Thermal capacity and specific heat

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					A laboratory experiment on thermal capacity and specific heat You will be working in teams of 4. Material 1 beaker with 75 g of water, 1 beaker with 150 g of water, 1 beaker with 150 g of vegetable oil 3 thermometers 1 hot plate 1 watch Procedure 1) One member of the team is responsible for keeping track of the time on the watch, and recording all the data read by the other three members. He/she must record on the table the time and temperature of the 3 liquids during the experiment. 2) The other three members, each one responsible for one beaker, will follow the instruction below. a) Turn on the hot plate to bring it to temperature (on number 8). b) Read the temperatures of the three liquids. c) When the plate has reached its working temperature, place the beakers over it, and start to count time. Stir the liquid continuously with the thermometer for keeping the temperature of the liquid uniform (be careful not to break the thermometer). d) Read the temperature every minute. e) At the first measure of the temperature of the oil above 80 C everybody in the team must remove all the beakers from the hot plate, and place them on the table. f) As the liquid slowly cools down each one continues to stir and to read the temperature every 2 minutes for the next 14 minutes (7 more measures). Graphing the results Graph the three temperatures (vertical axis) versus time (horizontal axis) on graph paper. Use different colors or symbols to distinguish the three sets of data. Write the units that you are using on the graph.

Time (min) 0

Temperature (oC) 150 g oil

Temperature (oC) 75 g water

Temperature (oC) 150 g water

Table of data for the experiment on thermal capacity and specific heat

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