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Advertising Age, known amongst it’s readers as Ad Age, is
the world’s leading source of news and information on
advertising, marketing and the media. Ad Age’s insightful
news, analysis and comment on the business of advertising
is world renowned. Recognised as the top source of
information among industry leaders due to it’s credible
editorial and data on key market trends.

The readers of Advertising Age can access it’s content not
only through it’s print versions, but also through various
electronic platforms such as, numerous                              One Time Usage
electronic newsletters (e.g. Madison+Vine, Ad Age Daily
News, Ad Age Media Works) and blogs.                                          Mailing                £175 / M

This list is derived from the international subscribers to both
the print and digital editions of Ad Age, Ad Age China and                    Selections
                                                                              Geo                    £10 / M
100% paid subscribers. Individuals pay between $149 and
$419 per year.
                                                                              Formats and Delivery
                                                                              Email / Disc           £25 / F
                                                                              Flagging               FOC
Profile                                                                       Keycoding              £5 / M
Readers are typically senior executives within advertising
agencies, advertiser, client companies or brand owners                        Minimum Order
and media owners, essentially any individual at a senior
level with a significant interest in business of advertising.
                                                                              £400 / F

Recommended Users                                                             Data supplied for one time
                                                                              usage only (unless otherwise
A superb list for reaching all senior executives with an                      agreed). All orders are subject
interest in marketing and advertising. Readers are also                       to sample mail piece approval
senior     executives    within   large      companies      who               and RSA Direct’s standard list
predominantly read in English. These people are budget                        rental terms and conditions
holders and key decision makers within their organisations.
This list is recommended for non-competing publishers,
seminars and conference organisers, fundraising offers,
directory publishers, airlines and literally any offer targeting
mobile, affluent, senior decision makers typically within large

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                   Tel: 020 8434 3675. Fax: 020 8434 3449. Email:
Region Breakdown

Region                                                                      Count
Europe                                                                      1,841
Asia Pacific                                                                1,166
Central and South America                                                   386
Middle East                                                                 213
Africa                                                                      56

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               Tel: 020 8434 3675. Fax: 020 8434 3449. Email: