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									                                    Solar power generate electricity is a way by convert the solar to be AC power which can use for the housing loads. The solar power is inexhaustible, unlimited,
                                 no pollution, and cheap. Our human can use it at liberty. By day time, a part of the power used by housing loads, at night or cloudy and rainy days the solar power
                                 supply is lower than the loads of the house. At this time can supplement by electric power company. By this way can train user to be a protector of environment
                                 also to be an energy saver. The solar power supply system has function for over charge, over output, electric short, over load protection; specialized function of
                                 contrary connects protection auto control etc. All above protections do not harm to any components, cannot blow out. Simply for installation and convenience for
                                 using. Just need enough solar sources, it can run for the loads of house.         The solar power supply system used very widely: housing, airline, city, army,
                                 transportation, communication, on the sea, forest fire protection, no electric power area etc.

                                                                    Solar Power Supply System

    Name of Products     FD-100          FD-300            FD-500            FD-800           FD-1200           FD-1500           FD-1800         FD-2000           FD-2200           FD-2500

Solar panel               70W             200W              300W              400W              600W              800W             1000W           1200W              1400W             1700W

Controller                 5A              15A               25A               35A               60A               70A              80A             100A               110A              120A

Storage battery           55AH            300AH            400AH             440AH             520AH             600AH             800AH            800AH             900AH            1000AH

Inverter                AC12-230V      AC12-230V         AC12-230V         AC12-230V        AC12-230V         AC12-230V           AC12-230V      AC12-230V         AC12-230V         AC12-230V

The power of load         100W            300W              500W              800W             1200W             1500W             1800W           2000W              2200W             2500W

Cloudy and rainy days    2-3days         2-3days           2-3days           2-3days          2-3days           2-3days            2-3days         2-3days           2-3days           2-3days

Working hours/ day        4-8H             4-8H              4-8h              4-8h              4-8H             4-8H              4-8H             4-8H              4-8H              4-8H
Solar power supply system
 Operating instruction manual

                ■System Specifications:
                The product adopt solar energy alternating current systematically design, have used special-purpose
                computer chip intellectualized under the control machine. Adopt one key-type to touch a switch gently,
                accomplishes all operation and interposes. Have a short circuit,beoverburdened,distinctive defending
                against receives protection on the contrary,protection,detailed battery charging instruct entire function
                such as having been full of, putting in the automation cutoff , recovering, accumulator cell state , loads and
                various malfunction instruct. The parameters relating to accumulator cell capacities such as voltage,
                discharging electric current, the ambient temperature has carried out the brain chip on the accumulator
                cell end taking sample, accord with the high-effect that accumulator cell characteristic property
                discharging rat, temperature compensate amendment, high accurate rate has controlled realization by the
                fact that special use under the control of model secretly schemes against, has adopt the high-effect PW.M
                accumulator cell battery charging pattern and, guarantee accumulator cell job life time prolonging an
                accumulator cell greatly in optimum state. Have various job patterns, export pattern choice, satisfy various
                need consumers.
                ■Main characteristic:
                1.   Have used the monolithic machine and special use software, realized intelligent control; And become
                     AC electric current by the fact that the contra variant implement changes.
                2.   The discharging making use of accumulator cell discharging rate characteristic property to be
                     amended is controlled. Discharge being over voltage has been the control point being amended from
                     discharging rate curve , has removed simple voltage have controlled the block of wood accuracy
                     readjusting oneself to a certain extent , has accorded with inherent characteristic property of
                     accumulator cell , has been that different discharging rate has different from to being over voltage ,
                     has ensured that the accumulator cell gets the most effective usage
                3.   Had had charge the readjust oneself to a certain extent , electronic short circuit , overload protection,
                     unique defending against receiving protection on the contrary waiting for full-automatic control; All
                     above protection not damaging any component , not burning insurance equally;
                4.   Having adopt the in-line dyadic PWM battery charging host circuit, makes battery charging circuit
                     voltage loss use the diode battery charging circuit to reduce close halves comparatively , battery
                     charging efficiency is higher than being not PWM 3%- 6%, has increased power consumption time;
                     Too put in recovery lifting battery charging , regular stretching acts as , floating to charge auto control
                     way lets system have longer life time; Have accurate temperature compensation at the same time;
                5.   Penetrating LED gives out light being in charge of current instruction storage battery state , lets a
                     consumer know to use status;
                6.   But have canceled potentiometer adjustment setting up point under the control of, the control point ,
                     messenger having made use of Flash memory to record every job interpose digitization, factor that
                     having removed shocking be partial to place , going over because of the potentiometer to bleach and
                     so on makes error appear on control point reducing accuracy , reliability;
■    The face ply pursues a controller

                                                                                                             ■Operate instruction:

■ Installation and operation                                                                                 Charging and overpressure instructions: When the link normal, and there is sunlight to the
                                                                                                             PV panels, charging indicator light (1) Always Green, said charging circuit system to normal when
1. Preparations of wire: the proposed use of multi-Tongxin insulated wire. To determine the length of        the charging indicator light (1) a rapid flashing green, Help over-voltage system, handling see
   wire, to ensure the installation location of the circumstances, as far as possible to reduce the          Troubleshooting
   length of connection, to reduce the power loss. Not more than 4 A/mm2 in accordance with the
   current density select cross-sectional area of copper wire, cable controller side of the head of          Battery status indicators: Battery voltage in the normal range, the status indicator (2) always in
   insulation stripped 5 mm.                                                                                 green; state after a slow green light to flash when the battery voltage down to under-voltage when
2. A connection to the controller battery blocks, then the other end connected to the battery first, (pay    the state turned into an orange light yellow when the battery Have been to continue to reduce the
   more attention +, -) couldn’t turn over the connection, If the link is correct, the indicator light (2)   voltage-voltage, the status indicator (2) turns red, this controller will automatically shut down output,
   should be bright, may be keys to check. Otherwise, the need to examine whether the link. If turn          timely to remind users to add power. When the battery voltage is restored to normal within the scope
   over the connection, insurance and will not burn any damage control components. Fuses only as a           of work, will automatically open so that the output action, status indicators (2) change to green;
   controller within the circuit itself the ultimate damage to short-circuit protection.
3. Wire connected solar panels, and pay attention to +, - couldn’t turn over the connection, access to       Load instructions: When the load opened, load indicator (3) always lighting. If the load current
   the other side of the left side of a switch top Solar (Figure). Then two wires from the bottom of the     1.25 times more than the controller of the rated current 60 seconds, or load current 1.5 times more
   left side of a switch access (such as icons), is the attention, with negative top line, access to the     than the controller of the rated current five seconds, the indicator (3) will slow red flash that overload,
   controller correspond to the terminal, if there is sunshine, charging indicator light should be bright.   output controller will be closed. When the load or load side of a fault, the controller would
   Otherwise, the need to examine whether the link                                                           immediately shut down output, the indicator light (3) flash. Occurrence of such phenomenon, the
4. Inverter connection, will be marked inverter DC input connection controller access the load on            user should carefully check the situation connected load. Disconnect the failure of a load, according
   output, attention +, - very, not connect different side, so as not to burn controller.                    to a button, 10 seconds after the resumption of normal work, or wait until the next day to work
5. Load connection, the need to load the access lines on top of the right switch AC OUT (such as             properly. In the mode of operation for the common state controller, by removing a key short-circuit or
     Right top picture)                                                                                      overload instructions button again resume output
Load switching operation: the controller, after the closure of the default load for export, under
normal circumstances, each by a button, load switch output that is a change in status. When the output of
a load, the load indicator (4) Always lighting; When the load is closed, the load indicator (4) often out when
the load overload, the fault indicator (3) Slow flashing, when a load short-circuit, the fault indicator set (3)
rapid blinking. Load overload or short-circuit controllers will shut down output. The first load short-circuits
occurred after 30 seconds if not automatically restore output from the fault can only be manually restoring
output. If reset overload, short-circuit protection, from the load short-circuit or overload failure, according
to a button, or return to normal output.

■The method of common phenomenon and treatment failure

In the event of the phenomenon, please check according to the following ways:

                 Phenomenon                                                   Solution
When direct sunlight PV modules, the                   Please check-battery power at both ends of
charging indicator light green (1) not bright;         wiring is correct, the reliability of contacts;
Charging Indicator (1) flash;                          Super-pressure system voltage. Battery pave
                                                       the way to check whether the battery
                                                       connections and reliable; controller circuit
Load indicator (4)-liang, but no output;               Please check whether the connection of
                                                       electricity equipment correct and reliable
Fault indicator (3) and no flash output;               Output is short circuit, please check out line,
                                                       remove all the load, click the switch button, 30
                                                       seconds after the resumption of normal output
Fault indicator (3) the slow flash, and no             Power load more than rated power, reducing
output                                                 electricity equipment, the click of a button, 30
                                                       seconds after the resumption of output
Status Indicator (2) in red, and no output;            Battery-off, after the automatic restoration of
                                                       adequate electricity use
                                        Necessary Question of designing Solar lights

1,Which month has the longest sun hours: _____ , usually what is the time when the sunup and sunset.: the time of the sunup is ______AM, and the time

of sunset is _________PM.

2,Which month has the lowest sun hours: _____ , usually what is the time when the sunup and sunset.: the time of the sunup is ______AM, and the time

of sunset is _________PM .

3, the local position, which month has the longest rainy days in the rainy seasons? Usually____ days/month, ____ times/day, and ____ days of continued

rainy days in one month...

4,Are there many fog days? How many days does it last longest? _____ days.

5,How about the air condition? Heavy dust ○ light dust ○,it would be better to offer the air pollution index_______

6,The local yearly highest temperature is ____degree, lowest temperature is ____degree.

7,The local altitude is ____meters, the latitude is ____degree, the longitude is   degree.

8,When are the most streams of people, from____ clock to_____ clock, in the place where the lamp used?

9,Whether to use the sub-lamp after the midnight with less stream people or not(YES ○ NO ○),

    ____ Hours you want the Key-lamp working for? ____ Hours you want the Sub-lamp working for?
10,the main and common used lighting source for the lamp in the local area is_____ lamp with ____Watts?

11. Need light pole or not? (YES ○ NO ○)

12. The height of the lamp that you want? ___________

13. Other requirements(DIY functions.)?

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