Technology and Supply Chain Project by umsymums35


									           Supply Chain Management/Technology in Operations Project
                                  20 points
                     Due Monday, November 15. 12:30 p.m.

    In fulfilling this assignment, you will exercise creativity.
    By this project, you will demonstrate to the professor that you understand
       something significant about supply chain management or about the role of
       technology in operations.
    Your final product will communicate autonomously and will be of a form that
       could be made available on the internet.

Guidelines and Boundaries
    You may turn in the project individually or as a member of a team.
    A creative piece is something that has never been done or assembled before. You
       must do your own work and you must include credits for any sources upon which
       you draw.
    The assignment is worth 20 points, which is twice as much as a typical homework
       assignment in this class. Use that as a guideline for how “big” the effort and end
       product should be.
    Tangible form options include a written report, story, poem, or essay, a self-
       contained PowerPoint presentation, a Flash animation, a video clip, an audio clip,
       a collection of linked web pages, an annotated gallery, a computerized game or
    Consider history, key persons, fundamental concepts, new developments, cutting
       edge ideas, important considerations, current challenges, public opinion,
       techniques, well known or little known companies, future developments, etc.
    Humor, drama, sarcasm, criticism, and hype are acceptable. Gore, obscenity, and
       derision are not.
    Look through chapters 9 and 12 to get concept ideas. (Chapter 12 is specifically
       on Information Technology, you may broaden the topic to operations technology
       in general.)
    Your tangible product should be targeted to be understood by your peers: juniors
       in college taking a class in operations management.
    Exceptionally effective projects (those that communicate well an important
       concept) may earn up to 10 points extra credit.

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