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                         Hourly Employee Sick Leave Policy

Sick Leave Accrual
    Sick leave will be accumulated at the rate of 1 day per calendar month up to
       twelve (12) days for year round employees and ten (10) days for school year
       employees during the school calendar year.
    Days will be granted the first working day of the month starting in July for year
       round employees and on the first working day of the month starting in September
       for school year employees.
    New employees will have a probationary period of twenty-five (25) work days
       before sick time will begin.
    Sick leave shall be taken in increments of half days.
    Unused sick leave days shall be accumulated from year to year to a maximum of
       ninety (90) days for year round employees and seventy-five (75) days for school
       year employees.
    Employees who have already accumulated more than the maximum number of
       days will retain them. When days are used they will be deducted from the twelve
       (12) or ten (10) days allotted for the year. For example if a year round employee
       begins the year with 110 accumulated sick days and uses ten (10) (of the twelve
       (12) allotted days) then their total remains at 110 days. However if the employee
       uses fourteen (14) sick days in one year their accumulated days will decrease to
       108 days.

Sick Leave Use
    The Superintendent shall have the prerogative of requesting a doctor’s certificate
       corroborating the use of sick leave days.
    Medical leave for disability resulting from pregnancy or childbirth shall be treated
       like any other work-related disability.
    Sick leave days shall not be permitted for elective surgery and associated
       recuperation time (i.e., surgery performed on a date selected by the employee) if,
       in the attending physician’s opinion, the surgery and recuperation time could be
       scheduled during a time when schools are not in session without being detrimental
       to the health of the employee. Sick leave days shall not be permitted for dental
       work of a non-emergency nature.
    Sick leave may be used for illness of members of the immediate family (spouse,
       child, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, father- or mother-in law, or qualified
       domestic partner). Not to exceed ten (10) days in any one year, nor more than five
       (5) days in succession.
    Extended leave may be granted with approval from the Board. In
       extenuating circumstances the Superintendent and Board Chair may grant
       approval between Board meetings and then bring the request to the next
       meeting for Board approval.
    Up to five (5) paid days at any one time in the event of the death of a spouse,
      child, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, father- or mother-in-law, or qualified
      domestic partner. Extended bereavement leave may be granted with approval of
      Superintendent and will not be deducted from sick leave.
    Up to three (3) days at any one time in the event of the death of a brother- or
      sister-in-law, any relative residing in the employee’s household, or any other
      close relative at the Superintendent’s discretion.

Personal Leave
    Up to two (2) days may be used as personal days each school year. These days
       will be deducted from sick leave time.
    Personal days shall be granted for religious, legal, business, household, family
       matters, or relationship obligations similar to family relationships which cannot
       be conducted at times other than school hours and is not for personal gain. The
       employee must state which of the above reasons apply and may provide an
       explanation if he/she so desires. Such leave shall require prior approval of the
       building principal with consultation with superintendent. Application for these
       days will be made at least two (2) days in advance, except in the case of an
       emergency, to allow the principal to obtain substitutes and make other necessary
       arrangements. Requests for personal leave will not be granted to extend vacations,
       or holidays, or to be used for recreational purposes. If, however, in the judgment
       of the building principal/Superintendent, legitimate personal business is only
       coincident to a school vacation, and would have been permissible at any other
       time, the building principal may allow such a leave, subject to the other
       provisions of this section. Request of leave for religious holidays will be granted
       as required by law.

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