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					Today in class:

-- Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality
 Essay I. The Sexual Aberrations, Sigmund Freud,
-- Your conceptual models of sexuality.
-- Choose readings for leading class discussion.
-- Continue viewing film clips and see how these
connect with Freud’s ideas.

                    Dr. Muñoz
                     Psy 250.
                  Human Sexuality
•   oral                        PREGENITAL
              early childhood
•   anal
•   phallic    childhood
•   latency    puberty

•   genital    adolescence
Nancy Chodorow’s introduction
argues for Freud’s contemporary

See especially pages, vii, xiii, xv, xviii
             Sexual Instinct

Normal = toward a person of the
opposite sex

Perverse = toward someone/thing else
     Sexual Object                      Sexual Aim
     Who/what you                       Sexual act
     are attracted to

Normal = person of opposite sex
                                  Normal = copulation
                                     Sexual union
Perverse = something else
                                  Perverse = something else
     Mental forces
which act as resistances:
 Inverts = wrong sexual object?
 • Absolute, p. 2
 •Amphigenic, p.2
 • Contingent, p. 3

But see p. 5 comments!
And then the footnote on p. 11- 12
It has been brought to our notice that we have been in the
habit of regarding the connection between the sexual
instinct and the sexual object as more intimate than it in
fact is… p. 13
The study of inverts and the changes possible over the life cycle
brings Freud to this radical conclusion:

“We are thus warned to loosen the bond that exists in our
thoughts between instinct and object. It seems probable
that the sexual instinct is in the first instance independent
of its object; nor is its origins likely to be due to its
object’s attractions”, p. 14
Freud finds perversions more readily in
the sexual aim rather than the sexual object. But
ONLY if it is extreme is it perverse or
neurotic because Freud finds elements
of these present in normal sexuality.

For example, kissing, touching and looking, sadism
and masochism(causing pain and being hurt),
voyeurism and exhibitionism
(exposing oneself and looking at one’s lover)...
Notice that Freud theorizes each of these as two
sides of the same coin and all occur in normal sexuality.
P. 16.
Attentive examination always shows that even what seem to
the strangest of these new aims are already hinted at in the
normal sexual process. P. 22
“Thus the extraordinarily wide dissemination of the
perversions forces us to suppose that the disposition
to perversions is itself of no great rarity but must form
a part of what passes as the normal constitution” p. 37
“The conclusion now presents itself to us that there is
indeed something innate lying behind the perversions
but that it is something innate in everyone, though as
disposition it may vary in its intensity and may be
increased by the influences of actual life” p. 37.
(emphasis Freud)
Your own models