From the Team Leader A shot in the arm by umsymums31


									Issue 21
December 2005

                    From the                                        A shot in the arm for Medlab South
                    Team Leader                                     A medical pathology practice that needs mobile radio?
                                                                    It’s something of an incongruous image – a doctor in
                                                                    a white lab coat with a needle in one hand and a
                    David Ware                                      ruggedised mobile radio in the other.

                    It’s almost Christmas already and the silly     But it’s true. Medlab South Ltd have been using the
                    season seems to have started early this         TeamTalk network in Christchurch for years. And our
                    year – if a glance at the politicians buzzing   service is such a big part of their Christchurch operation
      away in their hive is any indication.                         that they have just signed on for another three years.

      Is it just me, or are they acting madder than usual at        Medlab South has been providing pathology services to
      the moment? All this talk about banning handheld cell         doctors in the South Island for more than 50 years. As
      phones while driving, fencing driveways, reducing speed       part of the Sonic Health Care group, it now employs
      limits on rural roads and implementing Kyoto with all         around 300 staff testing patients in hospitals and the
      its hidden costs for road users. Hopefully everyone will      community, spread from Nelson to Bluff.
      get this unnecessary excitement out of their system over      Medlab South works with local GPs, specialist doctors,
      a few festive beers and come to their senses in the New       midwives and regional hospitals, taking and analysing
      Year.                                                         thousands of specimens across the island every day.
      They need to realise just how important our businesses        It’s in metropolitan Christchurch that TeamTalk really
      are to the country's welfare and stop making it harder        comes to the aid of these needle-bearing types. Medlab
      for us to do our jobs. But then again, perhaps that's a       South has 16 cars on the road in Christchurch, with
      bit much to ask for a Christmas present.                      seven mobile phlebotomists (people who take blood
      And if mad politicians weren’t bad enough, we have had        samples) and nine courier cars zipping about the place
      a curious few months with the bird flu panic plastered        picking up and dropping off samples and specimens
      all over the media. Although we aren’t paranoid about         between 7:30am and 8:30 pm each day.
      these things, we do want you to know that we have a           It’s a big job co-ordinating these vehicles between
      plan in place, so that if some sort of pandemic does          regular and urgent jobs and according to Heather Muir,
      happen, we will be as ready as is possible to be.             Services Manager at Medlab South, it wouldn’t be
      Anyway, enough of my ranting – there are plenty of good       possible without TeamTalk. “ We’ve been using mobile
      things to get excited about, too. We’ve had a great year      radio for years, and it’s absolutely essential to our
      of consolidation and are continuing make sure our             operation. We have two base radios, one for the day
      networks work better and harder for you.                      shift and one for the evening shift, and between them,
                                                                    they are making around 80 calls per day.”
      A big thanks to all of you who came along to one of our
      Targa events at the end of October. We had a great time       “If we used cell phones, this would get incredibly
      – even if our sponsored cars didn’t finish. But, hey,         expensive and we would have no way of controlling
      that’s racing for you, and at least they didn’t end up in     private use of our communications tool. With TeamTalk,
      the ditch like this Steve-Millen-wannabe!                     that’s guaranteed,” Heather said.

      Have a great Christmas and a safe and prosperous              So, next time you see a Medlab South car, don’t think
      New Year.                                                      of frightening needles and hospitals, just give them
                                                                      a toot and a wave because they are TeamTalkers, too!

                                                                                        Hotline 24 Hours: 0800 101 900

     Radio-Controlled Jeremy                                                 need to get a job like this done. There’s a lot of
                                                                             talent here at TeamTalk and it’s great working with
     Want to know where the buck stops when it                               people of this calibre.”
     comes to our network service? Meet Jeremy                                Jeremy obviously loves his job. “I really enjoy the
     Simons, General Manager, Operations. He’s the                            coal-face customer interface we have here at
     lucky bloke who has day-to-day responsibility                            TeamTalk - even in management. That’s the great
     for all our networks across the country. In his                          thing about my job. When it comes to our network
     words, his job is to “turn it on and make it go,                         service, the buck really stops at me. So if any of
     whatever it takes.”                                                      our customers have an issue, or want to talk about
     It’s a pretty big job, so we’d like you to get to know him      how we can do the job better, they can
     a little better – especially since he’s the chap to call when   call or email me, any time.”
     you want to curse (or praise) our service.                      When he’s not working on
     Particularly good at changing his spots, Jeremy’s career        improving our networks, Jeremy
     has evolved through a variety of different industries.          is into good food and good
     Among other things, he’s been a civil engineering designer,     wine and indulging his other
     a contracts manager within the building industry, a project     great passion, racing radio
     manager working on high-voltage projects for the power          controlled cars. He’s currently
     industry, a patch manager for telecommunications contract       working towards the world
     giant Alstom and the NZ project director for NDC.               championships, held in
                                                                     Australia in 2006.
      It’s this varied career that makes him the right guy to
      manage our extensive national network. “Because of my You can contact Jeremy on 0800
      diverse professional background, I’m able to view things 101 900 or via email at
      from many different perspectives, and I’m not blinkered
      into the traditional telco way of seeing
      things,” said Jeremy. “I pride myself
      in being able to build talented teams       Did you know?
      around me which is what you really         A group call is a great way of keeping in touch with a number of people at exactly
                                                 the same time – it works a bit like a teleconference on a land line
                                                 but quicker. Group calls enable you to reach all radios in a particular
     Upper Hutt Community                        area, and these groups are customisable according to your needs.
     Rescue does it again!                       This service is available to all TeamTalk customers – for more
                                                 information, please call our helpdesk on 0800 101 900.
     TeamTalk have been proud sponsors
     of the Upper Hutt Community Rescue As if that wasn’t tricky enough, the             couple of runners and
     team for the past couple of years.        course was open to the public, and the they relayed the info
     Making our network available to them team had some trouble with kids                to their next check
     for training and incident management changing the course by moving track point. We were able
     is a big part of our sponsorship – and markings.                                    to get a description of
     it’s what enables them to respond                                                   the runner and their
     quickly in an emergency.                  Dave Butcher, who heads up the UHCR
                                               team, said that the only way they could
     The UHCR team are often involved in have managed this type of event was number, plus any
     sporting events such as mountain bike to use group calls on the TeamTalk            relevant medical
     races and marathons (like the Karapoti network. “It was a two-day event with history from our
     Classic, held in March annually). They three different races running on each base.”
     are experienced in managing large         day. TeamTalk’s group call function       By using TeamTalk’s
     groups of people in remote locations. was vital to the operation. Because we group call function
     In the last weekend of October, they      could all hear each call we made, we throughout this process, every UHCR
     were out in force assisting with the      were able to spot problems quickly and team member knew that a search had
     management of the Outdoor Expo - a remedy the situation before anyone got begun and were able to provide
     run/walk/ride event, held in the back- into serious trouble,” he said.              assistance, as well as keeping the rest
     blocks of Upper Hutt.                                                               of the races moving.
                                               “An important responsibility for the
     With no cellular coverage, and around day was keeping tabs on where each            The runner was found unharmed about
     300 participants on foot or on bikes      of the Marathon runners were as they 6.5 kms off-course. Dave believes that
     covering more than 70kms of road, the moved through the course. They were it was the group calls that really made
     UHCR team mission was to provide          quite spread out, so we used a group the difference. “If we relied on one-
     first aid for the entrants and direct     call to count them off as they passed to-one calls, we would not have known
     them to the correct track. They were      each of our stations,” said Dave.         that this situation was developing so
     also to provide communications so they “Between my site and the next                quickly. This meant that we were
     could keep track of the marathon                                                    developing a rescue plan before the
                                               checkpoint, one of the runners took a
     runners using the 42km bush course. wrong turn. This was witnessed by a             runner even knew that they were lost!”

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