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March 7, 2009

Winners Announced for Third Annual Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships
COLUMBUS, OHIO – The top 258 amateur competitors from around the world and USA competed in the Arnold Amateur IFBB International Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships at Veterans Memorial Auditorium and the Greater Columbus Convention Center March 5-7 as a part of the Arnold Sports Festival. Overall winners in each category include: Egberton Rulove Etienne Winklaar – Men’s Bodybuilding; Elena Shportun – Women’s Bodybuilding; Sylvia Tremblay – Fitness; Jayme Galloway – Figure; Ali Sonoma – Bikini. “We had athletes from about 40 different countries competing this year making this one of the biggest international events of its kind” said Bob Lorimer, owner of MetroFitness Gyms and the events coproducer with the Fitness Factory’s Mike Davies. “We are fortunate to collaborate with such wonderful partners like Rafael Santonja, President of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Jim Manion, President of the Nation Physique Committee who help us bring together so many talented competitors,” Lorimer added. Overall winners received a Tony Nowak Arnold Classic jacket, tickets to the Arnold Classic and had their pictures taken with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Each weight or height class winner received a one year subscription to Posedown Magazine presented by Bob and Lauranne Johnson. The top five competitors in each weight or height class received trophies.

Overall Men’s Bodybuilding winner: Egberton Rulove Etienne Winklaar of the Netherlands. Other winners of the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding Men’s competition include: Bantamweight: 1st Bernabe Ramirez Balbuena – Mexico; 2nd Denis Pedneault – Canada; 3rd Jason Ste. Marie – Canada; 4th Lowell Starr – USA. Welterweight: 1st Jose Javier Reynoso – Mexico; 2nd Leo D’Adderio – France; 3rd Chantha Yun – USA; 4th Kob Yan – USA. Lightweight: 1st Danny Cacchirillo – Canada; 2nd Mauricio Garza Garza – Mexico; 3rd Alessandro Zuccaro – Italy; 4th Montaser Zaki Mahmoud Genidy - Egypt; 5th Andrew Awak – USA. Middleweight: 1st Charles Mario Soares – Brazil; 2nd Angel Manuel Rangel Vargas – Mexico; 3rd Peter Lagermand – Denmark; 4th Victor Javier Senovilla Cuellar – Spain; 5th John Durante – USA. Light Heavyweight: 1st Kamal Abdullsalam Abdulirahman – Qatar; 2nd Shaun Joseph Tavernier – UK; 3rd Grechukhov Vitaliy – Ukraine; 4th Dmitry Klimov – Russia; 5th Raul Martinez – USA. Heavyweight: 1st Pavel Kirilenko – Russia; 2nd Pablo Eliodoro Ayala Zayas – Paraguay; 3rd Michael Kefalianos Australia; 4th Andrzej Maszewski – Poland; 5th Glayson Souto – Brazil. Super Heavyweight: 1st Egberton Rulove Etienne Winklaar – Netherlands; 2nd Lionel Beyeke – France; 3rd Julio Cesar Balestrim – Brazil; 4th Jaime Atienza – Spain; 5th Alvin Small – United Kingdom. -more-

Overall Women’s Bodybuilding winner: Elena Shportun of Russia. Other winners of the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding Women’s competition include: Lightweight: 1st Johanna Dejager – Canada; 2nd Millie Cleveland – Bermuda; 3rd Stacey Pillari – USA; 4th Alisha Morrow – USA; 5th Denise Dinger – USA. Middleweight: 1st Elena Shportun – Russia; 2nd Jill Lundy – USA; 3rd Jo Stewart – New Zealand; 4th Salla Kauranen – Canada; 5th Krista Schaus – Canada. Heavyweight: 1st Maria Rita Bello – Argentina; 2nd Alevtina Goroshinskaya – Russia; 3rd Geraldine Morgan – Chile; 4th Dawn Elsea – USA; 5th Marcia Ferguson – USA.

Overall Fitness winner: Sylvia Tremblay of Canada. Other winners of the Arnold Amateur Fitness Championship are: Short Class: 1st Sylvia Tremblay – Canada; 2nd Allison Ethier – Canada; 3rd Malena Marquez – USA; 4th Patricia Venus Nguyen- Belgium; 5th Lee Michelle Yeager – USA. Medium Class: 1st Meredith Miller – USA; 2nd Lauren Niehaus – USA; 3rd Morgan Spoon – USA; 4th Patricia Sordoni – Belgium; 5th Lee Randell – Canada. Tall Class: 1st Autumn Edwards – USA; 2nd Tamee Marie – USA; 3rd Tatiana Tishchenko – Russia.

Overall Figure winner: Jayme Galloway of Canada. Other winners of the Arnold Amateur Figure Championship are: Women’s Figure A Class: 1st Nicole Coleman – USA; 2nd Juana Guadalupe Esparza Guerra – Mexico; 3rd Gloria Keplinger – USA; 4th Sara Schumann – USA; 5th Lindsey Bundy – USA. Women’s Figure B Class: 1st Jayme Galloway – Canada; 2nd Rachel Delmotte – USA; 3rd Christina Rieder – USA; 4th Claudia Sofronia – USA; 5th Stephanie Martini – USA. Women’s Figure C Class: 1st Shonda Lewis – USA; 2nd Nina Cash – USA; 3rd Nancy Tremblay – USA; 4th Ivonne Acosta – USA; 5th Stacey Walker – Australia. Women’s Figure D Class: 1st Laure Lee Pine – USA; 2nd Heather Grace – USA; 3rd Teresa Brant – USA; 4th Laura Bailey – USA; 5th Kathleen Lamberson – USA. Women’s Figure E Class: 1st Lee-Ann Ellison USA; 2nd Dannie Allison Hogan – USA; 3rd Jocelyn Langton – USA; 4th Marie-Christine Deblock – France; 5th Wendy Bogard – USA. Women’s Figure F Class: 1st Lori Mork – Canada; 2nd Kimberly Lairet – USA; 3rd Stephanie Billings – USA; 4th Sheri Fisher – Canada; 5th Andrea Lyons – USA.

Overall Bikini winner: Ali Sonoma of San Diego, California. Other winners of the Arnold Amateur NPC Bikini Championships were: Tall Class: 1st Ali Sonoma – SanDiego California; 2nd place: Sonya LaGore, Flushing – New York; 3rd Melissa Pittman – Lutz, Florida; 4th place: Nicolle Long – Grand Blanc, Michigan; 5th place: Kimberlee Strickland – Chicago, Illinois. Short Class: 1st Gia Allemand – New York, New York; 2nd Kristal Marshall – Parker, Colorado; 3rd Beth Roedersheimer – Cincinnati, Ohio; 4th Brooke Johnson Griffin – Villa Hills, Kentucky; 5th Joleen Axworthy – Detroit, Michigan. The Arnold Sports Festival, with bodybuilding as the heart of the weekend, features 37 events, 12 Olympic sports, 17,000 competitors, and more than 165,000 spectators. For more information see our websites:, and

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