ME4331 – Thermal Engineering Lab by hcj


									ME4331 – Thermal Engineering Lab Pre Lab Questions in Preparation for Fin Lab III

Question # 1 The air flows over the fin as driven by natural convection. The fin is uniform in temperature. There is no other fin surface in the vicinity. It looks like the sketch to the right. Compute the heat transfer off the left hand side surface, Q [W], vs. the wall–to-external fluid temperature difference (Twall-Tinfinity). You will need to be aware of a possibility of transition to turbulent flow here. To do this analysis, you can get help from any heat transfer textbook, or from the class notes. Note: You’ll have to change the driving temperature (Twall-Tinfinity) to obtain the variation in Q. Question # 2 The air flows through a channel made by two fins. It is driven by natural convection. Make the same plot of Q vs. (Twall-Tinfinity) where Q [W] is from one of the two inner surfaces. Plot this with the results of Setting #3. Again, change the driving temperature difference to obtain the variation in Q.

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