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wedding budget savings ideas


									Wedding Budget Saving Tips and Ideas
Pre-Wedding • Start planning early • The earlier you start planning, the more money you’re going to save • Last minute planning can cost you hundreds more than you intended • Hire a wedding planner • A wedding planner may be able to offer you discounted prices with selected wedding service providers • Hold the rehearsal and bridal parties at home • Serve sandwich, veggie, and fruit trays • If your home is not large enough, how about family or a friend’s house? Wedding • Make or borrow a bridal dress, hat or veil • Turn a simple dress into a wedding dress • Add lace, pearls, and/or ribbon to a sun dress to create a low cost wedding dress • Bargain hunt • Most wedding clothing stores will run sales at least twice a year • Have a double wedding • You’ll have to share the spotlight, but you’ll also be sharing expenses • Rent the tuxs • Don’t buy tuxedos, rent them • Have the wedding ceremony at home • Hire an Officiant, Celebrant, or Minister to perform the ceremony at your location • How about getting married in the park? Reception • Take advantage of pleasant weather when possible • Have an outdoor BBQ party after a summer wedding • Ask friends or family to prepare the reception feast • Have a pot luck • Serve simple, inexpensive food with beer and soft drinks for a dinner reception • Serve champagne punch instead of champagne • Have a smaller wedding cake • Serve guests from sheet cakes • Once the cake is cut, it all looks the same • Skip the live music • Hire a DJ • Use your own stereo and make compilation CDs of your favorite music • Hand make gifts for attendants • Skip the dinner time reception

Plan an afternoon reception and serve light, lunch food and wine punch • In the evening, have a desert reception • Serve cheesecake, chocolate dipped fruit, cupcakes for kids • Be sure to note reception type on invitation • The reception is the largest expense, skip it • Throw a simpler party instead that does not have to immediately follow the wedding • Send separate invitations to closest family and friends only Honeymoon • Plan your honeymoon to coincide with off-season prices • Honeymoon locally • Check out all those local spots you never have the time to visit • Honeymoon at home • Turn off the phones • Prepare exotic foods for each other • Pitch a tent in the backyard and roast marshmallows over the grill • Move the couch and put the tent in the living room • Play nature sounds on the stereo The best budget saving tip is to give yourself plenty of time and Plan Ahead Last minute planning or purchasing can ruin a budget
This Tip Sheet provided to you by: Stephanie Marquardt of Unity Weddings by Stephanie 208-429-8667


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