauty case for make-up artists & stylists 2216 Tool case for stylists 2445

Aluminium Tool case black/silver (tools not included) 4221 Aluminium Tool case black/silver, on wheels (tools not included) 4222

Case for 2 scissors (tools not included) 3543

Tool case on wheels, with scissor pouch & tool pouches (tools not included) 4312

Aluminium case, 2 scissors (tools not included) 3802 Case for 4 scissors (tools not included) 3801 Silk Cut Shear Zipper Case (tools not included) 4531

Vuitton style, 6 scissors 4645

Tool case on wheels (tools not included) 3133 Vuitton style, holster 4646

Vuitton style, 4 scissors 4647


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