Succession Planning in Higher Education

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					Succession Planning in Higher
  The Ups, Downs and Laterals of a
     Multi-University Approach

             Brenda Findley
      Director of Human Resources
         Clayton State University
Departments are staffed at a
minimum level; everyone is
working both harder and
smarter. The budget is lean,
but things are covered.
Suddenly, you lose a key person
without warning
Let’s talk about succession planning
Colleges and universities have
 tended to avoid succession

The traditional view of
 “replacement planning is
 incompatible with our
 democratic and collegial
          Not to mention…..

Our Affirmative Action Plans
Succession Planning at what level?
The Competition
      Strategic Support
2006 Noel-Levitz National Student
Satisfaction and Priorities Report
       •Teaching and Academic Advising
       •Safety and Security
       •Registration Effectiveness
       •Recruitment and Financial Aid
       •Campus Life Activities
    Succession Planning is…..

The strategic preparation of people to
 facilitate continuity and effectiveness in
 our organizational processes.
               Key Components
   Top leadership involvement and commitment;
   integration of succession planning with institution-
    wide strategic planning;
   analyzing job requirements;
   assessing the competencies of candidates;
   “stretching” job assignments into developmental
    opportunities; and
   attention to minority and female succession
Career development is important
          •Knowledge of
          unit/department functions
          •Knowledge of
          unit/department objectives
          •Knowledge of
          unit/department operations
          •Ability to apply knowledge to
          ambiguous situations
         Identifying candidates

Self Selection

•Publicize the details of the program
•Include an estimate of personal time
required to complete the program
•Require supervisor recommendation
             Defining Success

           Measurable performance

Opportunities to demonstrate ability
Competencies and Performance Standards

Financial Aid
• Work Study
• Veteran’s Benefits   Human Resources
• Scholarships         • Benefits

“Shadow” opportunities     Less burden on the home
No distractions from
“home”                     Sharing best practices
           Important Caveats

No guarantees of promotion after program is

  Instead, this is an opportunity to prepare for
    the next available opportunity.
               Important Caveats

“Growing” an effective employee may result in his or
  her departure for greener pastures.

   This is not in conflict with the mission of higher

   Being known as a good place for career
    development can enhance recruiting efforts.
Organizational Success

Retain your great employees by providing
them an opportunity for development

Make your good employees even better

Facilitate organizational success!