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									                                                                        Short Term Study Abroad Guidelines

                          Short-Term Study Abroad Guidelines
Updated 2009-09-14 / Office of the Provost

1. Guidelines for Short-Term Study Abroad (STSA) courses have been developed to ensure that: (1)
course outcomes are equivalent to the course that is offered on-campus; (2) planned experiences and
selected venues are consistent with the mission of the sponsoring department; (3) all faculty with an
interest have the opportunity to propose an STSA course; (4) the study tour is affordable for students; and
(5) the safety and security of all participants are central to the planning and management of the travel

2. Planning for STSA courses shall begin at least one year prior to the scheduled travel experience. The
Office of the Provost will annually release a call for STSA proposals to all UCA deans no later than the
second Monday in February. The announcement and application form will be distributed to faculty and/or
staff via campus mail and e-mail. These materials will also be posted on the Provost’s Bulletin Board and
the Study Abroad web page.

3. Faculty will submit a draft of a proposed STSA course to department faculty for approval. Following
approval, the proposal will be given to the department chair, and a copy forwarded to the Study Abroad
Director. The Study Abroad Director will provide feedback to the instructor and department chair on
matters related to travel and study in the country/countries of interest, safety/security issues, cost
analyses, etc. Once this information is received, the instructor will prepare a final draft of the proposal for
submission to the chair no later than May 1. Where courses are proposed by two or more
departments/colleges, multiple approval by department faculty and chairs/deans of the academic units will
be required. Proposals recommended by the faculty of the department(s), the department chair(s), and the
dean(s) will be forwarded to the Provost for final approval by June 1.

4. On or before June 30, the Provost will send a list of approved STSA courses to department chairs and
deans and to the Study Abroad Director. The Office of the Provost will also forward this information to
other relevant offices including the Registrar, Financial Aid, Undergraduate Studies, the Graduate School,
and Academic Advising.

5. The department chair will coordinate the listing of courses in the official UCA course schedule
according to timelines established by the Registrar. All STSA courses will include at least three
mandatory orientation sessions coordinated by the Study Abroad Director in collaboration with the course
instructor. These sessions will include a review of the travel itinerary and an overview of course syllabi,
requirements/assignments, and how student performance will be evaluated. At least two of the sessions
will be held with all students in attendance. The third session may be conducted online. Students may
expect to complete some course assignments prior to or following the study tour as directed by the

6. Most STSA trips will occur during the summer term. Some courses may be offered over Winter break
or Spring break if appropriate course contact hour requirements can be met. If an STSA course carries
over to the next academic term, the course will be listed with the Registrar as a “non-report course.” A list
of non-report STSA courses will be provided to the Registrar by the Study Abroad Director at the
beginning of each semester. When all course assignments are completed, grades for the non-report
courses will be submitted by the STSA instructor to the Registrar in accordance with a deadline for
submission of grades established by the Registrar for each STSA course.

7. Faculty members who serve as STSA instructors, including chairs, directors, and associate deans, will
be reimbursed for travel expenses equal to per-student travel costs, provided minimum enrollment targets

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                                                                      Short Term Study Abroad Guidelines

are met. STSA instructors may be paid a maximum salary of $2,600 for a 3-credit course or $3,300 for a
6-credit experience. An STSA instructor may decline acceptance of a salary, in which case those funds
will be applied to the program to reduce the cost for students. If approved by the department chair and the
dean, the assignment of faculty to the STSA course may be considered part of the faculty member’s
teaching load.

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