TIP PRESENTATION AND ORAL DEFENSE RUBRIC

Student Name:

Aspect               Good presentation:             Fair presentation:               Poor presentation:         Score
                           (3 points)                    (2 points)                     (1-0 points)
Introduction      contains a thorough,          contains a thorough but         provides no overview
                  complete and well-            somewhat disorganized           statement or statement is so
                  organized overview            overview statement.             short as to be useless
Completeness      addresses all included        addresses most of the           addresses few of the
                  theories very well during     theories fairly well during     theories or does so poorly
                  presentation                  presentation.                   in presentation.
Implementation    addresses well how            address minimally or            fails to address or addresses
                  learning theories will be     inconsistently how learning     poorly how learning
                  used to deal effectively      theories will be used to deal   theories will be used to deal
                  with preconceptions,          effectively with                effectively with
                  organization of               preconceptions,                 preconceptions,
                  knowledge, and                organization of knowledge,      organization of knowledge,
                  metacognition.                and metacognition.              and metacognition.
Classroom         addresses in detail how       address minimally or            fails to address or addresses
Atmosphere        the 4 centers* of             inconsistently how the 4        poorly how the 4 centers*
                  classroom will be             centers* of classroom will      of classroom will be
                  achieved using learning       be achieved using learning      achieved using learning
                  theories.                     theories.                       theories.
Organization      presentation is well          presentation is somewhat        presentation is disorganized
                  organized, moving from        disorganized and provides       and deals completely with
                  general topics to specific    too much detail without         details without providing a
                  details; provides a good      giving a good explanation       broad explanation of the
                  explanation of the work.      of the work.                    work.
Speaking Skills   uses presentation             relies heavily on               essentially reads the
                  resources as a guide,         presentation to make report;    material from a
                  gives detailed                only somewhat comfortable       presentation to make the
                  explanations, is easily       with the topic.                 report; clearly
                  understandable                                                uncomfortable with the
Accuracy          presents all information in   presents some information       clearly does not have a
                  an accurate manner            that clearly is wrong.          grasp of the subject matter.
Examples          provides many good            provides a very limited         does not provide useful
                  examples of how theories      number of examples of how       examples of how theory
                  can be put into practice.     theory can be put into          can be put into practice.
Questions and     answers questions clearly     answers only some of the        answers none of the answer
Answers           and accurately.               questions well.                 questions well.

                                                Percentage: _______                     TOTAL POINTS:            27


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