Introducing SQL Server 2005 by elfphabet4


									                                                 Why Upgrade? Just Look!
                              SQL Server Change Tracking             Enterprise Reporting
Transparent Data Encryption
                              Synchronized Programming Model         Engine
External Key Management
                              Visual Studio Support                  Internet Report
Data Auditing                                                        Deployment
Pluggable CPU                 SQL Server Conflict Detection
                                                                     Block Computations
Transparent Failover for      FILESTREAM data type
Database Mirroring                                                   Scale out Analysis
                              Integrated Full Text Search
Declarative Management                                               BI Platform Management
Framework                     Sparse Columns
                                                                     Export to Word and Excel
Server Group Management       Large User Defined Types
                                                                     Author reports in Word
Streamlined Installation      Date/Time Data Type                    and Excel
Enterprise System             LOCATION data type                     Report Builder
Management                    SPATIAL data type                      Enhancements
Performance Data Collection                                          TABLIX
                              Virtual Earth Integration
System Analysis                                                      Rich Formatted Data
                              Partitioned Table Parallelism
Data Compression
                              Query Optimizations                    Personalized
Query Optimization Modes                                             Perspectives
Resource Governor             Persistent Lookups
                                                                     … and many more
Entity Data Model             Change Data Capture
LINQ                          Backup Compression              Have customers purchase
Visual Entity Designer        MERGE SQL Statement             2005 with SA now so they
Entity Aware Adapters         Data Profiling                  can move to 2008 as soon
                              Star Join                       as it releases.

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