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									. Weekly Briefing Sheet 17th December 2009 www.clarencourt.com http://clarencourt.blogspot.com/ Contact: Mobile Number 07806 284911; email clarencourt@googlemail.com 1. Last Week Thursday 10/12/09 Sorry for delay – just back from snowy Cambridge, Mick Dave Brentnall with Over the Hill Gang, Sumner's Pond, Barnes Green. 20 members turned up to the AGM on Clubnight, Worcester Park Athletic Club. It was a good meeting. Paul Kelly, Trevor, Bob Green & Paul White with the brief company of Barry and cameo appearances by Mick & Richard Teare went Slip sliding their way along the muddy side of the Hogsmill en route to Richmond Park where the protected view to St Paul's was viewed, thence to Bushy Park and the new Plantation Tea rooms (Good but a tad expensive) 39 miles door to door, average 9.9mph Dear MTB 'ers I did ride upon my bicycle to the Pheasant cafe near the Water Gardens within Bushey Park as hinstructed, to meet with other adventurous MTB'ers larst Saturday 12th, and encountered neither sight nor sound of hanyone!! I perambulated around and about said premises betwixt 10-45 and 11-45 whereupon I gave up and batll'ed my way home into that cold north-easterly. Did'st thou all get lorst? Meob Norman Luhr with OHGOHG to Sumner`s Pond, Barns Green. We thought the ride out was very easy, and realised why when we rode back into a stiff headwind. A dry ride until a shower for the last 3 miles. 38 miles at 12.3 mph. The lady at Sumner’s Pond is all ready for the Tuesday Lunch and has ordered 2 tons of Brussels sprouts and 87 parsnips. A good time should be had by all. Clubrun to Oxted from Cheam Station south side 0900, Merstham Station 0945. Barry to Belge cyclo-cross watching. Peter Lovering, Dave Brentnall & Mick Ayliffe at Christmas lunch for Over the Hill Gang at Sumner's Pond, Barnes Green. Kay Weeden and Norman Luhr with OHGOHG on a walk from Baynards Station to Notcutts, Cranleigh on the old rail track to meet Barry and Chris Gregory. The station at Baynards is in private hands and has been converted to its original state pre Dr. Beeching who closed the line down. It is well worth a stop to see what things were in gentler times. 8 miles at 2.8 mph Over the Hill Gang, Council Office Cafe, Horsham, Betchworth, 1000. Clubnight, Worcester Park Athletic Club 2030.

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Over the Hill Gang, Council Office Cafe, Horsham, Betchworth, 1000. Clubnight, Worcester Park Athletic Club 2030. MTB Ride to Bocketts Farm, Leatherhead. Organ and Dragon, Ewell, 0900. Sportive training ride this Saturday will go to Cranleigh via Cobham, Coombe Bottom and back via Ellens Green and Newdigate 60 miles. Please call Caroline on 0208393 5844 if icy to check. Organ and Dragon, Ewell, 0900. Over the Hill Gang Over the Hill Gang, Betchworth Church Car Park 0900.


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3. Letter from America.

Note change of ride. Henfold on road bikes. Cheam Station south side 0900, Walton on the Hill 0945. Club lunch at The Spring, Ewell, 2.30pm See Item 6 below. Over the Hill Gang, Sumner's Pond, Barnes Green. Knights Plants, Betchworth, 0945 & 1000. Over the Hill Gang Over the Hill Gang, Notcutt's, Cranleigh, Betchworth Church Car Park 0900. Over the Hill Gang, High Beeches near Handcross, Betchworth, 1000. Clubnight, Worcester Park Athletic Club 2030. th Saturday 12 December 2009 Hi Guys and Gals, Further to last week’s report on the corruption in Afghanistan an article in the Tribune newspaper tells how Afghans have a name for the huge, gaudy mansions that have sprung up in Kabul’s wealthy Sher Pur neighbourhood since 2001. They call them “poppy palaces”. The cost of building one of these homes adorned with sweeping terraces and ornate columns can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many are owned by government officials whose salaries start at one hundred dollars a month. To the capital’s jaded residents there are few more potent symbols of the corruption that permeates every level of Afghan society from the traffic policemen who shake down motorists to top government officials and relatives who are implicated in the opium trade. This together with the mounting casualties shows how hard it has been for President Obama and other Western leaders to justify sending more troops to fight for a government that appears to exist primarily for its own enrichment. A 2008 survey by Integrity Watch Afghanistan found that a typical household pays about $100 a year in bribes in a country where more than half the population survives on less than $1 a day. Almost everything has its price: a business permit, police protection, even releases from prison. One can only hope that the recent promise of President Karzie to “make every possible effort to wipe away this stain” turns out to have some substance. America is often quoted as the “land of plenty”. However statistics have recently been published showing that almost half of American children will be on food stamps at some time during childhood! Food stamps are a US Department of Agriculture programme administered by individual states but the USDA’s annual report said that dozens of states failed to reach some of the country’s most needy citizens in 2007. It is argued that people who receive food stamps are not necessarily starving. However it also points out that people who need food stamps the most very often do not get them. Columbia Universty statistician Andrew Gelman said the paper clarifies a misconception that people are either on welfare or they’re not. Reality is more delicate as some families only receive government aid temporarily, he said. Well I am not sure what to make of all that except to quote Winston Churchill “Statistics are like a drunk with a lampost: used more for support than illumination”. On a similar front an article in the Orlando Sentinel from The Associated Press a heading reads “Recession sends older Americans to food pantries”. Older Americans who were raised on stories of the Great Depression acquired lifelong habits of thrift (how come they did not mention cyclists? Some of whom have a reputation of being as parsimonious as Ebenezer Scrooge!) now find themselves crowding soup kitchens and food pantries in greater numbers for the first time after seeing retirement funds, second jobs and nest eggs wiped out by the recession. “What we see in line is lots of grey hair” said Marti Forman, CEO of The cooperative Feeding Programme in Fort Lauderdale. According to the Department of Agriculture the number of seniors living alone who seek help from food pantries increased by 81% in 2008 compared to 2006. Overall 4.7 million households used American food pantries in 2008 compared with 3.7 million in 2006. Again this is not quite what you expect to read in the “land of plenty”. The following was taken from the Senior Lifestyle Digest and although not quite so topical now but if you haven’t seen it is still quite amusing: A Bear, a Lion and a Pig meet and no they don’t eat the pig but the bear says “If I roar in the forest the entire forest is shivering with fear.” The lion says, “If I roar in the jungle the entire jungle is afraid of me.” The pig says “Big deal, I only have to cough and the entire planet goes into mass panic.”


4. TdF 2010

Some of the members of the group that I ride with out here have had good results in the Florida State Championships held at Cape Coral. Cindy who rides in the 50-54 age group won all of her events the two time trials of 5k and 10k plus the two road races of 20k and 40k respectively. Ken won both the 10k and 20k TT’s and was third in both the 20k and 40k road races. Canadian Dave won the 55-59 age group for the 10k TT and both the 20k and 40k road races. Not bad for the Florida OHG of which there are only about eight of us on a good day! Regret we are not having the usual Florida winter as so far we have had more rain than we have experienced all winter in the past. Except for last Friday week and Thursday this week most of it has been during the night time fortunately. A winter of extremes back to sunshine and daytime temperatures of 81F on Tuesday, 83F on Wednesday and down to 67F on Thursday with night time temperatures varying from 41F to 71F -- beat that for extremes. However we have been much more fortunate than some of the poor souls up north. Temperatures have been down to minus two degrees Fahrenheit (minus 19 degrees Celsius?) and it has been reported on a TV news channel that parking meters, ATM machines and gas pumps have not been working due to the extreme cold. Over here all gas stations (petrol stations) have pay at the pump facilities but apparently in some cases due to the cold they have been debiting your account but failing to deliver the gas as the pump is frozen! Hope you all have been doing better than that and less rain than we have had of late. Bryan Staples Mary and Andrew have booked to stay in the Hotel L'Ancolie in the village of Huez from the 12 - 18th July. Very reasonable demi-pension rate of 120/140 Euros per day. Would other club members be interested doing something similar or meeting up during that week in France? Links: http://www.letour.fr/2010/TDF/COURSE/us/le_parcours.html http://www.hotel-alpes-huez.com/uk/index.php (Hotel L'Ancolie) http://www.viamichelin.co.uk/viamichelin/gbr/dyn/controller/Hotels#description@poi= 180517_78673 Regards Andrew Adams for Two Cellos 39 Beresford Road, Kingston upon Thames Surrey KT2 6LP Tel: 0208 549 7755 www.cellos.co.uk info@cellos.co.uk Mick Ward and Mick Ayliffe plan to drive from St Ybard to Huez on the Sunday, ride the Alpe on Monday, watch on the Madeleine on the Tuesday, watch the ChamberyGap stage on the Wednesday and drive home from Huez on the Thursday to arrive early Friday morning. Andrew and Mary will arrive Monday and stay the week.

5. Action Stations

Stop complaining to yourself about the state of cycle parking and cycle access at your local train stations. Let Network Rail know what needs to be improved by going on their Action Stations website. You could win a season ticket or £2000. Cyclists in London may also want to comment on TfL’s plans for London railway stations.
The Clarencourt Christmas lunch will be at the Spring Tavern, Ewell, on the 20th Dec at 2.30 pm. Hi everyone The Christmas lunch is now booked at the Spring Ewell Dec 20th @2.30 with a few remaining orders to come. We have 27 confirmed and I am expecting another 3. Anyone else who would like to come please let me know asap. Those coming so far are. Mick and Shelia Ayliffe, Jenny Bromley, Dave, Phil and Clare Elliot, Emma Potter, Christina Treacher, Caroline Harrison, Jez Martin, Trevor, Suzanne and Colin Hughes, Paul and Sue Martin, Roger and Wendy Smith, Mark Bradley, Jim Harwood, Brian and Lynda Harris, Mick O Brien, Andy and Lorna Huddart, Rob and Karen Scourfield and Marcus Edwards.

6. Christmas Lunch


7. CycloSportive Update.

TBC Bob and Theresa Green. Thanks Caroline SPORITVES 2010 It looks like we are all getting into the spirit for a good Sportive year next year. It has been suggested to me that we aim to highlight one sportive each month to try and get a big group from the Club to enter and meanwhile of course for those of us who want to do more there are plenty to choose from. January sportives start on the 17th January the Kentish Killer starting at Pole Hill and offering 2 routes of 100 and 75 KM. This event is organised by the Avanti CC and starts at Pole Hill Garden Centre includes feed stations and entry is only £12 The infamous HELL OF THE ASHDOWN takes place on the 31st Jan and all 1000 places were filled within 36 hours entry opening. Jez Martin, Alex Jalland, Marcus Edwards, Emma Potter, Andy Huddart and Caroline Harrison are all entered. The Puncheur Sportive on the 7th March from DItchling and finishing on top of Ditching Beacon has opened for entries and already has 12 Clarencourt members entered so this makes this Sportive our March highlight. Andrew and Mary Adams, Paul Kelly, Mark Bradley, Jez Martin, Caroline Harrison, Marcus Edwards, Steve Parr, Emma Potter, Martin Guest, Dave Elliot, Ev Quirstoff and Mick Ayliffe are already entered. At present we have more entries than any other club and remember if you pass a London dynamo cyclist en route there is a 10 minute time bonus on Clarencourt times! HAMPSHIRE HILLY HUNDRED (highlighted event for May). Entries are now open for this event which is on the 9th may. There is a shorter route of 70 miles too. You can enter online at www.sientries.co.uk. Mick Ayliffe already entered. This event does tend to be popular so may well be worth considering soon as entries fill up pretty quickly. DRAGON RIDE entries for this epic sportive open on Dec 27th . The event is on June the 6th and really worth taking part in as you are hardly ever alone with 3000 riders on the course. February and April as yet have no highlighted events as a lot of them haven't been announced yet. CYCLOPORTIVE TRAINING RIDES. Winter routes out soon on next quarter’s rides list. These will take place twice monthly. If we have a large group entry into a sportive this may replace a training ride. These rides are designed to improve both speed and endurance for the sportive cyclist and will generally run at a faster pace to the club runs. 1. Ewell, Farthing Down, Caterham, Gangers Hill, Botley, Pilgrims Way , Ide Hill, Bough Beech, Mark Beech Chiddingstone ( tea stop) Marlpit Hill Merle common Bletchingley Chipstead home, 63 miles 2. Ewell, Leatherhead, Effingham, Ranmore, Holmbury St Mary, Forest Green, Ockley, Henfold (tea stop) Boxhill, 50 miles. 3. Ewell, Walton on the Hill, Leigh , Newdigate, Capel, Ockley, Holmbury St Mary, up Coombe Bottom, Clandon, (tea spot), Cobham, Home, 50 miles. 4. Ewell, Cobham, Send, down Coombe Bottom, Abinger, Holmbury, Leith Hill, Dorking, Boxhill, Leatherhead (tea stop) 50 miles. 5. Ewell, Cobham, Effingham, White Down, Peaslake, Shamley, Winkworth Arboretum Cafe. Back via Wonersh, Coombe Bottom and the Lanes via Cobham 65 miles 6. Ewell, Betchworth, Newdigate, Weare St, Ellens Green ,The Haven, 5 Oaks Barnes Green ( tea stop ) Broadbridge Heath Warnham Rusper Boxhill Home. 65 miles. Alternative route out via Faygate and St Leonard ’s Forest may be used. 7. Ewell, Walton on the Hill, Capel, Weare Street, Okewood Hill, Ellens Green, Rudgwick, Loxwood, Wisborough Green (tea stop), Home, 65 miles. 8. Ewell, Walton on the Hill, Faygate, St Leonard’s Forest, Partridge Green, Ashurst, Wiston or Dial Post (Tea Stop) Barns Green, Warnham, Rusper, Newdigate, Box Hill, Home 80 miles. 9. Chipstead Bletchingly, Lingfield Dormansland Hartfield Ashdown Forest Cafe stop on the top and back via Turners Hill, Worth, Smallfield, Redhill Aerodrome and Fanny's Farm. 75 miles


8. Definitive address.

9. Fat Albert. 10. The Blog 11. BC Newsletter

We are permanently (?) residing at 33 rue Bersaout, 64260 Arudy. Arudy is 30km S of Pau, not far from the Col du Marie Blanc and a little further from the Col d'Aubisque. The 2010 Tour passes through Louvie Juzon which is in walking distance and there is a nice steep hill out of the village which I think the riders will have to climb.... We are still walking and cycling ourselves and have nearly finished the garden of our new house on the outskirts of Arudy. Maybe we will see you or some other old friends out here some time. Geoff and Jenny Bosstock Phone call from Tony Mills this morning to say that Fat Albert (Albert Beurick) of the old Café den Engel, Gent, had passed away. What a character! http://clarencourt.blogspot.com/ This week Kit design and supplier, Church on the Marsh, Saturdays rides – toilets and culture. http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/web/site/BC/bchome/home.asp The lads brought this latest order back from Gino after the “6”. The kit is ready for fitting and/or collection, either from my place (ring 0208 644 9297 to check I’m in). Alex Jalland. (collected and £83 paid) Claire Duncan Classic collection - short sleeve, full zip, ladies-cut shirt size 3 (medium). £35 Classic collection - "Brush Back Jack" jacket (unisex cut), size 4. £86 Jeremy Martin (collected and £42 paid) Ev Quistorff 1 short sleeved, long zipped jerseys, Elite, size 2XL, racing cut. £42 1 long sleeved, long zipped jersey, Classic, Win-Tec, sports cut, size 2XL £51 Andrew Huddart (collected and £83 paid) Mary Adams (4 items collected and £219 paid) Peter Lovering (2 items collected and £93 paid) We have currently in stock:First come first served. 1 size 5 short sleeved jersey with odd length sleeves! £24 1 pair club long bib tights size 2. 4 Ladies short sleeved jerseys 1 pair of bib shorts. Club bandanas (as seen on TV) £6 each only 1 left!!! http://www.everydaycycling.com/news.aspx?fid=327
Weekly Stats Report: 7 Dec - 13 Dec 2009 Project: Clarencourt Cycling Club URL: http://www.clarencourt.com/

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14. Website stats.

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg Pageloads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors 62 15 9 6 29 9 7 2 29 11 10 1 43 30 12 11 6 6 7 4 29 9 6 3 6 2 2 0 228 69 47 22 33 10 7 3

15. St Ybard 2010

“St Ybard week, France, 2nd to 11th July 2010.” The St Ybard week is similar to last year. We leave Friday 2 July, the day before the TdF starts and return on the Sunday 11 July. Guests are welcome. Contact Trevor Hughes email - trevorhughes1@gmail.com or telephone 01372 727 441. Mick Ayliffe, Mick Ward, Mick Sutton, Paul Martin, Denis Peacock, Norman Luhr, Martin Shaw and Adam Domaignue. One more than last year but we should be OK as we will have two functioning bathrooms. Also we look forward to seeing our guest riders Rob Potter and Chris Devereux.


16. RCUK Website.

http://www.roadcyclinguk.com/ <http://www.veronello.com/images/NEWSLETTER%202009/BIKE/News%2 0Giugno%202009/Gardabikehotel_Giugno_2009.jpg> <http://www.veronello.com/images/newsletter/davanti%20cycling/ Grandi/04_alto%20copia.jpg> A Spring rich of Events... LOGO-GF-EDDY-MERCKX2010.jpg<http://www.veronello.com/images/bike/Granfondo/Grandi /LOGO-GF-EDDY-MERCKX-2010.jpg> GRANFONDOS 2010 Join Us and take part in the most beautiful Italian GRANFONDOS, (Gf Eddy Merckx, Gf Colnago, Gf Fizik, Gf Pinarello, Gf Dolomiti stars, etc...) which are starting only a few Kilometers from Our Hotel ... >> Here is the Link to our programm <http://www.gardabikehotel.it/interne/interna.aspx?ID=7846&IDL =2> << ________________________________ giro_2009.jpg<http://www.veronello.com/images/bike/giro/giro_2 009.jpg> MAY, the MONTH of the GIRO d'ITALIA We will ride on the same roads of the champions, on the most beautiful and exciting climbs of Giro d'Italia, waiting for them at the finishing line. After 26 years the GIRO d'ITALIA is going to finish in the Arena di Verona. We will reach Verona by bike in the morning and will ride on the same route that is going to be theatre of the time trial in the afternoon. This stage will assign the 93° Giro d'Italia. >> Here is the Link to our programme <http://www.gardabikehotel.it/interne/MAY_the_WEEK_of_the_GIRO _!_inte >> rna.ashx?ID=8156&IDL=2> <<

17. Garda Bike hotel 2010


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