Digital Promotion Plan for Paleo Diet Enterprises by hijuney8


									              Digital Promotion Plan for Paleo Diet Enterprises

Situation Analysis

        Awareness and interest in the Paleo Diet and its related scientific research has

grown steadily since it was published in 2002. As more and more supporting evidence is

found to validate its philosophy, it is essential that current customers, as well as those

struggling with health and diet issues, are made aware of what the Paleo Diet can offer

them. The supporting books, The Paleo Diet for Athletes and The Dietary Cure for Acne

could also be reaching larger audiences and deserve to be publicized appropriately.

        Because the company primarily reaches its customers online, a digital promotion

campaign is the perfect way to increase awareness of the products it has to offer. The

recent launch of the Paleo Diet Amazon store and the continued production of the Paleo

Diet Newsletter are the ongoing activities that will be highlighted through the proposed


        Utilizing the online medium will not only allow the activities to reach their target

audience, but it will also allow all promotional activities to be tracked and measured to

ensure that they are producing cost-effective results. The campaign will create

opportunities for publicity and exposure while allowing the company to rightly profit

from the extensive research and information they provide.

Goals and Objectives

Organizational Goal:

    •   Increase online sales from $2000/month to $3000/month

    •   Increase traditional media coverage and international exposure
Communication Objectives:

   •   Generate 750 newsletter sign-ups per month (up from 500/mo)

   •   Increase web traffic from 125 to 200 visits/day

   •   Raise awareness about the Paleo Diet

Action Recommendations

Paleo Diet Enterprises is fully equipped with all the resources necessary to take

advantage of these promotional strategies and needs only to accept this proposal.

Communication Strategies

Generate sales and increase awareness and participation by starting an online promotional

campaign to promote the company’s web site, Amazon store and newsletter.


       •    Current newsletter subscribers and book customers

       •    Health-conscious adults

       •    Males and females age 18+ from all over the world

       •    Athletes

       •    Acne sufferers

       •    Dieters who have failed to keep the weight off or are dissatisfied with their



   •   The Paleo Diet is proven to help clients reduce their weight and keep it off.

   •   The Paleo Diet has been shown to decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease and

       assist in the reduction of diseases like osteoporosis, hypertension, stroke, asthma,

       and insomnia.
   •     The Paleo Diet is the unique diet to which our species is genetically adapted, and

         is based upon extensive scientific research examining the types and quantities of

         foods our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate.

   •     Athletes can improve their performance by adhering to The Paleo Diet for


   •     Acne sufferers have seen results that last by following the guidelines in The

         Dietary Cure for Acne


            •   A re-design of the newsletter will focus on keeping users up to date on

                current news, events and tips related to the Paleo Diet.

The new HTML format will create an image for the brand that will be incorporated

across all communications, including the web site and any advertisements. All email

communications will work to be consistent, timely, engaging and scannable while

promoting web site traffic and product sales. Longer, in-depth scientific articles will be

offered in a quarterly e-zine as a yearly subscription or alternately at a per-issue price.

            •   Search advertising will be used to promote The Dietary Cure for Acne,

                Acne Vulgaris: A Disease of Western Civilization, and The Paleo Diet


Search/text ads will focus on driving traffic from keyword searches while stealing away

traffic from other competing sites. The focus will be on driving traffic to the web site as

well as the company’s new Amazon store in order to increase online book sales.
           •   Press releases formatted for the web will highlight the company’s new

               Amazon store, and the benefits of the Paleo Diet Newsletter. A social

               media news release version will also be created to promote the newsletter.

These online releases will be directed towards bloggers as well as traditional reporters.

Multimedia and links will be provided to facilitate media coverage.


Below is the proposed calendar for the implementation of this digital promotion plan,

based on a June 2 campaign launch.

       Week of May 5          Develop newsletter template

       Week of May 12         Write news releases

                              Gather supporting pictures, quotes

       Week of May 19         Develop Google Ad Words campaign

       Week of May 26         Gain client approval of all projects

       Week of June 2         Implement all campaign projects


Assessment of these projects will focus on meeting the stated goals and objectives.

Sales Activity – Sales for June will be compared with sales from May to determine if the

$1000 monthly sales increase was achieved.

Site Visitors – The number of unique visitors to the web site will be compared to the

previous average of 125 visitors per day to see if they have increased to the proposed 200

visitors per day.

Newsletter Sign-ups – Newsletter subscriptions will be calculated and compared to the

goal of 750 sign-ups per month
Media Coverage – Press coverage will be assessed to see if valuable connections have

been made and whether our press releases generated any stories.


The estimated cost for the entire digital promotion campaign is $1,300, including staff

time and direct out-of-pocket expenditures:

       Staff time                    50 hours @ $20/hr                             $1,000

       Google Ad Words budget        $10/day x 30 days                              $300

                                                                    Total cost =   $1,300

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