Possible Roles of Team Leader by umsymums31


									            Possible Roles of Team Leader
1) Facilitate team meetings
     Prepare agenda and conduct meetings
     Make sure every voice is heard
     Make sure accurate records are kept

2) Act as a liaison between team and administration

3) Communicate with other teams

4) Coordinate curriculum planning / instructional programs
     Check to see if team decisions are carried out

5) Promote public relations

6) Familiarizes substitutes with school / team practices

7) Monitor student and team progress
     This is obviously a shared responsibility

8) Preserve a safe climate
     Everyone needs to feel comfortable voicing views
     Conflicts need to be resolved
     Consensus is needed on important decisions

9) Maintains high morale among team members

  The team leader is not someone who does everything...it is someone who sees
to it that things get done. It is important that all team members try out
leadership roles. The team leader needs to be impartial, fair, willing to
confront issues of inadequate performance by team members, open to new
ideas, and committed to the team's goals.

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