SINGLE PLAN FOR STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT

                                   AT Adelante High SCHOOL

                               3   1     6   6   9   2 8 3 1       3   0    3   0   9
                                                     CDS Code

                                       Date of this revision:   Jan. 2009

This is a plan of actions to be taken to raise the academic performance of students and improve the school's
educational program. For additional information on school programs and how you may become involved,
please contact the following person:

   Contact Person:           Gary Litke

   Position:                 Principal

   Telephone Number:         (916) 782-3155

   Address:                  350 Atlantic Street

   E-mail address: 

                                 Roseville Joint Union High School District
                                   PURPOSE OF THIS TEMPLATE
                            Use of this template in whole or in part is voluntary.

This template meets the content requirements of amended Education Code Section 64001 for a single school
plan for pupil achievement. The plan must:
        1. align with school goals for improving pupil achievement based on verifiable state data
        2. identify the means of evaluating progress towards those academic performance goals;
        3. address how funds will be used to improve the academic performance of all students to the level of
           the API;
        4. identify how state and federal requirements will be implemented, and be consistent with federally
           required district improvement plans;
        5. consolidate all plans required by programs funded through the Consolidated Application for which
           the school receives an allocation and, when feasible, other categorical programs;
        6. be developed, approved and annually reviewed and updated by the school site council, including
           proposed expenditures of funds allocated to the school through the Consolidated Application;
        7. be developed with the review, certification and advice of applicable school advisory committees;
        8. be reviewed and approved by the local governing board whenever there are material changes
           affecting the progress of students covered by these programs.

This template provides a single, comprehensive school plan to improve the academic performance of students.
Its use requires collection and analysis of student performance data, setting priorities for program
improvements, rigorous use of effective solution strategies, and ongoing monitoring of results. The template
provides a structured means to improve teaching and learning to meet state content and performance
standards. To accomplish this purpose, the template includes elements found by educational research and
professional practice to be essential to the success of plans to improve student academic performance. In
addition, if all applicable portions of the template are properly completed, school plan content requirements will
be met for all programs for which the school has an allocation in the Consolidated Application.

Schools operating School-Based Coordinated Programs must include instructional and auxiliary services to
meet the special needs of English learners, educationally disadvantaged pupils, gifted and talented pupils, and
pupils with exceptional needs.

Schools operating Schoolwide Programs under E.S.E.A. Title I may use this template to describe strategies
that provide all children opportunities to reach proficient and advanced levels of academic achievement, using
methods that are based upon scientific research or proven practice.

This template may also be used in developing action plans under the Immediate Intervention/Underperforming
Schools Program (II/USP), the High Priority Schools Grant Program for Low Performing Schools, and the
Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program. Information and assistance on II/USP is available
online at

                                             Keric Ashley, Manager
                                   Consolidated Programs Accountability Unit
                                      California Department of Education

                                        School Vision and Mission
      “Adelante High School provides a supportive, structured education designed to assist those students
   who want or need an alternative to the traditional high school setting. We encourage our students to
   develop an educational purpose and to prepare for the adult roles and responsibilities they will assume in
   the future.” (Adelante High School Mission Statement)

   The Adelante High School Mission statement was developed in concert with the input of parents, students
   and business as we examined what all students should know and be able to do after graduation from high
   school. As part of a district wide process that included input from all constituents, the district Essential
   Knowledge and Skills (EKS) were developed to guide the instructional practices of all schools in the district
   and outline what all students are expected to know and be able to do. The EKS serve as Adelante’s
   Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRS) and are the structure around which courses taught. The EKS
   call for mastery of adult world skills and behaviors in

               •   BASIC SKILLS: Reading, Writing, Mathematical Operations, Speaking and Listening
               •   THINKING SKILLS: Visualize, interpret, think creatively, solve problems
               •   PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Responsibility, self respect, organization, perseverance
               •   RESOURCES: Identify, organize, plan and allocate
               •   INTERPERSONAL: Work well with others
               •   INFORMATION: Acquires and uses information for problem solving, products or processes
               •   SYSTEMS: Identifies and understands processes, roles and interrelationships
               •   TECHNOLOGY: Uses a variety of technologies appropriately and ethically

 The EKS reflect the national report, “Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills; What Work
Requires of Schools”. As such, the district EKS and our resulting school ESLRS accurately reflect the mission
and purpose of Adelante High School; helping our students prepare for “what comes next”.

                                                School Profile

    Adelante is the continuation program for the Roseville Joint Union High School district, the only school in
our district of over 9000 students that fulfills that role. Adelante was established in 1966 and moved to its
present site in 1980. The student body at Adelante reflects a diverse group of young people ranging from 15 to
20 year of age with approximately 50% in 12th grade (reflective of years in school, not credits), 30% in 11th
grade and 20% in 10th grade. We serve very few freshmen as the district has focused personal and academic
intervention on incoming freshman and those services are generally utilized prior to a student transferring to an
alternative program.. The common denominator for all students transferring to Adelante is class failure and/or
an inability to adapt to the traditional high school setting, structure and demands. Over the last year and a half,
90% of all transfers have been voluntary requests by the student and parent, coming from each of the four
comprehensive high schools in our district, the district independent study with an additional 30% of yearly
enrollment coming directly to Adelante as “move ins” to our district. . Our 2009 CBEDS report showed 201
students, however this number does not accurately reflect the total number of students served at Adelante
each year. Our population is rather transitory in that while we maintain an average of approximately 200
students at any one time, we serve roughly 350 - 400 students per year. Students transfer in or out of our
program at each of our six week grading periods, with traditionally over 1/3 of our new students coming from
out of district schools as move-ins to Roseville. A survey of our population showed that 60% of the students
reported attending two or more high schools prior to coming to Adelante, with 25% of that group having
attended three or more. As such, Adelante’s student body reflects an ethnic distribution that largely mirrors the
district as a whole, with approximately 70% of our population being White, 20% Hispanic, 7% African
American and 3% other minorities.

  A faculty of eleven teachers, two administrators, a counselor and eight classified personnel serves
Adelante’s students. Classes are organized into six-week grading periods with credits earned based on student

attendance and completion of required course work/learning/standards. Adelante offers all classes necessary
for graduation from the Roseville High School district and offers a variety of support, elective and vocational
classes to help students reach their educational, personal and career goals. In addition, two computer labs
serve campus and student needs. Graduation from Adelante requires completion of the same credit and
subject requirements as in all other schools of our district with “content standard” benchmarks and/or
assessments incorporated into the CORE curriculum that must be passed satisfactorily to earn those specific
subject area credits.

                                  School Accountability Report Card
   The following information is a summary of the data included in the SCHOOL ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT
   CARD for Adelante High School

   •   School and district drop-out rates have decreased over the last 3 years
   •   Expenditures per pupil on a district wide basis are $13, 968 for all educational services. At Adelante,
       services include Spec. Education, Title t, ROP/OWE opportunities, Vocational Education,
       Parenting/Childcare classes and a variety of personal support and counseling programs.
   •   Class size at Adelante High School averages 16 students
   •   All teachers at Adelante High School are fully credentialed. All teachers meet the provisons of the No
       Child Left Behind Act through course work/degree or HOUSSE 1 provisions.
   •   There are two administrators and a full time counselor serving the needs of Adelante’s students.
       Counseling needs are supplemented through partnerships with county social and health care workers.
   •   Parents, students and community members consistently see Adelante High School as a safe, clean and
       welcoming learning environment.
   •   In 99/00 and 0506, Adelante received the maximum 6 year accreditation from the Western Association
       of Schools and Colleges through the “Focus on Learning” process.
   •   Adelante offers up to 344 instructional minutes per day. Education Code provisions require only 180
       instructional minutes for continuation schools. All 180 school days exceed this requirement.

             The School Accountability Report Card is available from your school or district office.

The following statements characterize educational practice at this school:
1. Alignment of curriculum, instruction and materials to content and performance standards:
   CORE academic programs (English, Math, Science and Social Studies) have aligned curriculum with the
   state content standards, and have developed performance standards and benchmarks for all students.
   Board Approved/content standard aligned textbooks are available to all students in each of the CORE
2. Availability of standards-based instructional materials appropriate to all student groups:
   Through standards aligned textbooks/materials in all CORE classrooms and available on-line resources, all
   students have access to developmental and grade level appropriate materials specific to the state content
   standards. Teachers participate in a variety of trainings and Professional Learning Team activities to
   Evaluate student achievement and incorporate district wide standards aligned assessments.
3. Alignment of staff development to standards, assessed student performance and professional needs:
   Staff development opportunities, the district 184th day and PLT activities stress standards based instruction,
   assessment strategies and the achievement of “at risk” students. In-service opportunities that specifically
   address the needs of at risk students continue to be a priority for the Adelante staff. In 0607 targets for staff
   development were related to “Writing Across the Curriculum“. In 0708 “at risk services” and the
   social/emotional needs of our students as well as integration of instructional strategies to support student
   learning have been the focus of school improvement. In 0809, the development of Professional Learning
   Communities has been stressed with the goal of improving student achievement through analysis of
   learning targets, instructional and behavioral interventions and analysis of grading practices.
4. Services provided by the regular program to enable Underperforming students to meet standards:
   All students are tested for ELA grade level performance ability upon enrollment and every 90 days
   thereafter in accordance with the requirements of the Alternative School Accountability Measures for the
   California State Dept. of Education. Students with significant deficiencies in their reading or writing
   performance levels (below grade level score of 6.8) are enrolled in a “study skills” support class to allow
   extra time for assigned work and more assistance. Students receive classroom instruction and
   individualized support in order to meet specific benchmark requirements and/or performance standards.
   Technology based “on-line” tutorial/instruction is also available for student use at home.
5. Services provided by categorical funds to enable Underperforming students to meet standards:
   Title 1 students receive individualized help from a credentialed instructor and the services of a classroom
   aid for ELA. Reading and writing instruction is incorporated into individualized, real world applications of
   technology. Special Education students are served by an RSP teacher and a classroom aid through
   tutorial assistance and modifications of course work in accordance with the IEP. In mathematics students
   receive small group as well as individualized instruction to meet the state Algebra requirement. In addition,
   pre-algebra material aligned with the California Exit Examination standards are incorporated into required
   Pre-Alg. Mathematics classes that must be passed by all students prior to graduation or passing of the
   CAHSEE. Supplemental tutorial and enrichment instruction are available through online resources (Skills
   Tutor, Dig. Curriculum, Hotmath and Classzone ) that are available to the student at school, home or at
   community technology centers (Roseville Science and Technology Access Center, Roseville Public Library,
   Lord’s Gym). Additional resources will be applied towards CAHSEE remediation classes for seniors who
   will need to pass this assessment for graduation this year. Additional materials, online resources and
   tutorial support will be supplied from state categorical funding supplied for this purpose.

6. Use of state and local assessments to modify instruction and improve student achievement:
   Adelante utilizes the Accelerated Reader STAR computerized reading test as an assessment tool for all
   students. Results are used as a comparison to results reported on standardized state measures. STAR
   scores are used as a placement tool for specialized instructional and support services. Students with
   identified deficiencies in reading achievement are served through a “Study Skills” course allowing students
   extra time to complete assignments and receive extra help with classwork. Student achievement on the
   CAHSEE, CST’s, district wide writing assessments and school progress reports/report cards guide
   intervention to assist student achievement. Our Math program is conducted in response to student
   performance on the CAHSEE and delivers related instruction in areas of student deficiency. ELA course
   sequences are based on state and site measures to insure students receive instruction in areas where they
   are deficient with section requirements aligned/based on the standards incorporated into the CAHSEE.
   Adelante teachers from the CORE areas are involved with teachers from all district schools in the creation
   of standardized “end of course” finals that are integrated into the assessments of student performance.
7. Number and percentage of teachers in academic areas experiencing low student performance:
   As the continuation school for the district, virtually all of our students enroll because of poor/low academic
   performance at the comprehensive high schools. Of our current population, 75% have cumulative gpa’s of
   less than 2.0. This compares to 66% in 2004. Analysis of student transcripts shows students to be farther
   behind in credits (and resulting gpa) when they enroll than previously., with a general average deficiency of
   approximately 1 year at enrollment. Over time approximately 50% of our students demonstrate a grade
   level reading score in reading of below 9th grade when they enroll, with data confirming this for 09 with 57%
   performing at this level. Of the group reading below grade level, 37% are identified as needing significant
   remediation with reading scores below 6.0 This level has reduced slightly in 0809 in that previous analysis
   revealed a rate of 50% over the course of the last five years for entering students. ASAM measures have
   averaged between .5 and 1 full grade level of growth for our students on 90 day post test measures. On
   the ELA California Standards Test as part of the state ’08 STAR testing, 58% of our sophomores
   and 62% of our Juniors scored “Below Basic” or Far Below Basic”. This represents a significant
   improvement for both groups over ’07 results that showed levels of 88% and 89% resectively. An
   analysis of 07 data shows that of the Juniors who also tested at Adelante as sophomores, 55% made gains
   in their CST scores. The vast majority of students had been at Adelante for less than one semester prior to
   taking the spring CST’s. This data indicates that students continue to come to us with significantly
   deficiencies but that school efforts are making a difference in student performance. However, given the
   evident ongoing need, all teachers at Adelante experience students with low performance.
8. Family, school, district and community resources available to assist these students:
   Adelante offers an extensive body of community resources for students on the AHS campus. Placer
   County Teenage Parent Program (TAPP), County Public Health, Student Management Advocacy
   Resource Team (SMART), ROP/OWE and Workability, and Placer County Office of Education (PCOE)
   Prevention Services all offer counseling/support to assist students at AHS. Adelante added a full time
   intervention counselor to the staff in 0708 and the counselor now partners with Cal. St. University
   Sacramento to place counseling and social work interns at AHS to assist students. In addition, AHS offers
   “on-line” tutorial services in CORE subject areas for all students, “Recovery” class for students needing
   support/help with a substance abuse problem and targeted counseling for Anger Management as needed.
9. School, district and community barriers to improvements in student achievement:
   Students come to AHS because of what is usually a long history of school failure and poor academic
   achievement. Key barriers to achievement are overcoming student resistance to remediation, their poor
   attendance patterns and the rather short length of time most students are at AHS. Long term analysis of
   data shows that while our CBEDS enrollment approximates 200 students our total enrollment for any given
   year is over 400. Each year we typically drop over 200 students with over 50% of that total being students
   who move out of the district. In addition, the students often exhibit behavioral patterns that require
   intervention before the student is capable of addressing his/her learning needs. This pattern is reflected in
   the CDE 5 stage model of continuation school success and Accountability Plan.

10. Limitations of the current program to enable Underperforming students to meet standards:
   AHS can offer the appropriate level of instruction and assistance to all students. Overcoming the “barriers
   to learning” and helping students reach grade level performance standards often takes more time than we
   have with students who may only be with us for one or two semesters at most. Student performance
   consistent with the content standards or testing “proficiency measures” is most often beyond the
   preparedness of our students, and because of their proximity in age to leaving school, they will often “opt
   out” or transfer into another educational option (Independent study, GED prep) rather than continue in
   school and attempt to remediate years of academic underachievement. Students come to Adelante with
   the stated purpose to “make up credits”. Credit production is more and more tied to student proficiency
   rather than a traditional continuation school model of credit for seat/productive hour time. Thus credits are
   not “made” up as fast and students don’t “make up” their credits in time to graduate with their class. We
   currently have 95 12th grade students but of these, only 35 are on track to graduate by the end of the
   school year. We continue to serve many “Fifth” year seniors each year, or those needing additional time to
   complete requirments. In 08, 12 of our 37 graduates were 5th year seniors. The persistence rate of each
   student and how far they are from graduation when we get them is a critical factor that cannot be predicted,
   only monitored upon enrollment of individual students. “Meeting the Standards” is currently defined in
   many instances by doing well on the mandated state tests. The majority of the students who take the state
   STAR tests at AHS each spring have been with us for less than one full semester and have not had
   significant opportunity to address their learning needs, behavioral needs or remediate academic
   deficiencies in order to achieve the standards. Given that the majority of our transfers are Juniors they are
   not tested again to measure progress/growth within our school other than on our local measures.

           Adelante High School                                                             Chapter 5
          WASC 2006                                                               Action Plan: Writing

                             Student Performance Data Summary

                 Academic Performance Index (API) School Report
     Adelante’s base API was established in 2003 at 421. Adelante did not receive a 2004
     API due to not testing the required percentage of students on the ELA portion of the
     California Standards Tests. Our API of 564 in 2005 showed a growth of 143 points, well
     beyond our state growth target. Data for the next three years followed a similar up and
     down trend, with our API falling to 467 in 2007 but rising again in 2008 to 575. Data
     underscores the unpredictability of student attitude and ability and the need to
     continually assess not only student academic but personal and social needs.

                               Student Testing And Reporting
               Student Performance by Content Clusters or Standards

         X All Students
     Student Group                Time in Program (if reported by cohort): Not available

                                        School Year: 2005/06       School Year 2006/07                   School Year 07/08
      Content Clusters or Standards
                  (list)                 % Below/Far Below          % Below/Far Below                    % Below Far Below
                                                 Basic                       Basic                              Basic
     English/Language Arts              10th gr. 80% 11th 72%      10th gr 88%, 11thgr                   10th gr. 58%, 11th gr.
                                                                   89%                                                       62%
     World History                      10th gr. 88%               10th gr. 94%                           10th gr. 80%
     US History                         11th gr. 70%               11th gr. 92%                           11th gr. 73%
     Alg.                               All grades: 64%            All Grades: 79%                        10th 74% 11th 87%
     Sci.                               10th 62%, 11th 55%         10th 76% 11th 68%                       10th 55% 11th 48%

     CAHSEE Exam results by grade level and year:

                                                                       CAHSEE Math Combined Results
            A S E L o b ed esu
           C H E E AC m in R lts                                       Percentage of Students Passing
                                                          80%                                    73%         73%
           P     tag f tu en assin
            ercen eo S d tsP g                                                                         68%
 0                      8
                        7%     6 8
                               7% 6%                      60%                                50%
                                    6                                           36%
                                                          40%          32%                                         10th
6%                                                                                                                 11th
                                                          20%             11%
                   4     4 4%
                         4%4                                     0%
4% 3%
 0            8
              2%                           10th                 2002   2003     2004   2005    2006     2007


      Adelante High School                                                    Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                                      Action Plan: Writing

                  Local Measures of Student Achievement

Scores are stated as     Alternative School
described                Accountability
                         Measures (ASAM)
                         Year:     Year:       Year:
                         0506      0607        0708
Reading: Minimum 1/2     60%       66%         55%
year growth in 90 days

Attendance:              79%       78%             87%
%Credits Earned:
                         64%        83%            72%

Alternative Schools participate in the Alternative School Accountability
Measures (ASAM) as part of state/federal school measures. Schools
must identify students who are “long term”, those enrolled for a
minimum of 90 consecutive days during the school year and measure
to areas identified as important to the school. Adelante measures
attendance and credits completed. While this data is available for
comparison each year, it is important to note that the total number of
students in the measurement group represents only about 45% of the
total number of students enrolled at Adelante during the course of the


                             School Demographic Characteristics
Data listed below are from the October 2008 CBEDS data collection

 Ethnic/Racial                                         Parent Education Level NA
  African American not Hispanic             4%          Not high school graduate
  American Indian or Alaska Native          2%          High school graduate
  Asian                                     2%          Some college
  Filipino                                  0%          College graduate
  Hispanic or Latino                      24%           Graduate school
  Pacific Islander                          0%         Average Parent Education Level N/A
  White not Hispanic                       60%         Average Class Size (CBEDS)         14
  Multiple/No Resp                           8%
 Participants in Free or Reduced Price Lunch 50%
 English Language Learners (Stanford 9)        0
 Multi-track year-round school? (CBEDS) No

       Adelante High School                                                           Chapter 5
      WASC 2006                                                             Action Plan: Writing

     Student Groups Performing Below Standards or Expectations
               Group                                 Grade Level                           Performance Gap

All Students                             10/11                                    CST: ELA 15% Prof/above

Title I and SCE participants             10/11                                    CST: ELA 12% Prof/above

Gifted and Talented                      NA: too few students

Special Education participants           NA: too few students

Conclusions from Student Performance Data:
Performance data is consistent with student history and achievement as well as with STAR data for all group
Students are generally 2-4 grade levels deficient and in many cases far lower. Data reinforces our belief tha
remedial and academic support programs are vital to help students improve ability, but performance at level
consistent with state identified “proficiency” is an ideal that most students will struggle to obtain if at all in the
time they are with us.
Conclusions from Parent, Teacher and Student Input:
Parents recognize student academic deficiency. Parents express that student “failure” in the comprehensive
programs comes from the inability of those programs to work with the students “at their level” and “at their ra
of speed”. Adelante attempts to work with the student “from where they are” and build from that point.
However, remediating academic deficiencies and helping students achieve content standard requirements h
a significant impact on graduation rates and use of student elective course allocations. Parents and teacher
understand the importance of holding students accountable for their learning and achievement of standards
a prerequisite to credit advancement and graduation.

School Goals for Improving Student Achievement: Data shows and
confirms school belief that ALL of our students are in need of academic support and
remediation of basic skills. As a result, school goals continue to focus on the needs of
ALL students and the interventions/programs that support improved academic
performance, access to appropriate materials and development of specific content
requirements that are aligned with state content standards and the performance level of
our students.

Goal #1: Improve student writing skills – WASC Action Plan 1

Goal #2: Improve student mathematics performance – WASC Action Plan 2

Goal #3: Expand vocational programs and develop staffing plan
         to support needs of all students – WASC Action Plan 3

Goal #4: Expand emotional and behavioral support system for all students – WASC
Action Plans 4 & 5

      Adelante High School                                                       Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                                         Action Plan: Writing

                              Action Plan – ELA Writing

Objective: Student writing skills will be improved through a coordinated
school wide approach to “writing across the curriculum.” Students will
improve their writing skills to meet the requirements of the CAHSEE.
Students will develop writing skills that will allow them to successfully
transition to college or work.

Rationale: Student success while in high school and in post high school
opportunities is enhanced by the ability to write effectively. Data taken from
CAHSEE subtests, District Wide Writing Assessment and through analysis of
student work shows this to be a continuing area of student need.

Relationship to Standards: Key ELA standard for all grade levels

Relationship to EKS/ESLRs: EKS # 1: Basic Skills – Reading, Writing and

        Steps                  Timeline          Persons                Methods of
                                              Responsible and        Assessment and
                                                Necessary               Reporting
Provide teacher training      Begin Fall 06       English Dept.    Teacher/Dept.
inservice related to         Ongoing              Chair            participation
relevant tools and           through 2012         AHS
concepts                                          Administration
  Review 6 + 1 &                                  District
  “Language” of Writing                           Curriculum
  District Wide Writing                           Dept.
  Rubric scoring
  Use of Writing

      Adelante High School                                                       Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                                         Action Plan: Writing

Incorporate “non             Fall 06 /          Social Studies,      Teacher/Dept.
English department”          Spring 07          Science and          Participation
teachers into the            (ongoing)          Math Dept.           District developed
scoring of the District                         Chairs               “survey” of Writing
Wide Writing                                    AHS                  Assessment Needs
Assessment by                                   Administration
“inviting” other                                District
department members                              Curriculum
to participate in the                           Dept.
district scoring process.
Department work to           Spring 07 &        AHS Dept.          Faculty Meeting reports
integrate “Writing           ongoing            Chairs             and review
Across Curriculum”                              Teachers
concept and tools into
the structure of the
lessons and
assessments in all
Formalize placement of       Spring 07 &        AHS Dept.          District Wide Writing
selected writing into        ongoing            Chairs             Assessment scores and
student portfolio after                         Teachers           tracking of student
each grading period.                            AHS Admin          improvement
Analyze student needs
based on Rubric scores
and improvement
English Dept. Training       Fall 07 &          English Dept.      Teacher participation
in                           ongioing           Chair              and response
“How to move students                           English Teachers
up the rubric ladder”                           AHS Admin.
Development of specific                         Curriculum
department strategies                           Dept.
and interventions for
poor writers
ELA Department use of        Spring 08 &        English Teachers     AHS SERVE Meeting
District Wide Writing        ongoing            AHS Counselor        Notification to
Assessment Data for                                                  parents of
student class                                                        remediation needs
placement and                                                        through letter or at
identified remediation.                                              intake based on
                                                                     district assessment

      Adelante High School                                                Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                                    Action Plan: Math


Objective: Continue to examine the delivery of the district math
requirements related to CAHSEE, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry.

Rationale: Student ability to pass the CAHSEE, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and

Relationship to standards: All instruction aligned to the state math
content standards.

Relationship to EKS/ESLRs: Meet or exceed all.

                                         Persons Responsible        Methods of
                                            and Necessary         Assessment and
        Steps                 Timeline        Resources              Reporting

Identify school wide         Fall 06      District Curriculum   STAR and CAHSEE
math needs with              (ongoing)    Dept.                 math scores and Pre-
respect to CAHSEE,                        Site Administration   Algebra and Algebra
Pre-Algebra, Algebra                      Math Department       chapter scores
and the coming of                                               (Geometry to begin in
Geometry in fall 2008.                                          Fall of 2008).

Develop a chart/table        Fall 06      Site Administration     Dialogue to
to plot the Progression      (ongoing)    Math Department         consensus
of the math curriculum                                            State math content
with respect to                                                   standards alignment
CAHSEE, Pre-Algebra,
Algebra and Geometry
(when it arrives).

Implement the AHS            Fall 06      Site Administration     Dialogue to
math progression for         (ongoing)    Math Department         consensus
all students in CAHSEE,                                           State math content
Pre-Algebra, Algebra,                                             standards alignment
and Geometry
(in fall of 2008)

      Adelante High School                                              Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                                  Action Plan: Math

Stay informed on             Fall 07      District Office of    Attend district
CAHSEE, STAR and             (ongoing)    Administration        CAHSEE, STAR,
district math                             Site Administration   math meetings
graduation                                Math Department       Report changes to
requirements.                             Site Staff            CAHSEE, STAR, and
                                                                math requirements
                                                                Attend CAHSEE,
                                                                STAR, and math

Stay informed on             Fall 07      Site Administration   Attend district
status of the                (ongoing)    Site Staff            meetings re:
alternative graduation                                          alternative
certificate, district ROP                                       graduation
center, and GED                                                 certificate, ROP, and
requirements.                                                   GED
                                                                Report back to staff

Develop a plan to            Fall 06 –    Site Administration   Math department
deliver math tutoring in     CAHSEE       Math Department       evaluation
CAHSEE, Algebra and          Fall 07 –    Site Staff            Student math work
Geometry.                    Algebra                            Student surveys
                             Fall 08 –

Develop a staffing plan      Fall 08      District Curriculum   District budget
and funding plan to          (ongoing)    Dept.                 priority
include: a teacher’s                      District Dept. of     Site budget priority
aide in Algebra, a                        Personnel
Geometry teacher, and                     Site Administration
a teacher’s aide in                       Math Department

      Adelante High School                                                      Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                            Action Plan: Vocational Program

     ACTION PLAN: Vocational Program and related Staffing Plan

 Objective: The school will develop alternative options/educational paths for
students not on a “graduation track” or for those wanting to include a
vocational education specialization as part of the elective requirements. The
school will develop a staffing plan that meets the demands for additional
vocational course offerings and supports the increased graduation
requirements of the district.

Rationale: Data shows that the majority of students enter Adelante almost
one year behind in credits and it is projected that this deficiency will increase
with the implementation of the new district graduation requirements of 260
credits, algebra/geometry in mathematics and college prep English and
Science courses. Many students will be unable or unwilling to meet the
requirements and this will necessitate development of other options through
high school. Creation of a “certificate” program with specific educational and
vocational components will give students a reason to continue with their
education and transition to career or further education.

Relationship to Standards: Meets CTE and educational standards for
transition to work/career

Relationship to EKS/ESLRs: Consistent with the EKS based on the US
Dept. of Labor SCAN Skills and the school mission to help each student
develop his/her own educational purpose and prepare for the next steps after
high school.
                                           Persons Responsible            Methods of
                                              and Necessary            Assessment and
        Steps                 Timeline          Resources                 Reporting

Work with district CTE       06/07          AHS principal           CTE review and report
committee and 49er           school year    District CTE            to District Leadership
ROP to investigate and       & ongoing      Coordinator             Team
expand ROP programs                         District Supt. of
in the district and                         Curriculum
placement onto the                          49er ROP
AHS campus

       Adelante High School                                                           Chapter 5
      WASC 2006                                                 Action Plan: Vocational Program

Use of yearly Student          06/07            AHS Principal                Report to District
Survey data to                 school year      District CTE                 CTE committee
determine vocational           & ongoing        Coordinator                  Recommend
training interests and                                                       strands/training
needs – match to ROP                                                         options
programs, local
community college
training and certificates
and Career Mentors

Develop AHS staffing           07/08            AHS Principal                District CTE
and facility plan for          school year      District Facilities          Committee
vocational options and                          Committee                    District Board
district graduation                             District Supt. of            Approval
requirements.                                   Personnel

Develop vocational,            07/08            AHS Principal                Proposal to District
educational sequences          school year      AHS Staff                    CILT/Integration
leading to a “Certificate of   Ongoing          District Supt. of            Team
Completion” for non-
                               discussion       Curriculum                   Approval by District
graduation students or as
                               as district      District CTE                 Board
part of elective strand.
Meeting the Certificate
                               CILT team        coordinator
requirements would allow       explores
student participation in       graduation
the graduation ceremony        alternatives
as an alternative to a

Implement/offer ROP            08/09          AHS staff                   Report to District
and Certificate Course         school year                                Integration Team and
offerings/requirements                                                    Leadership Team
to junior transfers

      Adelante High School                                                    Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                             Action Plan: Student Services

                         ACTION PLAN –Student Services

Objective: This action plan will address student behavioral, personal and
school skill factors and provide opportunity to treat specific needs. (Failing
the 2nd half of a grading period, “under the influence”, “above the influence”)

Rationale: Data shows CHKS data showing significant levels of at risk
behavior including 45% transient rate among students, over 60% of students
report recent drug/alcohol use, 45% reporting symptoms of depression.

Relationship to Standards: D& F Grades in academic course work are a
factor of missing/incomplete work rather than inability to complete work.

Relationship to EKS/ESLRs: Applies to ALL

                                        Responsible and
                                          Necessary            Methods of Assessment
        Steps                Timeline     Resources               and Reporting

Establish committee       Fall 06 /      AHS                Report to Committee of the
to investigate:           Spring 07      Administration     Whole and to parents
  Counseling and          & ongoing      Teacher/staff      through staff meetings,
  emotional support                      representatives    newsletters, webpage
  programs                               School
  Assessment and                         Psychologist
  referral strategies                    Community
  Intervention                           Representation
  techniques to
  address the needs
  of underperforming
  students or those in
  need of
  al intervention

Investigate funding       Spring         AHS                   Report to Committee of
opportunities             07/ongoing     Administration        Whole
including:                               Director of           District Deputy Supt. –
  Categorical                            Categorical           Business
  programs                               Funding
  Grants                                 School

      Adelante High School                                                   Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                            Action Plan: Student Services

 Medical                                 Psychologist
 Reimbursement to
 support plan

Develop plan for AHS     Fall           AHS Admin/Staff       Present to Committee of
transitional program     08/ongoing     Team                  Whole
to GED, Community        depending                            Parent/Student/Community
College, career          upon review                          Reps.
options                  of
                         And student

Evaluation and review    Fall 08         AHS               Committee of Whole
student services         (ongoing)       Administration
options and adjust                       Community
the service or                           Partners
components to
address determined

     Adelante High School                                                   Chapter 5
    WASC 2006                                    Action Plan: Student Support Services

                 ACTION PLAN: Student Support Services

Objective: Adelante will develop additional programs to help students make
stronger ties to school and career goals.

Rationale: Data shows CHKS data showing significant levels of at risk
behavior including 45% transient rate among students, over 60% of students
report recent drug/alcohol use, 45% reporting symptoms of depression. The
school needs to provide additional resources to help students deal with the
emotional/behavioral issues that impact their ability to be successful
academically and/or in transition to career or college.

Relationship to Standards: D and F Grades in academic course work are a
factor of missing/incomplete work rather than inability to complete work.

Relationship to EKS/ESLRs: Develop General Workplace Skills related to a
particular career area so they can become:

      An Ethically and Socially Skilled Person

      A Productive and Safe Worker

      A Lifelong Learner

      A User of Technology and Resources

      An Effective user of Systems

      Adelante High School                                                Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                 Action Plan: Student Support Services

                                         Responsible and             Methods of
                                           Necessary              Assessment and
        Steps                Timeline      Resources                 Reporting

Assess student body     Fall 06 &        AHS Administration       Committee of Whole
to determine what       ongoing          AHS                      report
factors or activities                    Leadership/Peer          Newsletter/webpage
can be used to help                      Helper class             report
motivate students.

Implement “student      Spring 07 &      AHS Administration       Committee of Whole
incentive program”      ongoing          Committee of Whole       Newsletter/webpage
based on results of                      Parent/Community         report
assessment: include                      Reps                     Community
parents/community                                                 letters/support
in planning acquiring                                             Board of Education
needed incentives.                                                report

Investigate a           Fall 07 create   AHS Administration       Committee of Whole
“mentor/transition”     ties             District CTE             Report
program for seniors     Spring 08        Coordinator              Newsletter/webpage
to link each graduate   assign mentors   District Internship      report
with an                 as applicable    Coordinator              Report to Board of
employer/mentor         Ongoing          AHS Peer/Helper          Trustees
for job shadowing,                       Leadership class
internships and/or                       Roseville Chamber
transitional support                     Leadership class

Strengthen/expand       Development –    AHS Administration       Committee of Whole
role of existing site   Fall 06 and      AHS Peer                 report
programs and add        ongoing          Helper/Leadership        Newsletter/Webpage
new to develop                           AHS                      report
school/educational      Implementation   parent/community         Community letters
links to include:       – Spring 07      reps.
   Parent group         and ongoing
   6 week awards
   Wall of Fame
   Website profiles
   Field Trips
   Family Night

      Adelante High School                                                      Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                       Action Plan: Student Support Services

 The content of this school plan is aligned with school goals for improving student achievement. School goals are based upon an analysis of
verifiable data, including STAR results, but are primarily based on local measures of pupil achievement. Accurate measures of performance and
ability related to the “at risk” students served at Adealnte High School is better and more reliably measured through regular and specific
assessments. The Adelante Student ReviewTeam (SERVE) reviews school and individual student performance data. Based upon state, local
and site data the school has established the following performance improvement goals.
GOAL # ‘s_1-2_ for Improving Student Achievement: Goals 1 & 2 were developed to guide curriculum development,
assessment strategies and staff development activities to support English and Math instruction and achievement.
Student groups participating in this goal: All
Performance gains expected for these students: On average, students will show a Minimum 0.5 grade level improvement in
Reading achievement for each year at AHS Accelerated Reader “STAR” scores as a measure.
Improvement in percentage of students who have passed ELA portion of CAHSEE will increase by at least 5%. Sampling to include
only those students who have been at Adelante for a minimum of 90 school days.
Means of evaluating progress toward these goals:
 Analysis of performance on Language Arts benchmark assessments (District wide Writing Assessment), and enrollment trends in
remedial/tutorial reading/writing classes. Group/individual student data needed to measure academic gains: Yearly Accelerated
Reader “STAR” grade level performance scores, CAHSEE ELA results/passing rates, District Wide Writing Assessment scores.
GOAL #4 for Improving Student Achievement: Goals 3-5 were developed to support student integration of school performance
and purpose. Vocational/Career preparation as well as emotional and behavioral support programs improve student performance in
all classes and lead to accomplishment of school ESLRS/EKS.
Performance gains expected for the students: Students will demonstrate improved performance on ASAM measures related to
credit production and attendance as compared to previous placement.
Means of evaluating progress toward this goal: Analysis of ASAM data and student data trends

Description of Specific Actions to Improve                    Implementers/                                        Estimated      Funding
                                                                                        Related Expenditures
Educational Practice                                            Timeline                                             Cost         Source

Alignment of instruction with content standards:             0607 school year
Teachers will continue to develop lessons and projects       for development                                                     Title 1
related to the content standards. Specific “cross            of writing across    Additional supplementary         $2500         Catagorical
curriculum” writing prompts will be developed by all CORE    curriculum.          Math/English materials as                      funding for
subject area teachers to support improvement in writing to   0708 for math        necessary                                      CAHSEE
the 5 paragraph model/specific mode of writing. Student      restructuring                                                       support
assignment to ELA requirements will be based on needs

      Adelante High School                                                         Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                          Action Plan: Student Support Services
identified by site level assessment and CAHSEE results
with additional writing classes assigned for those needing
improvement based on CAHSEE or district wide writing             Timelines
assessment data. Mathematics instruction specific to Pre-        consistent with
algebra/CAHSEE preparation will be streamlined to move           WASC Action
students into Algebra as quickly as possible. Geometry           Plans 1 & 2
has become a graduation requirement for the class of
2010 and will eliminate pre-alg as a math course. The
math dept. will need to restructure to develop
support/remediation classes AND enrollment in Alg/geom.
In order for students to progress.
Improvement of instructional strategies and materials:
Specific “cross curricular materials” and writing prompts to                         CAHSEE/math support materials
improve student comprehension of CORE class standards.           Timelines
Mathematics materials/support classes & structure will be        consistent with
developed to allow students to move directly to Alg. and         WASC Action
into geometry when required. Tutoring services will be           Plans 1 & 2
sought to allow for more one on one instruction

Extended learning time:
“Study Skills/Ac. Literacy” classes have been added to           Fall 0607 and
allow additional time for students to work on assignments        ongoing
and receive tutorial help. These classes will be expanded
as necessary to meet student needs with specific criteria
developed and communicated to students who are not
achieving to expectations. Additional “on line” tutorials will
be made available for students wanting to remediate skills
from home.

      Adelante High School                                                      Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                       Action Plan: Student Support Services
                         PLANNED IMPROVEMENTS IN STUDENT PERFORMANCE (continued)

 Description of Specific Improvements to be Made in           Implementers/                                       Estimated    Funding
                                                                                        Related Expenditures
                 Educational Practice                           Timeline                                            Cost       Source

Increased educational opportunity:                                                                                            Title 1
Our librarian was made a full time position in the 0708      AHS Adm.             CAHSEE preparation materials/   $4000       Catagorical
school year. Additional tutorial support will available      AHS staff team       CST support                                 support,
through on line opportunities, study skills classes and      Consistent with                                                  1802
Homeless assistance.                                         WASC Action                                                      funding for
Grants and outside funding sources will be sought to         Plans 4 & 5                                                      CAHSEE
develop counseling/behavioral intervention programs for      Dist Categorical                                                 Support,
students not meeting expectations of performance in          Funds manager
classroom or at school. This would allow students            Dist Asst. Supt.
normally placed on a 4 period schedule to be in school all   Business
day as part of the coordinated counseling effort.
Staff development and professional collaboration:                             PLC Conference                      $3000       Staff
AHS will provide ongoing instruction to teachers and         Ongoing 0708 &   attendance/materials                            Devel.
training related to use of the District Wide Writing         0809 school year At Risk/Behavioral Pyramid of                   Block grant
Assessment Rubric and Writing Acrosss Curriculum             AHS Adm/teacher Intervention trainings
strategies to improve student fluency. Teachers will be      team
invited to participate in district wide scoring processes.   AHS Committee
AHS teacher/adm team will participate in district and site   of the Whole
training for Professional Learning Community
development. Site support for increased department
work/staff dialogue and curriculum alignment work on
Friday Minimum Days. Staff participation in conference
opportunities specific to needs of at risk students and
continuation education.
AHS staff will continue to support student recovery from
substance abuse through weekly collaboration as part of
our SERVE team.                                                                                                               Safe

      Adelante High School                                                         Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                          Action Plan: Student Support Services
Involvement of staff, parents and community:                     0708 & 0809         Materials, mailings, Academic     $300    Site budget
  Parents and community are an active part of our school         ongoing             Reviews                                   allocation
community. Home/school communication and community
involvement were seen as major strengths of the school in        Counseling dept.
our WASC accreditation review. Parents receive reports
of student classroom progress each six weeks, and a
weekly telephone call regarding overall attendance.
(nightly following an absence). Community members are
active participants in our career fair program. This program
is to be expanded to include a mentoring program, pairing
all seniors at Adelante with a community/business mentor.
Assessment results are shared with parents through
mailing of ASAM testing, CAHSEE results and STAR
reports. Individual review with parents as part of our
“Personal Learning Plan” review with parents at the
beginning of each year.
Auxiliary services for students and parents:                                                                                   Title 1 and
To further assist students with academic deficiency, on-                             Web site tutorial subscriptions   $2500   CAHSEE
line tutorials are available for all students enabling them to   Timeline                                                      Support
receive extra help from home at any time. These services         Consistent with     ROP development and support       TBD     funding
are to be expanded with tutorials specific to the CAHSEE.        WASC Action
Services and opportunities for Vocational Education will be      Plan # 3            Career Fair Support materials     $1000   GATE/
enhanced through modernization of equipment and
additions of ROP opportunities on the campus. Career
opportunities/awareness will be fostered through site
Career Fair.
Monitoring program implementation and results:                   AHS Committee       None                              None    NA
Individual student progress will be reviewed each six-           of Whole
weeks with recommendations for assistance made based             AHS WASC
on classroom performance, testing results and progress           Leadership Team
towards meeting “benchmark” performance requirements.            AHS Site Council
Monitoring of WASC Action Plans and SSP will be ongoing
by our WASC Leadership team and the Adelante
Committee of the Whole

The following services in support of this plan are to be provided by district staff from categorical funds allocated
to the school through the Consolidated Application and other sources. At least 85 percent of expenditures from
Consolidated Application programs must be spent for direct services to students at school sites.

           Proposed Expenditures                          Estimated Cost                   Funding Source

 Online Tutorial/Instruction                       $2,500                           Title 1, CAHSEE Cat.

 Staff Development/Conference                      $3000                             Staff Dev.,

 Content Standards/CAHSEE support                  $2500                             Title 1, CAHSEE Cat.

 CELDT testing                                      $1,000                           English Learner

      Adelante High School                                                          Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                           Action Plan: Student Support Services
The following state and federal categorical funds were allocated to this school through the Consolidated
Application, Part II. Additional funds (listed under "Other") may be allocated to the school in accordance with
district policy.

                                                 State Programs

Economic Impact Aid/ English Learner Program                                                 Amount: $1000
Purpose: Develop fluency in English and academic proficiency of English learners.

Professional Development:                                                                    Amount: $1600
Purpose: Promote school improvement by long-term professional development of
school staff.

Other State or Local funds (list and describe)                                                     Amount:
CAHSEE Support - Intervention Counselor salary/materials                                              $ 85,000

                                                Federal Programs
Elementary and Secondary Education Act:
Title I: Targeted Assistance Program                                                         Amount: $ 30,000
Purpose: Help educationally disadvantaged students achieve grade level proficiency.
         Library Aide and Classroom Aide salaries

Other Federal Funds (list and describe): Safe Schools Funding                                        $2,500
Total amount of state and federal categorical funds allocated to this school:                        $120,100

      Adelante High School                                                     Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                      Action Plan: Student Support Services
Education Code Section 64001 requires that this plan be reviewed and updated at least annually, including
proposed expenditures of funds allocated to the through the Consolidated Application, by the school site
council. The current make-up of the council is as follows:

                                                                                     Other School



                                                                                                     Parent or


                  Names of Members

Gary W. Litke                                                X
Katie Palatinus                                                          X
Cindy Jacobson                                                           X
Kathy McKenzie                                                                             X
LeAnna Ramirez                                                                                         X
Richard Staff                                                                                          X
Paige Flores                                                                                                     X
Cody German                                                                                                      X

Numbers of members of each category                           1          2                 1           2         2

      Adelante High School                                                       Chapter 5
     WASC 2006                                        Action Plan: Student Support Services

                             RECOMMENDATIONS AND ASSURANCES
The school site council recommends this school plan and its related expenditures to the district governing
board for approval, and assures the board of the following:

1. The school site council is correctly constituted, and was formed in accordance with district governing board
   policy and state law.

2. The school site council reviewed its responsibilities under state law and district governing board policies,
   including those board policies relating to material changes in the school plan requiring board approval.

3. The school site council sought and considered all recommendations from the following groups or
   committees before adopting this plan

•        School Advisory Committee for State Compensatory Education Programs

•        English Learner Advisory Committee

•        Community Advisory Committee for Special Education Programs

•        Gifted and Talented Education Program Advisory Committee

X        Other (list) Site Committee of the Whole, Dept. teams, Site Peer Helper student group.


4. The school site council reviewed the content requirements for school plans of programs included in this
   Single Plan for Student Achievement, and believes all such content requirements have been met, including
   those found in district governing board policies and in the Local Improvement Plan.

5. This school plan is based upon a thorough analysis of student academic performance. The actions
   proposed herein form a sound, comprehensive, coordinated plan to reach stated school goals to improve
   student academic performance.

6. This school plan was adopted by the school site council on: 2/11/09


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