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Bocce Courts Croquet Court


									Bocce Courts
STI bocce courts feel, play, and roll like a natural grass bocce court. Synthetic courts will eliminate the maintenance of clay or real grass and stay the same color year around. Proper drainage in the turf will allow for water to penetrate through the backing. Standard bocce court dimensions are as follows: Width 10 to 13 feet (12' is recommended) Length 70 to 90 feet (90' is recommended) Pointing Foul Line 4 to 6 feet (6' is recommended), Hitting Foul Line 10 feet, and Center Line half the length of the court. Installation Bocce courts can be installed over an existing court however it is recommended you use a crushed lime rock base 3" or less in depth. (Courts can also be installed over concrete for indoor use) The surrounding border should be 6" x 6" pressure treated wood timbers. STI can customize any bocce court to your dimensions. Call today for a FREE quote.

Croquet Court
STI croquet courts are ideal for country clubs, retirement centers, and home residences. There is no maintenance to the court other than keeping the debris blown off. A croquet ball will roll true over the perfectly flat synthetic turf surface. STI can install any type of croquet court either a 6-wicket or 9-wicket court. Standard dimensions for a 6-wicket is 84 by 105 feet and the 9-wicket is 50 by 100 feet. You can reduce the size of these courts to make them work for any indoor or outdoor application. Installation Croquet courts can be installed over crushed limestone or any level compactable surface. First the ground is prepared by removing the sod and leveling the sub-base. Next the base is leveled in layers to make sure it is consistent. Then the nylon turf is applied directly over the base. Last the wickets are set into copper tubes that are placed into the ground. Within a few days you can be playing on your maintenance free croquet court.

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