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SPS Commerce Solutionsáfor System Integrators Fact by elfphabet9


									                                                                         Fact Sheet

SPS Commerce Solutions for System Integrators

                System Integrators are an essential part of the SPS Ecosystem. SPS and its EDI
                customers rely on its SI partners for the skills and expertise to integrate data flow-
                ing to and from SPS’ SaaS EDI services into its customers’ ERP (e.g., NetSuite,
                Oracle, SAP), SCM, WMS (e.g., HighJump, Infor, Manhattan Associates), and TMS

Furthermore, its System Integrator partners are critical in designing the workflows, alerts, and busi-
ness processes within these applications that result in better decisions and operational efficiencies.
The EDI data that SPS manages has a dramatic impact on supply chain operations which is fully
exploited when properly integrated within our customers’ applications.

SPS Commerce offers System Integration partners the education and knowledge to perform such
tasks. Many of SPS’ SI partners, after experiencing an SPS Commerce implementation, build SPS
Commerce’s EDI services into their proposals due to the unmatched time-to-value and cost metrics
only offered by the SPS SaaS EDI model, allowing its SI partners to spend more time on high value
add functions. SPS Commerce also offers both referral and reseller programs to its System Integra-
tor partners.

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