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       By Build It Myself
       Dated: May 30, 2008

       We started looking for free solar panels the first time we saw the price of the 30 solar panels we would
       need to run our off grid home.

       We started looking for free solar panels the first time we saw the price of the 30 solar panels we would
       need to run our off grid home. The price was just way out of our range- well over ten thousand dollars.
       There must be free solar panels out there somewhere. All we had to do was find them.
        Our Plan was to:
        • Locate a reliable source of free solar panels
        • Make sure they were good quality solar panels
        • If not new, then free used solar panels

        The first idea we thought to try was to ask friends and family if they knew of any free solar panels. Well,
       we struck out there but our good friend Walt pointed out to us that he had found a pretty reliable source of
       solar panels that were free.
        Walt had read a book on installing solar panels from a website that he trusted and within the book was a
       section on finding free solar panels. There's a good article at if you
       want to follow up quickly.
        Walt had the same problem as us not being able to afford enough to run his home.
        The first source he told us about was to call Renewable Energy installer and see if any of their customers
       had wanted to get rid of any solar panels that were being replaced?
        Installers are very cooperative when it comes to prospective customers so they will usually try and help
       you because maybe some day you might be their customer.
        When looking for them it helps to offer to do some of the removal work too. These guys have to pay
       someone to do this so if you offer to take out the solar panels being replaced it can help a lot. Don’t expect
       to find a ton of free solar panels this way but you will find some.
        Another method that works for some people is to use want ads. Now, don’t try and advertise that you are
       looking for ‘FREE SOLAR PANELS’ in your local newspaper, that would be wasting your time and your
       money. Instead try magazines like Home Power or Mother Earth News who reach a wide audience of
       people who might have what you are looking for.
        Our friend Walt told us there are some surprising locations that you might find free used solar panels too.
       The book that he recommended cost under $20 and we figured that was pretty good considering the first
       haul of them we got were worth nearly $900. It was well worth the cost.
        Do you want more information? website should be able to point you in the right direction. There is an
       article there on the subject, just check the left hand links.Remember to be patient when looking for free
       used solar panels and a bit of leg work is usually necessary to obtain good results though. Free Solar Panels
       are out there waiting for you to find them.


       We have been searching for and finding free solar panels for over 5 years now. There are many sources to
       find them but only a few of them ever turn up any real free used solar panels.

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