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Security Surveillance System Integration by elfphabet9


									                                                                          Security Surveillance
                                                                            System Integration
• Public facilities such                                                                         An Integrated Approach
  as schools, prisons,
  and office buildings

                                                                                                  • Commercial buildings such as banks,
                                                                                                    malls, and large retail stores

• Vital installations such as                                                                • Transportation hubs such as
  dams and power plants                                                                        airports, seaports, train stations and
                                                                                               bus stations

   Environment                                                          Automatic alerts and notifications
   Before September 11, 2001, surveillance systems were relatively      Controlled user access from a central software
   simple endeavors consisting of cameras, monitors, and a VCR          platform
   used primarily to deter fraud and theft. Today, to ensure the        Networked systems for global expansion
   nation’s safety in response to the war on terrorism, video sur-      Remote access with shared supervision
   veillance systems are more sophisticated with expanded func-         Intelligent queries of stored digital images
   tionality. To accomplish this herculean task, the industry spot-
   light is now on providing integrated surveillance systems.         Video Convergence’s areas of expertise encompass turn-
                                                                      key solutions, surveillance devices, distributed network-
   Video Convergence                                                  ing, and customized control software.
   Video Convergence is an experienced system integrator profi-
   cient in providing turnkey integrated surveillance systems that    Turnkey Solutions
   combine digital video, access control, and biometric systems       Video Convergence is a single source for customized turn-
   with flexible networking and centralized control. We are skilled   key security solutions that address all of your security
   in deploying analog-digital hybrid network systems as well as      surveillance requirements. Our comprehensive approach
   providing analog to digital migration paths.                       embraces requirement analysis, network infrastructure de-
                                                                      sign, integration, and deployment services. To mitigate
   Our system designs encompass a range of security and surveil-      interoperability risks, all third party technologies and prod-
   lance requirements:                                                ucts are validated before being designed into your sys-
     Multiple location video monitoring                               tem. Our team of qualified security professionals has the
     Motion detection and external alarms integration                 necessary technical experience to handle every security
     Linkage to external data bases                                   integration requirement.

                                                                                                     Video Convergence
                                                                                                     A Cornet Technology, Inc. Company
Multitude of Surveillance Devices            software for you utilizing custom or off-    For additional information on how Video
Surveillance solutions are composed of       the-shelf third-party software platforms.    Convergence can help with your secu-
multiple subsystems. Video Con-                                                           rity and surveillance needs contact us
vergence’s strength lies in our ability to   Why Video Convergence?                       at:
integrate subsystems such as digital         Video Convergence works closely with
video subsystems, motion detection,          your security/facility staff to provide an
sensors, alarms, and biometric identifi-     end-to-end security and video surveil-
cations subsystems into a seamless,          lance solution that encompasses con-
                                             sultation, requirements analysis, net-
                                                                                                 Video Convergence
easy to manage and use system.                                                                    A Cornet Technology, Inc. Company
                                             work infrastructure design, system in-
Expanding your Reach through                 tegration, and deployment services for                  Headquarters
Networking                                   cameras, cabling, network, servers, stor-         6800 Versar Center, Suite 216
Video Convergence understands the            age, and software. We enable you to                  Springfield, VA 22033
need for easy global access and control      get the best security and communica-                     703.658.3400
of distributed security devices. Our so-     tion products available to meet your                  703.658.3440 (FAX)
lutions provide integrated, highly effec-    present and future security requiements.
tive and centrally managed camera con-                                                                  Florida
trol. We deliver best-fit hybrid networks    Video Convergence is a division of Cor-         1451 West Cypress Creek Road
by leveraging evolving technologies;         net Technology, Inc. (CTI) a major cus-                   Suite 300
thus providing scalable surveillance         tomer centric manufacturer and integra-           Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
systems that are not tied to the avail-      tor of video and network communica-
ability of a particular type of physical     tions products for both the military and  
or protocol infrastructure. Our stan-        commercial markets. Video Convergence
dards-based modular network architec-        leverages Cornet Technology’s exten-
ture considers all available LAN/WAN/        sive experience in providing targeted
IP networking options, such as Ether-        product and integration services to the
net/ Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet,        Intelligent Transportation market to
ATM SONET, xDSL, ISDN, Wireless,             bring razor-sharp, focused, and innova-
VSAT, and Dialup POTS.                       tive solutions to the entire surveillance
                                             industry. Video Convergence has the
Customized Control Software                  full resources of Cornet Technology
The heart of any video surveillance          available to it such as usage of the
system is its control software. Video        company’s ISO 9001:2000 registered
Convergence appreciates the necessity        plant for testing, assembly and stag-
for a cost-effective, intelligent, modular   ing. To complement Video Con-
hands-on control system that makes all       vergence’s staff, we can draw on Cor-
the individual video elements respond        net Technology’s pool of video and
to the touch of a mouse, keyboard or,        communication experienced software
joystick. To ensure that you get the         and engineering resources.
software control system tailored to your
specific needs, Video Convergence will
first assess your operational require-
ments, then design a network control


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