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The following checklist should be used as a guideline to help you bring
your project from planning to completion.

                   Complete Project Planning Guide

                   Recruit Potential Committee Members

                   Present PPG to Board of Directors for Approval -
                   Approximately 1-3 months prior to Project Date

                   Confirm Committee Members

                   Conduct Committee Meeting(s)/Assign Tasks

                   Present Marketing Materials to Marketing VP for Approval
                   and/or Assistance

                   Execute Project

                   Make Revisions to Original Project Planning Guide

                   Complete Post-Project Evaluation Form - Please include your
                   feedback to a new committee should the project be
                   implemented again in the future.

                   Submit Complete Project Package to Executive Vice President -
                   This includes: this completed checklist; completed PPG and
                   Post-Event Evaluation Form; event photos; and, important
                   planning documents (within 2 weeks of project completion)
                                                        San Fernando Valley Jaycees
                                                           Project Planning Guide
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Name of Project:

Date(s) of Project:

Time of Project:

                      Is This Project:       SFV Jaycees-Hosted             SFV Jaycees-Supported                SFV Jaycees-Social

If this project is SFV Jaycees-Supported, name of
the organization we will partner with:

Drop Dead Date Required for Project Approval:

Project Chairman:

Street Address:

City, State, Zip Code:

Contact Phone #:

E-mail Address:

Primary Purpose of
the Project:

Detailed Project

                                                             Will this project have a net cost for the SFV Jaycees?    Yes       No
Number of Participants Required:
                                                                  Will this project raise funds for the SFV Jaycees?   Yes       No

                                         Does this project require the SFV Jaycees to commit any funds up front?       Yes       No
                                      San Fernando Valley Jaycees
                                         Project Planning Guide
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Please list at least three specific
and measurable goals for this

Please list the names, phone
numbers and E-mail addresses
for all committee members:

Please list all resources and
supplies necessary for this
project, along with the source
for each resource (if known):

What are the potential
problems (and proposed,
respective solutions) to
successfully complete this
                                                San Fernando Valley Jaycees
                                                   Project Planning Guide
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Please describe how this project
will support our chapter's
mission. What leadership skills
will be developed through your

Please provide a brief project
description for marketing efforts
(including the chapter's calendar
and e-blast). This description
should be approximately 75
words or less.

Please provide a time line with all steps necessary to bring this project to a successful completion, along
with the planned due dates for each step.

Steps:                                                                         Due Dates:
                                                   San Fernando Valley Jaycees
                                                      Project Planning Guide
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Please prepare a comprehensive project budget. Don't forget to include all projected donations as income items.

  DESCRIPTION OF ITEM:                                            INCOME:                 EXPENSE:


Thank you for taking the time to complete this Project Planning Guide! Please print this document
and e-mail it to your Chapter President ( for review at the next monthly
Board Meeting. Once your project has been approved, you will be notified by one of the Board
Members to begin your planning.
                                                    San Fernando Valley Jaycees
                                                       Project Planning Guide
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Name of Project:

Project Chairperson:

Contact Phone #:

E-mail Address:

What revisions did you have
(if any) from your original
Project Planning Guide?

Please describe (in detail)
any recommendations you
may have for next year's
Project Chairperson.

       Number of SFV Jaycees Involved in Project:          Total Event Revenue (Expense):

       Total # of Hours Spent on This Project:

Please list any leadership
positions held by the SFV

Please describe the impact
of this project on the SFV
Jaycees Chapter, on the SFV
Jaycees Members and on
the Community.

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