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                                                                                     Co ur se De scr iption
                                                                        Every business needs direction - that is, a defined
                                                                        course or courses of action that the business will
                                                                        pursue in both the long- and short-term future.
                                                                        Without such direction the business is like a ship
                                                                        without a rudder, carried on the current of circum-                   C ourse Objectives
                                                                        stances from crisis to crisis until it encounters a
                                                                        crisis that is too big to handle or that lasts just too
                                                                                                                                  At the completion of this training, partici-
                                                                        long. The business then becomes another bank-             pants should be able to:
                                                                        ruptcy statistic - statistics in which construction       • Explain the benefits of planning in a
                                                                        firms predominantly and tragically feature.                   participatory, inclusive manner
                                                                                                                                  • Distinguish between thinking in
                                                                        The responsibility for directing the business lies
                                                                        with the strategic management component of the                “wholes” versus “parts”

                                                                        enterprise, which may be an individual or a group.        • Describe their department’s / business
                                                                        Traditionally this role has been the prerogative of           unit’s relationship to other “parts”
                                                                        top management in the firm, but the current trend         • Analyze their current position vis-à-vis
                                                                        is towards a much wider participation in strategic
                                                                                                                                      industry, competitors, organizational
                                                                        Strategy and strategic management do not occur            • Demonstrate usage of a number of
                                                                        in a vacuum; they occur within a specific business            tools to facilitate participatory pro-
                                                                        which has a unique organization structure. This
                                                                        organization structure is the facilitating framework
                                                                        through which business strategy is implemented,           • Identify the support and resource re-
                                                                        and will therefore influence strategic decisions and          quirements for implementation and
Strategic Management Planning and SWOT

                                                                        be affected by those decisions.                               sustainability of a plan
                                                                                                                                  • Identify the key performance issues
                                                                                                                                      and critical success factors
                                                                                                                                  • Design a strategic planning process
                                                                                                                                      appropriate to own situation.
                                                                                             W ho sho uld attend?
                                                                        You need to put in consideration that plans, written or not, are essentially useless unless they can be im-
                                                                        plemented. That means they must connect closely with annual operational plans and budgets that middle
                                                                        managers and staff use in their everyday work. If these people do not understand and accept the plans as
                                                                        workable guidelines for action, they will be ignored.
                                                                        • CEO, Chairman’s and Senior management
                                                                        • Functional managers and Operation managers
                                                                        • Middle managers AND Senior staff

                                                                        In s t r ucto r P r o f ile
                                                                                     Eng. Hanan Hussein is an Egyptian expert and a consultant of OD,
                                                                                     HR and HSSE. She concluded several major projects in Egypt, Af-
                                                                                     rica and the Middle East for petroleum and Construction industries.
                                                                                     Eng. Hanan Hussein is M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering from the
                                         25th – 29th Oct 2009 - Dubai

                                                                                     University of Cairo- and a non resident faculty member of Cairo Uni-
                                                                                     versity .She delivered many courses and workshops in her field of
                                                                        specialization in Middle East, Africa and Gulf region. She is a Holder of several
                                                                        international and national professional certificates as RoSPA (the Royal Society
                                                                        of Prevention of Accidents) and OSHA. Rated as class (A) in leadership. She Held
                                                                        the position of a senior Manager in Many Global and international organization
                                                                        latest of which National operation Audit Manager at group 4 Securicore with 17

                                                                        years of experience, eleven of which as a trainer.

                                                                                                                                     C ontact :
                                                                                                                                    Ms. Lei
                                                                                                                                    Tel : +971 2 4478500
                                                                                                                                    Email :
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•	       Strategic		Objectives                           Main	Office
	        The	Problem
         Current Philosophies                            TUV	Akademie	Middle	East
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•	       Strategy	verses	Flexibility
	        The	advantages	of	having	a	business	strategy    For	any	information	or	registration	for	the	course,	you	
	        A	Contingency	View	of	Business	Strategy         can	contact	the	Course	Co-ordinator	at	the	contact	de-
	        Business	Strategy	and	Performance               tails	mentioned	overleaf.
	        Strategic	growth	alternative
	        Learning	element	objectives
	        Case	History:	Growth	Based	On	Diversification
                                                          C ourse	Fee
•	       The	Nature	and	Content	of	Corporate	Planning
	        The	Nature	of	Planning:                         Fee	:	US$	3,690	per	delegate
	        Tactical	and	Strategic	Planning:
	        The	Parts	of	Planning                           Duration	of	course	:	5	days
	        Philosophies	of	Planning
                                                         Date	:	225h	-	29th	October	2009
•	       Strategic	and	Corporate	planning
	        Introduction	                                   Location	:	Dubai
	        Strategic	Planning
	        Corporate	planning
	        Short-Term	Profit	Improvement	Plans
	        Assess	External	Environment                     Other	Information
	        Clarify	Basic	Objectives	and	Set	Targets
	        Expectations	of	Primary	Stakeholders
	        Generating	Strategies:
                                                         TUV	 Akademie	 Certificate	 will	 be	 issued	 to	 all	 attend-
	        Selecting	A	Strategy
	        Developing	a	Plan
	        Evaluate	Alternative	Courses	Of	Action
                                                         Course	Fee	mentioned	is	per	delegate.
	        Some	Problems	of	Corporate	Planning
	        Tactical	Planning:
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	        Control	and	Continuity
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•	       Strategic	Management
                                                         Courses	will	be	conducted	during	the	designated	dates	
	        The	Nature	of	Business	Strategy
                                                         at	a	4	star	or	5	star	hotel	in	the	designated	city.
	        Strategic	Management
	        Business	Strategy	&	Organization	Structure
                                                         Payments	to	be	made	in	advance.	Exact	venue	of	the	
                                                         training	will	be	notified	two	weeks	prior	to	course	start	
•	       SWOT	analysis
	        Meaning	of	‘SWOT’
	        SWOT	Analysis
                                                         This	rate	includes	course	notes,	buffet	lunch,	coffee/tea	
	        Example	of	SWOT	analysis	
                                                         on	arrival,	morning	and	afternoon	of	each	day.

                                                         Accomodation	is	not	included	in	course	fees.	However,	
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