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									Programme Outline: Team Leader NVQ Level 2

Duration:                    7 sessions x 1 1/2 hours across 16—18 weeks.

Date(s):                     At your place of work, date and time to
                             suit you

Programme and Content:

Session 1   Induction—Introduction to Institute of Leadership and
            What is an NVQ? Health and Safety, Study skills, Registration and paperwork, Completion of
            CV Exercise, Organisational structure, Job description, Identification of organisational and
            personal objectives. Assignment and Action Plan for A1 Training on Leadership Skills. Skillscan
            to choose optional units.

Session 2   Training session—A1 Manage your own Resources.
            Development of Individual Learning Plan / Action Plan. Training on Team Development and
            Communication, allocating and checking work and assignment set for carrying out Team
            Briefing to be observed. Assessment Plan agreed.

Session 3   1 to 1 Assessments.
            Each learner to have a 1 to 1 session with tutor/assessor to review own self development and
            portfolio progress and evidence. Action Plan for further work to be agreed and set.

Session 4   Training session—B5 Provide Leadership for your Team.
            Review of learning and assignments, update of Learning Plan / Action Plan on assessments of
            D1 Develop Productive Working Relationships with Colleagues + D5 Allocate and
            check work in your team. Training on Planning and Organising Work and Motivation.
            Review of learning and set assignments for future units.

Session 5   Observation Assessments.
            Each candidate will be observed carrying out a Team Briefing to cover core competences as per
            assessment plan. Assessor feedback and Action Plan agreed with each learner.

Session 6   Training session—E5 Ensure your Own Actions Reduce Risks to Health & Safety.
            Review of learning and assignments, workbook provided for evidence of Health & Safety and
            assignment given. Assessments and update of Learning Plan / Action Plan for final
            optional unit.

Session 7   Final session to check portfolios and final assessment documents.

In addition to the tutor / assessment sessions, learners will be allocated key tasks and
assignments and should expect to spend at least 2 hours a week on this guided learning.

                     Academy of Learning, Parklands Business Centre, Stortford Road,
                     Leaden Roding, Dunmow, Essex CM6 1GF.
                     Tel: 01279 877902 Fax: 01279 877903

                     Relevant Management and Team Development
Introduction to Qualification
The ILM Level 2 S/NVQ in Team Leading has been specifically designed for team leaders
(with some authority for managing resources) who are looking to motivate their team
members as well as achieve agreed outputs. The qualification aims to give participants
an opportunity to develop the core competences needed by today’s team leaders.

Participants take four mandatory units (which look at managing resources, health and
safety, developing working relationships and leadership) plus two optional units. The wide
choice of optional units gives a high level of flexibility, allowing the qualification to be
tailored to meet the varying needs of participants and employers across all employment

Mandatory units
A1. Manage your own resources
B5. Provide leadership for your team
D1. Develop productive working relationships with colleagues
E5. Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety

Optional units
D5. Allocate and check work in your team
C1. Encourage innovation in your team
D7. Provide learning opportunities for colleagues
F5. Resolve customer service problems
F7. Support customer service improvements
D12. Participate in Meetings
D8. Help team members address problems affecting their performance

Training Approach:

All training sessions will be participative and interactive.

Assessment Approach:

To successfully gain the NVQ Level 2 in Team Leading, delegates must successfully demonstrate competence in each
of the modules and produce portfolio of evidence.

Funding Eligibility:
We have several pots of funding available to help cover costs subject to eligibility.

Please call to check if you or your organisation is eligible on 01279 877902.

Private Costs:
One-to-one £ £1250.00
A group of 2—6 people £1050.00 per person
A group of 6 or more £895.00 per person

                          Academy of Learning, Parklands Business Centre, Stortford Road,
                          Leaden Roding, Dunmow, Essex CM6 1GF.
                          Tel: 01279 877902 Fax: 01279 877903

                          Relevant Management and Team Development

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