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									                     NEWARK AND SHERWOOD DISTRICT COUNCIL

                                      JOB DESCRIPTION

POST TITLE: Team Leader - Reactive         SERVICE AREA:          Housing and
                                                                  Environmental Services

POST NUMBER:                               SECTION:               Environmental Health

GRADE:        SCP 41 – 44 (PO 5)           DATE:                  July 2005

This post is a "politically restricted" post under Section 2(1c) of the 1989 Local Government and
Housing Act.

RESPONSIBLE TO:             Environment Manager/Head of Housing and Environmental

RESPONSIBLE FOR:            Environmental Health within Newark and Sherwood District

LIAISON WITH:               Strategic Directors, Heads of Services, Members, Other Officers,
                            Other Local Authorities, Central Government.

PURPOSE OF JOB:             Operational Management of the Reactive Team within
                            Environmental Health.

1.     Specific responsibility for the management co-ordination and monitoring of the
       Reactive team, including health and safety and risk management.

2.     Preparation and issuing policy guidance and procedures on all reactive matters

          •   Accident investigation
          •   Out-of-hours on-call service.
          •   Noise Nuisance
          •   Drainage
          •   Pest Control and Animal Welfare.
          •   Food Complaints.
          •   Food Poisoning Investigations
          •   Housing repair/Unfitness
          •   Food Accreditation Scheme
          •   Environmental Nuisance
          •   Licensing.
          •   Food/Health & Safety revisits
      and their periodical review to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and
      circular guidance.

3.    To take a lead in fundamental reviews of policies and processes for which the
      postholder has responsibility, making recommendations and co-ordinating the
      implementation of agreed changes in service delivery to achieve best value.

4.    The preparation and presentation of reports on operational targets, legal implications
      and resources for the consideration of senior management, cabinet, committees and
      member working groups.

5.    Specific responsibility for co-ordination and liaison with the central licensing section.

6.    Specific responsibility for developing and implementing the Food Accreditation
      Scheme including liaison with business groups.

7.    To adhere to the Council’s financial regulations and standing orders.

8.    To monitor and control activities against operational budgets in accordance with
      approved procedures.

9.    To make recommendations on budget management and financial planning, justifying
      proposals for any future growth.

10.   To ensure accurate interpretation of legislation and procedural guidance to maintain
      consistency of decision making and operational standards.

11.   To constantly monitor the effectiveness of existing information technology applications
      and to analyse the need for developing new systems.

12.   To support and assist Elected Members and Members of Parliament with regard to
      enquiries on relevant operational issues.

13.   To liaise with the Council’s Press and Publicity Officer and represent the Section in
      response to media enquiries, at the request of the Environment Manager.

14.   To support the Environment Manager to develop the teams, individuals, students and
      self, in order to enhance performance utilising the staff development interview and other
      appropriate methods.

15.   To provide equality of opportunity and continued personal development in recruitment,
      development and training.

16.   To facilitate effective communication processes generally in respect of specific
      operational/policy responsibilities.

17.   To be responsible for or assist in recruitment and selection processes.

18.   To have responsibility for applying established health and safety policy.
19.    In conjunction with the Environment Manager support:-

       a)      developing and implementing co-ordinated sectional objectives, policies
               and practices including the necessary staff training.
       b)      ensuring the section contributes to the development and implementation of
               Council objectives, policies and practices.
       c)      Attendance at committees, boards, corporate meetings and meetings with
               external agencies and the public generally, including meetings outside normal
               working hours: and
       d)      Initiating and implementing change and improvement in services, products and
               systems by establishing benchmark standards.

20.    To undertake any further duties, which may from time to time be required of the
       postholder and are commensurate with the responsibilities of the post.

This Job Description represents a statement of the duties of the post but does not include all minor
duties. It is inevitable that over time the nature of an individual job will change and existing duties may
be lost or others gained without changing the general character of the duties or the level of
responsibility entailed. As a result the Authority will expect this job description to be subject to

The Council is committed to equal opportunities. As part of its policy it has been agreed that applicants
wishing to work on a 'Job Share' basis will be considered on an individual basis. Since it is not possible
for all posts to operate in this way, if you wish to enquire about 'Job Sharing' you should contact the
Personnel and Training Section in the first instance.

1.         The salary grade is inclusive of work and such hours as necessary for the efficient performance
           of duties and the effective operation of the Section. The public is entitled to demand of a Local
           Government Officer conduct of the highest standard and confidence in his/her integrity would
           be shaken where with the least suspicion, however ill-founded, to arise that he or she could be
           influenced by improper motives. An Officer should treat with extreme caution any offer of gift,
           favour or hospitality to him/her personally, gratuities of any kind should not be accepted in the
           normal discharge of duties.

2.         The post holder will be required to provide a car for use at work, (which a lump sum car
           allowance will be payable). A home telephone is also essential for the use of which an
           appropriate allowance will be paid. These are not contractual rights and may be varied after

3.         This post is a politically restricted post under Section 2(1c) of the 1989 Local Government and
           Housing Act. The successful applicant would therefore be disqualified for becoming or
           remaining a member of a Local Authority - Section 1(1). You would have a right of appeal to
           the Adjudicator if it was felt the Council had not correctly applied the "sensitive post" (Section
           2(1c) criteria). Advice from the Personnel Manager should be sought on this.

4.         It will be a condition of this post that the post holder becomes a full member of the out of hours
           on call rota for Environmental Health Services.

Signature of Postholder ........................................

Date ....................

                                  PERSON SPECIFICATION
POST TITLE:     Team Leader (Proactive/Reactive)                                           DATE: JUNE 2004

       Factor                               Essential or Desirable                                  Method of
 RELEVANT           Essential-      Previous experience across all core disciplines of
 EXPERIENCE                         Housing, Food, Health and Safety and Environmental
                    Essential -     Experience of managing staff
                    Essential -     Knowledge and experience of implementing appropriate
                                    codes of practice, guidance, etc from appropriate            All assessed from
                                    Government departments and developing policy.                the application
                                                                                                 form, at interview
                    Desirable-      Experience of implementing change.                           and through
                    Desirable -     Experience in the use and operation of the Flare
                                    computer systems
                    Desirable -     Experience of providing services with a customer

 QUALIFICATIONS     Essential -     Either Diploma in Environmental Health or BSc in
                                    Environmental Health recognised by The Environmental         Assessed from
                                    Health Officers' Registration Board (EHORB)                  application form
                    Desirable-      Post Graduate qualification in EH related subject .          and relevant
                    Desirable-      A management qualification at DMS level or above.            documentary
                    Desirable -     Chartered Membership of the CIEH.                            evidence.

 VOCATIONAL         Essential-      Knowledge of equal opportunities, health and safety          Application form
 TRAINING                           management, and public consultation.                         and documentary
                    Desirable -     Customer Service Training.                                   evidence.

                    Desirable-      Knowledge of performance management techniques.

 JOB RELATED        Essential -     Evidence of good interpersonal/communication skills.
 SKILLS             Essential -     Proven ability to manage and motivate the work of            All assessed at
                                    individuals and teams                                        interview, by
                    Essential -     Ability to manage a range of environmental health            references and
                                    functions and to deliver service improvements.               relevant testing.
                    Essential-     Ability to assess and meet performance standards.
                    Essential-     Ability to work effectively in close partnership with other
                    Desirable -     Knowledge of performance management/business
                    Desirable -     Ability to monitor budgets and prepare financial reports.
                    Desirable-      Knowledge and experience of Best Value and CPA.
  PERSONAL                  Essential -     To have an ability to work in a busy environment and to
  ATTRIBUTES                                prioritise workloads.                                       All assessed at
                            Essential -     To be well motivated.                                       interview, by
                            Essential -     To have common sense approach to work.                      references and
                            Essential -     To be able to show initiative and have a commitment to      relevant testing.
                                            environmental health.
                            Essential -     To be able to demonstrate a professional approach.
                            Desirable -     To be willing to undertake further training.
                            Desirable -     To be assertive and confident.

  WORK                      Essential -   To be a member of the Environmental Services On Call
                                          roster for which an allowance will be paid.                   Assessed from
  CIRCUMSTANCES            Essential -    To have access and mobility to all parts of the district as   application form,
                                          and when required.                                            interview and
                           Essential -    To attend Committee/Sub-Committee meetings as                 relevant
                                          necessary.                                                    documentary
                           Desirable -    To have a home telephone                                      evidence
                           This Authority Operates a No Smoking Policy

N.B. The above specification defines the minimum essential requirements of the j, but the council will have regard to
the Disability Discrimination Act and will make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to help applicants with a disability achieve
these standards. Compliance with all the requirements of the job description and person specification does not
guarantee an interview. It may be necessary to use additional criteria at the short-listing stage.
                                                                                                   Extension 5223

                                                                                   01636 655485



                                                                          Please Contact:

                                                                          Date as Postmark

Dear Sir/Madam


Further to your enquiry I enclose an Application Form for you to complete. If you require any
assistance with the completion of this Application Form, please contact the Personnel Section.

In connection with your application, I would ask you to note the following points:-


As a result of the number of applications now being received, receipt of your Application Form
will not be acknowledged unless you enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

If you are not contacted within four weeks of the closing date, you may assume that you have not
been shortlisted for interview.


This information will be held for the purpose of recruitment to the post for which you have applied.

For successful candidates, the application will be placed on a personal file and used for the purpose
of dealing with matters relating to their employment with the Council. Information may be
disclosed to relevant line managers, Councillors and personnel staff. Unsuccessful applications will
be held for a period not exceeding 12 months. All information held will be processed in accordance
with the Data Protection Act 1998.


Newark and Sherwood District Council has adopted an Equal Opportunities Policy which means
that applications are invited from candidates regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or
national origin, disability, sex, marital status or other conditions or requirements which cannot be
shown to be justifiable. An Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form is enclosed for this purpose
which must be completed and returned. If you have a disability which you will require assistance
with, please give details and if you are invited to attend for interview a member of the Personnel
Section will contact you to discuss any special arrangements you may need.

                                                                       Standard Application Form – March 2004

Under Section 8 of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, it is a criminal offence to employ a
person who is subject to immigration control unless that person has current and valid permission to
be in the United Kingdom and that permission does not prevent him or her from taking up
employment, or the person comes into a category where such employment is otherwise allowed.

For this reason, if you are shortlisted for interview, you will be required to produce original
documentation which will be explained to you by the lead officer of the appointment.


If you are shortlisted for this position, you will be sent a form asking about previous criminal
convictions. This should be returned in an envelope marked private and confidential to the lead
Officer of the appointment before your interview. If there is insufficient time, you may take it to
the interview and give it to the lead Officer of the appointment. The Council ask for this
information to assess any job related risks.

Thank you for the interest you have shown.

Yours faithfully

Personnel and Training Manager

                                                                      Standard Application Form – March 2004
                                         APPLICATION FOR
Please contact the Personnel Section if you require any assistance with the completion of this form

Please return this form to: Personnel and Training Section, Newark & Sherwood District Council,
Kelham Hall, Newark, Notts. NG23 5QX

Application forms will not be considered unless all sections have been completed as requested.

A Curriculum Vitae will only be accepted in addition to a fully completed application form.

Canvassing, either directly or indirectly, will automatically disqualify a candidate from appointment.

NB. In accordance with Section 8 of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, an offer of employment will
only be confirmed upon receipt of original documentation relating to your identity.
This information will be held for the purpose of recruitment to the post for which you have
applied. All information held will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act

Please complete in black ink or type

Post applied for:                                                Service Area:
Please state how you became aware of this vacancy:
Closing Date:

Surname:                                        Initials:

Home Address:

Home Tel. No.                                   Work Tel. No.

                                                May we contact you at work? YES/NO


We welcome applications from all sections of the community, regardless of sex, marital status,
sexuality, age, race, nationality, disability or religious belief

                                                                       Standard Application Form – March 2004
  Please complete this section only if it is a requirement of the post as detailed in the person
  Do you hold a current full driving licence? YES/NO. Do you have use of a car for work? YES/NO
  Please give details of any endorsements/penalty points on driving licence.

Name and Address of Employer:            Present (or most recent) Post:

                                         From:                            To:
                                         Salary:                          Period of notice:
Nature of Business:                      Salary scale/grade:

                                         Reason for wishing to leave:

Please attach a separate sheet of your current, or your last, job description outlining your main duties and

                                  Previous Employment
 Past Employer(s) (most recent first)         Post Held         From         To        Reason for Leaving

                                                                       Standard Application Form – March 2004
Secondary Education                   Qualification, Subject and Grade                             Year

Further Education

Professional Education
Training School/Body

Other relevant courses attended

To be completed only if a requirement of the post on the person specification.
Professional Bodies, Registration numbers and dates:

Renewal date, if applicable:

                                                                    Standard Application Form – March 2004
                                                       Other Information
Please add any further information that may support your application, e.g. relevant past experience, skills
learned in work or in home management, leisure activities and special interests. Please ensure that you
make reference to the requirements of the person specification in this section. You must include
information on driving licence, languages or membership of professional bodies if these are a requirement
of the post. Failure to provide information which demonstrates that you meet the essential criteria detailed
in the person specification will prevent you from being short-listed. Please give your reasons for making
this application. (Continue on a separate page if necessary.)

Please give the name and designation/job title, address and telephone number of two people who have
agreed to supply references. They should not be related to you and should include your present or most
recent employer and any previous employers in the last 18 months.

Name ......................................................................         Name ......................................................................
Designation ............................................................            Designation ............................................................

Address ..................................................................          Address ...................................................................
.................................................................................   .................................................................................
.................................................................................   .................................................................................

Tel No. ...................................................................         Tel No. ....................................................................

References will only be requested for successful candidates selected for interview

Do you object to your present employer being                                        If you are known to either referee under a different
approached prior to interview? YES/NO.                                              name, please specify:

Are you related to any member or senior officer of this Authority? YES/NO
If YES, please specify:
I certify to the best of my knowledge the information I have given above is true and complete. I
understand that any false information given on this form may render an offer of employment invalid
and lead to termination of employment. I also understand that appointment may be subject to
satisfactory medical examination.
Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ________________________________


This Authority is taking steps to ensure the implementation of its equal opportunities policy. This form is intended to monitor the
effectiveness of our equal opportunities policy. It is therefore a requirement that you complete and return it with the application
form. This form will play no part in the process of recruitment and it is used purely for monitoring purposes.

I would stress that we are not seeking to relate the information to individuals and the form will be analysed and retained in
strictest confidence within the Personnel Services Section. The Authority apologises for any duplication of information within the
application form.

Job applied for:                                         Department:

Forename(s):                                             Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms
                                                         (delete as appropriate)
Surname:                                                 Maiden Name:

Male                        Female                       (Please tick as appropriate)

Age:          Up to 20                    21 - 30                       31 - 40
              41 - 50                     51 & above

I would describe my ethnic origin as: (Please tick as appropriate)

a       WHITE                                            b      MIXED
        British                                                 White & Black Caribbean
        Irish                                                   White & Black African
                                                                White & Asian

Any other White background                               Any other Mixed background
(please write in)                                        (please write in)

c       ASIAN or ASIAN BRITISH                           d      BLACK or BLACK BRITISH
        Indian                                                  Caribbean
        Pakistani                                               African

Any other Asian background                               Any other Black background
(please write in)                                        (please write in)

e       CHINESE                                          f      OTHER ETHNIC GROUP
                                                                (please write in)

These categories are approved by the Commission for Racial Equality

Do you have a disability which you will require                                                             Yes / No
assistance with should you be invited to interview?

If yes, please provide details.

Do you have a disability within the meaning
of the disability Discrimination Act 1995?                             YES/NO

                                 RELOCATION ALLOWANCES

1.1.   Relocation allowances are available to all employees who are newly appointed to Newark and Sherwood District

1.2.   Relocation allowances are available to new and existing employees if they are required to move into residential
       accommodation or if they are required to move from one Council owned residential accommodation to another.

1.3.   The scheme does not apply to employees whose appointment can be reasonably regarded as an indirect result of
       some other member of the household (e.g husband or wife) moving to the Newark area for employment purposes.

1.4.   The employee's existing home must be in a distance in excess of 20 miles from his/her new location unless 1.2
       is applicable.

1.5    Employees must relocate to within 20 miles, as the crow flies, of their place of work.

2.1.   The scheme provides for the reimbursement of 50% of the legal, mortgage and survey fees incurred in purchasing
       a home.

2.2.   The scheme also provides for the reimbursement of 50% of the legal, estate agent and other fees incurred in the
       sale of a home. Payment of fees incurred in respect of property sales that fall through will be reimbursed
       providing they are within the maximum allowance payment.

2.3.   The cost of the removal of furniture and effects, from current address to new permanent address, based on the
       lowest of three competitive quotations, including the insurance of goods in transit, will be reimbursed in full.
       There is no reimbursement of storage costs. Where it is necessary to take up temporary accommodation prior to
       the purchase of a permanent home, any cost of removals incurred as a result will only be paid with the prior
       approval of the relevant strategic director.

2.4.   A lump sum payment of £850

2.5.   Unless there are exceptional circumstances, a claim must be made within one year of appointment. (N.B. The
       Personnel and Training Manager has delegated authority to extend this period to 2 years in appropriate cases).

2.6.   An employee who cannot immediately find permanent accommodation within a reasonable distance of their new
       place of employment will be eligible for either a lodging allowance or a travelling allowance. The lodging
       allowance is an amount not more than the average rent of a Newark and Sherwood District Council post 1964
       three-bedroomed council house (£53.70 per week with effect from 1st April, 2003). This allowance is payable for
       a maximum period of 26 weeks. Alternatively, employees will be paid a travelling allowance based on the
       prevailing public service vehicle mileage rate, provided this does not exceed the limit of the lodging allowance.

2.7.   In circumstances where spouses and/or children continue to temporarily reside at least 20 miles from the
       employee's new location and the employee is already in receipt of lodging allowance, one travelling allowance
       home per week will be paid at either 2nd class rail fare or the current approved running expense rate for a
       maximum period of 26 weeks. (e.g. 1200 - 1450cc = 13.5 pence per mile).

2.8.   The maximum reimbursement that an individual can receive, taking into account all financial support is £5,100

2.9.   The figures quoted in these allowances are adjusted on the 1st April each year and will be applied to any
       claims received after this date
3.1    Employees benefiting from the scheme of relocation allowances will be required to repay the full amount if less
       than 18 months is served in the post. If an employee serves 18 months but less than 30 months in the post then
       he/she would be required to pay back 1/12 x the number of uncompleted months. This excludes employees
       whose post has been made redundant.
                                                                                       RELOCATION ALLOWANCES – April 2003

                               POLITICAL RESTRICTIONS

This post is designated as politically restricted under the terms of the Local
Government Officers (Political Restrictions) Regulations 1990.

The regulations impose restrictions on the public political activities of Local
Government Officers appointment to or employed in ‘politically restricted posts’.

The restrictions take the form of terms and conditions which are deemed to be
incorporated into those officers’ terms of appointment and conditions of employment.

An employee in a politically restricted post shall NOT:-

   a) Stand as a candidate for the House of Commons, European Parliament or a
       Local Authority. Any resignation to enable such a candidate is effective

   b) Act as an election agent or sub-agent for a candidate for an election.

   c) Be an officer or member of a committee of a political party or branch of a
       party if it would involve him/her in its general management or acting on behalf
       of the party with non-party members.

   d) Canvass on behalf of a political party, of a candidate or intended candidate.

   e) Speak to the public at large so as to affect support for a political party.

   f) Publish or allow publication of any written or artistic work of which he/she is
       the author or editor if the work appears to be intended to affect public support
       for a political part.

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