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POSITION                        Vice President Global Supply Chain

REPORTS TO                      General Manager

Headquartered in the US, with sales reaching USD $400M, our client is a
worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sales of high-performance
respiratory protection systems, gas detection instruments and other life saving
products for the firefighting, law enforcement, aviation, government and
industrial markets.


This position is responsible managing the overall Global SBU (Strategic Business
Unit) Supply Chain Operations for 6 sites globally which encompasses demand
planning, manufacturing and sourcing/procurement. This position is also
responsible for managing the client portion of the Shanghai shared site. Included
in these responsibilities is to ensure the organization produces cost effective,
quality products; manage inventory and physical operating assets; balance
corporate financial objectives for operating expense (e.g. Cost of Goods Sold,
inventory investment) with external and internal customer demands; create a
competitive advantage by maintaining outstanding reliability and dependability
through such actions as ensuring product availability meets (or exceeds)
customer demands, while executing as the "lowest cost producer."


Shanghai, People’s Republic of China


The appointee must works towards making this a truly integrated function
worldwide, leveraging on sourcing & assembly opportunities that save costs, plus
making the better positioned facilities even stronger. And all the time
synchronized with the vision of the executive leadership. To do this well, he will
have to be a good change manager and be a good project manager who plan &
execute really well.

Key Responsibilities include:

   •   Manage the overall global Strategic Business Unit Supply Chain
       Operations. This responsibility includes manufacturing and the logistics
       network, sourcing/procurement and the sales and operations planning.

   •   Manage the Shanghai based shared-site, ensures the organization
       produces cost effective, quality products, manage inventory, and physical
       operating assets.
    •   Leverage the China based low cost production opportunities for global
        distribution when possible.

      p.s. Logistics and Distribution (L&D) is a shared function within the Client
Mother Company and would not be a direct line responsibility for this position.


•    Industrial Manufacturing and supply chain experience, focused on quality.
    Throughout his career, he should have gained a superior understanding of the
    industrial manufacturing world and supply chain management issues. This
    encompasses areas such as operations, quality assurance, inventory and
    physical operating assets management, and customer service. He should have
    experience in setting up and running off-shore manufacturing sites and
    distribution centers.

•   Global vision and experience

•    Seniority and Leadership
    He will also have the leadership capacity to move the supply management
    function forward in accordance with your strategic vision. He should have
    exceptional skills to influence others and to lead-by-example. He should be a
    seasoned businessman whose interpersonal skills will permit him to deal
    effectively at all levels, backgrounds, and nationalities both inside and outside
    the company.

•   China and Chinese team management expertise

•   Bachelor’s degree (B.A., B.S.) from a four-year college or university with a
    minimum of 10-15 years work related experience in increasingly
    responsibility in Operations and Supply Chain positions in the manufacturing
    industry; or equivalent combination of education and work related
    experience. Masters degree (M.A., M.B.A., M.S.) or equivalent level of
    professional certification desired, though not required. Progressive
    management & leadership track record are required.

• Language and communication style and skills:
   Ability to communicate, both oral and written, fluently and in a structured
   manner in English is a must. A second Asian language is preferred. Fluency in
   Mandarin as first or second language is desirable. The successful candidate
   should be able to communicate to people of different nationalities and from
   various levels.

•   Demonstrated problem solving and decision-making skills.
    He should have the capacity to analyze situations and problems with an
    analytical and down to earth mindset.
•   Personality:
    The successful candidate should be an excellent leader motivated by the
    challenges that are ahead of him. Results and action oriented, he must be
    someone who is focused on cost and quality and who sees things in their
    effect on the bottom-line. This key senior manager should have reached a
    good level of organizational agility and sophistication. This, when linked to a
    solid industrial manufacturing and supply chain expertise will help him to
    navigate fast in the organization and will allow him to quickly gain the trust
    and respect from his peers managers and his own teams in order to make
    things happen.

•   Process and continuous improvement: A strong knowledge on lean
    Manufacturing and 6-Sigma would be a strong asset for the candidate. This
    strong manager should demonstrate continuous drive to improve leadership
    and management skills and to broaden knowledge of continuous
    improvement and methodologies.

•   Technical Understanding: The successful executive should have a good
    understanding or gain this soon after he has started in his role. This will help
    him to get the support of the technically oriented peers and will make him
    more legitimate while trying to influence the organization towards the agreed
    strategic direction.

For further information please contact:

Wendy Jiang
The Amrop Hever Group – Global Executive Search
Shanghai Office
Tel: (86-21) 5404-9898 -840
Email: wendyjiang@amrophever.com.cn

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