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Benefit from Social Media
With efficient Social Media Management.

Easy way to add and remove the user Just select the people you want to follow and hit the grow button.

Monitor your growth Use InRev Score to know your strong and weak points on the Twitter.

Prevent Spammer Use the lock button to prevent following the spammer.

Operate Automatically Follow and Unfollow people at once without the need to individually select the people.

Be in Social Network Explore different ways to optimize your website for better ROI.

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Easy way to add and remove users
Your wish is my command. Suppose 50 people follow you on Twitter, what do you do? And how do you choose which user to follow? Basically, you would explore the profile of each follower and follow them individually. These extraneously work can be reduced with a visit to Buzzom’s TwitIn. Here you can view the list of people who have followed you. You can choose whom you want to follow by selecting them and clicking on ‘Reciprocate’. You don’t have to waste your precious time, seeking people. If you want to unfollow users who do not follow you, just select them and click ‘Flush’. If you want to grow, Buzzom provides you with the list of users who are most likely interested in your tweets. Isn’t that fun?

Monitor your Growth
How are you doing in the Social Network In the real world, there are many parameters which measure your success. What are such measures in Social Network? Buzzom presents you with a set of scores which measure your influence and popularity on Twitter. These scores are not just an indicator of your performance but also a guidance to increase your popularity. Many scores present today, don’t tell anything besides saying whether you are on TOP or BOTTOM. InRev scores have been designed to allow you to track your behavior. This will prevent you from getting disappointed and will guide you through an efficient stay in social network.

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Prevent Spammer
Check your followers and following Would you want to unfollow your favorite celebrity or follow a spammer? I guess NOT. Lock and Unlock are the features you can use to make sure that you don’t mistakenly follow or unfollow them in Buzzom. This has many advantages and is more valuable than any other operation.

Operate Automatically
It’s a necessity. If you are in hurry and don’t have time to check the profiles of your followers then this is the Ultimate command. With one command, it can follow new people, unfollow or reciprocate. Just make sure that you have your favorites and spammer locked.

Be in Social Network
You may be in need of help. If you are in Social Network then you know the importance of Search Engine Optimization and Social Network Optimization. At Buzzom, you will find lists of operations that InRev does which will give your business maximum visibility. The most interesting of all service is the creation of customized BOTs to help your business run smooth.

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