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									Travel Planning With
    Social Media
    May 12, 2009
Yiqilai: social media travel planning
• We help travellers choose where to go and find
  great hotels at the best price
• We help travel service providers acquire and
  learn about their customers

Social: The Next Wave

  Wave 1:      Wave 2:     Wave 3:   Wave 4:
 Brochures     Detailed    Crowd-     Social
   Online    Destination   Sourced    Travel
             Information   Reviews
Why social travel?

   •   Find travel companions
   •   Get trusted advice
   •   Read specific, detailed information
   •   Show off your trip
   •   Have fun

Where Yiqilai fits
Yiqilai helps with every phase of travel planning.

         Dream            • 15k page travel guide
                            with 50k pictures
          Plan            • 136k hotel reviews
                            with integrated price
                          • Social map application
         Travel             with over 1m “pins”
                          • BBS and travel SNS
 Destination Info
Browse the wiki-based guide to get inspired and to
get specific information.
Hotel Info
Find top-rated hotels at the best price.
Advice from friends
 Get new ideas of where to go and learn from
 your network.
• Pin and rate the
  places you’ve been /
  want to go
   – Over 1M “pins”
• Collaborative filtering
  recommendations of
  places you might like
• Where did your
  friends like?
• On Yiqilai and 4
  social networks
Reaching Travellers
As trip planning moves to social media,
marketers have new ways to reach users
when they’re making key decisions.
• Contribute content in wikis / BBSs
• Establish reputation as a destination expert
• Advertise hotels in the context of destination
  planning or hotel search
• Build fun, interactive games, contests and
  mini-sites to engage younger users

Where it’s heading
Social media continues to evolve rapidly

• Help users find and join a group trip –
  more social than using an agent
• Keep friends and contacts aware of your
  travels (e.g., Twitter)
• Research while travelling (hotels, next
• Real-time trip updates / sharing
• Mobile / web integration


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