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					Wireless Back-Up
Telephone lines are widely used to link security systems to the Central Station. In the event a criminal should cut these lines, communication to the Central Station is disabled.


Provides added safety for securing homes and businesses Multiple paths to the Central Station

Meets UL-listed standards Solution to Voice Over Internet Protocal (VoIP)

Alternative solution to cell phone technology

Wireless communication technology eliminates the need for traditional telephone lines. The wireless systems can send messages via many pathways, unlike telephone lines that are restricted to only one. Wireless communication, together with a state of the art security system, provides you with the latest in total home or business protection. Why not call and find out more. Please contact our Team at (770) 448-9988. Call now and get the ADS edge.

Over 25% of new home construction is performed without installation of hardwired telephone lines. That is why many homes and businesses are taking an extra step in the protection of their property by incorporating a wireless communication system.

Telephone lines are affected by weather, accidents, equipment failures, and natural disasters; all of which can impact the monitoring communication of your system.

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